Panda Security Launches Version 7.0 of Panda Cloud Office Protection, Its Cross-Platform Corporate Solution

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced major improvements in the new version 7.0 of Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP). Since its initial launch, many companies have been able to enjoy the best possible cloud-based protection in a simple, agile and effective solution. Thanks to the latest release, customers will be able to act independently in the event of infections or problems with the protection deployed on their IT infrastructure. Similarly, customers now have easy access to all the information they need about their licenses, detections and the protections status.

Benefits for Organizations with More Than 100 Endpoints

The latest release includes improvements aimed especially at customers with more than 100 endpoints. Panda Cloud Office Protection 7.0 includes major new technologies and features, including:

NephoScale Cloud Hosting Announces Beta Availability of CloudPaaS Platform-as-a-Service Based On Cloud Foundry Version 2

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 09, 2013

NephoScale, a technology leader in public and private cloud hosting, is excited to announce the release of its CloudPaaS for developers. This new service provides automated staging and deployment of applications with a choice of developer frameworks and data services. The CloudPaaS platform gives developers the tools they need to easily move an app from their own server to the cloud with no code changes. Developers simply write their code and then with CloudPaaS they can test, deploy, and scale their applications in a production environment with no changes. There is no infrastructure to manage and no middleware code to develop or support. The result is an accelerated software delivery cycle and faster time-to-market.

With the addition of our new NephoScale CloudPaaS platform-as-a-service offering, we are able to provide customers an easy way to get started developing, testing, and deploying their apps, said Telemachus Luu, CTO of NephoScale. This new service allows us to accommodate strong customer demand for a low friction way to quickly deploy apps in the cloud, while also providing a seamless path to our NephOS IaaS cloud platform when customers need maximum visibility into the underlying infrastructure or want access to high performance on-demand bare metal servers, Luu adds.

Platform Details:

GoGrid Announces Version 2.0 of its Popular Cloud Computing Hosting Infrastructure

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) August 11, 2009

Today GoGrid, the Cloud Computing service from ServePath, released version 2.0 of its award-winning Cloud Computing Infrastructure solution. With this release, GoGrid users now have the ability to create personal server images, known as MyGSIs. MyGSI stands for “personal GoGrid Server Image,” a “Golden Master” server image that can be customized, saved and stored for future deployments. Users are now able to create new servers from stored MyGSIs via the GoGrid web portal or API quickly and easily.

“We are extremely excited about this innovative new GoGrid release,” said John Keagy, CEO and Co-Founder of GoGrid and ServePath. “This is an important development in the Cloud Computing marketplace, and further demonstrates our visionary approach to providing Cloud Computing functionality and features that our customers desire.”

The creation of a MyGSI is an extremely simple 3-step process. First add an Image Sandbox, second, configure and prepare the Image Sandbox and third, save the Image Sandbox as a MyGSI. When a user needs to create a new Windows or Linux server based on the pre-configured MyGSI, they simply choose the saved image, fill in a few details, and instantiate the server in minutes within the GoGrid cloud.

There are several benefits and advantages of using a MyGSI to deploy servers within the GoGrid cloud:

X2CRM Ships Version 3.4 Open Source Sales Force & Marketing Automation System

Santa Cruz, California (PRWEB) August 22, 2013

X2Engine Inc. today announced the general availability of X2CRM version 3.4, an open source, high-performance sales force, marketing automation and service application for small businesses in both cloud and on-premise editions.

Key Features of X2CRM:

Web 2.0 Speed Optimized User Interface

Web Activity Tracker, now with Google Analytics Integration

Web and Facebook Lead Capture Form Designer

Automatic Web Form Embedding Code

Newsletter Generator

Lead Nurturing, Scoring and Intelligent Routing

Contact Activity Management

Sales Process Workflow Engine

Email Correspondence

Product and Sales Quotes

User Profile Pages and Universal Activity Streams

Custom User Role Designer

Field Security, Roles and Sales Teams

Visual No Code Form Editor for Administators

Both Cloud and On-Premise Optimized Options

Mobile Access Integration with X2Touch

Large Scale Marketing Campaign Management

Social Intranet Capability for Sales Teams

Shared Calendar and Event Information

Extreme Customization and Marketing Automation with X2Flow

X2CRM 3.4 Updates:

Improved X2Touch – iPad Compatibility and Mobile Integration

Vastly Improved Language Packs.

