NewCloud Networks Adds Desktop-as-a-Service to its Cloud Computing Portfolio for Businesses

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 30, 2014

Nationwide cloud services provider NewCloud Networks has released its newest Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, Desktop-as-a-Service. By combining this new service with the companys existing cloud services, NewCloud now has the ability to offer complete-end-to-end cloud infrastructure services to midmarket businesses across the country.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a service in which the compute, storage and disk components of the individual desktop run from a data center, rather than a local machine. The desktop is accessed with any device connected to the Internet while being managed by the data center provider. NewCloud uses VMware virtualization as the platform for this revolutionary service.

Although the product is a new offering for NewCloud, DaaS is already being adopted by many different markets including healthcare, education, financial services and SMB. NewCloud primarily focuses on midmarket businesses, or businesses with 50-1,000 employees.

Our Desktop-as-a-Service solution completes our Infrastructure-as-a-Service portfolio and highlights our dedication to the midmarket space, says Kristofor Hogaboom, Vice President of Sales Engineering for NewCloud. He adds, Virtualizing the desktop environment increases security for businesses. In a DaaS environment, the device connecting to the desktop is only used as a gateway for accessing business data. If the device is compromised in any way, for example by theft or damage, the data remains intact and safe in our facilities.

In addition to the security DaaS provides businesses, the solution also addresses more of todays business infrastructure concerns.

With data generation increasing and technology constantly changing, businesses need virtualized desktop environments in order to keep up with their growth. In a DaaS environment, just as within a virtual server environment, our customers can ask us to increase resources as needed, rather than having to capacity plan for a hardware purchase and risk underutilization. It is a faster and more cost-effective solution than making a traditional desktop purchase, says Sam V. Kumar, President of NewCloud Networks.

Some of the other benefits of DaaS by NewCloud Networks include:

Rackspace Announces Full Suite of Cloud Hosting Offers : Acquisitions of Jungle Disk, Slicehost and Launch of Cloud Files Enable Company to Expand Cloud Hosting Portfolio

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) October 22, 2008

“Cloud computing offers tremendous benefits to our customers that complement our traditional managed hosting services,” said Lanham Napier, CEO, Rackspace Hosting. “Being a leader in hosting means being a leader in the cloud. Today, we made clear our intent to have the best suite of cloud offerings. Our new offerings are part of a strategy to bring cloud benefits to all businesses with simple, cost-effective products that everyone can use, backed by the best customer support that only Rackspace can deliver.”

Rackspace’s acquisition of two innovators in the cloud community, Slicehost and Jungle Disk, bring proven solutions to the suite including on-demand, virtualized servers and online storage software and services, respectively. Slicehost is a leader in Xen-based virtual machine hosting with more than 15,000 “slices” online today. Jungle Disk offers reliable cloud storage solutions that allow users to easily share an unlimited amount of cloud storage between multiple users through a secure, mountable network drive and automatic backup. Over time, Rackspace intends to integrate their capabilities into its complete hosting portfolio to provide business customers a suite of hosting solutions to meet all of their IT needs.

“On-demand computing is the new foundation of hosting,” said Jason Seats, founder, Slicehost. “Rackspace gives us the ability to expand the Slicehost offer and meet the needs of the corporate world whose interest in cloud technologies has only just begun. In addition, no one else shares our customer first service philosophy more than Rackspace. It is an obvious fit.”

“Rackspace is a natural fit for the next evolution of Jungle Disk,” said Dave Wright, CEO and founder, Jungle Disk. “We are creating a set of storage solutions that will help solve rapidly-growing storage problems for businesses. We believe that no one could take this solution to the business world better than Rackspace. Together we will push the cloud revolution and make simple and cost effective storage solutions available to businesses of all sizes.”

Rackspace is quickly developing one of the most comprehensive hosting solution suites ranging from dedicated managed servers and hosted email solutions to highly scalable cloud hosting and storage services based on open standards and technologies. Combined, IT departments and small businesses now have a full range of tools to power their computing needs.

