Cloud9Phone a Manhattan NY VOIP Cloud Hosted Phone Service Provider Announces the Opening of Their New White Plains NY Office to Better Serve Westchester County NY

White Plains NY (PRWEB) September 12, 2013

In response to their tremendous growth over the past three years in Westchester County NY, has opened a VOIP Support Office in White Plains NY to provide local VOIP installations & professional support services for their customer’s in Westchester County NY.

Mr. Lawrence Walsh, Managing Partner, states “At Cloud9Phone, our business model is all about client happiness. That is why we invest the time when setting up an account to learn about their specific telephone needs, then design the very best VOIP telephone solution to insure 100% satisfaction. Opening this office in White Plains NY allows us to better provide our growing customer base in Westchester County NY with local professional VOIP installation and professional support services.”

When asked who would benefit the most from the opening of their new VOIP Support Office in White Plains, NY, Mr. Walsh responded, “Our clients are small to mid-sized business, medical offices, real estate brokers, legal firms and multi-location franchise operators, who look to utilize modern technology to gain a competitive advantage and stream line their business operation. Many of our clients don’t have a dedicated IT or Telecom department and instead rely on Cloud9Phone to provide these crucial services. By maintaining a Westchester County NY VOIP Technical Support & Installation office we will be able to respond faster to their needs.”

Mr. Walsh said, “While telecommunication industry averages point to high cost and low customer satisfaction, our customers experience positive ratings for over 99% of their telephone interactions. Our unique approach to telecommunications enables our clients to listen, respond, and delight their customers in ways not possible before using traditional phone services.”

He went on to say that “Cloud9Phone is not just another telephone company, were the easiest and fastest way to great customer service. We provide our customers with the ability to make and receive calls from sleek IP telephone sets, computers, iPhone, iPads, tablets, smart phones, droids, laptops, anywhere there is an Internet connection. Clients can connect multiple offices, work from home or while on the road, its a telecommunications experience like never before.”

For more information about VOIP Cloud Hosted Telephone Services contact Lawrence Walsh at 914-595-2200.ext-101

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Pittsburgh, PA Metro Ethernet Services, Dark Fiber Providers, Fiber Internet, T1 and DS3 Services to Serve Surrounding Pittsburgh Cities via SolveForce

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) March 31, 2013

The latest in line to experience amazing services from SolveForce is Pittsburgh. A new launch has seen the provision of MPLS, T3 line, VoIP, T1 line, and Pittsburgh Ethernet services. Additionally Pittsburgh businesses will also be able to enjoy Fast Ethernet as well as point to point lines. With this range of services businesses in the area will be benefiting in many ways. A company spokesman was heard saying, You cannot beat the great customer support we give our customers.

Pennsylvania is a large metropolitan area that is likely to benefit a lot from Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Metro Ethernet provided by the company. Business performances in the area are likely to be enhanced a lot by the presence of these new and innovative services because they have the ability to interconnect multiple offices as well as Local Area Networks in residential and commercial areas. Connecting various business premises via a common network allows employees to be able to share important files and other types of information. Banks, schools and hospitals can make great use of such technology.

Brentwood, PA is home to many businesses which can put Ethernet over fiber technology to great use. Ethernet over Copper technology enables companies to connect to the internet faster and to have more secure and reliable connections. In addition, fiber enabled networks allow bulk data to be transferred faster than when the same is done on other networks.

Dedicated T1 line and Bandwidth T3 line connections have been made available to Wilkinsburg, PA making data transfer not only fast but also very secure especially between offices. Dedicated lines are ideal for sending all types of data including voice. This means that even phone companies and other businesses that depend a lot on calling can use them efficiently.

Other services to look forward to, especially in the Munhall, PA area, include the VPLS and VPN services. VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network allows a business to connect offices located at different places to a central computer. Nationwide and international Point to Point lines may also be used for this purpose.

Known for its very affordable pricing on services, SolveForce provides the entire Mount Lebanon, PA with Satellite Internet as well as DSL services. With such services, companies in the area can enjoy continuous uptime on the internet and offline phone services. Offices within and without a central premise can use these services.

Other services provided by SolveForce may include Cloud Computing technology such as Desktop as a Service, Back-up and Disaster Recovery as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service to name a few.

Wireless Internet services may include mobility, 3G fixed wireless, 4G Broadband and WiMAX Internet.

SolveForce may also be able to provide Ethernet Fiber Internet to the following list of buildings in Pittsburgh if the assets are available; U.S. Steel Tower, BNY Mellon Center, One PPG Place, Fifth Avenue Place, One Oxford Centre, Gulf Tower, Cathedral of Learning, 525 William Penn Place, K&L Gates Center, Grant Building, Koppers Tower, Two PNC Plaza, EQT Plaza, One PNC Plaza, Regional Enterprise Tower, Three PNC Plaza, Federated Tower, 11 Stanwix Street, Oliver Building, Three Gateway Center, Centre City Tower, William S. Moorhead Federal Building, Bell Telephone Building, Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, Frick Building, Four Gateway Center, Washington Plaza, Commonwealth Building, and The Carlyle.

