21% of SMBs Have IT Specialists Reporting to Business Management Thereby Blurring the IT-Business Divide

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

Techaisles study on 360 on SMB & Mid-Market IT Decision Making Authority – BDM vs. ITDM reveals an emerging trend of IT specialists with purchase authority being resident within business units and reporting to business rather than IT management. The data is significant enough for marketers to pay close attention as the survey shows that already in 21 percent of small (1-99 employees) and 36 percent of midsized (100-999 employees) businesses, IT Specialists are embedded within business units and even more are planning to hire specialists within their business units. Further, the study also shows that these IT specialists are an important influence point for new IT solutions purchase and that in 29 percent of small businesses and 49 percent of mid-sized firms that have business unit resident IT specialists these staff members are the primary decision makers for new IT solution purchases. This trend will naturally tilt the balance of decision making authority towards business management by empowering them with knowledge and decision-making agility.

The need for IT and business to work together to ensure that all stages of IT adoption process meet both technical and business process requirements is an important factor in IT solution success. Survey data clearly demonstrates that SMBs have taken this a step further to address the need for what is sometimes referred to as double deep employees (with respect to IT and business experience) by positioning IT specialists within business units reporting to business (rather than IT) management. In a way, these IT Specialists reporting to Business Management in SMBs are blurring the IT and Business divide.

Small businesses – informal

The trend is widespread and informal in small businesses in the 10-99 employee size categories with 45 percent of firms reporting the presence of IT specialists within business units. In most cases this is an informal connection with IT-savvy employees responsible for IT-dependent processes.

Mid-market businesses – pronounced

However, within mid-sized businesses the trend is more pronounced and is becoming a more conscious strategy with IT support embedded within the line of business departments. As the balance of IT decision making authority continues to shift towards business decision makers the presence of IT specialists who can identify appropriate IT solutions within a mid-market business unit is gaining tremendous relevance. This also means that rogue implementations of solutions may well accelerate. More importantly, in the next 3-5 years it is highly likely that a business unit will begin to think and operate like an IT department as they learn from their missteps.

IT or BDM-led Solutions

To understand an SMB buyers journey, Techaisle research considered nine IT solution categories and the influence of various stakeholders from needs identification to selection and adoption process. At a high-level the nine IT solutions were found to belong to one of three categories IT-led solutions, areas where IT is generally seen as leading corporate IT initiatives; BDM-led solutions, solutions in which BDMs provide most corporate leadership, and IT is cast very much in a supporting role; and IT/BDM collaborative solutions that respond to BDM needs, but where IT is important to supporting delivery capacity. The positioning of these solutions is important to shaping the focus of IT vendor sales and marketing initiatives.

It is important for IT suppliers to understand whether their current and prospective accounts have IT specialists assigned within business units, and where they do, to establish strong relationships that will enable the supplier to understand and respond to IT/business solution demand.

About the Study: 360 on SMB & Mid-Market IT Decision Making Authority – BDM vs. ITDM

To understand the current state and implications of distributed IT influence and authority Techaisle conducted a unique survey of SMB organizations where we surveyed roughly equal numbers of business decision makers (BDMs) and IT decision makers (ITDMs) across seven employee size categories, and then analyzed results to create a unified view of the new IT decision authority realities.

The study covers:

Bond International Software Streamlines Government Reporting and Employee Onboarding with New Integrations for AdaptSuite Staffing and Recruiting Software

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 29, 2013

Responding to the continued growth in temporary staffing, Bond International Software today released AdaptSuite Version 2.3, an innovative front-to-back-office, cloud-hosted recruiting and staffing software, with many enhancements, including new partner integrations that streamline government reporting and employee onboarding for staffing organizations to reduce effort and improve efficiency.

Federal, State and Local government tax reporting requirements are constantly changing presenting a challenge for staffing companies doing business in multiple states to keep up with those changes and deliver accurate reports. Bond AdaptSuite offers fully-integrated payroll-billing that now includes file transmittal to its partner, Greenshades Software, Inc. Greenshades reporting expertise and software is used by thousands of firms, and enables Bond AdaptSuite customers to remain compliant with the latest government filing requirements. The key benefits include:

Reporting data is accumulated seamlessly as transactions are processed in AdaptSuite.
AdaptSuite allows review of the data before transmission to Greenshades to ensure accuracy.
Greenshades Center allows the Bond AdaptSuite Financial Administrator to submit all of their electronic filing from a single location securely and efficiently.
Extensive support for e-filing Federal, State, Local and New Hire reporting; monthly, quarterly and annually, including SUTA/SUI, and more.
Historical reporting data is available within the Employee Financial section in AdaptSuite.

