Cervalis Announces Work Area Recovery Solutions

Shelton, Conn. (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

Cervalis, a premier and trusted provider of technology and IT services, today announced the availability of 600 dedicated work seats at its newest, and Connecticuts largest, data center. The work area recovery space is for use as a backup location in the event a weather-related or other disaster hits the region. Dedicated work seats are also available at Cervalis other high- availability data centers in Stamford, Conn., Totowa, New Jersey, and Wappingers Falls, New York.

With hurricane season here until November, businesses are busy reviewing their disaster recovery and business continuity plans and taking steps to prevent downtime. Many companies dont anticipate the negative impact power outages, natural disasters and other such incidents can have on their business and reputation, said Michael Boccardi, president and CEO of Cervalis.

Work area recovery is an integral part of intelligent business continuity planning. It allows employees to conduct business as usual under adverse conditions in a comfortable and secure environment that is supported by a reliable data center. These dedicated seats enable companies to remain online, maintain critical operations, preserve employee morale, and to keep customers satisfied during unplanned disruptive events.

Many businesses in the New York Metro area have faced significant interruptions as a result of inclement weather and natural disasters in recent years, Boccardi said. Having work area recovery seats at a data center is, essentially, an insurance policy against downtime.

During Superstorm Sandy, Cervalis maintained 100 percent uptime and supported thousands of clients through its data centers. The premier technology and IT services provider even hosted a global trading firm, through which billions of dollars in transactions flow, during and after the storm. (Case Study Here)

As a company built by IT veterans for IT teams, Cervalis understands the importance of security, accessibility, scalability and reliability in helping businesses achieve their goals. For more than a decade, the company has provided work area recovery to businesses in the tri-state region. Currently, more than 200 companies trust Cervalis to boost their business resiliency.

All of Cervalis data centers are SSAE 16 Type 2 and PCI compliant, as well as U.S.-EU Safe Harbor certified. Security is a top priority at each facility, meeting HIPPA standards and comprising a comprehensive, multi-layered program designed to protect customer environments. Clients include Fortune 500s to SMBs in the legal, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, media and high tech industries.

About Cervalis

Cervalis offers a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure solutions including managed hosting and storage, business continuity and disaster recovery, colocation and cloud computing services in an enterprise class environment. The companys skilled professionals, world-class facilities and outstanding customer support provide clients with a secure IT environment that ensures business resilience. Cervalis state-of-the-art and fault-tolerant operations and recovery centers total more than 500,000-square-feet of space. The company offers world-class customer support with the technology needed to scale complex environments reliably and cost effectively. Cervalis is compliant with SSAE 16 Type 2 and PCI, as well as U.S.-EU Safe Harbor certified. To learn more about the Cervalis advantage and the companys data centers, visit http://www.cervalis.com or call 1-866-602-2020 to schedule a tour.

GoGrid and Stratonomic Partner to Enable Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) August 18, 2009

GoGrid, the Cloud Computing division of ServePath, today announced a strategic partnership with Stratonomic to offer Disaster Recovery (DR) in the cloud Cloud Recovery – for hosted web applications. With Stratonomic and GoGrid, anyone can have an affordable, enterprise-level DR environment set up and available in the cloud.

The process of setting up a DR site is straight forward and easy. Stratonomic builds and maintains the DR environment in the GoGrid cloud. This includes configuring database replication, file system synchronization, and a monthly verification with an actual transaction that ensures the DR systems are fully operational and ready to take traffic. Stratonomic can also provide robust cloud hosting solutions that involve fully active secondary points of presence in the cloud utilizing global load balancing and hybrid cloud solutions, allowing companies to burst their peak traffic into the cloud sparing primary systems from being overloaded.

Businesses typically agree that they want a Disaster Recovery solution but many are daunted by the high cost to setup and maintain a functioning DR site. In the past, DR implementation and management could cost nearly as much as your primary point of presence and can be a very expensive and time consuming an endeavor to create. The partnership between GoGrid and Stratonomic allows businesses to benefit from a DR solution that takes advantage of the elasticity of the GoGrid cloud. This means that businesses don’t have to manage additional server hardware resulting in substantial cost savings. Businesses only pay for what they use, making DR in the GoGrid cloud an effective and affordable DR solution.

“The GoGrid Cloud is an ideal on-ramp for companies looking to bolster their online presence, especially in conjunction with Stratonomic’s Disaster Recovery solution,” said John Keagy, CEO and Co-Founder of GoGrid. “Stratonomic’s DR solutions within GoGrid provide unparalleled and critical peace-of-mind for any CTO, IT Manager or SysAdmin, ensuring that sites are always available, even when the unthinkable happens.”

“Stratonomic is excited to partner with GoGrid a leader in cloud computing” said Ben Sharma, CEO and founder of Stratonomic. “GoGrid’s outstanding cloud server and network infrastructure coupled with Stratonomic’s unique Cloud Recovery solutions offer the best possible solution in Disaster Recovery.”

Cloud Recovery Plans start at only $ 349.99/month and, depending on the service, includes:

NewCloud Networks Chooses Veeam to Power Top of the Line Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for the Mid-Market

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Nationwide cloud computing and communications provider, NewCloud Networks has selected Veeam to power their state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery solutions for virtual environments. Having recently expanded their data center footprint, NewCloud was in need of reliable data protection software in order to provide a surefire backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution to their virtual and hybrid cloud customers.

Virtualization in the mid-market is on the rise, and with that comes the need for geographic redundancy and true disaster recovery, says Sam Kumar, President of NewCloud Networks. He adds that after extensive research by our Engineers, we selected Veeam as our vendor for backup and disaster recovery in virtual environments because they possess the necessary expertise in our technologies as well as dedication to providing top of the line support. Mike Waguespack, Senior Director of Veeam Softwares Global Cloud Group, stated, We are excited that NewCloud Networks has selected Veeam. At their rate of growth, we are confident NewCloud will help increase the number of workloads protected with Veeam.

NewCloud will use Veeam Backup & Replication to provide BDR solutions to mid-market businesses in two ways. Companies with their own data center infrastructure can utilize the Veeam-powered service to back up their data to one or more of NewClouds data center facilities. NewCloud’s data centers are located in Denver and Phoenix, both are areas considered geographically secure from a natural disaster standpoint.

Customers hosting their infrastructure using NewClouds Virtual Private Data Center solution will have the benefit of selecting their primary data center (Denver or Phoenix) and utilizing the Veeam-powered service for backup and disaster recovery to a secondary data center (Denver or Phoenix).

Our goal is to provide mid-market businesses a complete infrastructure solution with full disaster recovery capabilities, says Kumar. Veeam has proven itself the perfect partner for our company goals.

About NewCloud Networks: NewCloud Networks is a nationwide cloud computing and communications provider. NewCloud specializes in the deployment of virtualized infrastructure including public, private and hybrid cloud services.

About Veeam: Veeam is a rapidly expanding backup and replication provider specializing in virtual environments.

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NewCloud Networks Utilizes its Virtual Private Data Center Service as a Disaster Recovery System for Mid-Market Businesses

(PRWEB) March 31, 2014

NewCloud Networks, a Denver-based Cloud Computing and Communications provider, recently released its newest solution, the Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC) to mid-market businesses and has since, found multiple uses for the service, including utilizing the service as a disaster recovery solution.

Our business is growing in the mid-market and the Virtual Private Data Center has proven to be our most versatile solution. We realized shortly after releasing the solution that it could not only be used as an alternative to physical server infrastructure or as a hybrid cloud solution, but that we could leverage our recent data center expansion and use vPDC as a disaster recovery solution as well, said Sam Kumar, President of NewCloud Networks.

