ITX Design Introduces ‘Serendipity’ Hosting Packages in North America for As Little as $4.95 Per Month

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 17, 2013

Continuing with their trend of expansion in 2013, world renowned hosting and dedicated server provider ITX Design announced on Saturday afternoon, the official launch of Serendipity Hosting packages for all of their clients in North America. Serendipity is a PHP-powered web app that gives the end user a simple way to maintain a blog or even an attractive homepage. While the default package is designed specifically for the casual blogger, Serendipity with ITX Design offers a versatile, expandable and user friendly framework with the power for a multitude of professional applications.

The Serendipity blog platform is one-stop solution for web developers and amateur computer enthusiasts alike. With packages offered from ITX Design, the customer enjoys a simple solution to install one of the industry leaders in blog / CMS providers software on their website. ITX Design also delivers customers an easy to manage site with many unique templates to choose from. Serendipity hosting is available on any ITX Design cloud hosting packages, beginning as low as $ 4.95 a month.

Some of the features of a Serendipity Hosting solution with ITX Design include:

Skinable: Serendipity templates with ITX Design can easily be uploaded via CSS. Dozens of templates are included by default. Even visitors to a company blog have the ability to modify the layout with a few easy clicks. For the advanced user, the versatility of the platform allows the end user to change the overall aesthetics of Serendipity.

Multiple Users: Multiple users can edit and administrate, as well as issue free permissions to other users.

Plugins: A vast plugin library allows ITX clients to modify Serendipity without try to decipher complicated source code. Sidebar plugins allow easy customization of your blog with dozens of features. These cutting edge plugins exist for maintaining and fine-tuning content, displaying galleries, customized template views, multilingual content and much more.

Anti-Spam / Comment moderation: Through use of a custom plugin with ITX Design, the customer can enable a variety of CAPTCHAs, and automate comment moderation based on the content of a comment. These plugins are extremely configurable.

Simple. Designed for users of all technical levels.

Serendipity has been critically acclaimed for its simplicity, meaning that it’s the ideal solution for new website owners and small business owners. It has been recommended by experienced website owners because of its speed, flexibility, clean PHP code, stability and extensibility. Another great reason to use Serendipity with ITX Design is because of the wide range of dozens of plugins and countless templates that can be installed with a click of the mouse.

ITX Design is an established web hosting and domain registration provider based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia providing dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including server hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting and much more.

For more information or to speak with a qualified customer support representative, simply call 1-866-577-1442, or visit ITX Design today.

WebNet Hosting Announces Global Reseller Hosting Packages With Data Centers Based in Europe, Asia

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

A fully-managed dedicated server and cloud hosting provider, WebNet Hosting, has been offering reseller hosting across the United States since the company started in 2002. The company’s growth over the years triggered the need for server deployment in Asian and European locations, and the ultimate regional choices were based on high connectivity and world-wide availability.

PJ Taei, Director of Operations for WebNet Hosting, explained: “Demand for reseller hosting is growing, and Amsterdam and Tokyo are two global locations with great connectivity that serve the entire globe,” said PJ. “We get many requests from our resellersasking for multiple locationsand now we have a solution for them.”

With reseller hosting, individuals can use their wholesale-priced hard drive space and bandwidth to host third party websites for a profit. As PJ Taei, explained: “Offering reseller hosting not only helps WebNet Hosting get more reseller accounts, it also helps grow the resellers’ businesses by offering a worthwhile hosting solution to their clients.”

WebNet Hosting has three reseller hosting plans; the Level 1 with U.S. based locations, and the Level 2 and Level 3 plans offered in Europe and Asia. The plans boast easy set-up and management, free cPanel, WHM and WHMCS, a redundant cloud server platform, and more.

About WebNet Hosting

After over a decade in business, WebNet hosting has empowered over 10,000 customers, and their base is rapidly expanding with the onset of becoming a leading global hosting provider. In addition to global reseller hosting plans, the company provides fully-managed cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions with an emphasis comprehensive hosting, e-commerce and online media streaming.

