Schneider Electric Provides Prefabricated Data Centre for Baidu to Build M1 Containerised Data Centre

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 25 July 2014

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, recently announced that it had won the bid from Baidu to build an M1 containerised (prefabricated) data centre with Schneider Electrics prefabricated data centre solutions. As Baidus first prefabricated data centre project, the eco-friendly data centre will feature fast deployment, low input, and high capability operation from standardised to modular to prefabricated data centre in the age of cloud computing and big data. This project not only meets the needs of Baidus rapidly expanding business, but also sets a trailblazing example for the future of Chinas data centre construction.

As the largest Chinese search engine and Chinese website worldwide, Baidu processes billions of search and analysis requests from network users across the world every day. It is thus necessary to have an integrated, comprehensive data centre in order to satisfy this explosive demand and to ensure rapid response and efficient operation while reducing the costs. The Baidu M1 data center will fill this much needed data management role as the main production data centre, moving towards a green Baidu. After intensive competition and rigorous testing, Schneider Electric won the bid with its advanced technology, reliable products, and sterling brand reputation.

Tailored to Baidus specifications, Schneider Electric has designed and manufactured two prefabricated modules of the M1 Data Centre, with energy saving, performance enhancing solutions such as In-Row air conditioning, and integrated DCIM software, as well as IT cabinets, UPS, cable management, and fire suppression and access security. Each unit is delivered as a complete solution, with the IT infrastructure preinstalled in the modules and ready for quick deployment. The modules are constructed with insulated wall panels that are weather proof, highly secure, and designed for any environment. Schneider Electrics prefabricated data centres are integrated with a comprehensive data management solution and it reflects the superiority of Schneider Electrics entire product portfolio. The solutions are space and energy efficient without sacrificing any functionality or performance. Furthermore, this data centre can readily adapt to changing customer requirements, by quickly and flexibly re-deploying, expanding, and shifting to new tasks.

M1 Containerised Data Centre of Baidu

The construction of this data centre is essential to transitioning to meet consumer trends, said Dr. Chenhong Huang, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric. The need for speed, cost control and performance in data management is ever growing. Schneider Electrics prefabricated data centre solution is the data centre in the future. Todays successful bid is a vote of confidence in Schneider Electrics innovative development in the field of data management. As a reliable partner, Schneider Electric closely pays attention to the demand of the market and the customer, aiming to spread the concept of prefabricated data centre solutions and popularise its conveniences such as its mobility, simple, flexible structure and fast deployment, and cost minimisation.

This contract is the latest in a growing partnership between Baidu and Schneider Electric as the company has previously provided IT cabinets and UPS for Baidus Yangquan data centre, and also been a tailored cabinet vendor for Baidus Scorpio Plan. Moving forward, both Baidu and Schneider Electric will further explore possibilities for future cooperation in data centres, and continuously innovate to reach the future of data centres in the age of cloud computing and big data.

About Schneider Electric:

As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in Utilities & Infrastructure, Industries & Machines Manufacturers, Residential & Non-residential Buildings, and Data Centres & Networks. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive, and green, the Group’s 150,000 plus employees achieved sales of 24 billion euros in 2013 through an active commitment to help individuals and organisations make the most of their energy.

More Cloud Computing Press Releases Provides Gigabit Fiber Internet Speeds To Homes and Businesses in the Denver Metro Area

Denver, CO (PRWEB) August 30, 2013, a local Denver-based internet provider since 1995, now provides Google-like gigabit fiber services in the Denver Metro area with the vision to provide gigabit fiber services along the Front Range and the Western Slope.

From a report from, Colorado is 21st in the nation for internet speeds. In the Denver metro area, a high-tech start-up hub, is focused on providing Colorado businesses and residences the internet speeds needed to compete globally. The average Colorado download speed is approximately 7.4 megabits per second. A gigabit per second is the equivalent of 1000 megabits per second. led by computer networking and telecommunications engineer, Jawaid Bazyar, says This is an exciting time for to finally offer its community the fastest internet speeds (up to one gigabit fiber broadband) at affordable prices. Key benefits to working with a local provider in addition to its local staff are its commitment to keep internet access affordable and globally competitive with extensive peering and its commitment to have no bandwidth caps, no throttling and no hidden charges. is getting contacted by some real estate owners, managers and developers to hook up entire apartment, condominium and office buildings that do not have fiber connectivity currently. Most property owners and managers know the value the fastest internet connectivity will bring to their buildings and tenants.

