Webhosting UK Com Ltd. (WHUK) Gratifies Consumers by Extending the Benefits Over Windows VPS Plans by Offering 50% Discounts

Leeds,Yorkshire (PRWEB UK) 29 July 2013

Gone March WHUK (http://www.webhosting.uk.com), a leading UK web host, had announced an enhancement to its popular Hyper-V based Windows VPS Hosting range in the form of doubled resources at no additional cost. According to news sources, it is said that due to an increasing demand for their Windows VPSs, the company decided to further extend the benefits for its consumers by offering a 50% discount on the initial purchase of the package. This has been greatly appreciated by the consumers, which is adding to the customer delight, says one of our sources.

The crucial highlight of this announcement is the highly affordable price with a highly dependable and industry acclaimed hardware hypervisor Hyper-V platform.

The Windows VPS start-up is available with the configuration: 2 CPU Cores, 1.5 GB RAM, 35 GB HDD Space and 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth, while the highest upgrade comes with 3 CPU Cores, 3 GB RAM, 75 GB HDD Space and 3 TB Monthly Bandwidth, priced at

RightScale Customers’ Cloud Usage Grows Over 1,000% in One Year

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) August 4, 2010


WFT Cloud Surpasses a Key Milestone of over 300 Customers Using its SAP Cloud Hosting Platform

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Wharfedale Technologies announced today that it surpassed a key milestone of supporting over 300 customers on its WFT Cloud platform. This includes enterprise to small organizations and SAP development partners. Since 2010, WFT Cloud has serviced customers from over 139 countries globally. WFT Cloud provides its customers substantial benefits in terms of availability, flexibility and lower overall cost.

WFT Cloud was established in 2010 to provide more flexible and cost effective options for SAP customers. It is the first SAP certified cloud hosting and services partner. WFT Cloud runs out of data center in Philadelphia, PA that is SSAE 16 Type II certified and runs on state-of-the-art infrastructure. Its operations utilize best practices associated with SAP and Cloud computing to deliver highest standards in control, compliance and security and meet stringent SLAs for SAP customers. With partnership with Verizon Terremark, WFT Cloud also extends hosting solutions that require a secondary site or need more geographical diversity.

Typical use cases for WFT Cloud customers range from hosting and support of an entire SAP landscape with multiple environments to hybrid cloud solutions that deliver substantial cost efficiencies for non-production environments while keeping production infrastructure on-premise. Other scenarios include on-demand availability of project or sandbox environment for testing or development and POC type services for new technologies such as SAP HANA.

WFT Cloud builds upon the extensive experience of WFT professionals that average over 20 years of experience with SAP infrastructure. Rather than being a generic “platform” provider, WFT provides access to depth of expertise and experience that is unparalleled in the industry. As such, it can provide meaningful insights into the intricacies of working with SAP and assist companies with development of SAP applications or maximize operational efficiencies.

One of the many advantages of a WFT Cloud solution is a proprietary library of over 800 templates that represent all common variations of SAP landscapes and the respective versions of various components. This library, called SCIF (SAP Cloud Image Factory), allows WFT Cloud to bring up any landscape that is required for that particular solution in a matter of minutes and not days. This represents great flexibility and delivers efficiencies to WFT Cloud customers.

One of the very first WFT Cloud customers, Jacob Chacko from Belgium commented ..the speed at which we were delivered a working SAP system was phenomenal, the response and technical expertise is unparalleled. It was a pleasant experience working with WFT Cloud and we wish we knew them earlier. I would definitely recommend them.

Mahesh Reddy, CTO of WFT Cloud further comments, Customers around the world have realized the benefits of accelerated time to value because of the affordable, secure, scalable, and flexible SAP on Cloud solution that we offer. The bundled SAP BASIS support is a key differentiator which eliminates the need to maintain skilled in-house SAP professionals to manage the technical infrastructure hosting the SAP landscape.

About Wharfedale Technologies Inc.

Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT Cloud) is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in SAP infrastructure integrations and services, as well as private/public hybrid Cloud solutions. As an SAP certified provider of cloud services, Wharfedale also offers SAP solutions around – high availability, disaster recovery, advanced sizing for virtualization, back up/recovery Integration, systems refresh automation and landscape optimization.

