Grindmaster-Cecilware Upgrades to Newly-Released NOVAtime NT7000 Smart Time Clocks

Diamond Bar, CA (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

NOVAtime Technology, Inc. (, a leading provider of enterprise Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions, announced today that Grindmaster-Cecilware has adopted NOVAtimes latest touchscreen time clock, the NT7000, along with the NOVAtime 4000 SaaS system.

A global manufacturer of beverage dispensers and foodservice equipment, Grindmaster-Cecilware has over a century of experience providing the coffee shops, convenience stores, and restaurants of the world with everything from coffee grinders and tea brewers to commercial fryers, ranges, and ovens. The company boasts a rich history of innovation, having introduced the first fully automatic coffee urn in 1963 and the first commercial powdered beverage dispenser in 1994, and it continues this tradition with its recent lines of flavored powder cappuccino machines and digital coffee brewers.

Since 2010, Grindmaster-Cecilware has managed its workforce using the NOVA time 4000 SaaS system, which is a cloud-based solution that enables user-friendly, real-time management of overtime, attendance, leave, and scheduling. For its payroll processing, the company uses ADP, which integrates seamlessly with the NOVAtime 4000 system. As a cloud-based solution, NOVAtime 4000 SaaS provides all the functionality of a traditional licensed solution, but eliminates the IT headaches associated with maintaining licensed software on customer servers.

For the last two years, Grindmaster-Cecilware has used the NOVAtime 4000 SaaS system in conjunction with NT6500 clocks. The NT7000 smart time clocks that the company has chosen to supersede the NT6500 clocks offer many of the same functions, including biometric, proximity badge, HID badge, and key-in punch capabilities. The NT7000 also supports multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) and photo capture of employees upon punch submission.

A 7 inch high resolution color display with touchscreen is the real draw, for many users, of the NT7000. According to Carrie Fletcher, Payroll and Human Resources Manager at Grindmaster-Cecilware, employees appreciate the user-friendly design of the new clock, All employees like NT7000 time clocks optical fingerprint touch pad and the larger screen. The clocks state-of-the-art Lumidigm fingerprint reader ensures that biometric data can be captured in even the most challenging environmental conditions.

With the adoption of the NT7000 smart time clocks, Grindmaster-Cecilware has enjoyed more accurate timekeeping, since all data comes from one reliable sourcethe clocksand not from paper timesheets or, worse yet, employees memories. Ms. Fletcher notes, Supervisors benefit from the ability to monitor employee clock-in times in real-time. Other supervisor capabilities that the clocks offer include employee lockouts, private messaging, and projection of training videos.

Of the services and support that Grindmaster-Cecilware has received from Cincinnati Time Systems (, one of NOVAtimes prestigious Summit Partners, Ms. Fletcher is unequivocal in her enthusiasm, When we have needed technical supportwhich is very rarethe response time has been swift and the support team has been knowledgeable. Based out of Ohio, Cincinnati Time Systems was recognized in 2013 as the NOVAtime partner with the highest level of customer satisfaction and customer care.

NOVAtime is proud to offer cutting-edge technology to Grindmaster-Cecilware. Gil Sidhom, Vice President of Research and Development at NOVAtime, explains, The NT7000 was designed for todays cloud-computing environment, and it meets the demand for heightened security and accuracy that such an environment creates. NOVAtime is looking forward to a lasting relationship with Grindmaster-Cecilware and the opportunity to provide this leader in the manufacturing industry with solutions that rise to the challenges of a quickly changing world.

About NOVAtime

NOVAtime Technology, Inc., headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, has become the leader in integrating Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions with Human Resource and Payroll systems. Known for its scalable and leading-edge software and hardware technology, NOVAtime continues to be selected by many of the worlds best-managed companies as the preferred Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution provider. For more information about NOVAtime Technology, Inc. and how the NOVAtime solutions can help streamline your workforce management needs, please email sales(at)novatime(dot)net, call 877-486-6682, or visit

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MinuteHound’s New Automated Time Clock Features the Latest Technology

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 11, 2014

MinuteHound’s automated time clock has changed the way that industries can keep track of their employee’s attendance. The biometric fingerprint technology ensures that only the employee needing to clock-in or out can do so by themselves. They no longer can have others clock-in or out for them. The fingerprint time attendance machine will scan the employee’s fingerprint to keep track of the time they are working. Companies can have updated reports at any time to see who is on the clock and who is not.

This technology out-beats any competition for it ensures that companies will no longer have to lose money they didn’t expect to pay. For example, employees will no longer be able to get unapproved overtime. Managers will be able to seek out the employees that are taking advantage of the time clock, and they can work with them individually to ensure they no longer take advantage of the system.