Updated Action History Charts – Graphic Customer Interaction

X2Flow User Interface Improvements

New Event Feed

Enhanced Server Efficiency

X2Flow: Marketing Action Event Designer

X2CRM had introduced their powerful new X2Flow module in their last release, version 3.3. X2Flow is a Marketing Automation Module which allows marketers to build automated marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors. X2CRM feel this feature is a clever and incredibly customizable business tool that places the power of X2CRM marketing and sales campaigns in the hands of their customers, allowing them to fine tune their business and harness the abilities of the X2Engine platform. X2CRM version 3.4 sees some small updates to this module, including new icons and a customizable editor window size.

Action Event History

The Action Event History Chart is a sales person’s best friend, says X2CRM. The Action History module is a clever and easy visualization of all interactions that a sales contact has been through. Like other modules in their open source CRM software, this feature is highly customizable and can be quickly and easily edited with various date and contact filters. X2CRM says this module streamlines beautifully with their phone system integration, automatically bringing up a contact’s page and action history chart whenever that contact calls. New in version 3.4 are some additional filter options as well as a visually enhanced interface.

Improved Language Support

X2CRM is a global brand, with installations for businesses in over 140 countries around the world. X2CRM is now offering improved Language Support and is currently available with translations in 15 languages, having recently added Polish to their list of integrated language options.

Updated Documentation

X2CRM is a fast moving operation, quickly and effectively responding to the suggestions and feature requests from users in their online support forum, X2Community. New and improved help screens and documentation descriptions are now available within the software as well as on

About X2Engine CRM

X2Engine, Inc. of Santa Cruz, California, was founded in 2011 by John Roberts, a SugarCRM co-founder and Customer Relationship Management software entrepreneur. The company provides sales & marketing software and cloud hosting services for X2CRM, a next generation open source, sales force and marketing automation customer relationship management system for small businesses. X2CRM has been installed on over 4,500 public and private cloud servers across 140 countries.

Jelastic Releases 1.9.2 Version of Cloud Platform

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2013

Jelastic Inc., the creators of the only zero-code-change cloud hosting platform for Java and PHP applications (, today announced that a new version 1.9.2 of their platform is available.

Jelastics fundamentally new approach to Java and PHP hosting means that there is no need to learn custom systems or recode applications in order to deploy. Jelastic is the only PaaS that can run any Java or PHP app with NO limitations or code changes required, and is the only PaaS available through multiple hosting providers, worldwide.

Jelastic 1.9.1 was released in May 2013 and the team has been working hard to deliver these new features and improvements which include:

GIT & SVN Auto-deploy: Jelastic users can set immediate or periodical automatic deployment of their projects based on the changes they have committed via GIT/SVN repository and greatly increase their productivity.
PHP 5.5: In addition to versions 5.3 and 5.4, PHP enthusiasts can now enjoy working with the newest version of PHP and benefit from all of its robust features. Users can change the version of the stack that they are using with a simple selection from the drop-down list.
FTP and FTPS access to database servers: Jelastic has been providing FTP/FTPS access to application servers for a long time. Now this feature has been expanded to all database servers. Users get an easy and reliable way of file sharing and data transfer to and from their database servers in their Jelastic environments, including local backup files.
Scheduling MongoDB Database Backups: Now Jelastic users can schedule not only MySQL and MariaDB backups, but also MongoDB ones with just a few clicks.
Ability to change GC, -Xmx, -Xms: This update gives a user the ability to configure memory settings and set custom parameters for their Java container.
Ability to deploy PHP projects from GIT repository with submodules/dependencies added: Select the project you need and get everything else retrieved and deployed automatically.
Ability to assign an internal IP to VDS components: Jelastic VDS is a full-root-access virtual private server that customers can use for any extra components that their applications might need such as back end servers, console applications, email servers and backup servers. Now users have the ability to assign such servers not only publicly but also with private IP addresses.
Search box: Users can use this search box right from the dashboard to get the answers to the questions they are most interested in.

Jelastic is the only platform-as-a-service that has been designed for web hosting companies and is already being offered by the best providers in 11 countries around the globe.

Dmitry Sotnikov, Jelastic COO said, “Every day we listen to the feedback of our web hosting partners and also the members of our ever growing community. In this release, we have implemented so many of the requested features and changes. Some highlights include GIT & SVN Auto-deploy, FTP and FTPS access to database servers, scheduling MongoDB backups, a handy search box and loads more. We are really excited to see how much more productive users can be on our cloud platform.”

As such, Jelastic always takes the needs of web hosting providers into account and the 1.9.2 release is no exception:

Jelastic Cluster Admin, the back end administration tool for hosters, was improved dramatically. Email localization, different groups creation, auto recharge option and application packaging management features simplify provider-side work.
Hosting providers can set bonus percentages for their users from the first payment if they convert and replenish the account during a specified time.
High availability of the system was increased by using multiple resolvers, which receive requests simultaneously.
Billing and SSO integration. APIs have been improved to not only cover full integration for standard off-the-shelf billing systems but also home grown solutions.
Built-in integration for trial email campaigns.
Firewall for end users’ containers help to prevent unauthorized SSH access and to defend hosting providers data against various brute force or DDoS attacks, rootkits and botnets.

All major software stacks were updated and many supported features were improved in the Jelastic 1.9.2 release. Read more in the Jelastic 1.9.2 Release Notes.

In 2011, Jelastic launched as a PaaS provider for Java applications. In 2013, the company added PHP cloud hosting to their service options. Jelastic has data centers and hosting partners worldwide and 55,000 users on the platform.

About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc., based in Palo Alto, Calif., offers a Platform as a Service for developers, application designers and hosting service providers. Jelastic is the only Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) offering designed specifically for hosting service providers to deploy and make available to their customers. Jelastic automatically scales Java and PHP applications and allocates server resources, delivering true next generation Java and PHP cloud computing. You can learn more about Jelastic or create a free two week trial at

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GigeNETCloud, doubled since the release of the companys new CloudServer version only 3 weeks ago.

Arlington Heights, IL (Vocus) June 22, 2010

GigeNET Announces: GigeNET http:CloudServer, the fastest CloudServer doubles Client base in only 21 days after version 2 is released

GigeNETCloud, an Illinois-based Cloud Server provider, announced today that its GigeNETCloud customer base has more than doubled since the release of the companys new CloudServer version 2 only 3 weeks ago.

The new version really puts the performance pressure on the competition, with one of the fastest CloudServers in the world, said Ameen Pishdadi, GigeNET CTO. With the 10Gb infrastructure and one of the fastest server deployments in the industry, GigeNETCloud customers are receiving the best option in the industry for the best price.

With this newest release, GigeNET offers nearly limitless and easily scalable Cloudservers. GigeNETCloud preserves resources and allows for customer modifications 24 hours a day without additional hardware costs.

GigeNETCloud customers have stated they appreciate the simplicity of the control panel, the ease and speed of the setup, and the pay-as-you-go system. Some specific examples of feedback include: is great value for the money, and The server is perfect, no lag. The network is perfect and it billing panel is very friendly. With the 10Gb infrastructure and one of the fastest server deployments in the industry, GigeNETCloud customers are receiving the newest cloud server release with great enthusiasm.

Cloud Server clustering and Cloud Server communications supports connectivity between private networks and GigeNETs dedicated servers, This can easily be accomplished with VLANs and GigeNET private networking.

The newest version of the GigeNETCloud includes significant upgrades and improvements.

Version 2 literally doubles the speed on cloud servers, states Pishdadi. New features, new control panel, upgraded hardware and more features in release 2 places us into the top tier of cloud server providers in the world. Our cloud server performance is already second to none.

With a high availability and redundant infrastructure, managed 24/7 tech support to every subscriber at every level, and new features being added every 30 to 60 days, GigeNETCloud is quickly becoming a staple and go-to location in the Cloud Server Hosting Industry.

For more information, visit

Gigenet GigeNETCloud and VPSHive are subsidiaries of DMP LLC.

545 E Algonquin Road, Suite D Arlington Heights, IL 60005

ph. 800-908-7115


Axium Launches its Newest Version of Ajera Software for Architecture and Engineering Firms

Portland, Ore. (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

Axium, a leading developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for AE firms, announced today the release of Ajera 8, its updated software which allows users to customize and design dashboards for specific roles within a firm.

We know that every firm is unique and that every role within a firm organizes and views data differently, said Chris Heim, Axium CEO. With the ability to customize the user interface, Ajera has the capability to adapt to every exceptional role within a firm…making everyones job a little easier.

