ZapThink Announces Updated ZapThink 2020 Poster

McLean, VA (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

ZapThink, a Dovel Technologies Company, today announced its long-awaited update to its popular Vision for Enterprise IT in 2020 poster, popularly known as ZapThink 2020.

There are so many forces of change impacting IT in the enterprise that its essential to get a big picture of how technology trends overlap, said Jason Bloomberg, president of ZapThink. The ZapThink 2020 poster illustrates how Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, and other trends interrelate to drive organizations toward greater agility.

Its important for IT professionals to think holistically about todays enterprise IT trends. In the public sector, this is extremely important as government entities face declining IT budgets, said Tod Weber, Chairman and CEO of Software AG Government Solutions. As ZapThinks new Vision for Enterprise IT poster illustrates, the IT landscape is dynamically evolving, so the need for maximizing investments in existing IT assets, connecting disparate systems and automating mission-critical processes continues to be critical.

ZapThink pulls all the memes together to provide a unified vision for Enterprise IT, said Dave Duggal, founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. Were happy to once again sponsor their poster.

Additions to the 2010 version of the poster include Dev/Ops, Big Data Visualization, Hypermedia-Oriented Architecture, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and more.

This poster is not a traditional myopic view of the Enterprise IT world from a single perspective, as you commonly see from vendors, specific solution providers or one track minded consultants, said Vish Viswanathan, Managing Director of C C and C Solutions. When we introduce the poster to any of our clients as a partner of ZapThink, they are simply blown away at the depth and breadth of the future vision and thought leadership that has gone into its design. Wherever you are coming from, this poster is a must have in your tool kit, to complete your understanding of the massive transformation challenges that the industry is facing.

The poster is available for free download at, and printed posters are available for the cost of shipping.

TechCombustion is thrilled to be part of ZapThinks latest Vision for Enterprise IT poster, said Ronald Schmelzer, Chief Event Wrangler of TechCombustion and its well-known TechBreakfast event series. Having been part of the ZapThink team, I know how forward-thinking Dovel Technologies is with their vision of the future. This meshes well with TechCombustions brand for promoting and cross-pollinating different innovation sectors.

This version of the ZapThink 2020 poster features several new sponsors. Gold sponsors include EnterpriseWeb and Software AG Government Solutions, and silver sponsors include C C and C Solutions, Cloud Connect, TechCombustion, and Centrifuge Systems.

About EnterpriseWeb

The world is increasingly distributed, diverse and dynamic. Rapid change presents opportunities, but also poses challenges for enterprise agility. How do businesses achieve integrated views and operations across fragmented data sources and systems?

EnterpriseWeb ( is a real-time Semantic Enterprise Application Integration (Semantic EAI) platform. It helps organizations harness their distributed assets and govern their use within, across and outside of enterprise boundaries to support integrated operations.

The platform supports situational-awareness with real-time analytics driving personalization, recommendations and proactive compliance so organizations can build smart services, applications and business processes.

The EnterpriseWeb serves dynamic business environments where conventional software is too inflexible. The logically multi-tenant platform supports Public, Private and Hybrid-Cloud deployments.

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About Software AG Government Solutions

Software AG Government Solutions provides best-in-class software solutions for integration, service-oriented architecture (SOA), big data and business process management (BPM). Our core products are webMethods, ARIS and Terracotta. The companys highly trained team takes a special forces approach to solving complex IT challenges quickly and efficiently for the federal government and its supplier communities. The company is headquartered in Reston, Virginia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG USA with more than 30 years of experience with the federal government.

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C C and C Solutions ( is a globally renowned, boutique enterprise and solutions architecture training, consulting and mentoring organization focusing on handholding enterprises, essential in the EA early startup phase. Their goal is to EA-enable organizations to an adequate level of self-sufficiency in processes, deliverables, tools and techniques based on international best practices primarily from TOGAF

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