Be Specific Consulting offers Cloudremedy for UK Cloud pains

London (PRWEB UK) 30 April 2012

Cloudremedy by Be Specific Consulting is a new service introduced to troubleshoot and enhance Cloud Computing implementations. The service works at any stage of a Cloud strategy by applying a simple yet entirely business-focussed methodology to correct elements which are not working as desired for the business.

Cloudremedy aims to use a clients chosen or existing hardware and software assets. If there is no hardware, software or software subscription in place, Cloudremedy focuses on finding the most suitable technologies which can fit with the business and budget requirements without vendor bias. Cloudremedy differs from other solution providers services as it does not require clients to purchase equipment or software through Be Specific Consulting or commit to a long term contracts. Be Specific Consulting will work with solutions in almost any location.

Cloudremedy helps our customers accelerate their Cloud Computing initiatives in a clear and flexible way that suits how they work. Our experts assess and provide a remedy to Cloud-related issues, however large or small. Tim Boeckmann, Managing Director, Be Specific Consulting.

When correctly implemented, Cloud Computing and virtualization brings a long list of benefits to any company including simplified administration, more efficient server usage, easily scalable or portable IT environments, better return on investment, faster implementation of applications and services which are easier recovery following disasters.

Types of Cloud can be a Private Cloud environment where a company owns the hardware upon which their Cloud runs, a Public Cloud environment where the company purchases resources on an annual, monthly or per minute basis from another provider or a Hybrid Cloud which is a combination of Public and Private. Hybrid clouds tend to be used for additional redundancy by running backup systems in a separate location, to cater for changing IT resource requirements or to secure some company data inside the organization whilst allowing other elements to be managed by a specialist service provider. Cloudremedy services can assist with Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures.

Regardless of the Cloud solution a company uses, moving from traditional computing environments has its challenges. Ensuring systems avoid outages and performance degradation is the first step, but on-going management of security, compliance, licensing, capacity planning and data are also important for the longevity of corporate systems.

The Be Specific Consulting team has worked with Cloud computing infrastructures since 2005. The long list of requirements, technologies and vendor hardware types that have been successfully implemented over the years place the company in a position to remain entirely objective about solution components. The consultants understand that not all clients have the same requirements when it comes to hardware, software and how they use the Cloud.

The methodology involves a fast but efficient assessment of the current position prior to recommendations being made. Following the Assess stage, a plan is put together detailing all the elements of a solution to the issues at hand. Next, the Build stage implements the Plan before moving on to the Manage stage. At any point, the stages can be passed to the client with all technical information so that they may take the reins if they choose to do so. Alternatively, Be Specific Consulting offers full management of a solution.

In addition to working on many types of Cloud solutions, Be Specific runs the Bureaucloud