What Does a Service Outage Cost You?

San Diego (PRWEB) April 30, 2011

What does a service outage cost you (Cloud or otherwise)? And how can you mitigate the risks of an outage?

The recent outage of a well-known Public Cloud provider highlighted, once again, the potential risks of moving your business operations to the Public Cloud. The details of the outage can be found on blogs and in news articles that span across the web, but the main thing to remember is that no one is immune from power outage or a major denial of service attack.

So, how do you move to the Cloud and receive all of the inherent benefits, while mitigating the risk of a service outage? First, you have to find a Cloud solution that has the flexibility and the scalability you need, while also having the ability to control your business continuity.

What factors should you look for when choosing a cloud solution? The hardware and infrastructure that your cloud solution resides on, is a key factor in determining high availability and your percentage of uptime. You should always make sure your cloud provider has taken the proper measures to control, and reduce the risk of, an outage. The physical hardware and infrastructure must be robust and redundant in many geographical locations; bandwidth must be provided by multiple providers; and lastly, your cloud deployments must be automated and should take cloud server reliability characteristics into account.

The solution you choose must be secure. If you absolutely need to know where your data resides, a public cloud will not do. The ability to control your physical hardware and have ownership-of-system as a total solution, simply cannot be offered in the Public Cloud model. This is the main reason so many businesses experienced substantial downtime with Amazon Web Services. Your ability to manage your solution from a hardware and infrastructure perspective is highly limited or completely unavailable in the Public Cloud arena.

The delivery of these cloud services must be automated, and should take cloud server reliability characteristics into account. Utilizing CA|3Tera AppLogic will ensure you have effortless control over:

-Free Redundancy

-Rapid Scalability

-Server Failover


The Private Cloud Solution from ScaleMatrix has been designed with this in mind

The ScaleMatrix cloud infrastructure paired with the power of CA|3Tera AppLogic and 24/7/365 support provide a highly scalable, robust solution that provides total business continuity where most private cloud offerings come short.

For more information about how ScaleMatrix delivers their Private Cloud solution, go to http://www.scalematrix.com.

About ScaleMatrix

ScaleMatrix is a Private Cloud Solutions Provider (PCSP) with expertise in Colocation and Dedicated Server technology. ScaleMatrix was founded with the intent to design, deploy and manage the best Private Cloud solutions available. ScaleMatrix can satisfy small start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises by leveraging the years of knowledge, infrastructure, strategic partnerships, and technology. ScaleMatrix architects, deploys, and manages their entire solution in any one of the 12 data centers they occupy across the United States or in a customers own private data center. For additional information, visit ScaleMatrix at http://www.scalematrix.com.

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