eUKhost Offers Premium GlobalSign SSL Certificates at Discounted Prices as a Limited Period Promotion

Leeds, West Yorkshire (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

eUKhost Ltd- eUKhost Ltd. today announced promotional discounts on its range of SSL certificates with great savings. For a limited time, new and existing customers can take advantage of promotional discounts on the company’s most popular SSL certificates including AlphaSSL, Extended SSL, AlphaSSL Wildcard and Organization SSL Wildcard.

In order to be able to safely and securely accept and send sensitive information through a website, it is extremely important that information is encrypted when it is being sent back and forth from your site visitor and your website. The reason why this is so important is because it is extremely easy for anyone to eavesdrop and steal sensitive data while the data is being transmitted back and forth.

An SSL certificate is installed on a website, and each time a visitor browses a section of your website encrypted over SSL, a public key is sent by the server to your visitors Web browser. This public key is used to encrypt data before it is sent to the website your client is browsing, and vice versa. Once an encrypted connection is established and verified, all data transmitted both ways are encrypted.

Robert King, Managing Director, eUKhost Ltd. said, SSL certificates are a very important part of business online because they provide the necessary layer of security and trust to ensure sensitive data is transmitted and received securely and safely from client to server, and vice versa. These savings will be very much welcomed and appreciated by our business customers who may be needing to either purchase a new, or renew an existing, SSL certificate with us.

SSL certificates are one means to protect users from fraudsters trying to con them into handing over valuable usernames and passwords or other identifying information. SSL certificates verify sites and provide consumers with confidence that the site they visit is the site they think it is, and not, for example, a spoof site set up for the express purpose of harvesting their credit card information.

As part of the company’s limited-time promotions, AlphaSSL certificates will be available for

ResellerChoice Releases New Windows Cloud Hosting Servers At Competitive Prices

Shrewsbury, NJ (PRWEB) February 17, 2011

Today ResellerChoice launched its Cloud Hosting Services offering. The new cloud hosting network is built on the Windows Hyper-V virtualization platform from Microsoft, and brings enterprises massive scalability and unique opportunities for their IT environments. In just a few minutes, customers can have cloud-based computing instances and applications like DotNetNuke up and running on enterprise-grade and various operating systems.

Its our personable small business services that makes our cloud hosting different from the rest said Rob Conley, CEO of ResellerChoice We provide migration help and assistance to every client moving to our networks. A real personable experience along with a fast reliable network at a low cost is what every business owner needs in todays market

In addition he added: On-demand windows cloud servers are a great advantage to small business owners looking to quickly add IT infrastructure or lower current IT operating costs. Businesses can utilize our add-on management services to take over the daily management tasks of servers and infrastructure

At ResellerChoice, the new cloud servers give customers the same remote administrator desktop or root access they are used to in traditional dedicated servers at a lower cost. The ResellerChoice windows based cloud hosting solution makes use of a private interconnected network and offers add-on services like backup, monitoring but also includes plug-in access to a list of apps and web hosted services like SQL Databases, Email, Web and more.

ResellerChoice cloud server plans start at $ 20 and clients can select from Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 or CentOS operating systems. ResellerChoice cloud hosting is available within their New York City datacenter location with plans to expand into additional locations later this year.

About ResellerChoice

ResellerChoice offers managed Microsoft Windows hosting solutions designed for small to large sized businesses. The company delivers services built to suit the needs of web developers, designers and online marketing firms or businesses looking to outsource their office infrastructure. All Services at ResellerChoice are 100% unbranded or can be rebranded in your businesses name allowing customers to offer different hosting services in their own brand name. ResellerChoice is owned and operated by TNC Domain Management LLC, A private firm located in Shrewsbury, NJ and operating since 2001.


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Companies on Tight Budgets Thrive with Low Prices on Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Cloud Servers and Virtual Private Servers

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 20, 2011 is a leading web hosting service provider with infrastructures built across 5 strategically located data centers in the New York Metro region and in Los Angeles. It is offering a 20% discount (Coupon Code: PR112011) on all services relating to the dedicated servers, dedicated cloud servers (powered by AppLogic) and virtual private servers until December 31, 2011. Customers choose for its ease of use, exceptional 24/7 live support and no contracts and commitments. Additionally, customers are guaranteed 99.9% uptime with devoted and superior monitoring services.

We are confident that our customers will benefit from using the coupon and our exceptional services, says Ali Dhoon, CEO. “Customer satisfaction is the benchmark to measuring our companys success and consumers can bank on us to deliver on our promises.

Be the first to experience the reliability, flexibility and affordability of Each virtual private, dedicated cloud and dedicated server portfolio provides for customers of varying sizes, needs and budgets. The value portfolios, in particular, are fully featured with the opportunity to freely scale as per computing requirements.

We focus on providing high quality web hosting services and support to individuals and business of all sizes, adds Dhoon. The company has economic and premium packages and services which meet varying needs and price ranges. Additionally, the sales department is on standby to help answer all questions customers have with regard to their hosting services. services are world-class and are highly respected. Many of the largest Fortune 500 companies have selected to deliver mission-critical services to their IT infrastructure. They choose for its great support system and its straight forward solutions.

About & Core Technology Services, INC (CoreIT):

CoreIT is a New York based Managed & Hosting Services firm with key expertise in Cloud Enablement technologies., the Hosting Services operation of CoreIT, focuses on the delivery of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) via Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Cloud Servers and Virtual Private Servers. The companys IaaS offerings focus on delivery at every enablement layer; application enablement for Independent Software Vendors (ISV), web services enablement for ISPs and Hosting Service Providers and core services enablement for Enterprise customers.

For more information, please visit and