The price for FORETHOUGHT gigabit fiber is comparable to lower speed services, as it is in Kansas City [with Google Fiber]. is currently collecting interest to deploy this service initially and targeting owners and developers to install fiber gigabit in their buildings.

Bazyar explained, There is a demand for gigabit speeds with higher bandwidth consumption online. Gigabit fiber from a local company here to support its clients can provide our customers the power and support that they need at a price that is comparable to a fraction of the speed. is in negotiation with other real estate owners, managers and developers to hook up entire apartment, condominium and office buildings that do not have fiber connectivity currently. In fact, he said, costs are significantly reduced if plans to run fiber to the building are made during pre-construction planning.

To find out more about FORETHOUGHT gigabit fiber and to light up fiber in your building, contact Christine Taylor at 303-815-1125 or go to to express interest for this service in your area.



Since 1995, ( is a locally owned and operated Internet, cloud and communications service provider, offering a portfolio of enterprise-level cloud hosting, colocation, Internet, voice and data solutions for Colorado businesses and is focused on providing Internet speeds that work for Colorado.

The Denver Business Journal ranked as a Top 15 Telecommunications Company and a Top 15 Internet Service Provider. ColoradoBIZ Magazine listed it as one of Colorado’s Top 250 Private Companies. accredited A+ member.

Patricia Kelly



More Cloud Hosting Press Releases

Carpathia Hosting Provides New Managed Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Enterprises and Government Agencies

Ashburn, VA (PRWEB) June 2, 2009

Carpathia Hosting, the leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services for government agencies and businesses, announced today it has been selected by organizations such as Echo360, Nuvolus, Ventraq, Voices Heard Media and a leading federal systems integrator to provide customized managed cloud solutions using its Carpathia AlwaysOn/InstantOn hybrid model.

AlwaysOn/InstantOn is the first managed cloud solution designed for enterprises, differentiating Carpathia Hosting from industry competitors. Components of the AlwaysOn/InstantOn model are highly flexible and can be used to design custom solutions to meet the specific needs of individual organizations. Already, multiple enterprises and government agencies have deployed the solution within their enterprises.


Echo360 sought a managed solution that would allow its higher education customers to have a reliable and stable hosting environment for on-demand access to university lectures. The customized solution designed by Carpathia Hosting utilizes Carpathia AlwaysOn capacity for the predictable portion of Echo360’s workload, and then will provide Carpathia InstantOn to allow bursting into the Carpathia Hosting storage and compute cloud in the future when usage peaks.

“Carpathia Hosting evaluated the entire problem we were trying to solve. The one-to-one design support provided by Carpathia Hosting resulted in a solution with the reliability of dedicated resources, and in the future, the cost savings associated with the benefits of a ‘burstable’ cloud computing model,” said Mark Jones, President of Echo360.


Delivering virtual desktop solutions to the healthcare industry presents many challenges. Not only does Nuvolus have to ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, it also must achieve a cost model that drives down the IT cost for healthcare providers. Nuvolus selected the Carpathia AlwaysOn/InstantOn solution to meet these challenges. By using dedicated and cloud services tied together with Carpathia Cloud Orchestration, Nuvolus has been able to create a compelling solution for its clients.

“We originally looked at deploying in a public cloud computing provider’s infrastructure, but quickly came to the conclusion that this was sub-optimal in terms of price and the support we require to deliver the mission-critical services our customers demand. With Carpathia Hosting, we have engineered a horizontally-scaled infrastructure solution, taking advantage of cloud-bursting to dynamically add more resources as we need them. By leveraging the blended solution, we can also take advantage of additional services such as managed backup, data recovery and storage,” said Kevin Ellis, CEO of Nuvolus.


Ventraq required a solution that could scale to meet the demands of high volumes of data processing over a low latency network. By using the AlwaysOn/InstantOn platform, Carpathia Hosting was able to develop a solution that met this key requirement in a matter of days.

“Our customers have strict requirements for security and availability of our mission critical application. By blending dedicated infrastructure with Carpathia Hosting’s cloud services, we were able to take advantage of its ‘Cloud Orchestration’ technology to allow our dedicated machines to leverage cloud storage and for our web traffic to be distributed across dedicated and cloud servers,” commented John Louglin, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mediation for Ventraq.

Voices Heard Media

Using Apache JMeter, Carpathia Hosting delivered an elastic testing cloud for Voices Heard Media, allowing load testing of thousands of simultaneous users against Voices Heard Media’s environment. In order to deliver this capability, the solution dynamically allocated cloud compute resources to scale to the required testing requirements. The process was controlled from a single JMeter console also running in Carpathia Hosting’s cloud infrastructure.

Penetrator 7.0 Provides Total Security to Corporate Users

Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) November 4, 2009

SecPoint’s Penetrator 7.0 ( guards against the most common attacks to large-scale businesses, including SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting.

SQL injection relies on poor checking of the information returned from web page requests. By using specific characters, it’s possible for SQL commands to be passed back to the databases running a website. The technique is popular because if a hacker can interrogate the database sufficiently, he might be able to extract their customers’ credit card numbers.

In August, US court documents showed hackers stole 130 million credit and debit card numbers from Heartland Payment Systems through vulnerabilities that a penetration test could have identified.

SecPoint CEO Victor Christiansenn says the first step anyone should take to secure their business is to do a risk assessment to identify threats and vulnerabilities to their IT infrastructure.

“With targeted attacks on the rise and web applications the focus of criminal gangs, testing your network with the Penetrator 7.0 will help any firm deal with the increasing threat of confidential data theft and ensure its security,” he says.

SecPoint’s Penetrator 7.0 helps identify SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting with its automatic crawl engine. Furthermore, it features 50 language dictionaries to crack WPA2 networks and stops ‘war-driving’, where hackers try to take advantage of a company’s open wireless network.

For IT administrators on the move, there is the Portable Penetrator ( which comes pre-loaded on a laptop and offers vulnerability scanning and Wi-Fi Security Auditing of WEP, WPA and WPA2 networks. It quickly delivers PDF reports with recommended solutions on how to solve each vulnerability when it is connected to a corporate server system.

Both the Penetrator and portable Penetrator can scan multiple remote locations to deliver centralised reporting, so if a client has a head office in London and sub-offices in Hamburg and Dublin they can scan the internal networks in the sub offices and collect the completed reports in London without human interaction.

SecPoints Online Penetrator also allows clients to subscribe to the Secpoint cloud server and scan their corporate IP addresses for vulnerabilities remotely.

Penetrator 7.0 adds:

Market Demand for E-Sourcing; Reverse Auctions & Spend Analysis Fuels Growth for ProcurePort; ProcurePort Provides State of the Art Cloud Hosed Reverse Auction Software

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) August 28, 2013

ProcurePort, a leading provider of OnDemand e-Sourcing Software including Reverse Auction Software and services, is embracing 2013 as a banner year thanks to the growing acceptance of e-sourcing as a way to dramatically cut purchasing costs and streamline procurement. According to the Institute for Supply Management and Forrester Research, 85 percent of companies recently surveyed said they have made progress toward adopting the Internet for purchasing. Additionally, 46 percent said they use company-wide procurement tools. Utilizing e-sourcing, ProcurePort customers have saved from 8 percent to 32 percent on the goods, materials and services they purchase from global suppliers and increased process efficiency.

E-Sourcing is quickly gaining momentum among mid-market organizations as firms like ProcurePort target them with easy-to-use, on-demand sourcing services that provide substantial cost savings with minimal investment. According to Purchasing magazines recent Benchmark Survey on E-sourcing Strategy, the use of these services rose by 24 percent in the past year. In comparison, the use of non-hosted solutions that require integration into a companys IT infrastructure rose by a mere two percent. The survey also indicated that this market is poised for continued growth as respondents stated that they plan to use e-sourcing for various spend categories.

An article in Industry Week further supports these trends. It notes that cloud hosted e-sourcing models that offer usage-based pricing are gaining popularity because they deliver deep functionality without expensive or time-consuming integration / implementation cycles. ProcurePorts mid-market clients that benefit from this online procurement model operate in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, energy, government, construction, agriculture, education, electronics, telecom, healthcare, retail and technology. ProcurePorts unique combination of affordable, Web-based SAAS solutions for reverse auctions, spend analysis and e-RFI combined with expert customer support has positioned the company to emerge as a leader in helping organizations enhance their strategic sourcing initiatives.

In todays competitive marketplace, every companys survival depends on tightly managing resources and operating efficiently. ProcurePort provides a viable answer to this challenge, explains Jack Smith, ProcurePort Director. Our procurement specialists can provide reverse auction services and spend analysis services facilitating online negotiations and analyzing resultsor customers can choose to manage the entire process themselves through our self-service SAAS solution that provides reverse auction software and spend analysis software. Regardless of which service model customers choose, ProcurePort specialists can provide expert training to ensure that each implementation is a success.

E-sourcing Trends

Because ProcurePorts Web-based E-Sourcing solutions do not require expensive and time-consuming setup or integration, many of ProcurePorts customers realize a return on their investment immediately after their first sourcing event. This on-demand model is much more affordable than other alternatives and allows mid-sized businesses to benefit from the same online procurement technology that was previously only available to large corporations, explains Smith. The rapid return on investment delivered through e-sourcing technology is one of the major reasons ProcurePort predicts that the strategic sourcing market will grow significantly over the next decade.

Founded in 2001, the company has expanded its service set from discrete online auction tools to complete on-demand sourcing solutions including providing sourcing and spend analysis services. In 2008, ProcurePort added a new facet to its service line by introducing its online marketplace solution that can be customized to launch e-marketplaces in vertical specific B to B and B to C markets. Since the companys formation, its operations have expanded from a single staff member to 84 technology and procurement professionals.

As ProcurePort plans for 2014, conservative projections position the company to triple its 2013 revenue and customer base. The companys primary focus in the next 24 months will be to continue providing the middle market with the most affordable, comprehensive and easy-to-use e-sourcing solutions available. Along with its global sourcing initiatives, the company will also focus on developing custom procurement applications to meet specific industry requirements. Early in 2014, ProcurePort will unveil a new version of its e-Sourcing suite that will include an upgraded user interface along with Contract Management and Source to Pay modules.

About ProcurePort

ProcurePort is a leader in providing on-demand e-sourcing solutions (Reverse auction software / Spend analysis software) and services (Reverse auction services / Spend analysis services) for the middle market as well as global 1000 organizations. Operating in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to government, ProcurePorts clients benefit from both the technology and purchasing expertise that can help them significantly reduce costs and increase procurement efficiency. ProcurePorts comprehensive software solutions use a hosted, Web-based interface to facilitate online negotiations without time-consuming or expensive technology integration. The companys clients enjoy full access to sourcing, collaboration and analytical tools from any computer with an Internet connection. ProcurePorts affordability enables mid-market companies to compete with larger organizations and reach new levels of success in spend management. For more information, visit or call 1.866.643.8153 (toll-free in North America).


NOTE TO MEDIA: To schedule an interview with a ProcurePort representative to discuss trends in e-sourcing, online procurement, e-marketplaces, reverse auctions or forward auctions, contact Jack Smith: jack(dot)smith(at)procureport(dot)com.

FORETHOUGHT.Net Provides 100M Fiber Broadband to the Downtown Denver Garden Project

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 26, 2013 announces today that it will provide 100M fiber internet broadband to support the 16th Street Mall garden project.

Downtown Denver Partnership is working with the Denver Botanic Gardens to install a massive garden project on the 900 block of the 16th Street. The project will include a public garden from the Denver Botanic Gardens and public Wi-Fi.

As a local Downtown Denver company, was delighted to be selected as the internet service provider. Since 1995, we have focused our innovation on supporting Colorado companies, said Jawaid Bazyar, president of

As part of the Summer 2013 16th Street Mall initiative, the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District developed the new Garden Block. The Garden Block creates a unique environment on one block of the Mall through the installation of various smaller versions representing a variety of gardens featured at Denver Botanic Gardens. This Garden Block will feature Downtowns new wifi hotspot with 100M service provided by

To learn more about business offerings, check out


Since 1995, is a leading locally owned and operated IT and communications service provider, offering a portfolio of enterprise-level cloud hosting, colocation, Internet, voice and data solutions for Colorado businesses. specializes in delivering the experience via honoring its customer, delivering on its promise, and being vigilant about constant improvements. believes businesses simply need internet and phone to work consistently and that they should only pay for what they need and use. The promise is to provide businesses with well designed technology solutions combined with its ethical partnership so technology feeds businesses instead of the other way around. specializes in earning its long-term loyalty by consistently providing a professional response system.

To learn more about what to look for in a Colocation Provider, check out our Top 10 Items to Expect from a Colocation Provider.

The Denver Business Journal ranked as a Top 15 Telecommunications Company and a Top 15 Internet Service Provider. ColoradoBIZ Magazine listed it as one of Colorado’s Top 250 Private Companies. accredited A+ member.