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Vodien Internet Solutions Presents a New Range of Affordable Web Hosting Packages

Singapore, Singapore (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

Individuals who have just started their online business and who have a tight web hosting budget need not worry anymore. Vodien Internet Solutions has announced a new range of web hosting plans that are their most affordable web hosting packages yet.

The Singapore web hosting company has a wide array of web hosting plans to provide the best website performance to each of their clients. These web hosting plans are affordable and yet incredibly powerful, such that they can easily handle the traffic that typical website applications and emails experience.

These hosting plans are very easy for people to begin using, since it each plan includes video tutorials on how to set up the hosting account. If in case clients still have problems with the web hosting setup, Vodiens team of web hosting experts are ready to provide assistance, 24×7.

Our company is, and will always be here to support our customers, because each and every one of them is valuable to us. We have a wide range of web hosting plans: our clients can choose from basic hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and even reseller hosting, which is a web hosting product that can help our customers create an income stream for themselves. This is according to Bill Poh, founder of Vodien Internet Solutions. Furthermore, says Bill Poh, Our hosting packages are also affordable. We understand that our clients may have a tight budget, especially if they are just starting their business. We provide our clients with the ability to easily upgrade plans once they are ready to jump to the next tier.

One of the hosting companys most popular hosting plans is their VPS hosting packages. With this, clients have full control of their hosting environment, especially about installing software and libraries that they require. This breaks them free of the typical restrictions that shared web hosting packages normally have. Clients can choose from different VPS packages, ranging from vpsValue to vpsUltimate.

Vodien Internet Solutions has shown that they have the best web hosting at an affordable price, yet are guaranteed to be powerful and reliable.

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Mr Adds ‘Think Free’ Web Office Suite to Cloud Hosting Service Packages

(PRWEB UK) 15 October 2012

Small businesses in the UK and around the world often struggle under the weight of managing the myriad of details involved in collaborating between partners using various documentation applications for text, spreadsheets and presentations. This problem becomes more unmanageable when members of the organisation are in different geographical locations and time zones. offers these companies a viable alternative with the ‘Think Free’ Web Office Suite that works with the VMware Zimbra cloud hosting service packages. The result is a full spectrum array of virtualization services that support their communication and information management requirements online. The addition of Think Free Web Office extends from collaborative documentation creation to a secure and scalable Internet presence.

Operating a company today requires maintaining an Internet presence. While the website itself can be developed from several different applications, the planning and organization begins with documentation prepared on personal computers. Currently many companies are utilising Google Docs for its capability to work with Microsoft Office products, but the result has been less than ideal. Including the Think Free Web Office applications addresses the shortcomings of Google Docs and bridges the gap between document creation and business hosting. Now members of an organisation can access documents via mobile devices as well as laptop, desktop and their personal cloud. The incorporation of these applications smooth the path to managing, operating and producing goods and services enabling companies to keep pace with marketplace demands.

Recognizing the unique needs of growing companies, VMware Zimbra cloud hosting; has tailored service packages that remove the limitations presented by the demands of maintaining a typical business hosting configuration. Utilizing the VMware Zimbra cloud and theThink Free Web Office, the distance between business planning documentation and website content display has been dramatically shortened and operating costs reduced.

Think Free Web Office integrates seamlessly on Linux servers as well as Windows or Apple operating systems. Using the combination of cloud hosting and web office applications, provides small business with an additional layer of security for their documentation as well as the confidence to be able to provide documentation that is up-to-the-minute current. This capability enables companies to be responsive to breaking news, product developments and milestone events in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace. With 15 years of service provision supporting small business enterprises that have big ambitions, VMware Zimbra cloud offers peace of mind and the freedom to focus on the core purpose of your company that is vital for success.

About Mr Mail

The main headquarters of MrMail is in the United Kingdom, this Internet services company has provided secure email hosting along with cloud based web hosting and related business solutions to businesses around the globe since 1996. For additional information, visit the MrMail website at