Vtesse Cloud Bandwidth Delivers High Speed Networks in Just 5 Days

(PRWEB UK) 17 April 2014

Following the success of the 5-working day lead time for all on-net ROADM-enabled Data Centres within the M25, Vtesse has now extended the same offer to all ROADM-enabled sites throughout the entire UK footprint.

This brings the benefits of fast turn-up (within 5 working days) for high-speed optical services to a total of 32 key Data Centre locations throughout the UK, meaning that Vtesse leads the way in the rapid & flexible delivery of high-speed optical capacity. This pioneering concept of “Cloud Bandwidth” is designed to give networks the flexibility to keep pace with the ever-changing workload demands of the Cloud computing world.

The 5 working-day lead time applies to 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s point-point Optical circuits delivered between ROADM-enabled nodes using Vtesses low-latency WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) network. It also applies to 1Gb/s and below Ethernet Private Line, IP Transit and IPVPN services delivered to MPLS-enabled nodes anywhere in the UK.

In addition to the fast turn-up of services, Vtesse Cloud Bandwidth also offers unprecedented flexibility in allowing customers to move any existing circuit or IPVPN service from one on-net site to another with no penalties, and within the same 5-working day lead time provided both sites are ROADM-enabled (or MPLS-enabled for EPL and IPVPN services). Short-term contracts (3 or 6 months) can also be considered in areas where spare capacity exists giving customers a broad range of options for unpredictable bandwidth demands.

Chris Peregrine – Senior Product Marketing Manager Vtesse


Barbro Cranfield Marketing Manager Vtesse


About Vtesse

Since 2000, Vtesse has been delivering Fibre Optic Networks to enterprise organisations. Partners and Data Centres, In 2009, Vtesse opened its first Tier iii designed Data Centre in Hertfordshire. The Vtesse network is expanding rapidly and utilises innovative ROADM technology that enables faster more cost effective deployment to over 120 PoPs including 60 Major UK Data Centres. Vtesses Data Centre is built out on demand and offers totally flexible spacing to meet the needs of Vtesses customers, it allows organisations to create their own Data Centre within a Data Centre Facility.


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Industry leaders recently announced how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can speed up business growth by adopting cloud computing

UK – (PRWEB UK) 17 April 2013

London: Change is a given in business. The industrial revolution was world-changing, but business has now moved into a new revolution where innovation and adding value wins. Small and medium sized businesses are flexible, providing an advantage over large businesses to be at the forefront of emerging technologies and ways of doing business.

If organisations dont change, they stagnate at best, Karen Callaghan, people director at Innocent Drinks.

Forrester forecasts that the global market for cloud computing will grow from $ 40.7 billion in 2011 to more than $ 241 billion in 2020.

Australias largest accounting software provider, MYOB recently conducted a study of over 1,000 SMEs which demonstrates that small to medium-sized business operators who embrace cloud computing and business websites were twice as likely to enjoy rising revenue than others in the past 12 months.

While cost may be perceived as the primary reason for SMEs to outsource its IT, many mid-market organizations continue to view cloud computing as a way to transform processes and gain access to best-practice knowledge. Cloud computing has proven its capabilities in providing added value to SMEs, these can be categorised into four distinct areas:

(The below information was sourced from e-Skills for Cloud Computing, Cyber-security and Green IT: A call for action!)

Business revenue and growth

Cloud services allow the business to focus on business because the enterprise can now reduce the need to provide low-business value via high-cost labour to support commodity IT services. Medium-sized businesses can also reduce the amount of money spent on non-differentiated services and can allocate resources to value creating activities. Finally, cloud solutions provide a platform for collaboration that eventually accelerates time to value and reduce time to start up and complete projects.

Agility and flexibility

Cloud services provide greater flexibility on architecture and sourcing options and can be scaled up and down as needed, which then maximises efficiency and adds additional capacity when needed. The introduction of cloud solutions that integrate suppliers and customers in core business processes in real time also means that the boundaries between the companies and the vendors and customers are blurring. The social enterprise is therefore another perspective related to the agile and flexible company using cloud solutions.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction is specifically related to reduced energy consumption and a more general shift from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. Cost reduction can also have a perspective related to employment because cloud provides the option of simplifying IT management.


Business value is also related to innovation. Cloud computing means that SMEs avoid the need to handle time-consuming upgrades in-house, as users outsource the operation and maintenance of software and as upgrades take place automatically, the need for redesign of datacentres or IT upgrades is decreasing. Therefore, ICT practitioners can potentially focus on deploying applications or delivering new projects that drive business benefits and innovation. Employees and managers can now conduct all types of business from wherever they choose, and this leads to a stronger emphasis on a service delivery approach to IT. Consequently, cloud solutions must be flexible and rely on service delivery. This way of creating business value means that ICT departments need to focus on the core business and not just the supporting processes. It also means that ICT practitioners will have a direct impact on business through orchestrating, aggregating and delivering services when and where they are needed.


