Cloud Computing Provider, GoGrid, Expands Cloud Product Line with Larger Virtual Server Instances

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) February 17, 2009

GoGrid, the Cloud Computing division of ServePath, LLC today announced the immediate availability of larger RAM, CPU and persistent storage Cloud Server instances. The new 4 and 8 GB RAM Cloud Servers further broaden GoGrid’s line of Web and Database Cloud servers, enabling complete infrastructure in the Cloud.

To bring higher performance server lines into the GoGrid cloudcenter, all 64-bit GoGrid images are now available in 4 and 8 GB RAM configurations. The 4 GB RAM server images can be deployed via the GoGrid web portal and API. The 8 GB RAM server images currently may only be deployed via the GoGrid API.

The 4 and 8 GB RAM images, available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1, CentOS 5.1, and Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 64-bit operating systems bring a new level of performance to the GoGrid line. 4 GB Cloud Servers have 3 CPU Cores and 8 GB have 6 CPU Cores, ensuring dedicated CPU allocations and high performance.

All GoGrid Cloud Servers come with persistent storage. The new larger RAM allocations announced today, are delivered with increased persistent storage: 4 GB Cloud Servers have 240 GB of hard drive space and 8 GB have 480 GB of storage allocated at boot time. Additional storage can be added using GoGrid’s dynamically scalable Cloud Storage offering which includes a 10 GB free allotment to start with. Each 1 GB thereafter costs $ 0.15/GB/month.

Further information on the new 4 and 8 GB RAM GoGrid Cloud Servers can be found at:

Server Release Information on these new images can be found at:

Windows users are requested to read our Release and Errata pages as there are some known issues specific to 8 GB Windows Servers which may require a workaround and that they should be aware of before using 8 GB GoGrid Servers with Windows. Errata page:

About GoGrid (

GoGrid is the leading Cloud Computing, hosted, Internet service that delivers true “Control in the Cloud” in the form of cloudcenters. GoGrid enables system administrators, developers, IT professionals and SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors to create, deploy, and control load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access and administrative server control. Bringing up servers and server networks takes minutes via a unique web control panel or GoGrid’s award winning API. GoGrid delivers portal controlled servers for Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server, ASP.NET, multiple Linux operating systems (Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS) and supports application environments like Ruby on Rails. Free f5 hardware load balancing and other features are included to give users the control of a familiar datacenter environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud, essentially a “cloudcenter.” GoGrid won the coveted 2008 LinuxWorld Expo’s Best of Show in Product Excellence award.

About ServePath (

ServePath, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is the leading managed and dedicated hosted server provider, delivering custom solutions and managed services to businesses that need powerful Internet hosting platforms for their production environments. Thousands of companies worldwide look to ServePath for its reliability, customization, and speed. ServePath has a Keynote-rated A+ network and guarantees uptime with a 10,000% guaranteed? Service Level Agreement. The employee-owned company has been in business for eight years and operates its own San Francisco data center and is SAS70 Type II certified.


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PrimaCloud Breaks Cloud Computing Performance Barriers Using Xsigo Virtual I/O

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2009

PrimaCloud, a pioneering managed cloud and virtual IT services provider, announced today that it has deployed the Xsigo I/O Director as the foundation of its data center interconnect strategy. The Xsigo I/O Director enables PrimaCloud to break the barriers of I/O throughput seen in existing cloud computing offerings, allowing end customers to experience application performance levels that would previously have been achievable only in purpose-built private datacenters. Additionally, Xsigo’s virtual I/O infrastructure allows PrimaCloud to automatically provision cost-effective virtual private datacenters for its customers within minutes.

“Before we found Xsigo, we searched for a long time to find a solution that would allow us to provision high performance virtual private datacenters for our customers,” said David Durkee, CEO of PrimaCloud. “We looked at 10GigE and physical Infiniband interconnects and found they provided insufficient manageability and throughput to guarantee our customers the fast and reliable service we needed to compete with existing purpose-built data centers. With Xsigo’s high-speed 20Gb/sec connections to our servers, we can finally utilize the full I/O bandwidth capacity of our VMWare ESX clients.”

With three years of experience providing cloud computing under the ENKI name, PrimaCloud management was seeing an increasing number of enterprise clients running database and transaction-intensive applications — such as Oracle — which required multi-gigabit connections to the vLAN and NAS storage to avoid I/O contention. In these applications the bandwidth required per virtual machine exceeded 3Gb/sec, which meant that a single cloud server running ten virtual machines required over 30Gb/sec total I/O bandwidth. Only Xsigo virtual I/O, with dual redundant 20Gb/sec I/O connections per server, provided the required performance. The Xsigo I/O Director’s low-latency bandwidth also serves to take maximum advantage of PrimaCloud’s SSD-cached NAS systems to delivery outstanding application throughput.

PrimaCloud’s automatically managed, hypervisor-agnostic cloud architecture requires a high level of automation to create and manage virtual private datacenters (VPDCs). The Xsigo I/O Director is able to automatically provision and manage virtual I/O and VLANs associated with virtual instances running VMWare ESX, Citrix, HyperV, and 3Tera’s AppLogic, under the control of PrimaCloud’s implementation of Enigmatec’s EMS, a cross-platform, policy-based automation engine. Using EMS to configure the I/O Director eliminates manual labor in managing VPDCs, as well as permitting automatic scaling of VPDCs to respond to changes in load, resulting in significant end-customer cost savings.

“Our customers expect to take a data center Visio diagram and make it real within minutes,” added Durkee. “We could not have done this without the rapid scalability and management flexibility that Xsigo enables. Virtual I/O allowed us to realize the ‘virtual’ part of the on-demand virtual private data center as well as provision only the resources the customer requests.”

Xsigo virtual I/O is a critical element of the reference datacenter architecture PrimaCloud uses to deliver on the promise of cloud computing: cost-effective, on-demand computing delivered on a pay-as-you-go-basis while meeting enterprise requirements for performance and uptime. The simplicity of deploying Xsigo Virtual I/O has enabled PrimaCloud’s reference architecture to be deployed in any one of its 65 datacenters worldwide for public, or hosted private cloud computing, as well as at customer sites.

About PrimaCloud

PrimaCloud is a California Limited Liability Company founded in 2006 with the vision of bringing enterprise-class Information Technology capabilities on an on-demand basis to growing companies seeking to gain maximum value from their IT expenditures. Founded by the former CIO of NetSuite, PrimaCloud offers fully managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Computing based on a variety of best-in-class technologies with the aim of providing fast and reliable service by independently virtualizing computing, networking, and storage to achieve uptime, performance and controllability rivaling that of proprietary datacenter architectures while retaining the traditional benefits of Cloud deployment such as scalability, on-demand billing, and hardware abstraction. PrimaCloud’s outsourced operations services complement its infrastructure by enabling customers to deploy and manage applications in the Cloud without hiring or training staff. For more information, visit PrimaCloud.

About Xsigo Systems

Xsigo Systems, Inc. is the technology leader in data center I/O virtualization, helping organizations reduce costs and improve business agility. The Xsigo VP780 I/O Director consolidates server connectivity with a solution that provides unprecedented management simplicity and interoperability with open standards. The privately held company is based in San Jose, CA and funded by Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures, Greylock Partners, and North Bridge Venture Partners. For more information, visit Xsigo.

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NewCloud Networks Utilizes its Virtual Private Data Center Service as a Disaster Recovery System for Mid-Market Businesses

(PRWEB) March 31, 2014

NewCloud Networks, a Denver-based Cloud Computing and Communications provider, recently released its newest solution, the Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC) to mid-market businesses and has since, found multiple uses for the service, including utilizing the service as a disaster recovery solution.

Our business is growing in the mid-market and the Virtual Private Data Center has proven to be our most versatile solution. We realized shortly after releasing the solution that it could not only be used as an alternative to physical server infrastructure or as a hybrid cloud solution, but that we could leverage our recent data center expansion and use vPDC as a disaster recovery solution as well, said Sam Kumar, President of NewCloud Networks.

NewClouds primary data center is located in the Denver Tech Center in Colorado. The area is considered geographically secure, making it an ideal location for businesses to host their data. The company has attained both HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 Type 1 certification, allowing for the hosting of sensitive data including medical records. NewCloud has a secondary data center location in Phoenix, Arizona. We began expanding our data center footprint in order to provide true redundancy and disaster recovery to our customers.In order to provide true disaster recovery, it is essential that the data centers are located a minimum of 500 miles apart. At such a distance, it is highly unlikely that a single natural disaster will impact both sites, says Kumar.

The opening of NewClouds Phoenix data center and the launch of the Virtual Private Data Center made the solution ideal for disaster recovery. Businesses now have the option of hosting their services in Phoenix or Denver and have the added option of backing up their environment in a second location. In the coming months, NewCloud will implement more data center locations in geographically disparate locations across the country. Kumar states, Our goal is to make close-proximity Cloud Computing services available to every region of the country, and to provide disaster recovery services in an area of their choice as well.

