Increase App Engagement and Conversion: ShepHertz App42 A/B Testing, Funnel Management and App Analytics

(PRWEB) January 31, 2014

ShepHertz A Cloud Ecosystem provider for Apps (Mobile, Web, Social, Gaming and TV Apps) announces the launch of App42 Analytics, which gives detail insight on app data and consumer behaviour. App developers can take informed decisions and take actions to increase conversion and engagement of app users.

App42 Backend as a service (BaaS) has the largest number of services and support for popular native SDKs globally. Adding analytics capabilities to their App42 Backend as a Service (BaaS) services gives App developers tremendous power and insight on App data and behaviour.

Highlights of its core features:

App Analytics:

API usage Analytics
Storage Usage Analytics
Geo analytics of API calls
Analyze the number of installations of your App across different devices
Track whether your users are from Facebook, Twitter, App42 etc.
Define User activities/UI at various levels and track time, duration, etc. spent by users on each activity/UI
Pivot Analysis: Analyse App Data using Pivot table in AppHQ console and create custom dynamic reports

Funnel Management:

Funnel Management Chart to help developers track user interaction at various levels and get conversion metrics
Calculate user acquisition, retention and attrition/churn
Abillity to create multiple funnels and associated events in your app.

Mobile A/B Testing :

In-App A/B Testing gives conversion insight on two or more variants of an mobile app UI and helps in taking decisions based on the UI or elements of UI which show higher conversion.
Analyze detailed reports to see performance of each UI varaint and declare winner to best performing variant
Detailed Visual Charts
Manage distribution of percentage between variants

Majority of the Analytics features are implicitly available with App42 SDK integration in the app and no effort from the developer is required to make it work. However for using A/B Testing and funnel management APIs calls have to be integrated at points which are of interest. All these analytics features are available on all supported SDKs of App42 which mainly includes Android, iOS, Unity, Windows Phone, Java Script and others.

About ShepHertz

ShepHertz Technologies is a cloud ecosystem provider for App and Game Developers which adds value to the complete development life cycle of their Apps and beyond. ShepHertz is an access channel and technology agnostic cloud computing (BaaS/MBaaS, PaaS) service provider. They have taken an ecosystem approach where they want to provide Mobile, Web, Social, SaaS, TV and Gaming App developers a One-Stop-Shop for all their Cloud needs. App42 product line also offers App42 Cloud API Backend as a Service AppWarp Multiplayer Engine and soon to be launched App42 PaaS

Reach them at:

Sales – sales(at)shephertz(dot)com

Twitter : @shephertz

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Beta Testing Begins on a New Cloud Web Hosting Platform

(PRWEB) November 17, 2010

Hybrid Logic Ltd, a United Kingdom-based company today announced the commencement of the first round of beta testing of their PaaS (platform-as-a-service) software product, Hybrid Web Cluster in partnership with CloudSigma AG of Zurich, Switzerland.

Hybrid Web Cluster is a cloud web hosting platform designed to run over any number of real physical servers, cloud server instances or a combination of the two. Due to recent advances in file system technology (ZFS) in combination with advances made by the software developers at Hybrid Logic Ltd; it is now possible to offer standard LAMP web hosting with a revolutionary level of redundancy, fault tolerance and scalability, at a price compatible with the commodity web hosting market.

ZFS is one of the key pieces of technology that enables Hybrid Web Cluster to offer near-instant data replication. This means that if any one of the nodes in your cluster goes down, some other nodes will always have a copy of every website hosted on the failed server no more than a few seconds old. The web cluster will automatically and instantly reorganise itself so that your websites never experience downtime a failed server results in a slightly slow page load for a few seconds rather than hours of downtime.

Because ZFS support is crucial to the implementation of Hybrid Web Cluster, a cloud infrastructure provider willing to support the latest version of FreeBSD was essential – ZFS support is also available in Linux and Solaris, but both options have significant drawbacks; Solaris is too far from Linux to feel comfortable for most users, and Linux’s ZFS support is currently too slow to be usable in a production environment. It was therefore essential to find a suitable cloud infrastructure provider who would support the latest version of FreeBSD The CloudSigma product with its support for FreeBSD 8.1 and ZFS provided the ideal infrastructure choice for Hybrid Web Cluster, and after talking to the friendly team at CloudSigma, a partnership agreement was reached which sees CloudSigma sponsoring the Hybrid Web Cluster beta testing programme.

Patrick Baillie CEO of CloudSigma commented Hybrid Web Cluster is an exciting product and use of our cloud. It provides the potential to generate an additional revenue stream from our existing infrastructure investment. We see this product expanding our customer base by offering a more managed approach from our core offering. The white label support and sophisticated integrated billing and accounting system gives us the flexibility we require.

Today the first round of beta testing began; 15 clusters have been provisioned and the first beta testers have each received login credentials for their very own test web cluster. Beta testers have full administrative control over their own cluster running on CloudSigma’s infrastructure – it is possible to set up real websites (including WordPress blogs), watch a live graphical visualisation of the load balancing and replication algorithms at work, pull the plug on a server and watch how the sites that are hosted on it stay live, it is also possible to generate load on individual websites and watch how the cluster’s load balancing algorithms respond. Beta testers can also explore our next-generation web hosting control panel which includes advanced ticketing and billing systems, automated domain registration, white label support and full internationalization.

If you would like to learn more about Hybrid Web Cluster, watch video demonstrations, or sign up for the next round of beta testing to try out your own web cluster, please visit

About Hybrid Web Cluster

Hybrid Web Cluster is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software product developed by Hybrid Logic Ltd, a company based in London, United Kingdom. The software provides commodity LAMP web hosting in a distributed and fault-tolerant manner across a cluster of servers. You can run a web cluster across multiple physical locations, using a mix of virtualised cloud infrastructure and physical hardware to build a true Hybrid Cloud.

About CloudSigma AG

CloudSigma AG, based in Z