Another challenge facing staffing companies is the tedious, but necessary, paperwork involved in onboarding temporary employees. Answering that challenge, Bond AdaptSuite now includes a thoughtfully designed employee onboarding process to reduce the effort associated with onboarding. This features integration with partner Adobe Systems Incorporated and its EchoSign product. Adobe EchoSign enables staffing companies to easily move electronically signed employee onboarding documents from paper to the web. That means faster cycles, lower costs, a better customer experience ensuring compliance, plus easy and fast reporting.

Electronic signatures are widely used and legally accepted since the year 2000, and Adobes EchoSign is an acknowledged leader with a 98% presence in Fortune and Global 1000 companies. The benefits of Adobe EchoSign supports:

Signers who insist on printing, signing and faxing back.
Capability for documents to be signed by anyone, anywhere with Adobe EchoSign on any computer, tablet or mobile phone with a web browser.
New business requirements and changing workflows.
A complete web contracting and document process from signing to archiving.
Highly secure SaaS environment.

Bond AdaptSuite with Adobe EchoSign provides a seamless onboarding solution for creating, sending, tracking, and managing electronic signatures for the various forms that a staffing company might need. These can include smart forms, event workflows, automated storage and filing, audit trails, and more.

Steve Taylor, Bond International Software Inc. President and CEO noted that Bond continues to lead with world-class front-to-back-office staffing software solutions. These new integrations further improve efficiencies and business processes and when combined with our commitment to customer service and support, we believe that AdaptSuite offers staffing and recruiting companies an unbeatable choice to drive their business success.

For more information on Bond AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software or to schedule a demonstration, please visit http://www.bond-us.com or call 800-318-4983.

About Bond International Software PLC (UK, AIM: BDI)

London stock-market listed Bond International Software has been a global provider of Recruitment, HR and Payroll software & services for 40 years.

Bond is one of the largest, and most established, global specialists in staffing software for recruitment agencies worldwide and is a rapidly growing provider of web-based e-recruitment and talent acquisition software to the corporate market. Bond also provides established HR and payroll outsourcing services and software directly to both the public and private sectors. For more information please visit http://www.bondinternationalsoftware.com.

Bond International Software, Inc. is the U.S. operating company for Bond, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and offices in Richmond, Virginia and Bloomington, Minnesota. The Bond U.S. operations, with more than 100 employees, support nearly 800 customers and 20,000 users. For more information please visit http://www.bond-us.com.

For further information, please contact:

Phil McCutchen, Marketing Manager

Bond International Software, Inc.


1-800-318-4983 x1112 or 770-246-2319

eDepoze Proudly Announces Bridges Court Reporting as an eDepoze Deposition Software Reseller

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2014

eDepoze, LLC has added Bridges Court Reporting as a reseller partner for its recently released cloud based deposition software. The new selling point will provide better access for attorneys who want to utilize the software that enables paperless depositions and electronic sharing of exhibits.

Bridges Court Reporting will be selling the software that combines a cloud-based repository with an iPad interface to provide an electronic deposition while still maintaining the benefits of the tried-and-true paper deposition exhibit process.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Bridges Court Reporting to the eDepoze reseller program,” said Thadd Hale COO of eDepoze. “Bridges has a great reputation and eDepoze fits nicely with their existing services.”

With eDepoze attorneys can replace stacks or boxes of paper exhibits with an iPad. They can introduce and share exhibits electronically using the eDepoze app and everyone participating in the deposition can receive exhibits as they are introduced. This can be done either locally or from a remote location while still allowing all participants to review and mark their own copies of the exhibits.

Bridges Court Reporting is excited to team up with eDepoze to provide this cutting edge service for our clients, said Debbie Bridges, President of Bridges Court Reporting. We strive to provide value for our clients, adding eDepoze to our menu of services gives them another tool to increase their productivity and manage voluminous documents.

The software utilizes an easy to use iPad interface that requires little technical know-how. Key features of eDepoze include:

21st Century Software Enhances Its SpaceFinder Storage Management Solution with Powerful User Interface and Reporting Capabilities

Wayne, Pennsylvania/Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

21st Century Software, a leader in providing recovery assurance and enterprise disaster recovery solutions to the IBM mainframe community, today announced significant enhancements to its SpaceFinder Storage Management Solution (SMS). With a focus on a new easy-to-use interface and reporting capabilities, 21st Century Software is empowering customers with greater control and easier operations.

SpaceFinder is a z/OS storage management solution that centralizes all phases of mainframe management. With SpaceFinder, users are able to maximize the value of the mainframe storage environment, from assessment and monitoring, to configuration, allocation and planning.

“IT departments are experiencing unprecedented changes, in light of initiatives tied to trends such as cloud computing, placing significant challenges on IT managers to be more strategic,” said Rebecca M. Levesque, CEO of 21st Century Software. “The latest version of SpaceFinder provides IT managers with the insight and reporting capabilities needed to be more proactive with storage capacity initiatives. As a result, they are able to better plan while controlling future storage costs.”

Simplifying the administration and management of mainframe storage resources from one single point of control, the latest version of SpaceFinder provides the following features: