Lavu Delivers Online Ordering with Restaurant iPad POS

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) July 03, 2014

Lavu Inc. is pleased to announce new solutions for their online ordering application Lavu ToGo including multiple payment options, real-time notifications, customizable online menus, and easy website embedding. Lavu ToGo is directly integrated with Lavu iPad POS and helps streamline the online ordering process.

Multiple payment options make online ordering more accessible and user friendly for those placing orders through websites on laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Customers ordering online can now pay with cash at the counter during pickup or – if the client has direct credit card integration – with a credit card while placing an order. Multiple payment options improves the customer experience while simplifying checkout procedures.

Lavu ToGo was created to address customer demand for online ordering. More diners are ordering meals from their PCs, smartphones and devices. The new Lavu ToGo update endured extensive in-house and client beta testing, and works fluidly to improve the order taking workflow for staff.

We wanted to redefine what Lavu ToGo could do for our clients, said Alex Gibbs, VP of Product Development. We listened to client feedback and studied industry trends to understand how to best improve our product, and then developed multiple payment options and real-time notifications in response.

New improvements to Lavus online ordering solutions are coupled with existing Lavu features including a searchable customer database. The easy to access customer list includes customer order history, addresses and contact information, and speeds up the order taking process for staff.

Lavu ToGo is included at no extra charge for Gold, Platinum and Pro accounts. The interface can be easily embedded into clients existing websites, and customized in the Lavu iPad POS back-of-house. Lavu offers 24 hour phone support for questions or setup assistance.

About Lavu

Founded in Albuquerque, NM, and operating worldwide, Lavu Inc. began as a solution to common point of sale problems and restaurant industry issues. Lavu Inc. offers Lavu iPad POS as a full-featured point of sale software solution at a fair price. Through cloud computing, wireless mobility, and multi-touch devices, Lavu iPad POS redefines the entire approach to restaurant business management. For more information, visit

GSA Approves and Enables Smartsheet for Online Work Collaboration and Project Management

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

Smartsheet, the collaborative work management tool used by more than 45,000 paying organizations and millions of users worldwide, today announced that the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has selected Smartsheet as its online collaborative project management tool, and that it is now available for all GSA employees.

Smartsheet is currently in use by teams at federal agencies including NASA, Library of Congress, National Institutes of Health, National Parks Service, and US Department of Veterans Affairs. Additionally, state government organizations, such as the State of Maryland, also use the spreadsheet-inspired tool to coordinate a wide variety of work processes and projects including election logistics, constituent programs, IT projects, wetland research, and grant management.

GSA, which is leading the federal governments charge to the cloud, adopted a Google-based email and calendar system in mid-2011. Now, theyre further extending their ecosystem with the Smartsheet deployment. The unique combination of the easy-to-use spreadsheet interface, file sharing, powerful project management capabilities, such as Gantt charts and automated workflows, plus the seamless integration with Google, were all key factors in its decision to select Smartsheet.

After seeing employees quickly adopt and embrace Smartsheet and the successful completion of a rigorous security review process, the GSA made the decision to bypass traditional project management software, such as Microsoft Project and other web-based apps, in favor of deploying Smartsheet across the entire organization. GSA now links its program management schedules and Gantt chart timelines in Smartsheet with Google tools, such as calendars, Gmail, and the Google Drive document system.

Secure, cloud-based business apps like Smartsheet are growing in popularity with government agencies as the organizations struggle with increasing pressure to lower operational and capital IT expenses. According to the The InformationWeek Governments 2013 Federal Government Cloud Computing Survey, a majority of

Mosso, Rackspace’s Cloud Division, Enables Cloud Files with Limelight Networks Content Delivery Service : Cloud Storage and CDN Integration Enables Unlimited Online Storage to be Distributed Across the Globe Quickly and at a Low Cost

SAN ANTONIO (PRWEB) November 19, 2008

Cloud Files, a scalable online storage service, as well as the relationship with Limelight, was announced last month at the Cloud Event as part of the new suite of Cloud Hosting offerings from Rackspace. In conjunction with Cloud Files, Limelight’s robust and proven delivery service helps enable Mosso to quickly deliver files around the globe.

“Using Cloud Files for Action Method Online means that we don’t ever have to worry about running out of space, or adding expensive hardware. We can allow our users to upload as many files as they like while managing their projects and scale seamlessly with amazing performance,” said Chris Henry, Co-CTO, Behance. “And with a CDN leader like Limelight delivering our users’ files, we believe we can count not only on reliability but also on the fastest download time out there.”

Limelight Networks operates a dedicated optical network that interconnects thousands of servers around the world. This network enables the company to deliver massive files at the speed of light directly into the access networks that consumers use every day. When an end user requests a file, Limelight’s network pulls it from the closest Mosso server, caches the content within their geographically distributed network, and serves it up at blazing speeds.

“Limelight Networks’ global delivery platform provides Mosso with world-class performance, scalability, and efficiency, which can help them ensure that any object stored in the Cloud Files service will reliably and efficiently be delivered to their end-users,” said Peter Coppola, vice president, product management, Limelight Networks, Inc.. “This combination of cost effective, unlimited online storage with Limelight’s worldwide distribution platform is truly innovative, and we are proud to work with Mosso and Rackspace to bring this exciting new service to market.”

“The Mosso/Limelight relationship brings full-fledged, robust CDN capabilities and unlimited file storage to developers and corporate IT shops alike. We expect Mosso’s new CDN capability to greatly enhance the quality of the end user experience by speeding the delivery of bandwidth-heavy rich content, including audio and video.” said Emil Sayegh, general manager of Mosso. “For literally pennies per gigabyte of bandwidth and storage and no upfront commitments, the CDN advantage is no longer only available to the giants of the internet. Together with Limelight, we have just democratized content delivery.”

Beyond enabling developers to rapidly and affordably serve content with a simple “right click”, this new CDN capability also adds an additional layer of redundancy for public content. Other Cloud Files benefits include:

Ease of Use: Files can be managed either through an online control panel or programmatically through language specific APIs (ReST, PHP, Python, Java, .NET) Flexibility: Customers can use as much or little storage as necessary, while paying only for what is used Stored files can be as small as a few bytes or as large as 5GB Metadata: Additional metadata can be added, and delivered, along with each file that is stored Pricing for Cloud Files with CDN starts at 15 cents per gigabyte of storage and 22 cents per gigabyte of bandwidth from any edge location around the globe. High volume users receive price breaks at 30 TB of storage and/or 5 TB of bandwidth. Pricing includes CDN transit services only available through Cloud Files. Mosso CDN integration is available today with no additional fees for CDN-based requests. There are no upfront fees required to get started and end users pay only for storage space and outgoing bandwidth that has been used. For more pricing information, please visit

About Mosso, Rackspace’s Cloud Hosting Division

Mosso is the home of Cloud Sites, Cloud Files and Cloud Servers, providing enterprise-grade hosting and storage services. Mosso provides an easily managed interface allowing developers, designers and IT managers to deploy reliable web applications quickly and easily as well as high performance cloud-based storage services. Founded by two Rackspace employees, Mosso is built upon a cross platform, clustered-computing architecture. For more information, visit or call 1-877-934-0409.

About Rackspace Hosting

As the world’s leader and specialist in hosting, Rackspace Hosting is changing the way businesses worldwide buy IT. Rackspace delivers computing-as-a-service, integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)Market Worth USD 16.4 Billion in 2020 Says a New Market Research Report Available Online by ResearchMoz

Albany, NY (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

SOA supports providing a platform for use by IT in a market marked by big data that sits on widely dispersed resources that are heterogeneous. IT resources are heterogeneous because each business seeks to utilize technology that is best of breed for solving the particular set of competitive situations they address. This creates a variety of solutions in each business.

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) market size at $ 5.7 billion in 2013 is anticipated to reach $ 16.4 billion by 2020. Significant growth is driven by the smart phone and social media in attrition to cloud computing market penetration, with smart phones beginning to get significant uptake all over the world.

Browse Full Report With Complete TOC at

Growth is a result of IT department efforts to reduce spending on run time, gaining the effect of more hires by decreasing operating costs. SOA delivers more efficient automated process. SOA enables IT to spend a higher proportion of the budgets on growing the business. SOA stacks of decoupled services are purpose built for the enterprise environment that is continuously shifting because of mergers and acquisitions. With decoupled software solutions, the web services and the SOA components can be portable.

Oriented Architecture (SOA): Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020. The 2014 study has 679 pages, 250 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the cloud computing for utility infrastructure and the smart phone communications systems for apps are put in place.

IBM Leads Foundation for Cloud Computing: Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)

IBM SOA is used to implement cloud systems that stretch the boundaries of the enterprise to user end points, permitting marketing departments to target smartphones, implementing management decentralization and supporting user empowerment. SOA forms the base for business intelligence (BI) and analytics systems. It enables organizational ability to perform diagnostic analytics.

IBM is the leader in SOA overall. IBM is the leader because it has invested in integration and analytics technology needed to achieve comprehensive IT systems implementation that achieves support for collaborative systems. The implementation of SOA depends on a broad set of technology frameworks that interact seamlessly to achieve the end point integration needed to manage complexity of modern IT systems. IBM stands alone in the IT industry with that capability of managing complexity.

Browse Other Published Reports By Winter Green Research at

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the foundation for modern transactional systems. As the Internet extends transaction systems to real time, SOA has been invented to extend the transaction systems appropriately. SOA supports the evolution of Internet based real time e-business and end-to-end business process integration.

In the next decade, the same SOA principles will be at the core of a new era of business engagements that transact at Internet scale across locations, devices, people, processes and information. IBM is able to manage scale and security. It has built a set of systems that have been criticized over the years for being too complex and too large, but now that the Internet and real time computing have evolved, IBM stands alone in its ability to scale reliably and securely.

IBM SOA is first and foremost tuned to supporting mobile application development, big data, and cloud computing. The SOA enterprise architecture supports mobile development by providing transparent seamless API support for all the different mobile smart phones. Infrastructure tools with business-user-friendly data integration, coupled with embedded storage and computing layers (typically in-memory/columnar) and unfettered drilling accelerates the trend toward decentralization and user empowerment of BI and analytics, and greatly enables organizations’ ability to perform diagnostic analytics.

Browse Reports in ICT Market Research Reports –

Cloud And Mobile Computing Redefine SOA, giving new thrust to well defined technology that has been widely implemented, but now will be leveraged and added to give it new functionality appropriate to cloud computing.

Cloud and mobile computing redefine SOA, providing ways for companies to implement analytics and mine social media data to create information that is usable for decision making. These initiatives depend on a solid integration foundation, permitting IBM to increase its already large market SOA share because IBM has such comprehensive SOA platforms that hide complexity from users, supporting efficient systems implementation.

SOA, mobile development, big data, API, cloud computing, framework architecture, enterprise architecture, mobile, and infrastructure tools are used to implement business-user-friendly data integration. Coupled with embedded storage and computing layers (typically in-memory/columnar) and unfettered drilling accelerates the trend toward decentralization and user empowerment of BI and analytics, and greatly enables organizations’ ability to perform diagnostic analytics.

According to Susan Eustis, principal author of the market research study, Unstructured data accounts for 90% of the data in organizations. Unstructured data generated by machines, or as part of social media drive the need for SOA. Smart phones create information on a massive scale, driving needs to manage records of transaction activity, system behavior, application performance, user actions, security threats and fraudulent activity. SOA is used to handle the complexity or scale of massive volumes of unstructured machine data. SOA allows implementation of systems flexibility, it implements real time computing.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders







Software AG

Market Participants

360logica Software


CA Technologies

Crosscheck Networks


Hewlett Packard


iWay Software

Layer 7

Managed Methods

Nastel Technologies



Rally Software

Red Hat


SOA Software


Check Out These Key Topics

SOA Products

SOA Analytics

WEB Services


Services Oriented Architecture

SOA Cloud Architecture

SOA Mobile Architecture


Cloud Computing

SOA Application Middleware

SOA Forecasts

SOA Market Shares

Web Services

SOA Governance


SOA Repository

SOA Directory

SOA Advances In Technology

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Flexible Applications


SOA Management

SOA Security

SOA Management

Monitor SOA

Manage SOA

Application Service Levels

SOA Business Process


SOA Flexible Response To Changing Market Conditions

Innovation For The Very Large Enterprises

SOA Innovation

Software Localization

Related Report –

Natural Language Computer Assisted Coding and SOA Healthcare Application Market Strategies, Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Markets at $ 150 million in 2010 are anticipated to reach $ 2.6 billion by

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Global BPO services market to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2014 to 2018 Forecast Report Available Online by

Albany, NewYork (PRWEB) April 18, 2014

Global Market Opportunity Forecast outlines the primary findings from our ongoing research into the dynamics in the BPO service market.

Key Findings

This product provides revenue opportunity forecasts in the BPO Services market from 2014 to 2018, spanning six service lines, 37 geographical markets, six regions,14 verticals, and two size bands.

Read full report at


The extended scope of this product includes:

Blacknight Calls on Internet Users to Reclaim their Online Identity

Carlow, Ireland (PRWEB) July 29, 2013

Leading Irish domain registrar and hosting company Blacknight is calling on Internet users to take control of their own online lives.

Blacknight ( want Internet users to know that storing their data on social networks is not a long-term online content management solution. As social networks rise and fall, so does the information stored there. The safest and most effective way to store and manage online content is through a personally controlled business or personal site. A domain name and website run on an open source platform like WordPress and hosted by the individual or company creates a space for content and data to live over time in one place.

Michele Neylon of Blacknight explains, If there is one thing I tell people over and over again, it is that the most important thing you can do for yourself and your online business is to get a good domain name and build a site on it. Do not rely solely on social networks to store your content and information. It is unprofessional but most alarmingly; it’s impermanent. If Facebook should suddenly go out of business, all of your data goes with it. You need a domain name and a website to house all of your personal and business data.

Whether focusing on a blog, personal, photo sharing or business site, it is advantageous to create a place online from which to host content that is sourced to preferred social media platforms. Not only does this create a personal record of everything a user publishes online, but it also makes it easier to control online identity.

Neylon continues, The amount of content a person creates over time becomes a record of their life. If suddenly, every holiday photo, opinion and important announcement or business contact were to disappear due to the collapse of a social media service, it would be devastating.

For those seeking to re-claim their online identity, Blacknight offers domain name registration in over two hundred extensions including .COM, .EU, .BIZ, .CO and .ME, which can be perfectly paired with No Fluff Cloud Hosting. For those who prefer a more traditional hosting setup, Blacknight also provides Standard Hosting, Shared Hosting, Hosted SharePoint, Dedicated/ Colocation, and Mobile Friendly Hosting through goMobi. Each service has several pricing and performance tiers so Blacknight customers can create a package that fits their needs.

For more information about Blacknights suite of services please visit

About Blacknight:

Blacknight are an Irish based, ICANN accredited domain registrar and hosting company. Recipients of several awards for their revolutionary use of social media, Blacknight are one of Europes most cutting edge Internet companies. Blacknight constantly seek to lead the way by introducing innovative solutions for its client base and provide dedicated servers and colocation as well as a comprehensive range of Microsoft Windows and Linux based hosting plans and domain name registration services to business globally.

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Traditional Advertising and Marketing Move Closer to Extinction Due to a New Online Brand Management Program

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 19, 2010

Brandtailers today announced a new product to manage a companys online brand. The patent-pending Online Brand Management Program listens, responds, promotes and measures brands in the online world. Beta testers agree it is a strong replacement for traditional advertising and marketing.

Our agency has been in advertising and marketing for 20 years, long enough to see 24k dial up modems give way to Terabytes and Cloud Servers, said Cheril Hendry, CEO of Brandtailers. Weve also seen the ROI of most traditional media decline to the point of irrelevance. A good online program, heavily focused on brand management, is where the market is going. With this product, well get our clients there first.