Tweet this: @AxiumSoftware Newest version of Ajera offers customizable, role-based dashboards. #Axium #Ajera #aeprojectmanagement #aeaccounting #Ajera8

Ajera 8 was specifically developed to provide AE firms with at-a-glance insight into critical business information through configurable dashboards. This helps increase efficiency and work flow by breaking down information barriers across departments, reducing operational costs and increasing profits.

Ajera 8 allows you to see your firm your way, said Heim.

Ajera Benefits Include:

Real-time business insight: Principals can quickly track key financial metrics like utilization charts and profitability graphs; project managers can see key schedule and performance considerations; accountants can view a specific client invoice and time entry detail with one click.

Improved efficiency: Unique dashboards can be created for specific roles within a firm, automatically filtering content according to a users login and access permission.

Enhanced Web and user security: Accessing Ajera over the Web is as safe as online banking with an SSL setup and unique user login, password and access authorizations.

Access everywhere: Ajera can be accessed from anywhere online and on any device, including laptops, Smartphones and tablets.

Cloud hosting option: Axium Cloud can help reduce both upfront and ongoing overhead costs in hardware, software and IT infrastructure and management.

We worked closely with our customers while developing the latest release of Ajera to understand the specific needs of their firms, said Dan Mayleben, Axium CFO. This release incorporates our high priority customer enhancements, including Web access, enhanced security, custom dashboards and cloud hosting.

Axium will be showing Ajera 8 in 11 cities during the next two weeks: Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New York, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Vancouver B.C and Washington D.C. This is an opportunity for firms evaluating enterprise software to meet with Axium professionals, ask questions and see the features of the release. To register for a demo in your city, go to

About Axium

Axium, a developer of ERP and business management software, provides business intelligence to more than 1,900 architecture and engineering firms and 60,000 users in the U.S. and Canada. Axium is one of Oregon Business Magazines Top 100 Companies to Work For and on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies. Axium has offices in Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; Indianapolis, IN; and New York, NY.

Additional Information


Follow @Axium on Twitter:

Axium Media Relations Contact

Gallit Itzhaki


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Agawi, Formerly iSwifter, Launches Version 2.0 of its Cloud Gaming Platform, Enabling Publishers to Stream Everything from Social to AAA Titles Across Tablets, Smart TVs

Menlo Park, Calif. (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

Today Agawi, formerly iSwifter, is announcing version 2.0 of its cloud gaming platform to stream a diverse array of gaming content across all post-PC era devices. Agawi aims to become the largest cloud gaming platform, with the mission of any game, anywhere, instantly inspiring the new company name.

Unlike OnLive, Agawi started in the post-PC cloud computing era, and thus has been built on a different business model, said Agawis co-founder and executive chairman, Peter Relan. With the power of version 2.0 of Agawi, well be enabling the delivery of more games to more devices. We believe we can reach 100 million devices and truly make cloud gaming a universal phenomenon.

Whats new in version 2.0?

-New clients supported beyond iPads: PCs, Macs, Android tablets, Windows 8 tablets, and smart TVs.

-New game genres beyond the social games currently supported in the iSwifter app, to include AAA mid-core and hardcore titles at industry-leading speed and quality.

-New cloud service architecture to support the publisher’s choice of ANY cloud service provider.

“As a strategic cloud partner, Blue Box has been working with Agawi to provide scalable cloud infrastructure for streaming social games since its inception,” said Jesse Proudman, CEO of Blue Box Group. “With the launch of version 2.0 of Agawi, we are excited to build and deliver an industry-leading GPU gaming cloud. This project resonates with our vision to deliver infrastructure supporting transformational technologies. We love being part of the next big thing.”

As console-quality games increasingly try to make the jump to modern platforms, Agawis technology offers sophistication and speed for instant access to games and freedom from console hardware. The companys seamless cloud streaming technology eliminates long download times for graphics-heavy games and enables high-speed gameplay on all popular entertainment platforms.

Games publishers can partner with Agawi’s B2B platform to make their titles accessible to a huge audience of gamers. Since inception, the platform has streamed 12,000 titles to three million gamers across 150 countries worldwide.

With a team of ex-Netflix and Panasonic engineers and two Ph.Ds, Agawi has created a platform that aims to bring any form of game content to any screen.

Agawi will be giving a keynote presentation at Cloud Gaming USA in San Francisco on September 11.

