Disruption and Opportunity Emerging From Declining Federal IT Market, According to Deltek

(PRWEB) July 16, 2014

According to a new report from Deltek, federal IT spending will decline from $ 102 billion in FY 2014 to $ 94 billion in FY 2019 as agencies continue to streamline operations and improve the efficiency of IT programs. IT reform initiatives continue to compel agencies to maximize budgets and strengthen IT performance, which results in both reductions and investments.

Delteks new GovWin IQ report Federal IT Market, 2014-2019, provides analysis of contractor-addressable budgets across the federal Hardware, Software, IT Services, and Communications and Network Services markets helping contractors identify areas of budget growth and contraction so they can better plan and execute their business development strategies. Delteks forecast includes IT spending not reported through the Office and Management and Budget (OMB), such as the judicial and legislative branches, the intelligence community, federal organizations that are not subject to federal IT budget reporting requirements, and IT embedded in large defense systems.

IT policies related to data center optimization, strategic sourcing, shared services and cloud computing are driving some cost savings. Agencies are reprioritizing and rescoping IT programs in an effort to maximize existing budgets and set the stage for lower spending in the future. This transition to a leaner federal government and the ability to sustain it requires technologies that facilitate the consolidation, integration and standardization necessary to develop uniform IT platforms known as Common Operating Environments.

The proliferation of Common Operating Environments in many agencies is the basis of their approach to delivering enterprise IT, said Deltek Analyst Alex Rossino. Getting there requires a variety of investments and activities, from deploying standardized hardware and applications to reengineering IT networks.

This enterprise-centric perspective will result in budget declines over the long run. In order to reach this goal within existing budget boundaries, agencies will eliminate redundant investments, focus on the must-haves, favor lower cost alternatives, and utilize strategic sourcing contracts.

In the course of this transformation, evolving IT policies will have an impact on all IT market segments. Strategic sourcing and data center consolidation and optimization efforts will put downward pressure on the IT Hardware and Software markets. The IT Services segment is similarly impacted by the administrations focus on reducing service contracting, which represents the largest category of federal contracting. While not exempt from cuts, the Communications and Network Services market is sustained by growing bandwidth and mobility requirements.

Agencies will also continue to rally budget dollars around technology solutions that support mission priorities, such as cybersecurity and data analytics. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Health IT will be critical for the Department of Defense in particular.

With or without sequestration in 2016, budget modesty has become the norm as agencies plan for the future. After experiencing sequestration in 2013, agency leaders want more control of where cuts happen, said John Slye, Deltek Analyst. This means redefining priorities and acquisition strategies to fit within new budget realities.

Contractors must continue to adjust to this reality by ensuring that they have the strategies and tactics in place to pursue growth opportunities and protect market share.

For more information on GovWin IQ and this report, visit the Federal IT Market, 2014-2019 page on GovWin.com. The report is free to subscribers of GovWins Federal Industry Analysis program. Press interviews can be arranged by contacting Lauran Cacciatori.

About GovWin IQ

Delteks GovWin IQ provides the market intelligence tools and analysis government contractors need to gain a competitive advantage and be a formidable player in the federal market. Backed by a team of government research and analysis experts, GovWin IQ provides the most powerful, comprehensive, and timely lead generation and business intelligence solutions available. More than $ 1.8 trillion opportunities are tracked every year a number no other competitor can match. http://www.govwin.com

About Deltek

Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for professional services firms and government contractors. For decades, we have delivered actionable insight that empowers our customers to unlock their business potential. 18,000 organizations and 2 million users in over 80 countries around the world rely on Deltek to research and identify opportunities, win new business, optimize resources, streamline operations, and deliver more profitable projects. Deltek Know more. Do more.

Star2Star Partners With RapidScale, Providing Unparalleled Opportunity For Partners & Value For Customers

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) February 27, 2014

Star2Star Communications, makers of the Worlds Most Scalable Cloud Communications Solution, has teamed up with RapidScale, a global leader in cloud Desktop as a Service (http://www.desktopasaservice.us) to provide breakthrough pricing of only $ 99 a month, per seat for this popular cloud combination.

This offer pairs Star2Stars Scalable Cloud Communications solution with RapidScales CloudOffice. Star2Star and RapidScale Partners now have the opportunity to sell both companies services together, providing world-class value to their customers.

We’re always looking for ways to add value and convenience for our partners and customers, said Michelle Accardi-Petersen, Chief Marketing Officer at Star2Star. This partnership with RapidScale delivers a unique and incredibly useful suite of tools at a very attractive price.

