New interactive resource from NewVoiceMedia offers a compelling insight into customer communication around the world

London (PRWEB UK) 25 July 2014

Leading cloud contact centre vendor NewVoiceMedia has created an interactive graphic which allows users to compare and contrast the customer service of contact centres across the globe.

The company, whose clients include PhotoBox, Wowcher and Topcon, created the tool to highlight the importance of excellent customer communication. Todays customer is changing the world of service. Theyre using more channels, will switch businesses following an inadequate experience, and a third (31 percent) will take their revenge online; but businesses can boost their business by getting it right, with 71 percent claiming they would recommend a company following a positive experience.

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia explains, We conducted research last year which found that businesses lose

New Resource Launches to Help Find the Best Cloud Bookkeeping Services

(PRWEB) June 24, 2014

The online Cloud Bookkeeping resource hub has been newly launched to help freelancers and self-employed workers to take charge of their accounts and harness the power of cloud computing in order to better managing their finances.

The website which can be found at has gotten off to a busy start by offering plenty of advice to those who are interested in learning more about cloud bookkeeping and cloud accounting. The first portion of the website is devoted to explaining and demystifying this modern approach to bookkeeping, covering how the services work and why it can be a good choice for many individuals and business organizations.

As the website has evolved and expanded over the short period it has been live, the team have been busily reviewing and evaluating a selection of the best and worst online cloud book keeping services available to individuals and small groups. This published advice not only covers the main contenders in great detail, but also provides a lot of advice for evaluating the options according to the needs of the customer.

When speaking to the team behind the website, the inspiration for the website and their future plans were readily shared. Everyone keeps hearing about the cloud and cloud computing but not many people correctly know what it means, the site founder of the website noted. When we began looking into the different cloud services online, it became clear that cloud bookkeeping and online accounting were the main areas where traction was really being found, he continued. That told us that there must be a lot of people out there that could benefit from these services, but might not be sure how best to harness them or even that they need them, and thus the website was born, the shared further.

When looking at the different online service providers in this growing sector, the website team were able to clearly pick out a handful of options that offered the best range of services and usability at a fair price. These options all made their way to the comprehensive guide to the top 5 online accounting software leader board which includes such eminent names as Cloud Bookkeeper, Cloud Bean Counter, and Fresh Books. With so many options to choose from, the website aims to simplify the selection process and arm consumers with the information they need to make the right decision for their needs and the needs of their company or the services they offer.

Future plans for the website include working with those offering these cloud-based financial services and establishing promotions and discounts for the readers of the website. Although these deals are yet to be finalized, it is expected they will include free trials and discounts on the price of the most popular online bookkeeping services out there.

With many more users turning to the cloud for their business needs, it appears that sites like Cloud Bookkeeping will continue to play an important role in informing and educating customers in the options available to them, in order to help them find the best solutions for their needs.

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Canadian Web Hosting Expands Flexible Cloud Hosting Service With Larger Resource Pools and More Canadian Geographic Locations

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

Canadian Web Hosting (, a leading provider of web hosting, cloud hosting and infrastructure as a service in Canada, announced that they have expanded their Flexible Cloud to support multiple Canadian geographic zones. Canadian Web Hostings Flexible Cloud hosting delivers customizable cloud hosting and cloud storage that is 100% Canadian. Each Flexible Cloud delivers performance certified cloud infrastructure for applications and websites that can easily handle increases in traffic and resources.

Canadian Web Hostings Flexible Cloud works by allowing customers to purchase dedicated resource pools that give them the ability to spin up one or multiple virtual machines using custom or prebuilt templates in less than 60 seconds. Unlike standard cloud servers that are preset single servers, the Flexible Cloud allows users to customize their cloud servers into whatever size or configuration they require by using a dedicated cloud resource pool. Customers can use their own server images, create new images, or build VMs with more than 150 different application and OS templates. In addition, customers can upgrade in real time as more resources are needed. Flexible Clouds are ideal for customers and developers who want to easily build test servers, development servers and production cloud servers and have advanced features like auto-scaling and failover included.

As we build out our Canadian Cloud, we want to give customers inside and outside of Canada choices that deliver the best of Canada, including 100% Canadian storage, with the ability to choose the type of cloud hosting that makes the most sense for their business and customers, said Matt McKinney, Director at Canadian Web Hosting. Today, customers have a range of different cloud hosting options with the choice to host at the data center of their choice in our Canada West or Canada East zones. And with some recent updates, customers now have access to our Cloud Connect Control Panel that allows them to manage all their servers through a single pane of glass.

Canadian Web Hosting helps IT organizations execute on their cloud hosting and cloud computing plans. Their CA Cloud infrastructure now includes flexible cloud hosting options that range from cloud shared hosting, SSD cloud servers, private clouds, as well as upcoming releases that include a massive new openstack powered public cloud and a Canadian storage service similar to Dropbox, but with 100% Canadian storage.

You can learn more about Canadian Web Hostings by calling 1.888.821.7888 or emailing for more information.

About Canadian Web Hosting

Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting has been providing on-demand hosting solutions that include Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for Canadian companies of all sizes. Canadian Web Hosting is SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 certified ensuring that their processes and business practices are thoroughly audited against industry standards. Canadian Web Hosting guarantees a 100% network uptime, and a total money back guarantee that backs everything they do. Customers can get help by calling 1-888-821-7888 to get 24/7 support. For more information, visit them at, or get the latest news by following them on Twitter at @cawebhosting.