MinuteHound’s time clock system is easy to install. The fingerprint reader can be installed any where the company wants it to be. It comes with a 6ft USB cord that will hook the reader up to any nearby computer. Once the system is hooked up to the computer, it is ready to use. The employees can choose any finger that they want to use in order to clock-in or out of the system. The system uses a 128-bit encryption to transfer the data so that the employees don’t have to worry about their fingerprint being in the system indefinitely.

Managers will be able to set the system up to send them emails or text messages any time an employee clocks-in or out late. This will ensure the employee can be worked with if they start abusing the system. The managers will be able to have updated reports at any time, day or night, of the employees working. The managers do not have to be on site to get the reports either. They can simply access the time clock system reports from any where that has an internet connection. This helps the managers out that need to know what is going on with their time clock system while they are away on a business trip or vacation.

MinuteHound’s automated time clock system is perfect for any company no matter the number of employees they have. The system will only cost the company pennies a day to use it. They will pay a fee to have the system and a monthly fee for the time they use the system. The monthly fee amount will be based on the number of employees the company has that will be using the time clock system to clock-in and out on. There are no obligations, risks, or contracts to use MinuteHound’s time clock system.

MinuteHound Contact Information


Email: info(at)MinuteHound(dot)com

Phone: (800) 351-7237

PersonalWeb Announces Limited Time Program to License True Name Patent Portfolio Royalty-free to Qualified Developers

Tyler, Texas (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

PersonalWeb Technologies LLC, today announced the launch of a royalty-free license program, which is intended to give qualified software developers and technology companies a limited period to enter into a patent licensing agreement with PersonalWeb for the use of its True Name patent portfolio. Independent developers that have yet to profit financially or receive the significant economic or commercial benefits that flow from the ability to utilize the True Name patents will be eligible for use of the True Name patents on a royaltyfree basis until usage increases and license fees become applicable.

In connection with the grant of a license and based on compliance with license terms, PersonalWeb intends to waive all damages for past use for these qualified developers that participate in its program prior to its expiration on January 31, 2014. Larger commercial developers and companies that receive significant economic or commercial benefit from the True Name patents will need a license from PersonalWeb for the use of the True Name patents.

By providing small independent developers an easy and no-cost license for the use of our patents, we are able to ensure that our intellectual property rights are respected while allowing licensed developers access to our important and market-proven technology and the many efficiency benefits the True Name patents provide, said Michael Weiss, president of PersonalWeb.

PersonalWeb owns the True Name Patent Portfolio consisting of 15 issued and pending patents that are important for many elements of cloud computing, distributed search engine file systems, content addressable storage and social media, critical to the development of a wide range of established and emerging distributed computing based industries. NEC, Nexsan and Caringo are some of the most recent technology companies to enter into a licensing agreement with PersonalWeb for their prior and continued use of the True Name patents. PersonalWeb has ongoing patent infringement litigation, all initially filed in the Eastern District of Texas, against Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, HP, IBM and others.

The Royalty-Free License Program is effective immediately and will be offered until January 31, 2014 to participants determined by PersonalWeb to be qualified. The Program is not available to defendants in the ongoing litigation or to anyone who has already received a notice of infringement from PersonalWeb. For further details, visit or contact PersonalWeb at license(at)truelicensing(dot)com.

# # #

About PersonalWeb: PersonalWeb was established in Tyler, Texas by a team who has been responsible for creating some of the Internets most popular software and applications used by tens of millions of people worldwide. The company develops products based on its patented technology that is important for many elements of cloud computing technology, distributed search engine file systems, social media and content addressable storage. For more information, please visit

New Case Study Documents How eMazzanti Disaster Recovery Solution Restored Customers Hit by Hurricane Sandy in Record Time

Hoboken, NJ and New York City, NY (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

A new case study chronicling how eMazzanti Technologies, an IT and computer expert in the Hoboken, NJ and New York City areas, got hundreds of its customers up and running again in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is now available from eMazzanti Technologies.

We practice what we preach, says Jennifer Mazzanti, president, eMazzanti Technologies. The eCare Business Continuity Solution that incorporates StorageCrafts ShadowProtect

MinuteHound’s New Cloud Computing Software Generates Excel, PDF, and ASCII Time and Attendance Reports

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Every manager and executive has a specific preference for how information is presented. MinuteHound’s time and attendance software now offers a variety of report data formats.