For more information on Wharfedale and WFT Cloud services, please visit http://www.WFTCloud.com or call us at (888) 533-3113.

SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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Business-Grade Cloud Hosting Solutions now Available over the BroadConnect Private Network

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

BroadConnect Telecom, the nations leading provider of Hosted VoIP, Voice, Video, IT and Data services today unveiled new business, private, and hybrid hosting solutions delivered via cloud. This launch comes in efforts to meet customer demands for cost-efficient virtualization for application, data and storage hosting. BroadConnects uniquely advanced Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) presents businesses of all sizes with access to cloud solutions that are both redundant and reliable.

Constructed on BroadConnects own private network, our new cloud-based hosting services are engineered to streamline a business migration to the cloud, said Jason Stephen Ali, Social Media Director at BroadConnect, Customers requiring a quicker avenue to grow their business, without the need to expense to much capital, or those lacking the physical IT resources to ensure adequate security, can trust their BroadConnect partnership.

Businesses leveraging BroadConnects nationwide private network to obtain access to flexible cloud-based architecture have the following options:

Freightgate Logistics Cloud Powers Management of Over 500 Million Freight Rate Combinations

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2013

Freightgate, a global provider of Logistics Cloud Solutions, announced today their sophisticated hyper-connected Logistics Cloud now manages over 500 million freight rate combinations for clients. Freightgates Logistics Cloud allows shippers and logistics providers to easily upload air, ocean, rail and truck rates to create multi-mode/ multi-carrier shipping quotes, total transportation cost comparisons, spot quotations, RFQ/RFI bids, historical freight rate tracking, real-time comprehensive visibility, compliance collaboration, carbon emission modeling, freight analytics and auditing.

Freightgates rate management solution is highly scalable, adaptive, and can be integrated with any transportation management system and enterprise platform. The solution systematically chooses the optimal carriers and service level s as determined by your routing guide or customer requirement, provides logistics workflow process with carrier shipping compliance. Freightgate clients achieve real-time collaboration between suppliers, carriers, and buyers and significantly reduce overall transportation cost. Freight rates are available anytime, anywhere in one platform that is always up-to-date.

Freightgates Logistics Cloud technology unlocks a new age of competitiveness giving every business equal opportunity to participate with smart logistics decisions and greater agility. Sales and supply chain teams have shipping information they need to perform best at their activities. Freightgate has been the early pioneer in cloud computing and mobile applications for logistics and global supply chain management.

As a demand driven company, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive rate management solution with supercharged speed and precision. Both global leaders and small or mid-size players can realize dramatic cost savings and improvements in process and customer service when switching to a configurable – yet secure – cloud platform,” states Martin Hubert, CEO and President, Freightgate.

To schedule a No-Obligation Demonstration of Freightgate Logistics Cloud Solutions, please complete form at: http://www.freightgate.com/demo or Call Freightgate Sales at (714) 799-2833.

Freightgate’s Logistics Cloud Platform, known as the Freightgate Universe, enables solutions empowering professionals on all levels to collaborate with global vendors and logistics providers seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network. It encompasses ISO9001:2008-certified end-to-end transportation management processes from procurement, rate management, optimization, execution and visibility, carbon footprint, through invoice audit & pay. The Freightgate Universe is comprised of adaptive easy-to-deploy modules to help companies leapfrog into the 21st century with minimal start-up cost. Freightgate is the only commercial EFM compliant platform enabling standardized web-services as promoted by the US-DOT and Transport-Canada.

About Freightgate

Based in Huntington Beach, California, the Freightgate team has been developing Internet solutions for the freight and logistics since 1994, such as its industry-leading Logistics Cloud Platform, offering Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; TMS, Global Tender Bid Management; Least Cost Routing, Service Contract and Quote Management; Regulatory Compliance CBP and FMC; Automated eInvoice Audit and Payment; innovative What-If-Scenario Analysis tool; interactive online Sailing Schedule; BFN (Built for NetSuite) approved SuiteApps. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Visit Freightgate at: http://www.freightgate.com.

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Rollbase Reports 80 Percent Year over Year Subscription Growth in 2012

Saratoga, California (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

Rollbase, Inc., an innovator in cloud application platform as a service (PaaS) technology allowing the rapid design, development and deployment of on-demand business applications, today announced record recurring revenue growth in 2012. The year was highlighted by 80% year over year growth in subscription revenue from new customers and existing customer expansions. Over 10,000 users are now using hundreds of custom Rollbase applications in 10 languages globally.

In addition to operating Rollbase as a pure cloud service (Rollbase Hosted Cloud), the company’s focus on providing an easily installable, brandable, licensed option (Rollbase Private Cloud) has helped it capture demand from enterprises, governments, and other types of organizations that want to maintain full control over their data and infrastructure whether it resides in-house, in a third party data center, or in any cloud infrastructure of their choosing.

Rollbase Philippines, the premier provider of Rollbase development services with over 20 full time Rollbase developers on staff, continued to deliver results in 2012. Interest in Rollbase as a cloud application platform coupled with the need for professional Rollbase development and implementation services continues to rise and Rollbase Philippines has proven successful for a growing number of Rollbase customers.

“We are pleased to report 80% year over year growth in income from recurring subscription revenue. After investing five years in product development to meet the needs of our initial customer base, a diverse and global set of enterprises and ISVs operating in a range of industries, we are finally starting to see a payoff in subscription growth,” said Matt Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Rollbase. “We delivered over 200 new features and enhancements in 2012 and our client satisfaction and retention have been remarkable. Looking ahead to 2013, we foresee solid growth and new business opportunities for both Rollbase and our partners as our new user interface is rolled out and we begin to invest in building awareness.”

2012 Year in Review:

Reflecting more broadly on 2012, Rollbase achieved several product milestones. Rollbase stands out by delivering rapid innovation in the application platform as a service (APaaS) market, focused on providing a declarative web-based application development environment accessible to business users that minimizes the amount of code necessary to build cloud business applications. Rollbase performs frequent updates, including bi-weekly enhancements as well as major releases, so all new functionality automatically becomes available to every organization on the system. Throughout the year, Rollbase delivered more than 200 new features and enhancements, many in response to ideas submitted and prioritized by Rollbase’s clients and partners.

Product highlights in 2012 included:

New HTML5-based iPhone and Android friendly mobile user interface.
New authentication options for integration with Active Directory and LDAP servers.
Single-Sign On capability and API allowing development of custom authentication functionality.
Multi-factor authentication to ensure user identity via challenge questions.
New API allowing customizable password validation algorithms.
Custom CSS: Custom stylesheets can be uploaded to customize the look and feel of Rollbase applications.
10th language supported: Norwegian was added to English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Application Update Process Improvements: Users performing an application upgrade now have fine-grained control over what application components get added, updated or deleted with the published version.
Partially locked applications: Ability to specify whether an application is “Unlocked”, “Partially Locked” or “Fully Locked”. Partially locked applications allow locking of specific Objects, Menus and Portals but leave others unlocked for customers to modify.
Tenant-specific control over the “Push Updates” process: Centrally managed application updates can be pushed to specific sets of tenants rather than all tenants that have previous versions of that app.
Application Version History and Rollback: Every time an application is published a copy of the previous application definition is stored which can be exported or used for rollback purposes.
New APIs to programmatically install and update applications.
The Rollbase Custom Development Toolkit: Documentation and examples of creating custom Java-based triggers, custom authentication modules and custom JSPs.
Automated Code Generator for Integrations: Template-based code generator allowing automatic tenant-specific code generation for programmatically working with Rollbase APIs in any language.
PDF Forms as Document Templates: A mapping can be defined between fields in a PDF form and any of a Rollbase Object’s fields allowing automation PDF form generation.
Support for Azure Blob Storage.
New Field Type: Expression fields are an alternative to Formula fields for which the computed result is stored and therefore can be used for sorting, totaling and filtering in Views and Reports.
New Field Type: Reference fields are similar to Lookup fields but allow selection of one or more records from a number of different object definitions.
External Objects: Rollbase Private Cloud can integrate directly with external database tables and treat them as Object definitions.

In 2012, Rollbase also furthered its strategy of partnering with development and hosting partners to offer Rollbase development services and managed cloud hosting services to its customers. More than 20 organizations became partners to offer Rollbase application development and managed hosting services to new and existing Rollbase customers.

Tweet this: @Rollbase Reports 80 Percent Year over Year Subscription Growth in 2012

Follow Rollbase on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/rollbase

About Rollbase

Rollbase is a cloud platform that allows rapid creation of software as a service (SaaS) business applications using point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools in a standard browser with a minimal amount of code. Rollbase delivers on the promise of rapid application development, making app creation much faster than traditional software development methods. As a state of the art Platform as a Service (PaaS), Rollbase enables businesses to focus on application innovation rather than the software and hardware infrastructure behind it. Rollbase is offered as both a hosted service (Rollbase Hosted Cloud) and as a licensed platform (Rollbase Private Cloud). Rollbase is designed for Enterprises as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) with a complete system for tenant and subscriber management, provisioning, application development, publishing and deployment. Rollbase provides ISVs and resellers with a robust white label program making it easy to deploy applications under any brand or identity. Founded in August 2007 Rollbase is privately held and profitable.

Grudi Associates is Utilizing New Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology to Help Businesses Utilize Hosted and Premise-Based Phone Systems to Increase Capabilities and Save Cost

Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

Grudi Associates is utilizing new Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities for both premise-based and hosted phone systems to help businesses communicate more effectively, economically and reliably. Selecting the right system for the business’s individual situation and needs is essential for successful implementation.

“Both premise-based VoIP and hosted VoIP phone systems are dramatically improving how businesses serve their customers, enable their employees and achieve greater levels of success,” says Walt Grudi, President of Grudi Associates, a leading provider of telecom and IT services in Central PA and beyond. “But understanding the technology, available options and the difference between VoIP Service and VoIP Phone Systems is imperative.”

Voice over IP service is phone service delivered over the Internet or a private IP network. Voice and multimedia sessions can be transmitted by digitizing the analog signal, encoding, creating data packets and transmission as Internet Protocol (IP) packets over a packet-switched network. A Voice over IP phone system is the equipment and software a business uses. The equipment can be premise-based or reside in the cloud, at a hosted data center.

VoIP solutions open up a broad range of capabilities and advantages to businesses, says Grudi. They range from cost-effectiveness, scalability and number portability to mobility, productivity, quality and functionality, which is one of the most attractive benefits.

Key VoIP functionality includes:

Innovative Products Feature at Electronics, ICT and Lighting Fairs, Over 4,200 Global Manufacturers and Suppliers Expected at April Events

(PRWEB) April 05, 2013

Lighting the Way

The fifth edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) opens next Saturday (6 April) and continues through 9 April.

The four-day event is expected to attract more than 1,000 lighting suppliers and manufacturers, including from the Chinese mainland, France, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States, as well as new exhibitors from Finland, Greece, India, Macau and the United Kingdom.

Fair highlights include two new zones: the Hall of Display World, showcasing the latest innovations in advertising lighting and the World of Chandeliers, featuring chandeliers for sophisticated settings. Other highlights include the Hall of Aurora, showcasing quality brand products, and the Hall of LED and Green Lighting. The Asian Lighting Forum as well as seminars on the latest trends in technology, design and regulations in lighting products, will also take place.

Electronics and ICT Innovations

The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and HKTDC International ICT Expo, 13-16 April, will welcome more than 3,200 electronic suppliers and manufacturers from 24 countries and regions to the HKCEC. Asias largest spring electronics fair will feature exhibitor pavilions from the Chinese mainland, Korea and Taiwan.

New Product Zone

The latest electronics products will be displayed in several key product zones, including Eco-friendly Products, Mobile Devices and Accessories, and Smart Homes. A new zone, Bags and Cases, caters to the growing demand for mobile device accessories. The fairs Hall of Fame will return with some 500 leading brands, including Coby, Coway, Goodway, Haier, Lenco, Otic, TCL, Telefunken, and new exhibitors, Polaroid and Promate.

A series of seminars will spotlight trends in smart devices, wireless charging and other technology applications on consumer electronics and mobile device apps, as well as EMC regulations, and testing and certification. Philips will also release its new research findings on innovation at the fair.

Apps Zone

ICT Expo will present exhibitor pavilions from Australia, Canada, the mainland and India. The expo will spotlight the new Apps Zone, connecting buyers with mobile application experts. Other highlights will include the Business Apps on Cloud and Mobile, featuring the latest cloud computing solutions, the Home-grown Innovations Zone, showcasing local innovations from the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks, Cyberport and local tertiary and research institutions.

Forums and seminars will look at such timely topics as ICT solutions for SMEs, cloud and mobile applications opportunities, cloud computing trends on the mainland, and mobile payment technology such as Near Field Communication, market analysis on social media and software copyrights practices.

In 2012, Hong Kong exported HK$ 1.9 trillion (US$ 254 billion) in electronics products, up seven per cent over 2011. Exports of information and communication technology products totalled HK$ 427 billion (US$ 55 billion) in value, up 12.5 per cent over the previous year.

Small-Order Zone

This year will see the return of the Small-Order Zone at the three fairs, offering thousands of products from more than 320 suppliers in a series of showcases at the Expo Drive entrance.

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DigitalOcean Launches Over 400 Virtual Private Servers Per Day in the Cloud

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

DigitalOcean, a New York based Cloud Hosting provider has recently announced their new $ 5 dollar a month virtual private server plan. Dedicated to building the easiest cloud hosting platform available, DigitalOcean is offering the subscribers of the new cloud server plan with 20GB disk space, 256MB Memory, automated back-ups, and free unlimited bandwidth.

With the new $ 5 a month plan, DigitalOcean expects to speed up its already rapid growth. Its hosting solutions have received a stunning reception among developers and startups. Over 7,000 virtual private servers have been launched just within the past few months and they are launching more than 400 servers per day at the time of this press release.

DigitalOceans popularity has been driven, in a large part, by its dedication to creating the worlds simplest cloud server platform. Featuring an easy-to-use control panel and ultra-fast cloud server deployment, the site makes cloud computing available to users of all levels. This is not an accident. The staff at DigitalOcean comes from over 10 years of experience within the web hosting industry and worked to make the DigitalOcean site seamless and easy to use.

DigitalOcean makes launching and managing a virtual private server simple. Spinning up a virtual private server, which DigitalOcean affectionately calls a droplet, takes less than a minute. This is the shortest spin up time in the cloud hosting space, beating the much longer cloud server launch times of other cloud hosting providers including Rackspace or Amazon EC2.

Scaling is just one way that DigitalOcean supports the rapid changes that affect online sites and businesses. All of the DigitalOcean cloud servers come with free unlimited bandwidth, so that users do not have to work on calculating hourly and monthly traffic rates. The site also features automatic nightly backups that keep the servers’ content secure and current, and subscribers can instantly record specific server configurations and setups using the snapshot feature. The snapshots can then be used to scale quickly across many virtual private servers.

DigitalOcean lets users spin up a free cloud server for a trial period to see just how easy the entire process is. After they register, all users get at least 20 GB of disk space (although the highest plan goes all the way up to 160GB) and unlimited free bandwidth. The whole setup is incredibly fast.

As the company CEO, Ben Uretsky, explained, “Our team is passionate about simplifying the complexities of web infrastructure. Digital Ocean provides the best platform for users to create a server online. From sign up to spin up in less than 3 minutes.

HealthLine Systems Announces the Completion of Over 100 Million EchoCloud Transactions

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2012

HealthLine Systems EchoCloud hosted solution has now surpassed 100 million transactions. EchoCloud combines all of the functionality of HealthLine Systems industry-leading software with comprehensive hosting services. EchoCloud uses a thin client browser interface and Microsofts SQL platform to provide 7/24 access from any internet-accessible computer.