WebNet Hosting Soon to Launch a Resource Center for the Popular Prestashop Shopping Cart

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

WebNet Hosting has already achieved the status of being considers amongst the various hosting providers as the one that offers High Speed Prestashop Hosting. Now, WebNet Hosting wants to help the open source e-commerce community. The new Prestashop Resource Center will connect the e-commerce industry and the Prestashop community with the tools they need in order to run a successful online business. With the information provided by this powerful resource center, store owners will be able to learn how they can make their websites function on their terms and make their sites work for them, rather than the other way around.

Prestashop is award-winning shopping cart with over 275 features and a huge community of developers. The numerous developers of Prestashop are continuously creating new modules, features, skins, scripts in order to give store owners the opportunity to tailor their sites to their exact specifications.

The Prestashop Resource Center will do all the dirty work or the leg work for their users. It will weed through the current modules on the market and provide visitors with reviews of the best modules avaialble for various tasks. Also, It will provide the users with the instruction manual, a start up guide, and a step by step video tutorials for the various customization that the store owners can do with their store. In order to help the e-commerce and Prestashop community, WebNet Hosting has created a set of 12 Prestashop video Tutorials and posted it on their PrestashopHosting YouTube Channel. Apart from the tutorials, WebNet Hosting is also very active in updating their blog with Articles, News and other happenings within the e-commerce community.

The ecommerce world is an emerging field and is constantly changing and evolving. For store owners it will be extremely difficult to keep track of all these latest innovations and trends. Prestashop Resource center vows to be on top of such software updates in order to provide the Prestashop community with the most up to date information. With the best in class e-commerce hosting packages and a great resource center, WebNet Hosting is a one stop shop store owners.

The Prestashop resource center aims to deliver all the following and more:

Prestashop Getting Started Guide

Prestashop Video Tutorials

Prestashop Latest News

Prestashop Modules

Prestashop Blogs and Articles

Prestashop SEO Tips

About WebNet Hosting LLC

WebNet Hosting, LLC is a nationally recognized web hosting, e-commerce, and cloud hosting provider that delivers 24/7 uninterrupted technology services.

Celebrating our 10th year in business in 2012, WebNet Hosting has earned a glowing reputation for providing high speed hosting services and reliable and secure solutions with exceptional customer service. WebNet Hosting exceeds customers expectations, delivering efficient and cost effective services, and are always on standby to support and assist their customers.

Contact WebNet Hosting

933 N Kenmore St, Suite 321

Arlington, VA 22203

Ph: 571-312-0716

Toll Free: 1-877-503-HOST(4678)

eUKhost Ltd. Announces the Launch of Auto Resource Scaling with VPS Hosting

Leeds, West Yorkshire (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

UK Web Hosting provider eUKhost today announced that it has updated its vLite based virtual private servers, offering Auto Scalable CPU & RAM with all plans as burstable resources. Burstable CPU/RAM is an addon feature and customers can opt for this by paying a nominal monthly fee ranging from 10.00 to 20.00 over the cost of the VPS depending upon the plan they choose.

According to the press release, the new addon feature is available with all three VPS plans with max resource scaling available up to 6 CPUs and 4 GB Memory on an individual VPS. All eUKhost vLite VPS plans use Hardware Virtualization Hypervisor of eNlight Cloud with inbuilt intelligent scaling technology which detects the increase in resource requirements on any server in real-time, and adds them immediately without any downtime, reboot or manual intervention. This intelligent technology propelled eUKhost to offer CPU and RAM auto scaling with VPS Hosting which is first of its kind in the VPS Hosting industry.

Once the Burstable CPU & RAM feature is enabled, vLite with its intelligent scaling technology fetches the required amount of resources from a large pool of free resources and allocates those to VPSs during predicted as well as unpredicted bursts or spikes, allowing the hosted website(s) or applications to achieve optimum scalability and performance. Auto resource scaling responds automatically and ensures that websites and applications continue to function smoothly, without any interruptions, no matter how erratic the resource usage patterns are.

The company states that the new Auto Resource Scaling feature would be highly beneficial for websites that experience high resource consumption only for a few minutes/hours every day or attract occasional traffic. Similarly, websites experiencing sudden spikes in resource usage or short traffic bursts intermittently or applications that experience hourly, daily, or weekly variability in usage will also benefit immensely through this feature.

For Reseller Hosting customers, there’s an added special feature too. VLite VPS Hosting allows upgrading storage space on-the-fly on any VPS. Storage space can be added on demand to any VPS without the need of server reboot or involving any downtime. Besides this, the free reseller hosting addons such as Domain Reseller Account, Free Billing Software, White Label Reselling and End User Support can also be availed with vLite VPS Hosting.

“At eUKhost, we are committed to constantly improve our product range. The additional benefits in our VPS Hosting range provide significant additional capacity for our customers to use as and when they need. This will prove to be decisive as even if our customers don’t require it at the moment, they are ready for growth in the future.” John Strong, Managing Director of eUKhost Ltd. said in a statement.

For more information about eUKhost vLite VPS hosting, please visit –

About eUKhost

Launched in 2001, eUKhost Ltd. offer a range of services including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Business Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Semi-Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates and Offsite Backup Solutions. 24/7 technical support is available and 99.95% uptime guarantee is offered as standard with their UK-based servers.

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