NewClouds primary data center is located in the Denver Tech Center in Colorado. The area is considered geographically secure, making it an ideal location for businesses to host their data. The company has attained both HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 Type 1 certification, allowing for the hosting of sensitive data including medical records. NewCloud has a secondary data center location in Phoenix, Arizona. We began expanding our data center footprint in order to provide true redundancy and disaster recovery to our customers.In order to provide true disaster recovery, it is essential that the data centers are located a minimum of 500 miles apart. At such a distance, it is highly unlikely that a single natural disaster will impact both sites, says Kumar.

The opening of NewClouds Phoenix data center and the launch of the Virtual Private Data Center made the solution ideal for disaster recovery. Businesses now have the option of hosting their services in Phoenix or Denver and have the added option of backing up their environment in a second location. In the coming months, NewCloud will implement more data center locations in geographically disparate locations across the country. Kumar states, Our goal is to make close-proximity Cloud Computing services available to every region of the country, and to provide disaster recovery services in an area of their choice as well.

The current data center locations are tied together with a 10 Gig MPLS backbone, separate from the public Internet, making the NewCloud service more secure than the average multitenant Cloud provider. Businesses seeking Cloud infrastructure services as well as disaster recovery services should contact NewCloud Networks directly at 855-255-5001.

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Precision IT Launches Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Business, VaultIT

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

Precision IT, a top IT consulting firm, announced the launch of VaultIT, a breakthrough fully managed disaster recovery and cloud backup service for small and medium businesses. With unpredictable disasters, the need for business continuity to the SMB market is immense.

During Super Storm Sandy in 2012, many Precision clients needed assistance setting up stations to work from remote locations, or to activate their disaster recovery plan, said David DArcy, founder and President of Precision IT and VaultIT. Out of frustration, we realized there needed to be an easier, more affordable way for small businesses to minimize the damage of future disasters.

Typically, disaster recovery plans can be expensive and may still need IT management on staff. VaultIT recognizes this challenge for small companies and takes spending issues into consideration; its cloud backup solution is agentless and replication packages start as low as $ 400 per month.

Its services will also replace Precisions cloud offerings. VaultITs vision for small and medium businesses is to provide affordable solutions that help them enhance profitability and improve business continuity by replicating data in real time.

About VaultIT:

VaultIT launched in April 2013 as a fully managed disaster recovery and cloud back up service for small to medium sized businesses. With cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for SaaS and PaaS-based applications, VaultIT can back up, recover, and restore data on any device. VaultIT is headquartered in New York. For more information, visit http://www.vaultit.com.

About Precision IT:

Recognized as a top 100 MSP in the country and 5 years on the Inc., 5,000s list of fastest growing companies, Precision IT continues to provide a wide range of expertly engineered solutions and technology to SMB and enterprise clients. Precision IT Groups service portfolio includes managed IT services, project management, cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery solutions, asset management and procurement services. Precision IT is headquartered in New York with a satellite office in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more information, visit http://www.precisionit.com.

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Hostway Launches Replication and Disaster Recovery Solution, Utilizing New Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica Feature

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 04, 2012

Hostway, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid cloud services, today announced the beta launch of its new virtual machine (VM) replication service, one of the first VM replication services for disaster recovery (DR) on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. This service is enabled by the Hyper-V Replica feature included in the newly released Windows Server 2012 operating system.

Hostways new replication service leverages the companys geographically dispersed data centers to provide a complete cloud-based DR solution that enables seamless and low-cost cross-site and site-to-site VM replication to support both planned and unplanned failover resolution. The service provides a compliance-level solution to meet SOX, HIPAA, SEC and other regulatory compliance requirements.

According to a 2011 Symantec SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey, system downtime costs an average of $ 75,000 per day for businesses that are unprepared for failure and lacking a robust disaster recovery plan. The loss is compounded by the fact that these costly outages happen an average of six times per year. Even more concerning, half of the SMB respondents surveyed said their company had no DR plan in place.