EchoCloud now supports 140 clients and over 1,200 client users across the United States.

One of those clients, Nashville General Hospital at Meharry uses EchoCloud to support Echo credentialing applications. Medical Staff Coordinator Robbie Newlin had this to say about their decision to select Cloud implementation:

With the move to Echo, the desire was to avoid additional pressure on IT. The Medical Staff Office didnt want to ask their IT team to acquire hardware, configure IIS and SQL, install Echo, configure fax and e-mail, and to support backup, maintenance, and upgrades.

Ms. Newlin continued: I recommended that we select EchoCloud to avoid placing additional demands on IT time and resources. Our team agreed. Ms. Newlin summarized: For us the Cloud option is a win for our IT team and a win for the Medical Staff Office.

HealthLine Systems research supports this recommendation, indicating that EchoCloud saves valuable client time. The average EchoCloud implementation is 23.6% faster and EchoCloud clients spend 50% less time with client support.

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry has developed a case study:

From Chaos to Calm Efficiency: Five Insights from the Medical Staff Office. In that document Ms. Newlin comments: We have accomplished more with Echo in the last twelve months than we achieved without it over the last ten years.

To discover Five Insights from Nashville General Hospital at Meharry, click here for their case study: http://www.healthlinesystems.com/pdf/NASHVILLE_casestudy12.pdf

Echo clients selecting Cloud implementation cite additional advantages:

Enjoy access from anywhere, at any time
Clients enjoy the ability to access the system from any location at any time during travel, weekends, snow days. All you need is an Internet connection. Time and place are no longer barriers to your progress.

Eliminate competition for IT resources
Clients dont have to compete for internal IT resources. No more jockeying to schedule the high-demand time of IT professionals to acquire and install hardware; to configure IIS and SQL; to build function-specific environments and install Echo software; or to configure faxing and e-mail.

Liberate IT professionals
Client IT professionals can be freed up to focus on highest priority enterprise initiatives. At the same time, clients benefit from HealthLines significant investment and infrastructure, intimate familiarity with Echo functions and dedicated vigilance for all Echo applications.

Avoid expense
Most clients realize a sizable reduction in operating costs. Securing an environment comparable to that of EchoCloud would require a significant or cost prohibitive initial and ongoing investment.

Echo clients selecting Cloud implementation cite additional advantages: continued

Secure peace of mind
Benefit from a highly stable, geographically diverse system housed in a state-of-the-art data center. Enjoy best-in-class security, connectivity and reliability. EchoCloud consistently exceeds the Service Level Agreement standard of 99.5% up time.

Assure world-class data security and compliance
EchoCloud includes up-to-the-minute hardware, third party and Echo enhancements to secure your data and meet applicable HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements.

Relax with stress-free system maintenance and upgrades
HLS maintains, backs up, and provides for SQL database maintenance, operating system upgrades, and regular Echo enhancements and upgrades. Many EchoCloud clients leave on Friday and return on Monday to find their Echo update complete!

Lock in proactive monitoring
EchoCloud employs multiple tools to proactively monitor all systems to detect developing issues and resolve them BEFORE they become significant problems. EchoCloud mitigates downside risk by regular reindexing and database optimization, server benchmarking and preemptive resource allocation, and proactive calls from Echo support with questions and organization-specific opportunities.

About HealthLine Systems

All HealthLine Systems software systems are offered as either cloud/hosted or as installed solutions including:

EchoCredentialing, web-based credentialing and provider management software;

EchoQuality, an integrated and comprehensive quality management software solution that supports patient safety and regulatory compliance initiatives and

EchoAccess, healthcare’s first fully web-enabled contact center solution with a web-browser user interface.

HealthLine Systems client base represents over a thousand distinguished healthcare organizations in 50 states, Canada and Mexico. Incorporated in 1985, HealthLine is privately held and based in San Diego, California. HealthLine is committed to provide peerless information management solutions to maximize the quality and delivery of healthcare services through technological innovation. For more information, visit HealthLine Systems website, http://www.healthlinesystems.com.

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