Cloud Hosting Portfolio

Rackspace’s cloud strategy is supported by three core offerings, all part of Mosso, Rackspace’s Cloud Hosting Division. The company’s existing Hosting Cloud and CloudFS storage offerings have been re-branded to reflect the company’s newly integrated approach:

Cloud Sites — Rackspace’s flagship cloud offering, The Hosting Cloud, is now Cloud Sites. Developed by Mosso, Rackspace’s cloud division, it offers a scalable platform for handling huge traffic spikes and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model. Cloud Sites is a heterogeneous environment, supporting both Windows and Linux. Cloud Files — Rackspace’s internet-based storage service, CloudFS, is now Cloud Files. Cloud Files gives developers instant access to an enterprise-grade storage infrastructure and reduces overall investment and IT costs while providing infinite scalability. Cloud Files offers an industry leading SLA and a highly competitive pricing model with replicated storage starting at $ 0.15/GB. Also later this year, Limelight Networks will team with Rackspace to allow developers to easily distribute content to millions of end users around the world and bring scalable content delivery and application acceleration services to the masses. While continuing to support the Amazon S3 platform, Jungle Disk will port to Rackspace’s Cloud Files system in the coming months. Jungle Disk comes in both desktop and workgroup editions across the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Cloud Servers — This new hosting solution, which will deliver on-demand server capacity to businesses of all sizes, will leverage key technology developed by Slicehost, which uses Xen virtualization software. Slicehost will remain as the company’s developer brand, creating innovative new features driven through shared intellectual property in conjunction with development initiatives from Rackspace. As part of the announcement, Slicehost also announced new, larger slices for high performance computing, lower prices as well as IP sharing for high availability computing. Rackspace also announced widespread community interest in their cloud suite. A wide set of cloud tool companies have expressed intent to support the Rackspace cloud. The list of companies includes RightScale, CohesiveFT, rPath, SOASTA and Vertica. In addition, Sonian Networks, the leader in cloud mail archiving solutions, and Mailtrust, the Email Hosting division of Rackspace announced they had reached an agreement to offer low cost archiving to Mailtrust’s 100,000+ business domains. Through this agreement, Sonian Networks will also port their solution to the Rackspace cloud suite.

The purchase price of the combined acquisitions is approximately $ 11.5 million payable in cash and stock, with the potential for up to $ 16.5 million in additional payouts of cash and stock based on certain performance criteria.

For more information on Rackspace’s Cloud Hosting offerings, please visit:

About Rackspace Hosting

As the world’s leader and specialist in hosting, Rackspace Hosting is changing the way businesses worldwide buy IT. Rackspace delivers computing-as-a-service, integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and

PersonalWeb Announces Limited Time Program to License True Name Patent Portfolio Royalty-free to Qualified Developers

Tyler, Texas (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

PersonalWeb Technologies LLC, today announced the launch of a royalty-free license program, which is intended to give qualified software developers and technology companies a limited period to enter into a patent licensing agreement with PersonalWeb for the use of its True Name patent portfolio. Independent developers that have yet to profit financially or receive the significant economic or commercial benefits that flow from the ability to utilize the True Name patents will be eligible for use of the True Name patents on a royaltyfree basis until usage increases and license fees become applicable.

In connection with the grant of a license and based on compliance with license terms, PersonalWeb intends to waive all damages for past use for these qualified developers that participate in its program prior to its expiration on January 31, 2014. Larger commercial developers and companies that receive significant economic or commercial benefit from the True Name patents will need a license from PersonalWeb for the use of the True Name patents.

By providing small independent developers an easy and no-cost license for the use of our patents, we are able to ensure that our intellectual property rights are respected while allowing licensed developers access to our important and market-proven technology and the many efficiency benefits the True Name patents provide, said Michael Weiss, president of PersonalWeb.

PersonalWeb owns the True Name Patent Portfolio consisting of 15 issued and pending patents that are important for many elements of cloud computing, distributed search engine file systems, content addressable storage and social media, critical to the development of a wide range of established and emerging distributed computing based industries. NEC, Nexsan and Caringo are some of the most recent technology companies to enter into a licensing agreement with PersonalWeb for their prior and continued use of the True Name patents. PersonalWeb has ongoing patent infringement litigation, all initially filed in the Eastern District of Texas, against Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, HP, IBM and others.

The Royalty-Free License Program is effective immediately and will be offered until January 31, 2014 to participants determined by PersonalWeb to be qualified. The Program is not available to defendants in the ongoing litigation or to anyone who has already received a notice of infringement from PersonalWeb. For further details, visit or contact PersonalWeb at license(at)truelicensing(dot)com.

# # #

About PersonalWeb: PersonalWeb was established in Tyler, Texas by a team who has been responsible for creating some of the Internets most popular software and applications used by tens of millions of people worldwide. The company develops products based on its patented technology that is important for many elements of cloud computing technology, distributed search engine file systems, social media and content addressable storage. For more information, please visit

CompuData Adds Intacct Cloud Financial Applications to Its Portfolio

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 11, 2013

CompuData, Inc, a leading business software and IT services company offering accounting, ERP, and CRM software, as well as hosting and managed services, today announced it has joined the Intacct Business Partner Program. This partnership will allow CompuData to add Intaccts best in class cloud based financial software to its product portfolio.

More and more companies are looking for cloud or SaaS solutions. It gives them the freedom to focus on their business goals and forget about day-to-day IT headaches, said Angela Nadeau, CompuData President & CEO. We searched for over a year in order to select the best cloud software partner for our clients. Intacct brings not only strength in its financials and reporting, but with its excellent revenue recognition management features, it also provides an exceptional solution for our professional services, project accounting and software clients.

The partnership will help growing Mid-Atlantic companies that need to add strong accounting and reporting capabilities without adding additional personnel to their payroll, as well as those who are looking to enhance their current capabilities.

Intacct continues to attract the Top 100 VAR firms. All of us at Intacct are excited to have CompuData join the Intacct channel program, said Taylor Macdonald, VP of Channels for Intacct. I have had the pleasure of knowing CompuData president Angela Nadeau for over 20 years. I look forward to collaborating with her and the entire CompuData team to help build their Intacct cloud accounting practice.

About Intacct

Intacct is the cloud financial management company. Bringing cloud computing to finance and accounting, Intacct’s award-winning applications are the preferred financial applications for AICPA business solutions. Intacct applications, in use by more than 7,300 organizations from startups to public companies, are designed to improve company performance and make finance more productive. Hundreds of leading CPA firms and Value Added Resellers offer Intacct to their clients. The Intacct system includes accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, project accounting, fund accounting, inventory management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation and financial reporting applications, all delivered over the Internet via cloud computing.

Intacct is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit

About CompuData, Inc

Providing business software and technology solutions for small and midsize organizations for 42 years, CompuData offers a vast spectrum of IT solutions in the areas of accounting, distribution, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions, application hosting, managed services, hardware and data storage solutions, systems integration and consulting, network management, security and e-commerce strategies. Many clients have relied on CompuDatas continued information technology expertise for decades.

CompuData Inc is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Additional information is available at

Alliance Sales & Marketing Adds New Cloud Based iTeam Business Solution To Its Portfolio

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

Alliances Sales & Marketing Solutions, a small private equities group that was formed in 2008 by President and CEO Heather Guffin, has added an innovative new cloud-based business solution to its list of products and services.

The companys goal is to find solutions to the unique challenges that face short cycle sales and marketing operations, such as timeshare companies.


Hostway Partners with Open-Xchange to Extend Its Cloud Applications Portfolio for Customers and Resellers

Nuremberg, Germany; Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

Open-Xchange, maker of communication and collaboration software for the mobile-app economy, today announced an agreement with Hostway, a leader in cloud and managed hosting services, to bring web-based communication and collaboration to its users and distribution partners.

Hostway will replace its legacy webmail product with Open-Xchange, enabling in excess of 1 million email accounts to take advantage of next generation email, mobility, and collaboration capabilities for business and personal use. Open-Xchange allows users to integrate accounts across multiple email and social media platforms, access information anywhere on any device, and facilitate teamwork and group scheduling and sharing.

In addition, Hostway will provide Open-Xchange as a hosted, wholesale Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to enable resellers, including telcos and cable companies, to rapidly launch and profitably deliver branded cloud services. This will enhance competitive differentiation, customer retention, and revenue per unit, as well as assist partners to extend and tighten their relationship with their customers.

Hostways success in the cloud marketplace continues to prove that companies choose providers they can trust to protect their critical and sensitive data, said Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange. Adding Open- Xchange further diversifies Hostways cloud portfolio and place in the market. Hostway is a one-stop shop for customers and partners for all their hosted services, let it be infrastructure or applications.