Randy Jeter, CEO of RapidScale, says, This partnership is about the End User Experience, points of contact for support and competitive pricing for an all-in-one solution to the small to medium business market. Were excited to partner with Star2Star to add the mission-critical communications element to our combined offering.

The Star2Star / RapidScale bundle delivers these services:

Star2Star Communications

Cloudscaling Nominated by Telecom Council of Silicon Valley for Award as Best Fixed Telecom Opportunity

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) August 13, 2012

Three months after becoming the first cloud infrastructure solution provider to join the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley (TCSV), Cloudscaling has been nominated by the organization for its annual SPIFFY awards.

The SPIFFY Awards is an annual ceremony that recognizes the best telecom startups from the year prior. SPIFFY is an acronym that loosely reflects the TCSVs Service Provider Forum (SPiF).

In 2011, SPiF (and the wider TCSV leadership) reviewed more than 200 young companies bringing telecom innovations to market. By simply being invited to SPiF, startups are already filtered as young companies that have the ideas, relevance and traction that most appeal to communication service providers from around the globe. Award categories include innovation, creativity, emergent entrepreneurship and competitive excellence.

Cloudscaling is nominated in the category of Core Award for Best Fixed Telecom Opportunity. This award recognizes the best investment opportunity within the fixed telecom sector demonstrated at SPiF events in the past two years. During that period, Cloudscaling designed and built clouds based on OpenStack and other technologies for several of the worlds largest carriers and service providers. These include KT (formerly Korea Telecom), Internap and other large service providers.

“Were the first open cloud computing solution provider to join the Telecom Council, said David Bernstein, vice president of carrier strategy for Cloudscaling. We build production-scale, open cloud infrastructure for the largest carriers who want to support subscriber-facing applications to support a rapidly growing appetite for mobile, machine to machine and other segments that carriers are uniquely positioned to exploit. Being nominated for the SPIFFY was an honor that we were humbled to receive.

The mission of TCSV is to facilitate relationships between carriers and companies delivering innovative technologies to the industry. Founded in 2000, the Council has produced hundreds of conferences, meetups, forums, debriefing sessions and technology showcases. More than 100 companies are members of the Council, including the largest names in the telecom industry.

Liz Kerton, president of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley, said, “Cloudscaling is a great example of the kinds of innovators our organization was designed to bring to the table. Cloud computing is a high interest topic among our wireline, MSO, and mobile carrier communities, and the Council provides a forum to connect them to innovative companies. At the SPIFFYs, we honor the best of the best, so we are proud to add Cloudscaling to the list of successful telecom startups who have filtered through the Council to meet potential partners.

About Cloudscaling

Cloudscaling is the leading elastic infrastructure cloud software and systems company delivering on-premise, production-grade, OpenStack-powered solutions.

Cloudscalings products and services target the needs of agile application development and IT infrastructure teams seeking faster time to market and scale-out infrastructure for a new generation of elastic cloud applications. Cloudscalings Open Cloud System delivers the agility, performance, and cost benefits of public cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services, but deployable in the customers datacenter and under the IT teams control.

Cloudscaling has more production OpenStack experience than any other company, including successful deployments at KT (formerly Korea Telecom), Internap and others. The Cloudscaling team are industry veterans who have designed and deployed large-scale cloud infrastructure for cloud pioneers such as AWS, NASA, GoGrid, RightScale and eBay. Cloudscaling is backed by Trinity Ventures and is headquartered in San Francisco.

About the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley connects companies and individuals involved in the region’s communications technology industry with one another for business development, collaboration, and education. Using our network, tools, framework and meetings to bring together the local telecom industry’s critical mass of businesses, research, ideas, capital, and human expertise the Council is a hub for telecom professionals.

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Telcom & Data Announces Opportunity to Become an Audio and Web Conference Service Provider with XOP Networks Audio Conference Bridge

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

Rising demand to use teleconferencing for client meetings, sales presentations, team meetings, quarterly reports, and webinars have driven businesses to seek lower cost conferencing solutions. Telcom & Data, a leader in business phone systems, is now offering XOP Networks Universal Service Node Conference Bridge as an affordable solution for conferencing service providers. The bridge allows service providers to deliver a comprehensive and economical platform to enterprise customers. Net 4 India recently began using the bridge to provide conferencing services to its broad customer base.