Adria Higginson, Brandtailers Director of Operations, described their Online Brand Management program as a tool that goes beyond common Social Media and Online Reputation Management products. There are lots of agencies touting their expertise in Twitter, Facebook, and customer review management, she said, but thats only a small piece of our program. To truly replace offline marketing with successful online branding, it takes more. A lot more.

Hendry said she spent the last few years watching businesses struggle with online advertising and marketing products they didnt understand, much less want to take time using. She knew there was a need not only for a full-service program, but also a full-service person that could manage the program for the client. Our product is a success because it includes state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled Online Brand Manager.

Each Online Brand Manager spends two weeks in-house with a new client to understand their business operations and capture their corporate culture. In addition to this training, the OBM (Online Brand Manager) is often paired with industries theyre very familiar with. For example, Celine Bunagan, one of Brandtailers Online Brand Managers, has extensive experience with luxury automotive marketing. She said, Two weeks into the programs beta test, I helped a luxury dealer sell an Audi A4 through Twitter. That was pretty fun.

All of Brandtailers clients involved with the beta-test the said they especially liked the personalized Dashboard that comes with the program. Katherine Topping, Brandtailers Online Brand Management Supervisor, said, The Dashboard is a live, moment by moment summary of our listening, responding, promoting and measuring efforts on behalf of the client. Its all they need to know whats going on. She explained that clients have live access not only to whats happening on line, but direct connection to their Online Brand Manager as well. Topping said, We even have a weekly two minute video summary for executives who are extremely time-limited but still want to stay informed.

Hendry is clear to point out this product is not for every business. She states it is primarily designed for medium sized companies that know they need an online marketing and brand management program, but for whatever reason they dont want to bring it in-house.

For additional information on Brandtailers Online Brand Management Program contact Cheril Hendry or visit

About Brandtailers:

Brandtailers is a full-service digital and traditional marketing agency with twenty years of expertise in the retail, financial, educational, automotive and real estate industries. Based in Southern California, they have been recognized as Orange Countys top digital marketing agency for the past three years. They work with local, regional and national brands within the United States and Canada.

# # #

Trapp Online Launches Colocation Services at NextFort Data Center

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Scottsdale-based Trapp Online, LLC,, a provider of industry-specific hosting solutions, is proud to announce that it is now offering IT colocation services and infrastructure at the NextFort modular data center, a strategic partner in Chandler, Arizona. Companies looking to secure their IT will be able to procure not only the colocation basics of rack space, power and cooling but also ultra-secure blended bandwidth Internet and IT consulting services provided by Trapp Onlines sister companies, Trapp Connect and Trapp Tech.

“I dont know of anywhere else you can gain access to colocation services in a modular data center and blended bandwidth Internet backed by a phenomenal technical crew all from a single provider, said David Trapp, CEO, Trapp Online. The team who also built the advanced Trapp Online cloud and Trapp Connect ISP bring an incredible level of IT experience and skill to colocation customers.

Trapp Online adds advanced colocation infrastructure and services to NextForts data center with the advantages of direct access to the Trapp Connect blended bandwidth ISP and Trapp Techs managed IT services and consulting. Fast, reliable, and redundant service from Trapp Connect gives business customers the flexibility to withstand carrier outages or performance problems by automatically adapting to changes in the Internet.

NextFort is out in front with data center innovation, stated Cody Engliman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Trapp Connect. As a provider of next generation colocation services, Trapp Online will add measurably to their technical leadership.

Through their strategic partnership Trapp Online gains access to NextForts customers while NextFort gains new services to attract business to its Chandler data center. The two companies will jointly market Trapp Onlines colocation services to prospects and existing customers.

About NextFort

NextFort is the owner and operator of a first-of-its-kind modular data center located in Chandler, Arizona. Focused on the design, construction and operation of energy efficient, highly modular, and ultra secure data centers, NextFort has created an innovative design which facilitates the deployment by customers of modern, high-density computing infrastructure services such as cloud computing. For more information, visit

About Trapp Online

Trapp Online provides online hosting solutions for application service providers and small to mid-sized businesses around the world. The companys custom, dedicated, IT, colocation and application hosting services create a better overall Cloud experience for business. Customers love their US-based support team, available 24/7 via live chat, e-mail, or phone. Visit for Trapp Online Updates or call 1-877-942-2568.