Bytes Computer and Network Solutions Continues to Revolutionize Computer Speed and Reliability with Automated Online PC Complete Care Service

Scottsbluff, Nebraska (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Home and business computer users who are fed up with slow computer speed, endless updates, security threats and the constant hassle of computer cleanup and maintenance now have a new option. Its PC Complete Care, an affordable, well-rounded, all-in-one computer speed, maintenance and security service from Bytes Computer and Network Solutions.

Founded in 2001 by Darrell Lewis, Bytes Computer began as a computer repair and sales shop for individuals and businesses in the Scottsbluff area. Todd Lewis joined the company in 2005, when it was renamed Bytes Computer and Network Solutions. Bytes quickly evolved into a premier managed service provider, revolutionizing computer speed and network solutions for more than 40 businesses and 1100 endpoints. With the introduction of PC Complete Care, the company is taking their valuable service nationwide.

The biggest issue with computers today is the security, says Todd Lewis, company vice president. We provide a three-tier approach to this problem with PC Complete Care. First, we manage the antivirus. We make sure the antivirus is up to date and in a protected mode, running a scan once a week. Second, we manage the anti-malware, in much the same way as the antivirus. Third, we patch the operating system and other critical applications with the latest security updates. This plugs the holes that malicious software uses to infect a computer.

The state of the art software and service package, available for as little as $ 19.99 a month makes it easy for any user to enjoy the benefits of a fast, reliable and secure system with zero hassle. And unlike free scan and fix software found elsewhere, PC Complete Care continues to maintain and update the critical components of your computer keeping it running as smoothly as the day you bought it. Youll even receive computer help support whenever you need it.

Lewis is confident that home computer users nationwide will love the automatic updates,computer defrag, computer cleanup, remote support and automated system diagnostics that PC Complete Care provides because these products have been a hit with business users. We have been providing enterprise class service to the business sector since 2005, he says. Last year we came up with the idea of providing that same level of service to the home user. Utilizing PC Complete Care, we can finally do this at a price that is affordable.

About Bytes Computer and Network Solutions

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions is the premier source for cutting edge service, on-site and remote computer help support, technology, custom applications, web design and cloud hosting for businesses and individuals in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and nationwide. Established in 2001, the company, led by a group of youthful software enthusiasts, now grosses over $ 1 million annually. Their newest comprehensive computer reliability service, PC Complete Care, increases computer speed and is earning rave reviews from business and individual clients.

For additional information, contact Todd Lewis, President, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, 308.635.2983 or TLewis(at)bytescomputer(dot)com.

New VPS Hosting Technology Set to Increase Speed and Reliability of Australian Websites

(PRWEB) July 19, 2012

Advances in VPS hosting technology and the decreasing cost of solid-state hard drives are set to allow Australian businesses to increase the speed and reliability of their websites without blowing their budgets.

Allowing disk access up to 100 times faster, with failover redundancy and cloud-based infrastructure, VPSBlocks new offering of VPS (Virtual Private Server) Cloud Hosting with SSD (solid-state-drives) is surprisingly affordable.

For comparable prices to regular Australian VPS hosting, we can provide a solution to Australian businesses that provides vastly increased speed and reliability –Will Kruss, CEO of VPSBlocks the Australian web host offering the new technology.

Most Australian websites are still using shared hosting where their site has to compete for server resources. With added services such as our managed website migration service, our solution appeals to all website owners regardless of technical level, and also to those who have already made the switch to VPS or dedicated servers but are looking for something faster and more reliable, Kruss said.

While other web hosts often upsell their clients to dedicated servers to achieve larger profit margins, VPSBlocks focuses on client satisfaction by ensuring all their clients have the redundancy of failover technology, enabling websites to remain online even in the event of a catastrophic server failure, and SSD hard drives with RAID technology also protecting clients even in the event of multiple HDD failures.

Failover technology means in the event of a physical hardware failure any services on that physical machine are automatically and immediately migrated to another physical machine, turning what was traditionally hours of downtime into mere seconds.

Unlike dedicated servers, VPSBlocks Cloud VPS solutions are remotely scalable, allowing clients to instantly increase their RAM, CPU and HDD resources as their website grows, with just the click of a button.

By providing Australian based VPS with SSD and 10GB networking at an extremely competitive price, VPSBlocks has removed the traditional speed bottlenecks for Australian websites. SSD drives operate up to 100 times faster than the fastest SAS disk drives, and for websites with databases or back-end processing this will mean a substantial performance improvement.

Another new service of VPSBlocks is its affiliate program, allowing clients or web designers to earn 10% commission for the life of any customers they refer. This could result in yearly payments of well over $ 100 for referring a single client.

Its fantastic to be able to bring innovations like this to small business at a similar price level to traditional hosting environments. Were proud to be launching a world class service here in Australia where historically we have struggled to keep pace with the US. With a service this innovative, we want to get the word out, and are happy to have others share in the success, Kruss said.

VPSBlocks (http://www.vpsblocks.com.au) is an Australian owned and operated business providing VPS Cloud Hosting with SSD.

For further details please contact William Kruss on telephone 1300 839 448 or email sales(at)vpsblocks(dot)com(dot)au.