The Universal Service Node Conference Bridge is a Linux based, scalable platform that is specifically designed to meet the needs of conferencing service providers and other carriers that want to offer hosted conferencing services. The service provider package adds several important capabilities including the ability to a) sell Virtual Conference Bridges, b) Operator assisted conferencing, c) Automated Subscriber Provisioning, d) Uploading of Call Detail Records to external billing systems, and e) support for High Availability based on Active/Standby or Active/Active server configurations.

We selected XOP Networks Universal Service Node (USN) as our Conferencing Service platform because it is flexible and economical. The platform allows us to provision subscriber accounts using an XML based API, was easily integrated with our billing system, supports high availability based on active/active server configuration and finally provides multiple enhanced security features that prevent any unauthorized access to an end customers data, said Desi Valli, COO of Net 4 India. He further added It is a great opportunity for us to make available, a rapidly growing service to our existing 400,000 SME customers and the market at large.

For more information on how to become a teleconference service provider with XOP Networks, call 1-800-335-0229.

About Telcom & Data

Since 1996 Telcom & Data has been providing thousands of telecommunications solutions to organizations around the world to measurably improve communications. The company is a leader in business phone systems, teleconferencing, and mass notification products. Telcom & Data maintains a network of over 1600 technicians with locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Miami.

About Net4 India

Net4 is Indias leading Data Centre, Cloud Hosting and Network Services Provider, with revenues of Rs.465 cr (85mnUSD). Net4 focuses on providing services to businesses (small, medium and large) and its offerings include Data Centre & Cloud Hosting Solutions, Enterprise Internet Services, VoIP Solutions, Enterprise Messaging & Hosting Solutions and Domain name registration. Net4 India has a PAN India presence with offices in 11 major cities. It serves over 400,000 SME customers for a wide range of Web Services, over 3500 Medium to Large businesses for Enterprise Services and 3000 resellers across multiple segments. Net4 India is amongst the largest provider of hosted email, web hosting and domain name registration (http://www.net4.in) in the Asia-Pacific region.

About XOP Networks

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, XOP Networks was founded in January 2003 and is backed by a seasoned management team. Deployed at multiple Cellular Operators, Fortune 100 companies, CLEC/IOC customers, Government organizations, DOD networks (Air Force, Army and Navy) XOP Networks’ products allow customers to boost employee productivity, increase business efficiency and enhance emergency communications. Having both TDM and VoIP interfaces, XOP products allow customers to seamlessly transition their value added services from legacy circuit switched networks to VoIP based packet switched networks.

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Forbes Calls On CabForward to Explain a “Cloud of Opportunity”

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 01, 2013

Not so long ago, the only businesses with access to world-class software were also the wealthiest ones. Innovation required lots of cash, a luxury not afforded to most startups.

But thanks to open-source software like Ruby on Rails, cloud computing, and knowledgeable guides to help you navigate both, the barrier of entry is almost non-existent.

Lance Vaughn, Founder/CEO of CabForward an Austin-based web and mobile app development company was recently tapped by Forbes.com to explain this evolution. As he describes it, the shift to transparent, collaborative software development and affordable access to powerful computing resources isn’t just about getting your ideas on the web. It’s about a new environment for innovation, which helps small businesses looking to outmaneuver their competition, as well as the developers providing the custom software that makes it possible.

Maybe its more than code, maybe I want to stand up a company and provide a business service, said Vaughn in George Dearing’s feature article (“Competing On The Cloud: Small Businesses Can Thrive with SaaS,” Forbes.com, July 22, 2013).

Vaughn is referencing tech startup Code Climate, whose founder Bryan Helmkamp developed algorithms to grade the quality of his carefully crafted code. But once Bryan decided to make these tools available for cloud access, Code Climate was born, and he was able to leverage the cloud to turn his passion into a day job.

But the current development landscape isn’t just good news for software creators and small businesses. Increasingly open communication between coders and companies like CabForward gestures toward a new movement of tech education and knowledge sharing. In other words, “Long-gone are the days when software development took place in a black box,” says Dearing.

As a result, companies like Amazon are beginning to offer training packages for individuals and businesses alike. Amazon Web Services now hosts self-paced labs in conjunction with cloud platforms, which underscores the mission of companies like CabForward: to make software development a true collaboration between businesses, customers, and developers alike.

“You want to leverage as much code and software thats out there, says Vaughn on Forbes.com. Thanks to an increasingly democratic tech environment, that leverage is now possible for a lot more people.


To schedule an interview or to receive more information, contact Michael Kennedy at 512-693-4142 ext 1 or michael@cabforward.com. Visit cabforward.com for more information. Follow @CabForward on Twitter.

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Cobalt Iron to Discuss How to Transform Backup Costs into a Business Opportunity at IBM Pulse Conference in Las Vegas

Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

Cobalt Iron, a provider of adaptive data protection solutions, today announced Richard R. Spurlock, CEO and Founder of Cobalt Iron, will be presenting at the IBM Pulse 2013 Conference. Designed for IBM sellers, partners and user communities, Pulse 2013 shares best practices for the Tivoli software portfolio with over 8,000 expected attendees. This years Pulse will focus on applying the power of Cloud Computing to securely evolve beyond the data center into the world of smarter assets and enterprise mobility.

At the event, Spurlock will deliver a presentation, Transforming Backup Costs Into a Business Opportunity, that addresses the state of enterprise backup, the costs and complexities associated with it, and the importance of companies actively retooling their backup investments to match their dynamically changing business needs. Additionally, Spurlock will participate on a panel discussion Managed Service Provider Cloud Solutions, focused on creating opportunities from IT trends currently impacting the landscape today. This presentation is designed for IBM business partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) seeking growth opportunities and new service offerings.

The costs and complexity associated with managing enterprise backup doesnt have to break the bank and be a continual pain-point for organizations, said Richard R. Spurlock, CEO and Founder of Cobalt Iron. Increasingly customers are seeking out data protection solutions that provide confidence, speed, and simplicity. Adaptive data protection solutions from Cobalt Iron deliver on customer needs with the flexibility to grow and change at the speed of business.


IBM Pulse 2013


Monday, March 4, 2013, 2-3pm – Managed Service Provider Cloud Solutions

Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 2-3pm – Transforming Backup Costs into a Business Opportunity


MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

Learn more about Cobalt Iron and Transforming Your Backup Costs

About Cobalt Iron

Cobalt Iron offers a suite of adaptive data protection and recovery solutions that provide the flexibility and functionality needed to drive business. These cost-effective, expert-designed solutions enable companies to operate with the confidence that their data is protected and can be recovered whenever and wherever they need it. Cobalt Iron maintains its headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas. For more information, visit http://www.cobaltiron.com/ and follow us on Twitter: @cobaltiron

Revit Tech User Sessions are a vital educational opportunity

Centerville, MA (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

The Revit Tech User Sessions are a vital educational opportunity at the Washington, D. C., December 3-7, 2012 Ecobuild

SVForum Cloud Day 2012 Experts Peek behind the Great Cloud Opportunity

San Jose, Calif. (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

SVForum (http://www.svforum.org), the leading non-profit organization for technologists and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, today announced the full line-up of speakers for SVForum Cloud Day, http://tinyurl.com/CloudDay2012, to be held Thursday, September 27, 2012 at Microsofts Mountain View Campus. Sponsors include Accenture, IBM, Microsoft BizSpark and SAP.

SVForums Cloud Day brings together many of the cloud industrys major players for brainstorming and information sharing through presentations by industry thought leaders and conversations with senior-level representatives from major players in the cloud ecosystem. Networking sessions will allow participants to meet and exchange ideas that may help to drive the future of the industry.

A key part of our charter is to provide opportunities for technologists and executives to explore the potential and implications of new technologies. said Chris Gill, President and CEO of SVForum. Partnering with such respected industry experts and partners has positioned SVForums Cloud Day to be a significant gathering of cloud ecosystem visionaries and experts ready to help the Cloud continue to realize it promise and potential.

There are applications running in the cloud today that are bigger than all of the clouds racked together back in 2008, said Dave Nielsen, Co-chair, Cloud SIG, Founder, CloudCamp. At Cloud Day, we’re going to discuss new ways to use the Cloud that had never been thought possible before.

Why SVForum Cloud Day?

While not a new concept, cloud computing has finally emerged from relative obscurity to become a mainstream concept over the past several years. Widespread adoption is no longer in question, any credible software company necessarily offers its solutions on demand, and X-as-a-service has expanded from software to platforms and infrastructure. Yet despite these successes, many questions remain. How is cloud poised to continue its evolution? What factors are slowing advancement, and which pose the greatest risks and challenges? Which new technologies and architecture strategies can surmount obstacles, create new capabilities and enable potentially powerful business models? What role do M&A and venture financing play in driving the pace and depth of change across the sector?

SVForum Cloud Day brings together industry experts from around the world to discuss and answer these questions. To register: http://tinyurl.com/RegisterCloudDay Tweet with us! #SVFCloud @SVForum.

The Program

7:30 am