Panda Security Launches Version 7.0 of Panda Cloud Office Protection, Its Cross-Platform Corporate Solution

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced major improvements in the new version 7.0 of Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP). Since its initial launch, many companies have been able to enjoy the best possible cloud-based protection in a simple, agile and effective solution. Thanks to the latest release, customers will be able to act independently in the event of infections or problems with the protection deployed on their IT infrastructure. Similarly, customers now have easy access to all the information they need about their licenses, detections and the protections status.

Benefits for Organizations with More Than 100 Endpoints

The latest release includes improvements aimed especially at customers with more than 100 endpoints. Panda Cloud Office Protection 7.0 includes major new technologies and features, including:

NSA Computer Exchange Corporation Unveils Data Protection Cloud Suite

Hicksville, NY (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

After nearly six months in research and due diligence, Hicksville-based NSA Computer Exchange Corp. has launched its Cloud Suite solution. Cloud Suite powered by Axcient is a disaster recovery, business continuity, and monitoring solution for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The main purpose of the Cloud Suite is to protect businesses from data loss due to man-made issues (fire, theft, accidents, etc.), natural disasters (flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), or server outages, and get them back on their feet in a fraction of the time of other solutions available today. NSAs focus and client commitment is providing the most user friendly, responsive, and intuitive cloud recovery system on the market. More focus was put into making sure the product could adequately protect businesses from the trials of sudden disasters.

Speaking of the new cloud computing tools, Patrick VanPutte, President of NSA Computer Exchange Corp., said that, “So many of our customers that have experienced natural disasters have suffered significant losses due to data loss. If the original hardware holding backup information is unavailable or damaged, this means weeks of waiting for data recovery. Catastrophic data loss is the demise of many companies — most never recover or reopen. I often talk to CEOs and business owners that are constantly worried about protecting their data. NSA has installed systems that help our customers sleep better at night.

NSAs Cloud Suite takes virtual images of client servers, operating systems, applications, and other vital company data, and caches it into an onsite appliance, which sends encrypted images to the cloud. Whether the main physical server is down or not, NSAs Cloud Suite solution can give a company access to its data within minutes. NSAs Cloud Suite gives businesses the tools they need to back up, monitor and access their data quickly and easily.

Providing clients with complete data protection in a simple web interface, no matter what the situation, is the main benefit of using the new NSA Computer Exchange cloud computing system. Cloud Suite mitigates risks that come with doing business in the digital age. “Even when a server is down, there will be no downtime for the business, as it is running from the cloud suite,” VanPutte said. “With just a simple click, the NSA Cloud Suite solution lets you restore lost data in minutes, not days, weeks or even months like other solutions. This clearly minimizes risks and hazard costs.”

About NSA Computer Exchange Corp.:

NSA Computer Exchange has been in the business of solving problems and providing solutions for wholesale distributors across the country since 1984. Neil Smilowitz, founder and Pat VanPutte, President and CEO continue to lead NSA today by providing innovative and personable solutions to businesses from coast to coast. Change, whether internal or external, is inevitable. With technology, the velocity of change is ever increasing. Business today does not stand still. Businesses that make proactive decisions instead of reacting to undesirable circumstances usually take the lead. Let NSA’s knowledge and expertise help you take the lead. For more information, visit

Pax8 Offers New Multi-Vendor Security and Data Management Bundles to Provide Enterprise-Class Protection for SMBs

Lone Tree, Colo. (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace, today launched three cloud service bundles designed to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) easily deploy comprehensive, enterprise-strength cloud services for online security and data management.

The new bundles, which are available today through Pax8 and its network of IT Channel Partners, can help SMBs choose from the wide range of available services in the market.

“Most SMBs know the importance of protecting their users and networks from malware and securing their mission-critical data from loss and theft,” said John Street, Pax8 CEO. “However, the market has become flooded with so many options that it can be a daunting task to evaluate and implement technologies, especially when they come from different vendors.”

To create the cloud service bundles, Pax8 first evaluated the technologies to ensure best-of-breed quality and performance for its customers. The services were then packaged to help SMBs easily address their online security and data management concerns through a combination of products provided by multiple vendors.

“SMBs and their Channel Partners look to us for advanced cloud technologies, and they also want the whole deployment process, from ordering through provisioning and setup, to be quick and simple. With the new service bundles, they are able to rapidly put comprehensive solutions to work for their businesses, with all of the convenience of purchasing integrated, multi-vendor services from a single source,” said Street.

The new Pax8 cloud service bundles include:

Pax8 Security Bundle:

Starboard Storage Systems and SEP Software Team Up to Deliver Hybrid Storage and Data Protection Solutions for Virtualized and Physical Workloads

Broomfield, CO (PRWEB) August 20, 2012

Starboard Storage Systems, the leader in hybrid storage for modern application workloads, and SEP Software, an innovative provider of comprehensive heterogeneous backup solutions, today announced that they have formed a Technology Alliance Partnership. The partnership will deliver a storage platform capable of consolidating mixed application workloads with backup in physical and virtual server, and VDI environments. Starboard Storage Systems will be exhibiting at VMworld at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, on August 26- 29. Visit Starboard Storage in booth 634.

Starboard Storage and SEP Software are committed to providing customers with easy-to-use, high performance, complete and flexible business continuity solutions. Together, Starboard and SEP will deliver high performance storage with data backup and disaster recovery capabilities. The joint solution takes advantage of Starboards SSD hybrid storage and SEPs Multi-Streaming technology. Starboards SSD hybrid storage delivers up to 20 times the performance of traditional NAS and SAN systems and significantly reduces backup and recovery times across physical and virtual environments. SEPs Multi-Streaming technology allows users to simultaneously backup unlimited streams of data to a single storage device.

The Starboard Storage AC Series is hybrid storage designed to provide solid state performance for active data, while keeping data at rest stored on cost-effective hard disks. The AC Series dramatically simplifies managing modern application workload environments that include unstructured, virtualized and structured data. Starboard eliminates many Small and Medium Enterprise customer pain points with its MAST architecture. The MAST architecture is built from the ground up and features SSD acceleration tiering and dynamic storage pooling with simplified provisioning and management through Starboard Storage Apps.

As a technology alliance partner, SEP Software will provide Starboards customers with enhanced data protection for physical and virtual environments. SEP sesam provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of physical and virtualized applications, and is fully certified for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer virtual server and VDI environments. SEP Software and Starboard AC45 and AC72 storage systems complement each other and enable customers to speed up their backup and data protection for physical server, virtual server and virtual client deployments.

Fully certified with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer, the Starboard Storage AC Series is an ideal solution for storage consolidation supporting multiple protocols, NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel, and enabling ease of managing mixed workloads. The AC Series capacity can be expanded on-the-fly up to 576TBs with automatic load balancing across new drives as they are added. Drive speeds and capacities can be mixed and matched within the Starboard Storage AC Series.

We are delighted to have SEP Software as a Starboard Storage Technology Alliance Partner to jointly provide customers with leading edge hybrid storage with solid state performance, simplified backup and disaster recovery, and more reliable data protection in physical and virtual environments, said Karl Chen, chief marketing officer at Starboard Storage Systems. SEPs multi-streaming technology significantly shortens the backup time required for Starboard AC customers.

We are pleased to have Starboard Storage Systems as a Technology Alliance Partner verified on SEP sesam to bring SEPs advanced backup, recovery and disaster recovery capabilities to customers, said Lanai Bayne, vice president of business development at SEP Software. Customers are now deploying SEP sesam along with Starboards SSD accelerated storage and reducing backup windows by up to 95%. In addition to the high level of performance, customers are also diversifying with the new SEP sesam Cloud Server, which allows customers to backup to Amazon EC2, Citrix Cloud Stack as well as enabling them to build their own private cloud infrastructure.

The Starboard Storage TAP program members participate in product compatibility testing with Starboard Storage AC Series, the creation of joint solutions and mutual customer support services ensuring a reliable comprehensive solution for customers.

For more information on Starboard Storage please contact Starboard Storage sales at sales(at)starboardstorage(dot)com or call 855-790-9996.

For more information about SEP Software, please contact SEP at or call

Panda Cloud Office Protection Achieves Virus Bulletin VB100 Certification

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced that Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP) has been awarded VB100 certification after being tested alongside 40 other security solutions in Virus Bulletins recent independent comparative review on Windows Server 2012. This is the fourth consecutive time that PCOP, Panda Securitys security and productivity control tool for corporate environments, earns this certification since the prestigious testing laboratory introduced cloud-based solutions in its reviews.

The comparative review was conducted on a system running Windows Server 2012. Testing was made up of three main parts: on-demand tests, on-access tests, and false positive tests. Panda Cloud Office Protection achieved a 100% detection rate for malware samples listed as In the Wild by the WildList Organization and had zero false positives.

Virus Bulletin highlighted the high malware detection rate of Panda Cloud Office Protection, one of the reasons that most contributed to the VB100 certification.