The current data center locations are tied together with a 10 Gig MPLS backbone, separate from the public Internet, making the NewCloud service more secure than the average multitenant Cloud provider. Businesses seeking Cloud infrastructure services as well as disaster recovery services should contact NewCloud Networks directly at 855-255-5001.

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5nine Software Announces Security Heartbeat Service and Virtual Firewall 2.0 for Microsoft Hyper-V and Server 2008

Holmdel, NJ (PRWEB) July 14, 2010

Holmdel, NJ, USA, July 14, 2010. – 5nine Software today announced 5nine Virtual Firewall 2.0 for Microsoft Hyper-V – powerful and easy to use virtual firewall for Microsoft Hyper-V and Server 2008 / R2. 5nine Virtual Firewall controls network traffic between virtual machines, detects/blocks malicious attacks and improves the security of a virtualized environment.

Both SMB and large size Enterprise deployments or hosting companies need v-Firewall to harden security of the virtual machines and the Virtual host system.

5nine Virtual Firewall provides an ability to monitor and control network traffic between virtual machines and external (physical) network, as well as between virtual machines within the virtual network. System Administrator can define the rules for different types of traffic coming to/from virtual machines, as well as the ports used. This could be done both programmatically (with simple PowerShell API), or using administrative application running on a management Virtual machine or a standalone web server.

Special heartbeat service continuously checks if the security rules/policies are enforced, and stops/pauses the virtual machine if its network filter is not communicated, which prevents exposure of the VMs to wide range of exploits.

By controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic for each Hyper-V virtual machine 5nine Virtual Firewall helps to improve the security of a virtual environment, and enforces various compliance best practices and standards, including PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

5nine Virtual Firewall can be used with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager when virtual machine is provisioned, or deployed on the physical machine(s) prior to P2V Migration.

Virtual Firewall also keeps statistics for number of packets and average size of each packet. Based on this statistics Virtual Firewall creates a network usage pattern, and notifies the user if it has changed, which often indicates malicious attack or a Malware. System Administrator subsequently can take an action to block suspicious traffic creating or modifying appropriate rule.

“Unlike traditional hardware firewalls, 5nine v-Firewall for Hyper-V allows us to programmatically manage network security on a per VM basis. Ultimately, this will decrease management costs and improve the security and compliance of our MaxV Cloud Servers” – said Ryan Jones, Virtualization Product Manager, Maximum ASP.

More and more companies, including those of highly regulated financial, insurance and healthcare industries, are looking to utilize Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology to reduce costs and optimize IT resources. Security and compliance are increasing concerns for broad range of virtualization deployments. 5nine Virtual Firewall provides strong protection for the virtual infrastructure.

“5nine v-Firewall and v-Firewall Free Edition has already drawn significant attention of many organizations of different size, including SMB, hosting companies and enterprises utilizing Microsoft Hyper-V and Server 2008 / R2 and the new version 2.0 builds on that success. said Dr. Konstantin Malkov, R&D Director of 5nine Software. We worked closely with Microsoft Product Management and a few major Microsoft. Hosting Partners to complete version 2.0 of 5nine Virtual Firewall. It allowed us to refine requirements for secure Hyper-V virtual machines provisioning and deployment, which were implemented in version 2.0 of 5nine Virtual Firewall and 5nine Security Heartbeat Service for Hyper-V.

Features and Benefits:

CloudOpt Announces Support for Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

CloudOpt, experts in WAN optimization for the cloud, today announced that Speed-as-a-Service, the innovative service that delivers the most cost effective and easy to use data acceleration solution for the cloud now supports Amazon VPC. Amazon VPC enables private network connections between enterprises and the AWS cloud. With a simple to install application Amazon VPC users can take advantage of Speed-as-a-Service which dramatically accelerates the movement of data to or from the AWS cloud helping companies reduce data transfer times and costs by up to 90%.

Deployable in minutes, Speed-as-Service enables AWS users to significantly enhance cloud application access and data movement. By reducing the amount of data transferred, bandwidth charges are significantly reduced. Gigabytes of data can now be moved to/from the Amazon cloud at a fraction of the cost and time that users are experiencing today. Delivered as a service, costly and complex hardware or software appliances are no longer necessary.

Businesses can connect to their Amazon VPC via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or through an Internet connection. All Speed-as-a-Service communications are encrypted thereby eliminating the need for a separate VPN. Speed-as-a-Service can also work with a users existing VPN.

Subscribers to Speed-as-a-Service who are Amazon VPC customers need only install a CloudOpt no-charge Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in their VPC and then configure their Speed-as-a-Service software clients with the address of the VPC. Within minutes Speed-as-a-Service can begin to significantly accelerate traffic to and from their VPC.

Accelerating large transfers of data into and out of the cloud, Speed-as-a-Service is an ideal solution for:

WFT Announces Continuous Availability Service for Virtual Infrastructure in Support of SAP Solutions

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Wharfedale Technologies, Inc. announced today a new Continuous Availability service for Virtual Infrastructure in support of SAP solutions which facilitates always-on active/active IT operations at lower cost, in response to various market demands. This service is an enhancement to its traditional disaster recovery solution. This solution will utilize technologies from vendors such as EMC, NetApp and IBM to create stretched data centers, enabling customers to process collaboratively, using server clustering technologies over distance, and to take a new approach to business continuity design and execution. This transforms the traditional active/passive disaster recovery model to a highly available business continuity solution with near zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Active/Active data centers also enable customers to seamlessly pool two data centers together to enable mobility, availability and collaboration for their data without disruption and balance workloads across multiple sites for optimal resource utilization.

Some of the use cases specific to active-active data centers include, moving workloads across datacenters, moving workloads to and from cloud, and minimizing time required for data migrations.

The service includes the following three components:

Readiness Assessment of applications and existing infrastructure
Architectural design
Implementation of the solution

Ganesh Radhakrishnan CEO of Wharfedale Technologies says, Continuous Availability solution is a cost-effective, replication solution for combining High Availability and Disaster Recovery in a campus or metropolitan area to protect against both site disasters and hardware outages for geographically distributed virtual datacenters. We are very excited about this offering and the value it provides to our customers

About Wharfedale Technologies Inc.

Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT Cloud) is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in infrastructure integrations and services in support of SAP solutions, as well as private/public hybrid cloud solutions. WFT is an SAP-certified provider of cloud and hosting services and offers solutions for high availability, disaster recovery, advanced sizing for virtualization, backup/recovery Integration, systems refresh automation and landscape optimization.

For more information on Wharfedale and WFT Cloud services, please visit or call us at (888) 533-3113.

SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Leading IT visionary Al-Noor Ramji joins enterprise cloud computing consultants Virtual Clarity

(PRWEB UK) 27 January 2014

Mr Ramji, former Chief Technology Officer at BT Group, has a successful track record helping big businesses transform their IT systems using the cloud, and more recently was Executive Vice President of Misys PLC. Prior to this, Mr Ramji also served as Chief Information Officer at UBS, as well as Global Head of Operations at Credit Suisse. He is a multi-year winner of the CIO 100 Award, and the British Computer Society CIO of the Year. Mr. Ramji is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a BSc in Electronics from the University of London.

Al-Noor Ramji is one of the worlds leading experts in transforming complex IT infrastructure and utilising cloud computing. Using his extensive industry knowledge, he is well placed to help our clients reap the benefits of a reduced reliance on their legacy systems, said Steve Peskin, Managing Director, Virtual Clarity.

Operating across North America and Europe, London based Virtual Clarity help their clients rapidly unlock cloud computing to deliver sustainable cost reductions and accelerate time to market for their new products, services and initiatives. Mr Ramji will be concentrating on working with Virtual Claritys clients in both the communications and financial sectors.

Mr Ramji said, This unique consultancy offers me a fresh opportunity to work with like-minded, experienced people who see a positive future for many enterprises by working with them to achieve a sustainable reduction in infrastructure costs. Now is the right time for CIOs who have been deliberating about the complexity of options, to talk to us frankly about their concerns and expectations.

Virtual Clarity help their clients eliminate the need to own IT infrastructure by moving their applications and data securely to the cloud. This delivers sustainable cost reductions, creates a more flexible service capability and a reduced time to market for new business initiatives.

Virtual Clarity acts entirely independently of all vendors, allowing them to help clients make clear decisions, based on relevant information rather than generic research. The experienced team includes technology entrepreneurs, former CIOs, CTOs and infrastructure engineers at major banks as well as senior software engineers.

Virtual Clarity has helped some of the worlds largest organisations to adopt cloud computing technologies, including BT, Credit Suisse, ING Bank, Philips and Visa.