About Agawi:

Agawi (formerly iSwifter) is the worlds first cloud gaming platform focused on the post-PC era of tablets, mobile devices and connected TVs, using an open cloud architecture. Offering partners the ability to deliver compelling game experiences in any genre, from social to hardcore, to users on any device, including tablets, TVs, smartphones and PCs, Agawi stands for any game, anywhere, instantly.

Combining the latest innovations in open cloud architectures, with its own patent pending state-of-the-art interactive streaming technology, Agawi works with leading game publishers, online retailers, OEMs, and network operators to stream console-quality PC, MMO, casual and social games to users instantly.

Based in Menlo Park, California, Agawi was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and spun out of YouWeb Incubator in 2010.

To learn more about Agawi, visit

About Blue Box Group:

Blue Box is a premier open-source hosting provider offering highly customized infrastructure solutions paired with top-tier support. For more information on Blue Box, visit

Panda Cloud Antivirus Version 2.2 Launches with Greater Protection Capabilities and a User Community Area

ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the release of version 2.2 of Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first cloud-based antivirus, which now offers new features to deliver the most advanced data protection. Existing users of Panda Cloud Antivirus will enjoy all the new functions of the software through automatic updates for those with version 2.1.1 and earlier editions.

Version 2.2 draws on the experience of the community of Internet users from previous versions of the solution, and includes new features designed to protect personal data. Similarly, Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2 includes “Community Labs,” a new area specifically established for more advanced users to access new features of the program for free during the pilot phase.

New Features in Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2

New features included in the Community Labs area are strongly-focused on the security of users’ personal data, as well as safer browsing for children and disinfection capabilities of computers with Panda Cloud Cleaner technology.

Tempus Nova, Inc. Proudly Announces the Release of novaResourceSync Version 4.2

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

Tempus Nova proudly announces the release of novaResourceSync v.4.2! This proprietary tool synchronizes room and resource schedule information between Google and Lotus Notes. It enables users in either Google or Lotus Notes to schedule conference rooms and resources while ensuring they are never double booked. novaResourceSync is an invaluable tool during the coexistence period of a migration and provides a seamless transition to Google Apps.

novaResourceSync v.4.2 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Simplified User Interface

Most functionality is available from a single view with a list of synced rooms and resources. The Import from Notes action button allows the user to import a room or resource from Notes into novaResourceSync. The Export Selected to Google action button allows the user to provision selected rooms or resources from novaResourceSync in Google.

Export Selected to Google Functionality

This process runs on the server so the Administrators Notes Client will not be busy during the export process, thus providing a more seamless transition free of interruptions.

Improved Sync Agent

novaResourceSync now syncs all changes made since the last successful sync date of the room or resource. This ensures an accurate schedule, even if the server goes down for a few hours. If syncing a room or resource for the first time, the Sync agent will sync all reservations with a future end date.

Improved Archive Sync

novaResourceSync now has an improved process that syncs deleted Notes room or resource reservations to Google.

Additional Support

novaResourceSync now offers additional support for disabled Lotus Notes resources, as well as Notes rooms or resources with limited advance reservations.

Improved Descriptions

novaResourceSync has improved descriptions of Lotus Notes reservations synced from Google. Descriptions will now have the verbiage “Import from Google” in the description format, followed by the exact Google description.

Improved Google Reservation Removed Email Message Format

The Google Reservation Removed email message will now show the event start date and time in the resources time zone rather than in GMT.

New Option to Create Reservations on Behalf of the ‘Notes Global Calendar Owner’

If the Lotus Notes administrator chooses to create a Notes reservation on behalf of the Notes Global Calendar Owner, messages sent by the Notes resource will not reach the Google user. Rather, these messages will be received by the novaResourceSync database.

Improved Handling of Rejection Messages

novaResourceSyncs improved handling of rejection messages will ensure that a resource is busy in Lotus Notes and the Domino server is able to find the schedule record for the resource.

New Notification Option

novaResourceSync now offers the option to notify an admin/user by email if a sync error should occur.

Visit our novaResourceSync product page for an in depth description of this tool, including downloadable resources and installation videos.

About Tempus Nova

Tempus Nova, Inc., was founded in 2001, is a Google Premier Partner, and authorized Google Apps Reseller with locations in Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA. We specialize in Google enterprise cloud solutions, Google Apps implementations, cloud computing, and application development. Tempus Nova has a proven track record of consistently delivering projects on time and on budget! For additional information about Tempus Nova, please visit our website at

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