Business-class email and collaboration is a killer application for small and mid-sized businesses, and Open-Xchange continues to emerge as a leader in this category, said Todd Benjamin, Hostways VP of Hosted Services. This partnership enables us to upgrade and extend the capabilities of our existing customers, and at the same time reduce the time-to-market and investment required to achieve a carrier class deployment for our distributors and resellers.

Hostway will start the deployment of Open-Xchange Server 6, and upgrade to the upcoming next generation Open-Xchange software, OX App Suite, without any user or data disruption upon its release. German engineered and designed for the mobile world, OX App Suite uses open standards, HTML5 and advanced JavaScript integration to deliver device independent communication, collaboration and digital media content. Additionally, the app- based portal gives providers a new basis for up-sell and cross-sell of white- labeled services and mobile applications.

Hostway and Open-Xchange will share their latest innovations at Parallels Summit, Las Vegas, from February 4 6, 2013.

Other hosted services and applications offered by Hostway include cloud servers (IaaS), website builder and hosting, DNR, hosted email, email marketing tools, and other business applications.

About Hostway Corporation

Hostway Corporation is a leader in Cloud and Managed Hosting. Hostway delivers reliable, secure, and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to over 600,000 customers worldwide. Hostway services its clients from more than 250,000 square feet of state-of-the-art data center space, spanning four continents and 12 countries. Hostway has emerged as one of the largest cloud hosting and Infrastructure- as-a-Service providers in the world due to the companys expertise in developing secure, multi-tenant hosting environments and is committed to providing SMB’s and large enterprises with cost effective business solutions. Hostways core products include Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Email and Applications.

About Open-Xchange

Open-Xchange develops, markets and sells integrated tools for the app and mobile-economy that enable full collaboration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Built for the cloud, OX App Suite connects business and personal worlds, across devices and legacy systems. Sold and delivered through cloud and hosting providers, telcos and local Internet services companiesOX App Suite gives individuals the freedom to collaborate, work and communicate the way they want.

Open-Xchange AG is a privately-held company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany with offices in Olpe, Germany, San Jose, and Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY. For more information, visit

UK ISP Veber Announces Introduction of Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and VMware vSphere 5.1 to its Portfolio

Watford, UK (PRWEB UK) 31 October 2012

With so much current innovation and development in the software field it is important for ISPs such as Veber to keep abreast of advances in order that the business consumer can access clear and impartial expert advice on what is the best hosting solution. Vebers overview of the three new additions to their software portfolio in the form of VMWares vSphere 5.1, Windows Server 2012 and the much hyped Windows 8 provides a useful insight into the pros and cons.

VMWares vSphere 5.1 is the latest release of the industry leading virtualisation platform from vmWare. Veber have been successfully using vmWare in cloud hosting solutions for over 5 years. The team have in depth knowledge of vmWare systems and are keen to ensure with this upgrade that customers have access to the most up to date functionality. vSphere 5.1 offers significant new features in the areas of Compute, Storage, Network, Availability, Security, Automation and Management. Veber have identified vSphere 5.1 developments such as the Network Health Check, vSphere vMotion, vSphere Web Client and CPU performance counters as key to improvements in the day to day management of their cloud hosting solutions. Tim Poultney, Vebers CEO, states We are looking forward to offering a greater level of enterprise class networking functionality through the new Network Health Check and are particularly happy with the greater flexibility and robustness of the vSphere Web Client.

Microsofts first major update to its server OS since 2009 in the form of Windows Server 2012 is also a welcome addition to Vebers cloud hosting line up. What is clear from the outset, not least through Microsofts own marketing headline of Built from the Cloud up, is that the new software capitalises on the worldwide industry trend towards cloud computing. Having spent some time with Microsofts purported revolutionary foundation for the future of the server OS, the team at Veber is impressed with the multi-server management which has been completely redone in this release. Being able to view server infrastructure by role as well as by server is a key tool for us and our customers, states James Robinson, Vebers Operations Manager. Whats more, two key features that underpin Windows Server 2012, modularity and automation, are now starting to look more substantial. For example you can now move between Server Core and the full GUI edition by adding and removing features, instead of having to completely reinstall.