Hostways new service enables SMBs and other businesses to leverage the companys affordable public or private cloud infrastructures to establish a real-time, compliance-quality, reliable DR solution. Businesses can perform cross-site replication of VMs from one on-premise Windows Server Hyper-V host to another for example, from an in-house office location to the Hostway cloud. Or, they can perform site-to-site replication of VMs from one Hostway datacenter to another, for real-time, geographically dispersed disaster recovery. Hyper-V Replica is application-agnostic, supporting even legacy systems, and storage-agnostic to support a wide variety of storage environments.

With more companies moving mission-critical data to VMs, its more important than ever for them to have a failsafe in place and create virtual machine redundancy across data centers to guarantee 100% application availability, said Aaron Hollobaugh, VP of Marketing & Communications for Hostway. Windows Server 2012 addresses some of our customers important concerns, because it not only makes it easier to store and manage all this virtual data, it enables companies to easily set up replication and failover to ensure business continuity.

Earlier this year, Hostway became one of the few hosting partners selected by Microsoft to offer the release candidate version of Windows Server 2012 to customers for beta testing and feedback. With the official launch of Windows Server 2012, in addition to Hyper-V Replica, Hostway is now offering the full Windows Server 2012, with capabilities including:

New Case Study Documents How eMazzanti Disaster Recovery Solution Restored Customers Hit by Hurricane Sandy in Record Time

Hoboken, NJ and New York City, NY (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

A new case study chronicling how eMazzanti Technologies, an IT and computer expert in the Hoboken, NJ and New York City areas, got hundreds of its customers up and running again in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is now available from eMazzanti Technologies.

We practice what we preach, says Jennifer Mazzanti, president, eMazzanti Technologies. The eCare Business Continuity Solution that incorporates StorageCrafts ShadowProtect

24 Computer Disaster Recovery Tips Article from eMazzanti

Hoboken, NJ and New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

Natural or man-made disasters often destroy business from both a physical and data point-of-view. A new article from eMazzanti Technologies, a Hoboken, NJ and NYC area IT support expert, spells out a number of ways a business can avoid being irretrievably harmed by a surprise event such as a hurricane or tornado. The article is entitled: 24 Disaster Recovery Tips for Computer Networks.

According to researchers in Colorado State University, the chance of the US being hit by a major storm are about 70% greater than last year, said Jennifer Mazzanti, president, eMazzanti Technologies. That means businesses need to get prepared to make sure their data and networks survive. [Source: New York Daily News, April 11, 2013]

For the complete article click here.

Disasters Waiting to Happen

Businesses disasters are usually classified in three categories: natural, such as hurricanes and earthquakes; technological failures; and human, either on purpose or by accident. But no matter what causes a disaster, the need to recovery and get a business back up and running is paramount.

As recent events such as Hurricane Sandy have shown, not only can catastrophic events devastate a natural environment, but they can leave a companys IT infrastructure in ruins as well. That is why it is extremely critical for a business to initiate or enhance on a comprehensive disaster recovery plan (DRP) to protect its business and the livelihoods of employees in the event of a disaster.


Cervalis Adds Work Area Recovery Seats in Passaic County, New Jersey to Fulfill Expanding Demand

Shelton, CT (PRWEB) June 20, 2013

Due to ongoing high demand and to address customer requests, Cervalis is adding additional office space for Business Continuity Workspace Recovery. Cervalis will make available over 600 work recovery seats in a new building in Passaic County, New Jersey, in close proximity to their current facility in the area.

Data Center work recovery seats or work area recovery site is a location where an organization can easily relocate following a disaster, such as fire, flood, terrorist threat or other disruptive event. More and more data center customers are looking to create an alternate working environment in case their primary offices are unavailable during emergency situations. This is especially true following recent emergency events such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene. When a disaster occurs, customers can move their staff to the alternate office location and resume business operations, an integral part of the disaster recovery plan and wider business continuity planning of an organization.

Demand has been strong and has dramatically increased since Sandy, said Zack Margolis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Cervalis, one of the East Coasts premier data center and business continuity services providers. During Sandy, many clients took advantage of their alternate workspace environments in the Cervalis facilities, which enabled them to continue normal business operations even under the harshest weather conditions.

