Tempus Nova, Inc. Proudly Announces the Release of novaResourceSync Version 4.2

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

Tempus Nova proudly announces the release of novaResourceSync v.4.2! This proprietary tool synchronizes room and resource schedule information between Google and Lotus Notes. It enables users in either Google or Lotus Notes to schedule conference rooms and resources while ensuring they are never double booked. novaResourceSync is an invaluable tool during the coexistence period of a migration and provides a seamless transition to Google Apps.

novaResourceSync v.4.2 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Simplified User Interface

Most functionality is available from a single view with a list of synced rooms and resources. The Import from Notes action button allows the user to import a room or resource from Notes into novaResourceSync. The Export Selected to Google action button allows the user to provision selected rooms or resources from novaResourceSync in Google.

Export Selected to Google Functionality

This process runs on the server so the Administrators Notes Client will not be busy during the export process, thus providing a more seamless transition free of interruptions.

Improved Sync Agent

novaResourceSync now syncs all changes made since the last successful sync date of the room or resource. This ensures an accurate schedule, even if the server goes down for a few hours. If syncing a room or resource for the first time, the Sync agent will sync all reservations with a future end date.

Improved Archive Sync

novaResourceSync now has an improved process that syncs deleted Notes room or resource reservations to Google.

Additional Support

novaResourceSync now offers additional support for disabled Lotus Notes resources, as well as Notes rooms or resources with limited advance reservations.

Improved Descriptions

novaResourceSync has improved descriptions of Lotus Notes reservations synced from Google. Descriptions will now have the verbiage “Import from Google” in the description format, followed by the exact Google description.

Improved Google Reservation Removed Email Message Format

The Google Reservation Removed email message will now show the event start date and time in the resources time zone rather than in GMT.

New Option to Create Reservations on Behalf of the ‘Notes Global Calendar Owner’

If the Lotus Notes administrator chooses to create a Notes reservation on behalf of the Notes Global Calendar Owner, messages sent by the Notes resource will not reach the Google user. Rather, these messages will be received by the novaResourceSync database.

Improved Handling of Rejection Messages

novaResourceSyncs improved handling of rejection messages will ensure that a resource is busy in Lotus Notes and the Domino server is able to find the schedule record for the resource.

New Notification Option

novaResourceSync now offers the option to notify an admin/user by email if a sync error should occur.

Visit our novaResourceSync product page for an in depth description of this tool, including downloadable resources and installation videos.

About Tempus Nova

Tempus Nova, Inc., was founded in 2001, is a Google Premier Partner, and authorized Google Apps Reseller with locations in Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA. We specialize in Google enterprise cloud solutions, Google Apps implementations, cloud computing, and application development. Tempus Nova has a proven track record of consistently delivering projects on time and on budget! For additional information about Tempus Nova, please visit our website at http://www.tempusnova.com.

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