For more information contact Steve Peskin at Virtual Clarity

+44 (0) 203 092 9751


Largest Real Estate Group in North Germany Improves Employee Mobility and Optimizes IT Operations with Unidesk Virtual Desktops

Marlborough, Mass (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

Unidesk Corporation, provider of the leading application delivery, image management, and provisioning solution for cloud-hosted desktops, today announced that BIG BAU-UNTERNEHMENSGRUPPE has replaced its PCs with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) created and managed by Unidesk

LevelCloud to Speak on the Hot Topic of Cloud Computing and How Law Firms Can Migrate Their Practice to the Cloud at the VANTAGE 2013 ProLaw Virtual Conference

Corona, CA (PRWEB) May 18, 2013

LevelCloud has been helping the Legal Community and ProLaw users move their most beloved application to the cloud. Most firms already know about cloud computing and how it can be extremely beneficial to their business. Some have already taken the leap earlier than others while some are still evaluating different cloud solutions. But many are still not sure or have been burned by being too early of an adopter. In our session titled “7 Proven Steps Every Firm Must Follow for a Successful Transition from Onsite IT Model to a Utility Cloud Model” we will provide you everything you need from lessons learned to best practices.

LevelCloud is proud to announce that we will be attending the ProLaw Virtual Conference taking place from May 20-23. Please join us on Monday, May 20 @ 2:30PM (Mountain Standard Time) for our session titled “7 Proven Steps Every Firm Must Follow for a Successful Transition from Onsite IT Model to a Utility Cloud Model”

LevelCloud is proud to support the first VANTAGE 2013 ProLaw Virtual Conference. Hundreds of users have enjoyed using ProLaw versions 11 and 12 along-side Microsoft Office, and various other applications running coherently from the cloud.”, says Biren Shukla, CEO of LevelCloud.

About LevelCloud

LevelCloud is a leading Cloud Hosting Provider and a ProLaw Integration Partner with deep expertise in hosting entire networks in the cloud. LevelCloud specializes in hosting entire client networks in the cloud. Our roots from being an innovative managed services company combined with deep technical experience in building public, private, and hybrid clouds having allowed to stay ahead of our competition. LevelCloud is recognized as a top 100 cloud service provider in the world. Our clients leverage our technology to access their work from any device, anytime, anywhere and use us as their IT Department for all their technology needs.

Wedding Planners RSVP YES! to FreedomVoice Virtual Phone Systems for Valentine’s Day

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

FreedomVoice, one of the leaders in both virtual phone system and hosted VoIP PBX markets, today announced that their virtual phone system service is becoming a must-have service for the wedding planning industry just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Debbie Quain, wedding planning guru and owner of,, and said FreedomVoice first caught her attention in 2001 with their ability to give her business instant credibility with a toll free number. Within an hour I had my toll free number set up, and its still working today.

Since FreedomVoice started in 1996, their toll free virtual phone systems have been used by thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses to give their customers confidence that they are doing business with professional and seasoned companies.

As the wedding planning industry has evolved, she says clients have wanted to know their planners are local so they can provide a more intimate experience. With all the growth and changes in direction in the wedding industry, FreedomVoice has been right there beside me, said Quain. Now everybody wants local; they want to know youre in their neck of the woods.

In addition to offering local and toll free numbers, wedding planners are using FreedomVoice features to streamline the invitation process this Valentine’s Season. Ive managed to use the Q&A feature as an RSVP service, said Quain. On the invitations, I set up a custom extension with my toll free number and I lead each guest through a series of questions and answers so we get their name, whether or not theyre going, their meal choices- its so convenient, and one less thing for people to do!

About FreedomVoice

FreedomVoice was founded in 1996 and today serves nearly 30,000 customers nationwide. It got its start providing virtual phone systems to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. This service remains a key offering from FreedomVoice, including business-enhancing features such as 800 numbers, an auto attendant, call forwarding, and voicemail-to-text. FreedomVoice launched the FreedomIQ hosted VoIP phone system service in 2006, responding to overwhelming business demand for cloud-hosted phone service. All of FreedomVoices platform technology has been developed in-house to provide a unique, customizable, and flexible solution that works with any companys workflow. Based in Encinitas, Calif., FreedomVoice is privately-held and remains profitable through strategic partnerships and the agility to develop new technologies ahead of the curve.

For more information, please visit the company’s websites at and

FreedomVoice and FreedomIQ are registered trademarks of FreedomVoice Systems.