Having an alternate facility to enable your workforce to regain access to information and maintain productivity in the event of an unplanned interruption is important to companies that cannot afford to stop service or support to their clients and business associates. Having an alternate workspace environment customized to meet the specific needs of the customer is the choice of all companies that require ongoing and continued business operations.

About Cervalis

Cervalis is a premier provider of IT infrastructure solutions including business continuity/rapid recovery, managed hosting, enterprise cloud computing, managed security, managed storage and colocation. The companys skilled professionals, world-class facilities and outstanding customer support provide our clients with a secure IT environment that ensures a higher level of business resilience. Cervalis state-of-the-art operations centers total more than 500,000 square feet of space. The company has completed annual SSAE 16 audits and achieved PCI DSS and Safe Harbor Certifications. For more information about Cervalis and its data centers, please visit http://www.cervalis.com.

For more information please contact:

Michelle Ziperstein

Marketing Communications

Cervalis, LLC


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UnitedLayer Increases Disaster Recovery and VMware vCloud Capabilities with New Fiber Backbone Project

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) December 05, 2012

UnitedLayer, a leading provider of managed hosting, private cloud, disaster recovery and colocation services, is proud to announce the completion of a new project to install a fiber backbone between its data centers.

The installation of this backbone will significantly increase UnitedLayers fiber capacity, allowing the hosting company to serve even more businesses. This new fiber cable will also allow UnitedLayer customers to enjoy reduced latency and higher performance.

Using this fiber backbone, UnitedLayer has greatly augmented the existing fiber capacity. UnitedLayers customers can now enjoy access to the various services and deploy hybrid architectures without sacrificing performance.

In a testament to UnitedLayers dedication to quality, the system was rigorously tested, ensuring our customers will have a quality and defect-free transport pathway, said Dell Stortroen, Chief of Engineering at UnitedLayer.

Were excited to increase our ability to take on new customers and offer our current customers reduced latency and increased fiber capacity. This will allow us to better serve their IT needs, using our rich product mix of colocation, managed hosting, VMware vClouds, Big Data solutions and DR said Abhijit Phanse, UnitedLayer CEO.

Innovative Disaster Recovery Solution at an Affordable Price

UnitedLayer specializes in customizable IT solutions; its latest innovation has been to architect an enterprise-grade SAN replication solution using open storage to reliably achieve customer Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) at a lower cost per GB. UnitedLayer has a highly consultative approach to Business Continuity Planning, including detailed processes to help clients identify and hit their RTOs and RPOs.

“Disaster recovery means something different to every company; therefore, the conversation about a client’s needs must be very consultative, and the solution is usually highly customized. UnitedLayer has developed a sophisticated process to help our clients think through their needs and identify the most reliable and cost effective solutions. We have a high performance nationwide network and datacenters across multiple geographies, which enable us to deliver enterprise-grade business continuity solutions across North America.” Mukund Chavan, VP of Software Engineering, UnitedLayer.

High Performance Private Cloud at a Great Value

UnitedLayer is taking its Private Cloud offering to the next level with a new, highly scalable, super-node architecture optimized for application specific performance delivering security, compliance, and on-demand provisioning at a very attractive price. UnitedLayer has the expertise to migrate complex enterprise IT infrastructure to an enterprise-grade Private Cloud hosted in one of its top tier datacenters offering expandable compute capacity, high availability and better scaling economics.

About UnitedLayer

UnitedLayer, LLC is a premier SSAE-16 Type II certified company that offers colocation, managed hosting, cloud computing, and business continuity solutions. UnitedLayer offers world-class datacenter facilities with extreme connectivity, coupled with technical expertise and thought leadership to solve complex IT problems. UnitedLayer has over 40,000 square feet of fully redundant conditioned datacenter space at 200 Paul in San Francisco, one of the most networked Internet points of presence in the world.