WSO2 to Present Technical Webinar on Using Cloud-Enabled WSO2 Application Server for Business Scalability

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

An elastic cloud infrastructure allows businesses to rapidly deploy applications while minimizing costs. However, the traditional application servers deployed in most organizations do not meet the requirements necessary for them to move to the cloud. What enterprises need instead are application servers that support a wide range of deployment options, including installation on public and private clouds in addition to standalone uses. To facilitate this effort, WSO2 will present a free webinar on how developers can optimize their business scalability with the cloud-enabled WSO2 Application Server.

The one-hour technical session, WSO2 Intro Webinar – Scale your Business with the Cloud-Enabled WSO2 Application Server,” is being held twice on Thursday, August 2: 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. PDT for the Americas and 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. GMT for Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, visit

Scaling Your Business with the Cloud

The webinar will begin with an architectural overview of the WSO2 Application Server, which is part of the WSO2 Stratos cloud middleware platform that provides cloud-native features, such as self-provisioning, multi-tenancy, elasticity and metering. The session then will examine how to develop Web applications and Web services together with the WSO2 Developer Studio. Additionally, the webinar will cover key features of the WSO2 Application Server, including:

New Launched by CartikaHosting Offers Self Healing Infrastructure, 360 Degree Scalability, Utility Based Billing and an Array of Enhanced Features

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) February 2, 2010

Businesses in search of highly developed web hosting solutions need look no further than CartikaCloud’s new utility based, High Availability Linux and Windows Cloud hosting services. New CartikaCloud redefines the standard for hosted services by offering a range of high availability Cloud based web hosting solutions in addition to an easy-to-use web interface and unparalleled client assistance.

CartikaCloud features completely redundant and self healing architecture with additional and optional load balancing and clustering of all Cloud servers and services within the CartikaCloud. Complimented by utility billing, 360 degree scalability, predictive failure analysis, Countinous Data Protection and enterprise grade Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus features.

Cartika CEO Andrew Rouchotas explains that the unique aspect of the CartikaCloud is enabling consumers to operate the software and control panels which they are already accustomed to using within the CartikaCloud seamlessly and without custom coding or configurations to accommodate their existing requirements. The CartikaCloud resolves most common issues associated with traditional hosting models. By spreading servers and services across a fleet of self healing physical nodes, the CartikaCloud allows websites to add CPU, RAM, Disk Space and Bandwidth as required and only when required. Additionally, websites become immune to hardware failures as every facet of the offering is redundant and self healing where services are automatically and instantly brought up on new physical nodes in case of hardware failure.

Our new CartikaCloud solution allows customers the ability to allocate servers and resources in an elastic and utility based manner. Customers have the option of running Linux or Windows based platforms. IT professionals can create as many Cloud Servers as required and allocate as much capacity to each server as they require in an elastic, utility based manner. The average consumer can create Cloud Servers as required, allocate resources as required, pay by the day for additional resources, operate whichever control panel they are accustomed to using and have our staff fully and proactively manage their Cloud servers on their behalf. Cartika offers the most complete definition of server management available in the industry and this extends to our Managed Cloud Server offerings. Customers can choose to cluster in the cloud, load balance in the cloud or just operate single Cloud Servers. CartikaCloud would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge our partners who are key and critical components to this offering. Citrix XenServer, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp Storage Systems, R1Soft CDP, CloudLinux Operating Systems, as well as, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin and cPanel control panel vendors are crucial components to our offerings. Along with the technologies provided by our partners, we are able to provide customers an easy to use GUI which enables them to manage their Cloud Servers via direct console or remote desktop access, allows customers to re size cloud servers ondemand and only be billed by the day for any resources which may be required to accommodate bursts in traffic associated with traffic spikes typically seen from seasonal business models or planned and/or unplanned marketing activities

Citrix systems provides the virtualization and load balancing layers (XenServer and Netscaler respectively) within the CartikaCloud. Citrix Systems Virtualization technology enables the CartikaCloud to maintain elasticity and redundancy, and via their Netscaler Load Balancers, enables customers to load balance between Cloud Servers.

NetApp Network Storage solutions are the backbone behind the CartikaCloud storage system offering redundant, scalable and elastic Cloud Storage solutions to be built.

CDP backup and recovery solutions by R1Soft enables CartikaCloud customers to backup and restore their Cloud servers in a granual and efficient manner.

The CloudLinux Operating system is a commercially supported Linux OS flavour specifically built to operate in multi-tenant Cloud Hosting environments and allows customers to run a per account software level virtualization within the CartikaCloud. This enables Cloud Server customers to granularly control the allocations of each account hosted within their Cloud Server and further improves the efficiency of their operations while simultaneously avoiding many of the traditional pitfalls in multi-tenant hosting environments.

The CartikaCloud is a premium, elastic, resilient and flexible hosting service. Transcending industries, sectors and company size. With their range of services, Cartika specializes in providing small to medium sized and enterprise businesses an elastic and scalable capacity on demand model, complete with a service that includes Juniper based security firewalls, self healing infrastructure, 360 degree scalability, optional load balanceing architecture, redundant Cloud Storage solutions, continuous data protection, mail foundry anti virus and anti-spam protection, and much more.

About Cartika

Founded in Toronto in May 2002, Cartika Inc has established itself as a leader in Application Hosting and advanced technologies. Advanced web hosting facilities and technologies, combined with intricate knowledge in several best of breed Open Source and Commercial Applications, Cartika can web enable your core business processes.

For more information on new CartikaCloud offering by Cartika, please visit and


Avantica Technologies Nearshore Cloud App Engineering Services Deliver Agility and Dynamic Scalability

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Avantica Technologies, one of the largest Nearshore software engineering services companies in Latin America, announced today that its Cloud application development and testing service continues to deliver both agility and dynamic scalability to the companys North America start-up and Software 500 customers.

Mario Chaves, Chief Executive Officer of Avantica, explained: Avanticas software developers and QA engineers are highly skilled in distributed Agile. Weve applying those Agile skills toward rapid and productive integration with our customers internal engineering teams, helping the expanded team co-develop, test and implement customers cloud-based platforms.

Avantica, which recently nearly doubled its number of certified Scrum Masters, has over the past 18 years helped organizations release nearly 1,600 software products, large-scale Web and mobile applications. The companys reputation for quality software delivery to the cloud was built on the advantage of Latin Americas time-zone alignment with the U.S. Avanticas software engineering centers in Costa Rica and Peru, unlike India outsourcing, are geographically close to its customers, enabling the company to quickly help organizations get their apps productive in the cloud.

The Gartner research firm says that while the cloud will save organizations money, the primary benefit of adopting a cloud model should not be cost savings, but instead agility and dynamic scalability, which can improve speed to market. Gartner predicts that as the cloud market continues to evolve, organizations will be increasingly open to the idea of using public cloud resources. Service-level agreements and security precautions will mature and the impact of outages and downtime will be minimized. By 2013, Gartner estimates the cloud computing market will be at $ 150 billion. One example: Amazons Web Services unit, which provides business with an infrastructure Web services platform in the cloud, contributed $ 500 million in revenue alone in 2010.

Avanticas engineers are helping the companys customers develop cloud-based apps for social and enterprise support, and other requirements. The North America market for Nearshore software engineering services specialists has grown rapidly. The main benefits are access to aligned cultural compatibility; skilled, economical labor; and shorter travel time and time-zone alignment supporting Agile-based software development and QA engineering. For example, the flight from San Francisco, Calif. to to San Jose, Costa Ricas capital, is seven hours. That compares to the flight from San Francisco to Bangalore, India, 21 hours.

While cloud computing has existed for over a decade, consumers and businesses increasingly recognize that the cloud offers attractive solutions. With small and medium-sized businesses leading cloud adoption growth, interest by larger corporations is growing. Avantica Technologies undeniable strengths in Agile software engineering, Nearshore proximity to its North American customers, and cloud application engineering experience, will continue to help the Nearshore specialists customers realize improved speed to market.

About Avantica Technologies

Avantica Technologies specializes in providing software engineering services well-suited to both start-up and established software companies. Avantica’s experience across the software development lifecycle – from design to development, testing and professional services – provides unique value to the company’s Enterprise, Cloud, Social Networking, Consumer Web, Financial and Mobile app customers. The 18-year-old company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with engineering centers in Latin America (Costa Rica, Peru). Our model is partner-centric, distributed Agile, English language, U.S. time-zone, economical, and quality software engineering across the SDLC. Avantica Technologies can be found at

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