We thank Virus Bulletin for bestowing this award upon us. This certification showcases our success in developing value-added products that offer reliable protection for organizations, said Manuel Santamar

Panda Cloud Antivirus Version 2.2 Launches with Greater Protection Capabilities and a User Community Area

ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the release of version 2.2 of Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first cloud-based antivirus, which now offers new features to deliver the most advanced data protection. Existing users of Panda Cloud Antivirus will enjoy all the new functions of the software through automatic updates for those with version 2.1.1 and earlier editions.

Version 2.2 draws on the experience of the community of Internet users from previous versions of the solution, and includes new features designed to protect personal data. Similarly, Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2 includes “Community Labs,” a new area specifically established for more advanced users to access new features of the program for free during the pilot phase.

New Features in Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2

New features included in the Community Labs area are strongly-focused on the security of users’ personal data, as well as safer browsing for children and disinfection capabilities of computers with Panda Cloud Cleaner technology.

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions Adds Resident Shield and Expanded Scan Schedule to PC Complete Care Computer Cleanup and Protection Product

Scottsbluff, NE (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

We wanted to better protect our customers from virus and malware threats on the Internet, says Landon Clark, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions Network Specialist. Its important for us to stay on-top of protection because we are taking on the job of managing that for our customers. The company recently added Resident Shield to their PC Complete Care computer cleanup and protection package along with daily, rather than weekly, system scans.

It would appear they have good reason to do so. According to the most recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses in software, applications and web browsers that enable an attacker to compromise the systems running them, have increased 11.3 percent since the second half of 2011. Exploits, or the malicious codes that target these vulnerabilities, have also increasedparticularly those delivered through HTML and JavaScript on infected web pages.

While the PC Complete Care product has resulted in a tremendous reduction in the number of customers infected, we still had few who were accidentally getting malware on their machines, says Clark. Initially, we only scanned once a week to keep customers computer speed as high as possible. However, we discovered the scan doesnt utilize many resourcesit doesnt make the computer slowso we moved to daily scans. Its all about balancing performance and maintenance.

Resident Shield is another upgrade to the PC Complete Care protection package. Its a lightweight scanner that monitors activity and downloads on the computer for potential threats, Clark says. It uses heuristics technology, meaning it assesses files for the common behaviors and attributes associated with malware instead of relying on malware definitions alone.

Once again, this puts Bytes Computer and Network Solutions at the head of the class. Resident Shield will keep us a step ahead in detecting those zero-day viruses that may not have a definition yet, says Clark. PC Complete Care offers all the maintenance, protection, monitoring, and computer help support a home computer user needs. Its the ultimate fix and prevention toolwe just have to make people aware of it.

About Bytes Computer and Network Solutions

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions is the premier source for cutting edge service, on-site and remote computer help support, technology, custom applications, web design and cloud hosting for businesses and individuals in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and nationwide. Established in 2001, the company, led by a group of youthful software enthusiasts, now grosses over $ 1 million annually. Their newest comprehensive computer reliability service, PC Complete Care, increases computer speed and is earning rave reviews from business and individual clients.

For additional information, contact Todd Lewis, Vice President, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, 308.635.2983 or TLewis(at)


New Company Cobalt Iron Offers Industrys Most Comprehensive Suite of Scalable, Cost-Effective, Enterprise-Class Data Protection Solutions

Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

Cobalt Iron, a provider of enterprise data protection solutions, today unveiled its Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio, a single-source solution of enterprise data protection features and functionality delivered in an elastic cloud model to address todays business needs. Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio leverages decades of data protection experience of its designers, Richard R. Spurlock and Robert M. Marett, who have delivered comprehensive data protection architectures to the Fortune 1000 and mid-market businesses since 1993.

Transforming Classic Backup Capabilities into Business Services

Designed for both on-premise and cloud off-site deployment, Cobalt Irons Data Protection Portfolio enables customers to overcome backup and business continuity costs and challenges. Cobalt Iron maintains rapid backup integrity validation and data recovery while packaging the solution as a cloud solution with optional ready-to-run appliances to accelerate on-site data services.

According to the recent ESG data protection modernization research, there is a strong interest in moving away from do it yourself backup servers to backup appliancesas well as looking to the cloud for tertiary protection, said Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. Customers are still struggling with improving their backup reliability and their agility to restore, while trying to increase their disaster preparedness and decrease their costs. With its vault plus cloud architecture, Cobalt Iron has most of the right pieces in their plan.

Todays enterprise data protection solutions require customers to combine and operate complex software and hardware infrastructure from multiple vendors. Cobalt Iron enables customers to deploy a single unified solution as a public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, or as a hosted solution. Customers can transform high-cost complex solutions into an elastic and simply consumable solution.

At Tri-CUE, we provide 24×7 mission critical MSP services for credit unions in the Rocky Mountain States area of the United States, said Kent Richard, President, Tri-CUE, Inc. The Cobalt Iron team and portfolio has greatly improved the reliability and efficiency of our backups, by both eliminating tape and providing an effective off-site disaster recovery solution for our backup data.

Deployment Options Driven by Customer Needs

With a flexible architecture designed to scale from 5 TB to 10,000 TB, the Cobalt Iron offering enables customers to:

Deploy in the data center

Automated backup and archiving protects servers, desktops, and applications with on-premise Cobalt Iron Vaults.

Deploy in the Cobalt Iron Cloud

The Cobalt Iron Cloud eliminates the costs, risks, and complexity of operating and maintaining a backup infrastructure. A combination of quick installation and no hardware requirements delivers instant data protection for customers.

Deploy on-site and in the Cobalt Iron Cloud

Customers can combine the Cobalt Iron on-premise solution with the Cobalt Iron Cloud to optimize data center data protection coupled with the simplicity and flexibility of cloud services.

Protecting the growing data volume for companies of all sizes is a serious challenge today, said Richard R. Spurlock, CEO and Founder of Cobalt Iron. Faced with accelerating data growth, shrinking IT budgets, and pressures to enhance business services, customers are looking for new options to navigate out of this storm. Cobalt Iron delivers a single-source solution that crushes the high costs and complexity of data protection.

Capacity and Availability

Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio is available immediately at multiple sizing tiers. Whether installed on-premise with Cobalt Iron Vault appliances, in the cloud, or both, Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio is charged as a monthly fee starting at $ 750 per TB that includes protection for all applications and an unlimited number of servers and desktops.


Cobalt Iron offers a suite of data protection and recovery solutions that provide the flexibility and functionality needed to drive business. These cost-effective, expert-designed storage solutions enable companies to operate with the confidence that their data is protected and can be recovered whenever and wherever they need it. Cobalt Iron maintains its headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter: @cobaltiron


Lisa Williams

Cobalt Iron


Asterino & Associates Moves Medical Billing Software to the ClearDATA Cloud to Ensure Data Protection and Streamline Operations

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

ClearDATA Networks, Inc., the leading healthcare cloud computing platform and service provider, today announced that Asterino & Associates, Inc (A&A),a leading provider of medical billing and practice management services located in Scottsdale, AZ, has moved its on-premise data center including; medical billing software, MS Office Suite, SQL Server, and MS Exchange servers to the ClearDATA Healthcare Cloud Platform. After careful analysis, A&A determined that moving its software applications to the cloud would provide greater data security, increase redundancy and streamline operations by allowing its staff to focus on delivering excellence within its medical billing and collections business and state of the art security and efficiency capability.

A&A provides medical billing and collection services to physicians and healthcare systems across the United States. By hosting its applications and servers with ClearDATA, A&A is able to provide a high performance, reliable, billing services to clients regardless of their location. Cloud hosting also enables them to cost effectively scale its business by adding virtual servers and storage as needed, instead of having to purchase and maintain additional capacity

Moving our applications and infrastructure to the ClearDATA cloud allows us to focus more on our core competency rather than maintaining our datacenter, said Christopher J. Asterino, Chairman & CEO of Asterino & Associates. It is important to achieve Best Practice in all aspects of our business. This relationship achieves our objective with regards to data security, redundancy and business continuity. With leadership provided by our Advisory Board, we thoroughly researched our clients data needs and went with ClearDATA because of its exclusive healthcare focus and HIPAA expertise.

About Asterino & Associates, Inc

Since 1987 Asterino and Associates, Inc. has been providing medical billing and medical practice management services to both hospital-based and community-based physician groups across the United States. Asterino and Associates, Inc.’s dedicated team of over 75 healthcare professionals are devoted to assisting medical practices meet their business objectives with revenue cycle management inclusive of medical coding, billing and collections and practice management consulting services. For more information, visit: [

About ClearDATA Networks, Inc.

ClearDATA Networks, Inc. is the market leader for cloud computing and information security services for healthcare providers, software vendors and VARs, and 100% dedicated to the healthcare field. ClearDATAs services enable providers to fully automate and securely manage healthcare medical records, applications, IT infrastructure and digital storage. The company provides HITECH HIPAA-compliant cloud and hosting infrastructure and managed cloud services, offsite backup and disaster recovery, medical image archiving, healthcare information security and world-class support. The company also offers HIPAA Security Risk and Remediation services to hospitals and providers in order to ensure that they meet the rigorous standards of HIPAA security required for protected health information to demonstrate Meaningful Use and to ensure a highly secure environment prior to enabling a HealthDATA Cloud platform installation. For more information, call 602-635-4000, email: sales(at)cleardata(dot)net or visit: [


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