2600hz and SureTax

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

2600hz, the leading provider of mobile and cloud telecom technology, announced today that it is partnering with SureTax to integrate SureTax Telecom into 2600hzs Kazoo platform. This strategic partnership allows 2600hz to leverage the rating, reporting and tax calculation services offered by SureTax through a turn-key solution that integrates directly into the Kazoo platform. 2600hz can offer telecom taxation services for all ITSP, MVNO and VoIP providers.

2600hz will soon release a SureTax application on its Kazoo platform so that telecom providers can better manage their business. This app rates and calculates taxes using SureTaxs taxation engine, helping customers determine what tax bureaus they must remit taxes to. The system is completely automated and allows VoIP, landline and cellular services to be bundled and taxed properly together.

We are excited to partner with SureTax, making telecom tax easy for our customers, said 2600hz CEO Darren Schreiber. SureTax helps us with our core initiative, enabling smaller telecoms grow while taking the work out of day-to-day telecommunications logistics and operations.

SureTax Telecom is a robust, real-time, accurate tax calculation solution designed specifically for the telecommunications industry. SureTax Telecom easily adapts to evolving products and services, and can be customized to meet jurisdiction or industry-specific nuances. SureTax Telecom contains over 600 taxability items, plus VAT coverage from international calls, offers extensive reporting capabilities and easily accommodates remittance systems and compliance service provider needs.

We look forward to working with 2600hz and the Kazoo community, adds Mike Sanders, SureTax Chief Product Architect. SureTax Telecom makes telecom compliance easy, so you can focus on value added operations. We share the same vision. Thats why we think this is such a great fit.

About 2600hz

2600hz is a leading provider of mobile and cloud communications software, providing voice, video, fax and SMS technologies. 2600hz enables customers to take control of large telecom infrastructures by removing the barriers between users and their telecom systems. The 2600hz platform makes it easy for developers to create telecom applications with open access APIs. Based in San Francisco, California, 2600hz is a privately owned company.

About SureTax


jBilling and CCH SureTax Announce Partnership

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

A leader and pioneer of open source enterprise billing, jBilling has recently launched a specialized platform for the telecommunications market called, jBilling Telco Edition, which is rapidly becoming a success. It is extremely scalable, robust and flexible, which allows for solutions in many diverse markets. http://www.jbilling.com

I’m excited to announce the integration between jBilling and CCH SureTax, says Emiliano Conde, Founder of jBilling. jBilling is always looking for integrations that bring value to our customers. With the CCH SureTax integration, we can offer a comprehensive billing solution that includes the calculation of complex taxes. This is good news for small and medium telcos in North America”

CCH SureTax Telecom provides tax calculation solutions for the complex world of communications. With the SureTax Telecom plug-in for jBilling, communications providers can easily represent all the proper federal, state and local taxes, fees and surcharges (including e911) without ever disrupting their billing run.

We have been working with premier names in telecom billing throughout 2012, and the SureTax Telecom plug-in for jBilling is a great addition to our offering, says Brent Reeves, VP of Business Development for SureTax. This integration is just another example of our continued commitment to providing the easiest implementation in the market.

The integration of SureTax will greatly improve jBillings ability to calculate and apply taxes for telecommunication billing. Both jBilling and CCH SureTax now have the ability to provide a total and complete tax and billing solution, which is a significant benefit to the telecommunications market.

The SureTax Telecom plug-in will be released this month, available through the jBilling marketplace or directly from CCH Suretax.

About CCH CorpSystems SureTax

CCH CorpSystems Sure Tax offers dynamic on-demand telecom taxation solutions for new and existing VoIP and telecom providers driven by content from CCH, the industry leading provider of tax, accounting, and audit information. SureTaxs flagship product, SureTax Telecom, simplifies the complex world of telecom taxes with a robust, real-time, web-based tax calculation solution that is delivered as a SaaS cloud computing technology. http://www.SureTax.com

About jBilling

jBilling is a global player with consultants on four continents. Its a mature and rapidly evolving open source system. It delivers a comprehensive billing solution that is popular with many industries including Telecommunications, ISPs, ASPs, and Media. http://www.jbilling.com

CCH SureTax

ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

CCH SureTax

CCH CorpSystem SureTax Announces the Integration of the Newest Updated Data for the Cable Markets

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

CCH CorpSystem SureTax, the leading provider of dynamic, on-demand telecom taxation solutions for new and existing VoIP, telecom and media providers, announces an update to SureTax Telecom improve service to cable providers.

Most of our traditional cable providers are also providing voice and IP based services, says Carl Stockholm, CCH National Sales Manager, So we thought it was important to serve them better by adding our most recent cable tax data to the powerful SureTax Telecom solution.

More and more providers are selling bundled services, and now one tax calculation tool covers all the facets of any bundled services package. With the release of our new Revenue Allocation Manager, breaking out the bundles for taxation purposes to ensure the lowest taxation allowable is now quick and easy with SureTax Telecom.

About SureTax

SureTax offers dynamic, on-demand telecom taxation solutions for new and existing VoIP and telecom providers driven by content from CCH, the industry leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information. The flagship product, SureTax Telecom simplifies the complex world of telecom taxes with a robust, real-time, web-based tax calculation solution that is delivered as a SaaS cloud computing technology.

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CCH CorpSystem SureTax Continues to Lead the Way in Telecom Tax Calculation Technology with the Release of SureTax Revenue Allocation Manager (RAM)

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

CCH CorpSystem SureTax introduces SureTax Telecom Revenue Allocation Manager (RAM), providing bundling manager functionality within SureTax Telecom, SureTax’s telecom tax calculation solution. SureTax Revenue Allocation Manager (RAM) works as a bundling manager, acting according to statue and jurisdiction. Revenue can be allocated and bundled, separating non-taxable charges from telecom charges to drive the desired tax outcomes. SureTax RAM allows a client to assign values to services within the bundle by fixed dollar amount, by percentage, or both.

When selling bundled service packages, many companies want to unbundle packages for tax purposes in order to charge the lowest, legal tax on the bundle, says Brent Reeves, VP SureTax. The client must also be aware of tax contamination laws, which often state that if a bundle is sold and the price for each line item is not split out on the bill, then all the services are taxed as telephony. This is an issue when non-taxed services, like IP access, are bundled into telecom packages. SureTax RAM helps customers drive their own policy to manage those situations and allocate revenue accordingly.

SureTax RAM makes adjustments quickly and easily. Changing a bundle allocation by state or performing What if scenarios can be done instantaneously.

About SureTax

CCH CorpSystem SureTax offers dynamic, on-demand, indirect taxation solutions driven by the industry leading global tax, accounting and audit data available. SureTax flagship product, SureTax Telecom simplifies the complex world of telecom taxes with a robust, real-time, web-based tax calculation solution that is delivered as a SaaS cloud computing technology.

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