As for Windows 8, it may be the OS that we all love to hate, to quote Vebers CEO, but it simply cannot be ignored within the B2B hosting industry any more than in the consumer market. Whilst the tiled UI and social functionality of Windows 8 may be causing waves, in Vebers view the OS offers the B2B market solid improvements in Desktop Mode and the technical team have been impressed with the high levels of stability and security achieved. We like Charles Arthurs Windows 8 article in The Guardian and the discussions it produced, says Robinson, once you’ve accepted that for all intents and purposes Windows 8 is basically Windows 7+1 and runs much more like the operating systems we and our customers are becoming used to on tablets and smartphones, the intended functionality of the OS is easier to swallow. Add in the fact that Windows 8 runs quicker and more securely than before and it we cant ignore it as a runner in the B2B hosting market.

To take advantage of the Veber teams know-how of VMWare vSphere 5.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and other relevant software and OS for business hosting simply get in touch using the details below.


Unit 13 Shakespeare Industrial Estate



WD24 5RR

In the first instance contact Tim Poultney or James Robinson on 020 3468 7000


ContinuityX Deploys Cloud-Based Solution Portfolio in Cologix’s Dallas and Toronto Network-Neutral Data Center

Denver, CO (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Cologix, a network neutral interconnection and colocation company, announced today that ContinuityX Solutions, Inc. (CUSX), a unique provider of business continuity and disaster recovery services, has selected Cologix to expand their service offering in Toronto and Dallas. ContinuityX will add nodes in Cologixs 151 Front Street data center in Toronto and in Cologixs new expansion facility at 1950 North Stemmons in Dallas to their North American network. With this deployment, ContinuityX becomes a significant platform customer of Cologix.

We are committed to continually supporting our customers application and infrastructure growth in strategic network locations, stated Kathy Godwin, senior vice president-operations for ContinuityX. Our presence with Cologix in Toronto and Dallas expands our network breadth, including a presence in Canada, which provides additional robustness to our portfolio and enables access to a new set of customers looking for a consultative approach to continuity services.

ContinuityX provides consulting services and management of business continuity, virtual/cloud hosting, managed equipment and storage, monitoring, VoIP and voice needs. Their mission is to provide clients with business continuity and disaster recovery solutions faster, more efficiently, and more cost effectively through their unique consultative approach.

As the demand for cloud based solutions continues to grow, Cologix is committed to offering a stable, scalable, network neutral environment for our customers, stated Rob Devita, General Manager, Cologix Dallas. We welcome the opportunity to support ContinuityX across our North American platform. Our customers will value the presence of ContinuityX in our facilities, including the broad range of carriers in our Meet-Me-Rooms as an on-ramp to their cloud services.

Cologix operates data centers in the carrier hotels in both Toronto and Dallas. Cologix has recently announced Tier 3 expansions in each market which will be operational in the coming months, bringing total footprints to well over 40K SQF in each market. With data centers in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Cologix provides one of North America’s largest neutral marketplaces where network operators and network buyers interconnect. Cologix offers over 300 network choices, manages thousands of interconnections and has over 550 customers that utilize Cologix colocation and interconnection services in order to grow their networks rapidly and cost-effectively.

About Cologix, Inc.

Cologix, Inc. is a network neutral interconnection and colocation company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, that provides massively scalable interconnection services and secure, reliable colocation services in densely connected, strategically located facilities in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. With more than 300 network choices and eleven prime interconnection locations, Cologix currently serves over 550 carrier, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services and enterprise customers. The companys experienced team of communications infrastructure professionals is committed to providing its customers the highest standard of local customer support.

For more information about Cologix, please visit the companys website at

About ContinuityX

ContinuityX provides consulting services and management of business continuity, virtual/cloud hosting, managed equipment and storage, monitoring, VoIP and voice needs. The company’s unique consultative approach provides clients with business continuity and disaster recovery solutions faster and more cost effectively than competitors. The Company offers application development and management, migration and re-engineering, system integration and cross connects, and IT infrastructure services including data center, converged networks (public/private cloud) services and transformation solutions. ContinuityX markets its services and expertise alongside Level3, XO Communications, Zayo Group and other leading carriers and strategic channel partners.

Cologix Media Contact:

Julia Kendall – Cologix

Office: +1 720.940.2559

Mobile: +1 303.522.9758


ContinuityX Media Contact:

Michelle Gray


GNAX Health Hires Stephen Turley to Lead Healthcare Data Storage Portfolio

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 18, 2013

GNAX Health, a leading healthcare technology infrastructure and application delivery service provider, announced today the addition of Stephen Turley, enterprise storage veteran, as a Senior Storage Solution Architect. In his role, Stephen will lead the architecting and delivery of GNAX Health’s managed storage solutions.

“We are excited to have someone with Stephen’s background join the GNAX Health team,” remarked William Souder, Vice President of Engineering & Online Operations for GNAX Health. “We are seeing a huge demand for enterprise-grade storage solutions, especially in healthcare, where medical imaging is driving up the need for secure data storage.” Stephen will fill an important role, bridging the customer requirements with GNAX engineering, ensuring the right solution configuration and a strong cohesive customer experience.

Stephen brings over 13 years of healthcare IT experience to GNAX Health. Most recently, he worked at EMC as the storage architect for all healthcare customers in Georgia, engineering solutions regarding storage and replication. Prior to EMC, Stephen was a storage specialist at McKesson, where he managed the configuration and maintenance of various storage platforms.

GNAX Health recently became an EMC reseller, allowing it to act as a single storage solution source for its customers. Whether the need is onsite, in the cloud or both, Healthcare providers can rely on GNAX to provide the right equipment and storage architecture. Stephen will play a critical role as GNAX further expands its storage solution sets.

About GNAX Health

GNAX Health is a leading healthcare technology infrastructure and application delivery service provider offering hospitals, IDNs, clinics, labs and many other healthcare organizations mission-critical datacenter colocation, managed application delivery, backup & disaster recovery, medical image vendor neutral archive (VNA), as well as enterprise level VMware based cloud computing services. GNAX’s 70,000 square feet mission-critical datacenter in Atlanta is SSAE 16 Type II compliant with Tier-4 power and serves as its home base with an additional strategic facility located in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at

UK Hosting Specialist Veber Announces Addition of Windows Server 2012 to Its SME Portfolio

Watford, UK (PRWEB UK) 21 September 2012

As many other UK SME server operators, Veber has been keen to unpack Windows Server 2012 after its release at the start of September, eager to discover what Microsofts first major update to its server OS since 2009 has to offer the UK SME sector. What is clear from the outset, not least through Microsofts own marketing headline of Built from the Cloud up, is that the new software capitalises on the worldwide industry trend towards cloud computing. Whilst the team at Veber have spent some time with it, Windows Server 2012 has yet to be put completely through its paces. With the coming weeks promising a plethora of UK hosting industry opinion, what is Vebers first impression of Microsofts revolutionary foundation for the future of the server OS?

Veber Operations Manager, James Robinson, gives us the heads up: Overall, Windows Server 2012 is a pretty good bit of kit. We can see how it is designed to meet the demands of the upsurge of devices the world is experiencing at the moment. The applications on those devices are all going to be using large amounts of data and impressive features. Our testing indicates that Windows Server 2012 does provide the OS the datacentres need to power the servers at the base of the pyramid.

Tim Poultney, Veber CEO, adds: We were interested in Microsofts claim that a priority for the development of Windows Server 2012 was an improvement in how well the software scales for internet hosting. We need to know that the backbone of a consistent platform and richer feature set are going to deliver the support for data we and our customers need. Thus far, we have been impressed with the relative simplicity and the ease of install and maintenance.

Vebers research has identified areas where Windows Server 2012 can be extremely beneficial for the UK SME market. Modular build ensures the system is fast and secure by only installing the modules which a user actually needs. Full server virtualisation provides increased scalability and performance from Windows 2008 server. Data de-duplification enables you to efficiently store, transfer and back up less data whilst virtual desktop environments provide easier storage and less man hours spent on storage issues. Moreover, many high availability options can now be enabled to offer redundancy from single server solutions.

Veber are prepared and ready to go on the Windows Server 2012 front. The software promises a cost-effective foundation ready to deploy anything from small email servers or multiple test and development environments through to large scale high-compute requirements without the need for expensive software re-engineering or new platform migration. You can get in touch with Tim or James at Veber to start your Windows 2012 Server experience.


Unit 13 Shakespeare Industrial Estate



WD24 5RR


Phone 020 3468 7000

In the first instance contact –

CEO: Tim Poultney timp (at) veber (dot) co (dot) uk

Operations Manager: James Robinson jamesr (at) veber (dot) co (dot) uk

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