VKernel Announces First-to-Market VM Automation Capabilities

Andover, MA (PRWEB) May 22, 2012

VKernel, the award-winning provider of enterprise-class performance, configuration and capacity management products for virtualized data centers and cloud environments, announced today new automation features to its vOPS Server product line that boost both efficiency and improve performance of virtualized infrastructures. VKernels vOPS Server products now feature one-click auto-deployment of capacity reservations, automated risk assessment of VM configuration modifications, and automatic rollback capabilities for unauthorized environment changes.

Virtualization Requires Automation

The sheer complexity of todays virtual environments must require some measure of controlled automation for effective management. Without automation and since virtual environments generate a number of management tasks that require data centers it would be necessary to hire additional administrators as more VMs are created to manually enact required updates and changes. With the release of vOPS Server 5.0, VKernel extends the automation capabilities found in previous versions and includes the ability to automatically deploy VMs based on capacity reservations already identified. Previous versions of vOPS Server enabled the reservation of capacity for future VM deployments. vOPS Server 5.0 now allows for these virtual machine reservations to automatically trigger virtual machines deployments – successfully closing the capacity management process loop. These capabilities can also be connected to self-service cloud portals via API to enable automated cloud VM deployment processes.

According to a Gartner Report, Virtualization is Bringing Together Performance and Configuration Management, written by Cameron Haight and Ronni J. Colville, In virtual infrastructures, configuration and performance are inextricably linked, and will require an entirely new set of interdisciplinary processes and tools to ensure that virtual infrastructures achieve the desired levels of efficiency and cost savings that are found in traditional IT infrastructures.”

Automated Risk Assessment

Automation is essential to improve virtual environment efficiency, yet it can also have a significant downside to an environments operations if not implemented and monitored correctly. Virtual environments generate hundreds to thousands of change events every day from automated processes such as VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler or Storage vMotion. What used to be a laborious and very visible change such as opening a server chassis and adding memory, or migrating data from one SAN to another, is now a nearly invisible, instantaneous task that can happen hundreds of times a day automatically. Whether it is caused by automated resource schedulers or manual operator intervention, the physical data center is literally filled with a multitude of invisible hands, silently reconfiguring the environment without leaving a physical trace.

vOPS Server 5.0 features a new Change Analyzer module that is designed to collect, analyze and archive change data and then automatically assess the risk inherent in changes to the environment. The new Change Analyzer provides the auditing, tracking and risk assessment of the invisible hands in the data center while changes are made. Alarming is also available to alert users when high risk changes occur. vOPS Server 5.0 contains the capabilities to enable safe automation of the virtual data center.

Automated Change Reversion Undoes Unauthorized Changes to the Environment

Detecting abnormal changes is critical, but rolling back the change is almost as important. If, for example, changes are made in error by an administrator or automated process, or if a change such as an automated VM migration causes a performance issue, it can be difficult to identify the offending change to enable a rollback. vOPS Server 5.0 Change Analyzer tracks changes occurring within the virtual environment and allows for querying of where, when and who made the change. For many modifications, VM administrators can roll back the offending change with the click of a button.

The VKernel products have become a staple in how we monitor and plan our global Cloud infrastructure by providing powerful tools, native integration and must-have functionality, says Brock Mowry, Hosting Director of Global Support at Venturian Hosting, a leading provider of technology and consultative services headquartered in Miami, Florida.

According to Venturian Hostings CEO, Allen Firouz, We are looking forward to the new configuration management capabilities that will be available in this latest release of VKernels vOPS Server. These new features will help save several hours each month spent on automating configuration tracking that we previously had to undertake manually.

Additional Functionality

Additional functionality in vOPS Server 5.0 includes:

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