About SolveForce

SolveForce is a reputable establishment that came into existence in the year 2004. Since then they have been able to provide customers with excellent consumer support services and accurate instant quotes on services. This company works hand in hand with all the top tier telecom service providers to ensure customer satisfaction. They have been able to partner with Telarus and they have recently received a nomination for the prestigious TA award. The company hopes to continue serving consumers all over the world and continuing to provide high-speed Internet solutions to businesses. LLC can be reached at (888) 765-8301 via toll free or visit their website at

Cincinnati, OH Metro Ethernet Services, Dark Fiber Providers, Fiber Internet, T1 and DS3 Services to Serve Surrounding Cincinnati Cities via SolveForce

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) April 02, 2013

Cincinnati is one of the lucky cities that will now be enjoying the unbeatable telecom services from SolveForce. The recent launch in the city has availed innovative services such as the T1 line, VoIP, MPLS and T3 line service to businesses in the region. Other services lined up for metropolitan Ohio include point to point lines and Cincinnati Ethernet services. Speaking during the phenomenal launch the company spokesperson said, You cannot beat the great customer support we give our customers. This cannot be over-emphasized because SolveForce offers the businesses and residents top notch yet very affordable Internet services.

Of the many metropolitan areas in Cincinnati, Norwood stands to gain quite a bit from the recent launch by SolveForce. This is because the gigabit Ethernet and metro Ethernet options offered by the company are ideal for businesses situated in busy cities. Such services are common in entrepreneur cities because they allow connectivity between offices and in Local Area Networks or LANs. This will greatly improve communication and data transfer speeds between offices in establishments such as learning institutions, hospitals, banks and even supermarkets. Connecting via a common network also improves security.

Home to countless businesses, Forest Park, OH is one city that is in dire need of Ethernet over fiber technology. No need to worry anymore because SolveForce provides this too. Ethernet over Copper connections are known for two major things; Speed and secure links. It is also possible to transfer very large amounts of data over such a network.

The Northbrook, OH area can now enjoy the dedicated connection obtained through T1 line and T3 line links. These not only ensure that the company has secure links but it also hastens the speed with which information is transferred from one person to another. Unlike most phone based connections, dedicated lines like the Internet T-1 and T3 allow for both data and voice operations. This comes as a huge advantage to calling companies and other phone-dependent businesses.

Montgomery, OH can now sit back and enjoy VPN and VPLS services. Virtual private Networks facilitate the important function of connecting all company computers to a single central communications system. Point to point lines also performs a closely related function and the only difference is that the connection is not virtual but actual with fiber optic Internet lines enabling the connection.

The massive North College Hill, OH area benefits greatly from the affordable and viable high-speed Internet solutions offered by the SolveForce Company. DSL and Satellite Internet may allow the businesses in the area to experience great phone connections as well as very efficient Internet services. Offices that do not have a central communications hub can put this technology to great use.

SolveForce may also be able to provide Ethernet Internet Services to the following list of buildings in Cincinnati if the assets are available; Carew Tower, Great American Tower at Queen City Square, PNC Tower, Scripps Center, Fifth Third Center, Center at 600 Vine, First Financial Center, Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, Chiquita Center, PNC Center, Atrium Two, Cincinnati Westin, Millennium Hotel Cincinnati, Kroger Building, Macy’s Building, Enquirer Building, Crowne Plaza Cincinnati, Duke Energy Building, National City Tower (Cincinnati), Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, Fourth & Walnut Center, Cincinnati American Building, Bartlett Building, Atrium One, and The Edgecliff.

Other Ohio services provided by SolveForce in Cincinnati may include Cloud Computing technology such as (DaaS) Desktop as a Service, Back-up and (DRaaS) Disaster Recovery as a Service, (IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service, and (PaaS) Platform as a Service to name a few.

Wireless Broadband Internet services in Ohio metro may include mobility/cellular, 3G fixed wireless Internet, 4G Bandwidth and WiMAX Broadband.

For enterprises looking for a virtually unlimited high Bandwidth connection then they may want to look into Dark Fiber Service.

About SolveForce

When speaking about reputable companies one must not forget to mention SolveForce. His company was founded by Ron Legarski almost 9 years ago and has since seen immense growth and development. This company has perhaps the best customer support services ever seen and the instant quote facilities online and on phone are very convenient for customers. Partner to 40 major carriers, SolveForce exists to provide the clients with nothing but the absolute best. The recent TA award nomination has earned the company great respect worldwide and it hopes for nothing but more success in the years to come. LLC can be reached at (888) 765-8301 via toll free or visit their website at