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New NetHosting Case Study Investigates Online Movie and TV Database IMDb

Orem, UT (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

NetHosting, a leading provider of cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and virtual hosting has published a case study on the Internets number one movie and TV database, IMDb.

IMDb, founded in 1990 by Col Needham, has over 160 million unique visitors each month, and is the number one database for accessing movie and TV information online. As a site where users can access detailed information about media, including production credits, dates, and links to actors, IMDb is relevant in the visual community.

While IMDb’s initial focus was to provide information on shows and movies, it has expanded to include online streaming options for movies and TV shows, and its partnering with Amazon has made even more media available through Amazon Instant. In addition, IMDb hosts movie trailers, stills, and behind-the-scenes images to provide users a rich experience of varied information.

“IMDbs utility is vast in this expanding visual culture, and their connection with Amazon makes them even more prolific,” says NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston. “More than a simple database of plot summaries and casts, IMDb provides vast amounts of information for users and gives them the opportunity to contribute through message boards and comments. We all like to talk about TV and movie culture, and IMDb creates a knowledgeable place to do that.”

In addition to its IMDb case study, NetHosting has also inspected other online streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu.

About NetHosting

NetHosting has delivered custom hosting solutions for nearly fifteen years. Serving enterprises of every size, its products include a broad range of cloud hosting and storage options as well as dedicated, managed, and virtual hosting services. Housed within a state-of-the-art PCI certified data center, each service is packaged with a 100% uptime guarantee and the personal support of a Dedicated Expert.

Curious to know what sets NetHostings Dedicated Experts apart from other support teams? Find out at or follow us @nethosting on Twitter.

New NetHosting Case Study Looks at Online Local Marketplace LivingSocial

Orem, UT (PRWEB) May 13, 2013

NetHosting, a leading provider of dedicated, cloud, and virtual hosting has published a case study on the growing deal and coupon provider LivingSocial, investigating its system specifications and business model.

NetHosting reports on LivingSocials history, expanding from its early days as Hungry Machine in 2007, to developing Visual Bookshelf and Pick Your Five, to securing $ 175 million of funding from Amazon and a total investment sum of over $ 600 million. LivingSocial is dedicated to providing users with local deals as well as helping local businesses to get the exposure they need to grow.

Using LivingSocial can provide local companies with valuable local business, 87% of restaurant merchant customers said they would return to the restaurant after redeeming their deal, 91% of deal redeemers have already done business with the merchant again or plan on doing so, and 29% of deal redeemers are brand new customers.

LivingSocial is a great resource for local businesses and consumers alike. It allows businesses to get their names out there and encourages the sharing of discounts and deals via social media, says NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston. LivingSocials connection to Facebook through its mobile applications has made it a really viable online discount and deal provider.

In its LivingSocial case study, NetHosting looks at the companys history of growth and the way in which it incorporates social media networks, such as Facebook, to expand its reach and online visibility, as well as its international growth. As LivingSocial has expanded, it has updated its website features to be more user friendly, and have purchased other online deal providers to expand its market and reach. Allowing users to categorize deals according to interests helps potential customers to find what they want, and the Facebook share facility allows customers to spread the word about deals they have purchased or think friends would like.

In addition to its LivingSocial case study, NetHosting has also looked into other online deal providers such as Groupon and discount e-retailer Ideeli.

About NetHosting

NetHosting has delivered custom hosting solutions for nearly fifteen years. Serving enterprises of every size, its products include a broad range of cloud hosting and storage options as well as dedicated, managed, and virtual hosting services. Housed within a state-of-the-art PCI certified data center, each service is packaged with a 100% uptime guarantee and the personal support of a Dedicated Expert.

Curious to know what sets NetHostings Dedicated Experts apart from other support teams? Find out at or follow us: @nethosting on Twitter.

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