MinuteHound offers Excel for the Microsoft Office fan or the expert who merges and massages data. PDF is useful for ease of reading on computers and internal websites or CMS systems, tablets, and even E-readers. ASCII format is universal and non-proprietary for all types of systems.

Excel spreadsheet format can be read by most major proprietary and open source spreadsheet-based data analysis programs, both computer- and web-based. Data can be analyzed, included in larger reports and presentations, and combined with other data to gain greater understanding of company operations.

PDF format is a self-contained format perfect for sending by email. It designed to be shared just as a printed document would be, including as part of a report or analytical paper.

ASCII format, otherwise known as “plain text,” can be imported into any text editing or word processing program or printed to nearly any printer including basic dot matrix printers found on many manufacturing floors.

Based in “the cloud,” MinuteHound generates these reports for users anywhere they have access to a web browser. They can be reviewed by a manager in an airport lounge, downloaded by accounting for a quick pre-payroll check, or used by finance as part of an efficiency initiative.

MinuteHound, known for their quick, highly accurate fingerprint scan employee timekeeping system, have also focused on making time and attendance data available and useful throughout the company. In addition to customizable reports, they offer interactive online drill-down analysis reports. These allow management to review division, group, department, even individual data. They also offer programmable alerts so staff dont have to spend time looking for problems.

Companies use MinuteHound alerts to identify staffing situations which may need attention. These could include individual tardiness issues or employees trying to leave early. Managers receive e-mail alerts or by SMS text message, then investigate further online or by reviewing generated reports later, as needed.

Company timekeeping data is always secure and always available on MinuteHounds cloud-based servers located around the world. Fingerprint scan information is encrypted to a single, unique large number, ensuring employee privacy and system accuracy.

Time data is provided by referencing a highly accurate Internet time source. Taken together, information on when an employee clocks in and out is straightforward and solid, and reports are highly accurate without concern about real world issues present in other systems such as buddy punching or paper-based time card errors.

MinuteHound’s flexible report formats provide the data that companies need about their workforce. Their fingerprint scanner price is also known as the best price for such technology.

MinuteHound Contact Information


Email: info(at)MinuteHound(dot)com

Phone: (800) 351-7237

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FortaTrusts Limited Time Promotion Provides up to 70% off Selected Dedicated Servers & Cloud Solutions

Doral, FL (PRWEB) May 25, 2012

FortaTrust, a leading provider of dedicated and cloud computing services is pleased to announce the launch of its Limited Time Promotion (LTP) program, with up to 70% off of the first month of selected Dedicated Servers. “The Limited Time Promotion Program is designed to provide our customers the time they need to configure and load test their solutions before moving them to a production environment. Customers are delivered an enterprise class platform with the time they need to implement and develop the solutions it will deliver, said Chris Rivera, Director of Business Development.

The current Limited Time Promotion includes the following:

Inc. Magazines Second Fastest Growing Company Implements Rootstock Cloud ERP in Record Time

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

Rootstock Software

New Generation of Kognitio Fully Harnesses Power of External Big Data Sources for Faster Time to Insight

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Kognitio, driving the convergence of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing, today announced the release of version 8.0p with extended connectivity capabilities. The company said the new version of its flagship software makes it possible for companies to gain unbridled access to data from multiple sources at a scale and speed previously impossible. This enables them to harness the explosive growth of data from day-to-day business operations, augmented by increasingly available and affordable third-party data sets.

Kognitio made the announcement today at Big Data World Europe, where it is a gold sponsor.

The Kognitio Analytical Platform provides in-memory analytical capabilities that accelerate business intelligence tools by up to 1,000 times, while providing access to data at granular level. With version 8.0p, Kognitio sets the standard for access to data wherever it resides through the use of connectors, external tables and scripts.

Features of the latest version include:

FreeRTOS+ Announced by Real Time Engineers ltd.

Bristol, UK (PRWEB) February 25, 2012

Real Time Engineers Ltd, creator of the industrys favourite real time kernel for microcontrollers; FreeRTOS, has announced a major expansion program that increases developer productivity and adds advanced networking and internet features to the worlds most popular embedded kernel. The new features are also supported by a dedicated website portal:

Richard Barry, CTO and Director, Real Time Engineers Ltd, commented: Were bringing together a select group of FreeRTOS extensions that should appeal to the kernels large user-base, as they offer significant productivity gains while extending the kernels capabilities through simple interfaces.

Under the FreeRTOS+ brand, Real Time Engineers will offer a range of extensions developed in-house, with further support for select technology from trusted partners, supplied fully tested and integrated for use with the kernel.

Initially they comprise: