Halyard Consulting Offers Zero Cost Mini Website SWOT Analysis for One Week Only

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

In a recent podcast episode of The World of Internet Marketing, the president of Halyard Consulting Jonathan Goodman, explained how his company uses the SWOT analysis for their Internet clients. His use of the SWOT analysis is a little different than what is commonly seen for financial purposes.

Most business owners and managers understand that the SWOT analysis looks at a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This analysis often occurs from a financial standpoint, but Goodman uses the same concept when looking at the Internet presence of his clients. Just like with a financial analysis, it measures internal and external factors that can determine whether a business will be a success or failure.

Goodman stated that he first begins his analysis by giving clients a vocabulary list to familiarize them with terms that are standard in the Internet marketing industry but may not be familiar to those outside of it. He provided a sample that included words such as “domain authority” and “root domain.”

The analysis consists of looking at the website and where it currently ranks for domain authority. He also checks out the competition to see where they stand. In addition, he will look to see where the website stands with social media. He mainly looks at Facebook and Twitter to see which URLs did well and what titles spurred the most response. Through this analysis, he can tell what is working and what is lacking as well as what the competition is doing right.

Another aspect of SWOT analysis as it pertains to Internet marketing is linking domains and getting high-quality backlinks. There are generally two strategies with this. A company either strives to obtain one link with high domain authority or attempts to get several links in the mid-range.

The large scale SWOT analysis consists of Halyard Consulting analyzing a company’s top three competitors. Goodman provides a summary detail that shows where the company is currently and where it is going as well as how it compares to the competition. The business also receives some overall observations as well as suggested project objectives to improve its status.

Goodman stated that the analysis most benefits companies making over $ 2 million. He discussed some of the resources that he uses such as the Alexa rankings, which serves as a good analytical tool for analyzing a website. One can also use it to compare the competitions’ sites so a company has a better idea of where it stands and if it needs improvement.

A SWOT analysis by Halyard Consulting helps businesses better understand their Internet influence and how they can improve to grow their brands. In today’s global economy, having a strong Internet presence can mean the difference between success and failure.

For one business week (June 23rd through the 27th) Halyard Consulting is offering a free mini three point SWOT analysis against one competitor. The analysis will provide critical insight into both the requesting companys website as well as one of their competitors. The three points included in the report are domain authority, top five linking domains, and top five pages with the most authority. While the report is smaller than the paid version it will provide critical insight into a companys current strategy, risks and successes.

About Halyard Consulting

Halyard Consulting is a New Jersey based Internet Marketing company focused on improving online results for businesses with geographically specific clientele. The company was established in 2007 to provide entrepreneurs with services allowing them to leverage online tactics often used by Fortune 500 companies. Gaining top ranking in the search engines is one of the most crucial aspects for Internet success. Small businesses used to rely solely on traditional marketing strategies like newspapers, commercials, and radio. Today, being visible online is the only true path to success.

About Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the founder of Halyard Consulting, an Internet marketing and public relations firm, located in New Jersey. Jonathan is the author of The World of Internet Marketing book series, written for small business owners, managers and others interested in cutting-edge marketing techniques. The first book in the series enables readers to take online marketing fundamentals and broaden revenue streams for their companies. Additional books to be released in 2015 will include critical information about YouTube marketing, Facebook advertising, and cloud computing.


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Grey Cloud Hosting Introduces New Cloud Based Server Extension with Zero Downtime

New York, New York (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

Business Review today announced the availability of Grey Cloud Hosting’s newest VPS (virtual private server) with scalable hardware capable of providing growing businesses with an immediate CPU or RAM upgrade without any service interruption. The hardware extension is available to customers in real time upon contacting the company and also comes with immediate tech support; POP, Imap and Webmail support; root access and backup options.

Grey Cloud Hostings service is not hampered by the physical restrictions of typical hosting structures. The cloud based hosting service allows customers websites to easily expand with zero downtime and grow on demand when greater resources are needed. Customers will also be provided with a server that has not experienced any failures recorded within the last five years. When our customers need additional resources, we dont believe in making them wait for a lengthy customer service process to assist them with their bandwidth allotment, says, ( name ) of Grey Cloud Hosting. With the hardware extension, customers can increase their available resources immediately when they need it. This can save them a lot of stress and may even save some customers because the process is seamless where our customers and their site visitors will not notice a single interruption of service.

The scalable hardware extension is available with all three of Grey Cloud Hostings Small Cloud, Medium Cloud and Mega Cloud hosting plan packages. Customers hosting their website on the Grey Cloud Server need only to pay the associated fee required to expand their CPU and RAM capability and need not wait the typical 24 48 hours for the upgrade to come into effect. The hosting service is compatible with over 100 operating systems and customers have over 15 different data centers around the world to choose from. More information is available at http://www.greycloudhosting.com.


Grey Cloud Hosting has been in business since 2005. The company started off by offering traditional computer networking consultation services and soon morphed into a dedicated cloud hosting company at the end of 2010. Grey Cloud primarily works with hosting resellers, but also serves retail customers with single websites through our scalable vps hardware packages. With over 50 million in sales since its inception, Grey Cloud continues to expand its operations and provide the most reliable service in the business.

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions PC Complete Care Protected Thousands of Home Computer Users from Dangerous Java and Internet Explorer Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Scottsbluff, NE (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

According to Landon Clark, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions Network Specialist, hacker exploitation of vulnerabilities discovered in common software programs are exceedingly common. This is the reason every software company updates and patches their programs regularly, says Clark. Its especially common with software that everyone uses, like Java and Internet Explorer. Vulnerabilities within the programs make it easy for hackers to get access to a large number of people.

The security firm FireEye was first to report the Java program zero day vulnerability on August 26. Eric Romang of Zataz.com discovered the Internet Explorer vulnerability on September 16. Installed on millions of computers around the world, hackers used vulnerabilities within both programs to infect host computers with viruses, run malicious programs and steal personal information.

We recently received information similar to the Java issue concerning an exploit in Microsoft Internet Explorer, says Clark. The exploit affects an unpatched vulnerability in IE 6, 7, 8 and 9. To get a little technical, this vulnerability downloads a malware payload named Poison Ivy. Once the Poison Ivy software is downloaded to a users machine, the attacker will have all the control they need to steal private information, open more holes and flood the computer with viruses.

To protect more than one thousand PC Complete Care customers from the Java and Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, the computer help support team at Bytes Computer and Network Solutions ran scripts through customers computer software. We were able to apply the fix on the backend without disrupting the customers computer use or requiring their time. PC Complete Care customers can sit back and feel safe knowing that we are on top of it, Clark says.

The company will handle future software vulnerabilities the same way, through special fix scripts applied during PC Complete Cares normal schedule of software updates. We run software updates every evening to keep our customers computers current, says Clark. If I had to put a percentage on the number fixed so far, I would say 85 percent have gone through successfully. We will complete the other 15 percent when those customers turn their computers on again.

About Bytes Computer and Network Solutions

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions is the premier source for cutting edge service, on-site and remote computer help support, technology, custom applications, web design and cloud hosting for businesses and individuals in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and nationwide. Established in 2001, the company, led by a group of youthful software enthusiasts, now grosses over $ 1 million annually. Their newest comprehensive computer reliability service, PC Complete Care, increases computer speed and is earning rave reviews from business and individual clients.

For additional information, contact Todd Lewis, Vice President, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, 308.635.2983 or TLewis(at)bytescomputer(dot)com.