About The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District

The Downtown Denver Business Improvement District (BID) is a public organization funded by private commercial property owners. It strives to provide a clean, safe and vibrant Downtown environment for workers, residents and visitors. Through their annual assessments to this quasi-governmental entity, BID property owners fund a series of district-wide programs that enhance Downtown Denver, including cleaning and maintenance efforts, safety initiatives and targeted visitor marketing. The BID is an independent organization that contracts with the Downtown Denver Partnership to manage its work program.

Patricia Kelly



Find More Cloud Hosting Press Releases

Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud Provides a Step-by-Step Guide for Making the Move to the CloudReleased by Apress Media.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 04, 2014

The opportunity for organizations and businesses to reduce IT costs and improve productivity with increased access, simpler administration, and improved services has led many to adopt cloud-based services. As the cloud computing era continues apace, the number of small- and medium-sized businesses adopting Microsofts Office 365 cloud storage platform, first released in 2011, continues to grow. The subscription-based service provides users with tools that they know: Microsoft Office and web applications, including hosted Exchange, SharePoint content management, Lync voice over Internet (VoIP) communications software, and other hosted services. “Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud”newly published by Apress in partnership with Intelprovides IT professionals and business owners the business and technical insight necessary for successful deployment of Office 365.

The book takes a practical look at cloud migration and the use of different technologies to support that migration. Author Matt KatzerFounder of cloud solution consultancy KAMINDutilizes numerous examples of cloud migration with technical migration details drawn from the experiences of more than 8,200 users. Katzer and co-author Don Crawford detail how businesses that embrace the advantages of the cloud will receive huge rewards in productivity and lower total cost of ownership compared to those businesses that choose to ignore it. The challenge for IT professionals charged with implementing Microsoft Office 365 is to leverage these advantages with minimal disruption to their organization. With practical advice and instruction, readers will find an overview of Office 365s operation and usage for any size enterprise, methods of planning and migration, how to use SharePoint to improve business processes, troubleshooting installations, using compliance and data loss prevention tools, and Office 365-site management best practices.

Our customers who use Office 365 have significantly reduced their IT services costs and their concerns in the areas of data security, compliance, and discovery. This book outlines a host of business efficiency opportunities that are to be realized with cloud computing and demonstrates how to make this happen, the authors explain. Multiple stakeholders will benefit from this insightful and practical look at making such a large organizational change.

Thanks to the open access publishing partnership between Apress and Intel, the eBook version of Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud is freely available to download and share under the ApressOpen program. For more information about the book, please visit

ISBN: 9781430265269
680 Pages
User Level: Beginner to Advanced
Publication Date: January 14, 2014
Available eBook Formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF
Print Book Price: $ 39.99
eBook Price: $ 00.00

About the Authors

Matt Katzer created KAMIND in 1998 to supply solutions using Microsoft and Intel Technologies for small- and medium-size business. He previously worked for Intel Corporation for 17 years managing engineering development and IT projects. Matt holds a BSEE from the University of Michigan and an Executive MBA from the University of Oregon. Don Crawford brings more than 40 years of experience in database systems, online systems, networks and security, business and project management, and strategic planning. He has held positions with local government in Oregon, Software AG, First Interstate Bank, Tektronix, CACI, OHSU and LocalDial. Now a partner in KAMIND, Don previously built a consulting business supporting industries including hospitals, medical organizations, technology companies, service companies, and nonprofits.

About Apress Media

With more than 1,500 books in print and e-formats, Apress is the authoritative source for IT professionals, software developers, and business leaders all over the world. Apress provides high-quality, no-fluff content that helps serious technology professionals build a comprehensive pathway to career success. Since 2007, Apress has been part of Springer Science+Business Media, one of the world’s leading scientific, technical, and medical publishing houses, enabling global distribution of Apress publications. For more information, please visit

ApressOpen is the worlds most effective viral distribution platform for eBooks. Through ApressOpen, thought leaders in technology communities can distribute unique learning resources to readers around the world through free distribution of digital content. For more information, contact apressopen(at)apress(dot)com.

GoGrid Provides Cloud Platform for GenieDB’s Multi-Data-Center, Distributed Database Solution for MySQL

San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced a technology partnership with GenieDB, a company developing a globally distributed database for enterprise applications, to let companies beta-test the GenieDB Global Delivery Database solution within a multi-data-center cloud infrastructure environment.

The GenieDB solution addresses enterprise demand for compelling performance, redundancy, and resiliency worldwide, driving the expansion of database requirements to include multi-data-center geographic diversity within the cloud. Many businesses are bound by the limitations of non-scalable, location-constrained relational (SQL) databases and are unable to pursue the radical reconstruction and investment required to adopt scalable, non-relational (NoSQL) database solutions.

“Given the advances of Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile, pressure is rapidly mounting as enterprises strive to meet the demands of an increasingly global user base, but struggle with the pain associated with scaling infrastructure,” said Cary Breese, CEO of GenieDB. “Teaming GoGrid’s multi-data-center cloud service with GenieDB’s Global Delivery Database establishes a distributed, available, local experience delivery platform. That platform provides the critical foundation for next-generation applications, and does so within a readily accessible framework that’s easy to implement and maintain.”

Combining the best of NoSQL and SQL capabilities, GenieDB provides a globally distributed database solution that runs within MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database, allowing enterprises to easily scale existing applications globally without incurring the pain and cost of replacing their current database architecture. GenieDB was designed from the beginning for replication and distribution across a wide area network (WAN). This architecture is a perfect fit for cloud environments and particularly for GoGrid customers looking to deploy data-driven applications across GoGrid’s multi-data-center cloud.

“GoGrid’s high-performance cloud servers are perfect for database implementations across the globe,” said John Keagy, CEO and founder of GoGrid. “And when you add GenieDB’s distributed model into the equation, you have a multi-data-center, replicated, scalable data architecture solution available from and across any of our locations worldwide.”

GenieDB is currently accepting applications from businesses interested in participating in the “GenieDB for MySQL” trial. To facilitate this process, GoGrid is offering a $ 100 service credit to new GoGrid customers interested in participating in this private beta trial. For more information about GenieDB and the private beta trial, please visit:

For more information about how to claim a $ 100 service credit to jump-start your GoGrid cloud infrastructure, please visit:

About GenieDB

GenieDB is the first database technology that combines the best capabilities of SQL and NoSQL, enabling enterprises to globally scale their existing applications without incurring the costs and pain associated with abandoning traditional database architecture. By dramatically simplifying the migration of enterprises into cloud-based infrastructures, GenieDB brings global scalability to the mainstream. Existing database technologies by themselves–SQL, NoSQL or otherwise–do not overcome the challenges faced by enterprises as they struggle to scale their mission-critical applications worldwide. GenieDB’s innovative and patent-pending hybrid approach automates and optimizes how data is processed across global networks and Clouds, providing readily accessible, local database performance on a global scale. GenieDB is the earliest stage company to present at Under The Radar and Oracle OpenWorld 2010, and was nominated and recognized as a “Start-up to Watch” at Structure 2011. For more information, please visit Local Performance, Delivered Globally.

About GoGrid

GoGrid is the #1 pure-play Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider specializing in Public Cloud and Private Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Currently powering thousands of customers globally, GoGrid makes complex infrastructure easy by enabling businesses to revolutionize their IT environments with the cloud. In just minutes, GoGrid customers can deploy and begin managing existing or new applications and workloads on our proven, secure and reliable hosted public cloud platform. With GoGrid’s Public Cloud and Private Cloud offerings, sysadmins, developers, and IT professionals create, deploy, and control cloud environments and complex virtual and physical server networks with full administrative control; with GoGrid’s Private Cloud customers utilize a private, hosted and managed, single-tenant environment with zero capital expenditure. To further leverage the GoGrid cloud, the Partner Exchange provides users with an evolving ecosystem of cloud solutions from GoGrid’s partner community. GoGrid is proud to have been recognized as a “Visionary” two years in a row by Gartner and as a “Champion” by Info-Tech Research Group in 2011 and 2012. For more information, please visit:

More Cloud Infrastructure Press Releases

Jenzabar Provides a Turnkey Solution for Azusa Pacific Online University and Naropa University

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 06, 2012


FortaTrusts Limited Time Promotion Provides up to 70% off Selected Dedicated Servers & Cloud Solutions

Doral, FL (PRWEB) May 25, 2012

FortaTrust, a leading provider of dedicated and cloud computing services is pleased to announce the launch of its Limited Time Promotion (LTP) program, with up to 70% off of the first month of selected Dedicated Servers. “The Limited Time Promotion Program is designed to provide our customers the time they need to configure and load test their solutions before moving them to a production environment. Customers are delivered an enterprise class platform with the time they need to implement and develop the solutions it will deliver, said Chris Rivera, Director of Business Development.

The current Limited Time Promotion includes the following: