Cloud Industry Trends and Best Practices Report Released by Introduces New Market Insights

Denver, CO (PRWEB) February 16, 2011, the leading provider of cloud hosting and recovery services, today released its 2011 Cloud Industry Trends and Best Practices Report. completed the report based on data collected over a five-week period during a survey targeting company executives and IT professionals. Nearly 600 individuals responded to the survey.

The 2011 Cloud Industry Trends and Best Practices Report introduces significant insight into the cloud marketplace including consumer expectations of Cloud Computing, intended uses, obstacles, and expected timeframes for implementing cloud-based solutions. Some of the key trends from the report include:

White Paper Released to Aid Mortgage Bankers in Cloud Adoption Strategy

Laguna Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

Acris Technology, the software development company behind Mortgage VCO, a full suite of cloud-based software applications, business and IT support resources for mortgage bankers and lenders, has released a new white paper featuring key benefits of implementing a comprehensive cloud strategy, leveraging best practices in desktop virtualization, paperless document management, and collaborative loan origination and processing. The 17-page white paper, titled Is it Time to Put Your Mortgage Business in the Cloud? 10 Things You Need to Know Now, was written to help mortgage banking professionals balance the efficiencies and ROI benefits associated with the cloud, while avoiding the potential pitfalls inherent in any migration process.

Mortgage banking companies are actually very well suited for a cloud IT infrastructure, said Acris Technology President Richard Johnston. This white paper was developed to help mortgage bankers better understand the benefits of the cloud that are specific to their unique business requirements, from the unique perspective of someone that has been through the entire migration process in mortgage banking from A to Z.

The white paper is unique as it includes a running commentary by Martin Williams, the Founder/CEO of Millennia Mortgage, a mortgage banking company in Southern California that produced over $ 10 Billion in loans, leveraging the competitive advantages delivered by their cloud-based infrastructure. Williams is now the CEO of Acris Technology and is dedicated to making cloud IT technology and software available to any mortgage banking-related company through their suite of products and services known as Mortgage VCO.

VCO stands for Virtual Corporate Office, and our goal when we launched the Mortgage VCO suite was to make cloud technologies and comprehensive IT virtualization as affordable and painless to implement as possible, said Acris Technology CEO Martin Williams. We wrote this white paper to describe how the cloud significantly impacts each area of a mortgage banking operation and how it can introduce major increases in efficiency and productivity. Our message is that this is not pie in the sky technology. Its all available right now.

Here are a few of the areas the white paper explores:

The differences between SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
Types of virtualization
How the cloud enables a virtual workforce
Cloud-enabled collaboration and paperless workflow
Savings in the cloud
Security, compliance and regulation in the cloud

The white paper can be downloaded at

About Acris Technology

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, Acris Technology is a technology provider offering custom software development and a full range of IT services and infrastructure support. Its flagship product, Mortgage VCO, is a virtual corporate office solution that provides all the necessary software and tools to run a completely paperless, cloud-based mortgage office, enabling clients to realize increased productivity, shorter loan life cycle times and reduced expenses. The virtual suite includes loan origination and processing software, paperless electronic document management (EDM), digital e-signature tools, IP telephony, virtual desktops with Microsoft Office

GigeNET Cloud version 3 about to be Released – Higher Performance, More Reliable, More Features

Arlington Heights, Illinois (Vocus/PRWEB) April 03, 2011

GigeNETCloud, the Illinois-based Cloud Server provider, announced that its GigeNETCloud with its newly added features is the best and most feature rich Cloud environment on the market today” and since that announcement GigeNETCloud has been adding more features, increased reliability and now featuring a new White Label Reseller Panel plus the expected release of version 3.

The newest version once again puts everyone on notice. Snapshots, VPN access, RDNS, Clone your Cloud from a Snapshot we are moving and moving fast, said Ameen Pishdadi, GigeNET CTO. With our Infrastructure and continued updates and improvements coming out every other week, we are definitely one of the front runners in Cloud Computing. GigeNETCloud customers are receiving the best options in the industry for the best possible price.

With these newest upgrades, GigeNET again offers an amazing array of features, with easily scalable Cloud servers. GigeNETCloud continues to improve on the Cloud offerings, giving GigeNETCloud customers the widest range of possibilities for combining services and use, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

GigeNETCloud customers have been very supportive and many have been with us since Cloud Computing started. The possibility of combining GigeNET Dedicated Servers and Co-location services with the Cloud Servers to maintain flexibility in their custom environment is a feature any business can get behind and make use off. GigeNETCloud offers a free trials, showing confidence in product and development. Contact GigeNET Sales Chat for a free Trial.

Cloud Server clustering and Cloud Server communications support connectivity between private networks and GigeNETs dedicated servers, This can easily be accomplished with VLANs and GigeNET private networking. We are able to set up customized configurations for our clients, we have the knowhow and support personnel to do that for our clients, said Ameen Pishdadi GigeNET CTO, we treat our customers like family and not like a number, we are interested in being a partner, not just a provider

The newest version of the GigeNETCloud includes significant upgrades and improvements, states Pishdadi. New features, more options on the control panel, better management tools, VPN access and many more little details making our customers life just a little easier. Our cloud server performance is already second to none.

With a highest availability and fully redundant infrastructure, available managed 24/7 tech support to every subscriber at every level, and new features being added again, GigeNETCloud is a staple and the go-to location in the Cloud Server Hosting Industry.

For more information, visit

Gigenet GigeNETCloud and VPSHive are subsidiaries of DMP LLC.

545 E Algonquin Road, Suite D Arlington Heights, IL 60005 ph. 800-908-7115

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IT Manager Mobile App Released on the iTunes App Store

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Smarter Apps is pleased to announce the immediate availability of their newest mobile enterprise app called IT Manager on the iTunes App Store.

GigeNET Cloud and Dedicated Servers. Expanding to the West Coast! GigeNET California Cloud Beta to be Released this Week!

Arlington Heights, IL (PRWEB) April 21, 2011

With outstanding and knowledgeable Tech Support personnel we set an industry standard in the expectation for what a Datacenter is supposed to be and many clients feel we have the best support in the industry. “Also, I want to thank your support team for some excellent help. By far the most knowledgeable team out there. Big thumbs up! I’m surprised more people aren’t using your service.”

Having been favorably reviewed for years on sites related to the Industry GigeNET has become a stable reliable partner to many customers in all areas of Business.

GigeNET Cloud computing is now going into the Third Generation of its product with many interim releases over the last several years. “We are working on making the platform as reliable and stable as it possibly can be, our goal is 100% at all times and with multiple locations customers can be in several locations and protect themselves from risk” GigeNET has earned a reputation for a high performance network and outstanding technical support and being on the cutting edge in the Cloud Computing arena.

GigeNET added Cloud Servers and the ability to connect Cloud to Dedicated or Co-located environments and now multiple locations giving GigeNET Customers an even wider range of possibilities.

The ability to connect through private VLANs from Cloud to Dedicated or Co-Located Servers gives GigeNET clients a large array of features useful to many established and growing organizations. The ability to use Cloud Servers for development and to back up Co-Located Servers or Dedicated Servers has shown to be an exciting new feature to all GigeNET clients.

Rapid deployment Dedicated Servers and instant GigeNETCloud Servers give GigeNET clients the flexibility todays businesses demand.

GigeNET, GigeNETCloud and Coloquest your solutions Datacenter.

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Gigenet GigeNETCloud and VPSHive are subsidiaries of DMP LLC.

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The Surefire Way to Find a Technology Job and Stay Professionally Relevant. Introducing The Tech Job Hunt Handbook just released by Apress Media.

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012Despite the increased demand for technology experts, theres fierce competition for specialized tech jobs in areas like cloud computing, mobile and social applications, analytics and big data in a tough global economy. Tech-job seekers who have an edge stand a better chance of securing the employment and projects they want.

Tech Job Hunt Handbook: Career Management for Technical Professionals by Kevin W. Grossman is for technology professionals who seek new employment or want to keep employed in todays competitive job climate. The books target audience includes new college graduates, risk-taking innovators and project-savvy developers with decades of experience. Its also for technology professionals ready to retool and re-brand their workplace persona and skills on a continual basis to secure better employment.

Grossman, through his recruiting expertise, demonstrates how to build a comprehensive online professional profile, identify companies of interest and known personnel at those companies, approach interviews with confidence, uncover opportunities at ones current company, and understand the new emerging technology markets that could lead to a career rebirth.

Tech Job Hunt Handbook: Career Management for Technical Professionals is a resource to help professionals use the latest technology including online assessments and interactive video interviews to shine and advance in their careers.

To learn more about Tech Job Hunt Handbook: Career Management for Technical Professionals, visit

ISBN: 978-1-4302-4548-3
*250 Pages

*User Level: Beginner to Advanced

*Publication Date: November 21, 2012

*Available eBook Formats: PDF

*Print Book Price: $ 24.99

*eBook Price: $ 17.99

About the Author

Kevin W. Grossman is a human resources professional and B2B software-and-services marketing strategist. A prolific business blogger whose web site ( addresses recruitment and career management topics, Grossman frequently speaks at industry events and moderates recruitment-related webinars.

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Apress Media is a technical and business publisher devoted to meeting the needs of IT professionals, software developers, programmers, and business leaders with more than 1,000 books in print and electronic formats. Apress provides high-quality, no-fluff content that helps serious technology professionals build a comprehensive pathway to career success. Since 2007, Apress has been part of Springer Science+Business Media, one of the world’s leading scientific, technical, and medical publishing houses, enabling global distribution of Apress publications.

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