Signetique to Offer 20% Discounts on All VPS Hosting Plans in September

Singapore (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

Riding on its recent successful acquisition of a number of new VPS accounts, Singapore web host, Signetique, is offering 20% discount on all its VPS hosting offerings in September 2013.

Traditionally, SMEs shy away from virtual private servers (VPS) as shared hosting presents an obvious cost advantage over VPS plans. Signetique CEO Raymond Tan. However, SMEs are beginning to realize the obvious performance advantage found in VPS over shared hosting. To encourage greater adoption of VPS plans by SMEs, Signetique is offering a 20% discount in September so that we can lower the barriers for SMEs to take up VPS hosting.

While some industry reports contend that cloud hosting has cannibalized the VPS hosting space, we see that the opposite is true. said COO Kenneth Tan. VPS, through its significantly cheaper entry points, fills an essential niche in the entire hosting product spectrum. Being virtual machines, VPS are scalable and affordable and acts as a springboard for customers who eventually want to move to elastic cloud hosting.

VPS can be used for a number of useful applications. Signetique’s customers have used VPS hosting in areas such as:

Web and application hosting


File storage

Online trading

Game server

Email server

Virtual desktop

VOIP services, etc.

Signetique’s 20% discount on its VPS hosting plans applies to both Linux and Hyper-V plans. All VPS plans come with a free Parallels Plesk control panel for 10 domains. Prices start from S$ 39.96 (US$ 31.14) per month after discount. The VPS are hosted in Signetique’s facilities in Singapore.

For more information on Signetique’s range of VPS hosting services, visit:

Use promo code: septembervps20 when ordering.

About Signetique

Signetique is one of the largest providers of virtual private hosting services in Singapore. It provides shared, virtual and dedicated hosting services and maintains facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China and Japan. Customers requiring a one-stop Asia Pacific hosting solution can do so through their Singapore sales office. Signetique also pioneered the sub $ 100 dedicated hosting solution in Singapore and continues to provide cost-effective hosting solutions to its customers. Added to its extensive web hosting suite of services is its enterprise cloud hosting solution, Signetique Cloud. Signetique’s customer profile ranges from small local businesses to multi-nationals and has been in the business for over 15 years.


Kenneth Tan

COO, Signetique

Phone: +65-62251468

Email: sales(at)signetique(dot)com

SURE! Inks Partnership With Gintel to Jointly Offer Subscription Management Solutions to UC, MVNOs and Telecom Companies

Hyderabad, India (PRWEB UK) 17 June 2014

SURE!, a market leading and comprehensive Subscription Management Product Suite from Magnaquest Technologies, has been chosen as a partner by Gintel to jointly offer world-class subscription management solutions to companies across the world in the field of Unified Communications, MNOs, MVNOs, service providers and telecoms operators. Gintel, based in Norway, is a leading developer of advanced application software for telecoms operators and service providers, enabling them to offer innovative and highly competitive services to the profitable business subscriber segment.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, which is partnered with Gintels Easy Business Communications Suite for offering out-of-the-box solutions to Unified Communication (UC) service providers, harnesses the peerless position of Gintel, at the forefront of IN and service innovation for over 15 years, and the reach of its solutions and applications which are used by millions of subscribers each day.

Gintels Easy Business Communications Suite is a powerful solution that enables service providers to launch hosted mobile UC services for enterprise and SME customers. It supports advanced inbound call management services, IVR / Auto-Attendant, switchboard and a host of features designed to enrich business communications. A comprehensive mobile PBX solution is available together with a range of options to deliver a complete mobile UC service. It has been deployed by leading MNOs and MVNOs around the world.

SURE! is a globally recognized which automates Subscription business operations related to Subscriber Management, Package/Bundle & Pricing Management, Metering, Rating, Billing, Sales and Promotions, Partner Management and Customer Self-Care.

This partnership enables the combination of SURE! and Gintels Easy Business Communications Suite to provide a range of best-in-breed and customized solutions to the OSS, BSS and Authentication-related solutions to UC and Collaboration service providers.

Gintel AS, whose solutions are platform independent and have been deployed in Tier 1 networks around the world, provides the assurance that our pioneering technology is rooted in practical experience. The partnership will help SURE! to extend its market leadership in Asia, Africa and Latin America and to establish its presence in Europe and North American markets.

Gintels solutions, which dramatically change the way in which operators compose and deliver services to enterprise customers, offer a compelling value proposition and service offer. The partnership is built on our unique combination of in-depth telco domain knowledge and the expertise to leverage emerging IT principles. Together, Gintel and SURE! Helps service providers to roll out services quickly and simply, delivering out-of-the-box solutions to their customers.

In partnership, the experience and expertise of Gintel and SURE! is expected to significantly influence the market in the provision of end-to-end enterprise management solutions (BSS & OSS) for a range of technologies globally.

Reacting to the selection of SURE! as a global partner by Gintel, Ramakrishna Mashetty, Chief Marketing Officer, SURE!, said, SURE!, (a Magnaquest product), is proud to have been chosen by Gintel as a global partner. Since its establishment as an R&D division of Telenor and spun-out as an independent company in 2001, Gintel has been leading the Unified Communications market in Europe and North America regions and is a trend setter, with exceptional skill and domain knowledge. It is a reflection of our own market strength and leadership that Gintel has chosen to partner with us. Together, we can set the market abuzz with extraordinary solutions, joint innovation and unparalleled market solutions.

Partnerships are critical to enabling service providers get to market faster and realize their potential. The combination of SURE! and Gintels Easy Business Communications Suite delivers powerful, turnkey solutions that help service providers deliver UC services to enterprise and SME customers. Were delighted to have built a relationship with the Magnaquest team and look forward to building greater market presence through our collaboration, said Guy Redmill, Director Marketing, Gintel, after inking with partnership with SURE!.

About SURE!

SURE!, a Magnaquest Product, is Subscription Lifecycle Management (for TV, Media & Entertainment, Broadband, Cloud Computing) with end-to-end solutions including Billing, CRM, Service & Usage Fulfillment, Customer Service, Metered and Convergent Billing, Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Enablement, among others.

SURE! manages functions from acquisition, order taking, service provisioning, billing, payments and customer care. It empowers service providers to introduce new products/services within no time, have a 360 degree visibility of the customer in a single window facilitating excellent customer service. SURE! arrests revenue leakages and helps manage their operations at low costs unmatched in the industry.

For more information, please visit:

Follow SURE! on Twitter: @experiencesure.

About Gintel

Gintel delivers a range of value-added services to mobile network operators that generate revenue, profit and offer rapid return on investment. Our solutions enable MNOs, MVNOs and other Service Providers to offer a range of cloud-based or hosted services to enterprise, SME, and consumer subscribers.

These services include enterprise applications such as Mobile Unified Communications, Mobile PBX, IP Centrex, and Virtual Contact Centres; and consumer-focused applications such as Parental Control, Home Zone and Family Calling Packages.

Members of the leading operator groups from around the world such as Telenor, Orange, Tele2, Axiata and others have chosen Gintels expertise and experience to drive revenue, profit and growth. Gintel AS is registered and headquartered in Norway.

For more information, please visit:

Tilana Introduces Turnkey System Enabling Hosts to Immediately Offer Cloud Storage and Sync

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 29, 2008

Tilana Systems Corporation today announced the availability of a system that allows hosts to use Linux or Windows servers to immediately offer cloud storage directly to end-users or through a sales channel. The system has a provisioning API for integration with existing billing and support systems.

“The Tilana RealCDP system enables the immediate implementation of cloud storage while providing the customer trusted and distributed infrastructure already implemented by the hosting community,” said Joe Austin, Tilana CEO. “Developers and their customers can work with the specific benefits of a hosting company that provides accessibility to data with an immediately available set of initial apps.”

At the Tilana partner Web site (, hosts can learn all about partnering with Tilana to offer fully custom branded SaaS featuring cloud based multiple PC auto-sync, real-time automatic CDP backup, and a web accessible Personal Digital Archive.

Fully documented Tilana Cloud APIs ( are also freely available to hosts or developers, for quickly building and launching custom Web applications and desktop software that interface directly with Tilana RealCDP enabled servers and storage.

Specific APIs allow for direct access to different features available in either the client (PC/Mac/Mobile) or server side (data center) components of the Tilana Cloud server-based data protection, sync, and archive system.

Simple applications with fewer UI capabilities are also easily produced with Tilana. The depth of integration in custom built applications that use Tilana technology is left completely up to the developer.

Storage scaling is easy with Tilana RealCDP because the system can instantly span a CDP object across multiple storage servers.

Tilana RealCDP installs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2000, and uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for databases to store user owned content and user authentication data, which can span across multiple storage databases, on multiple storage servers, with no need for multiple installations of Tilana RealCDP.

Microsoft IIS 6.0 with 2.0 is required to implement the web access portion of the Tilana user interface.

More information about Tilana RealCDP is available on the Tilana enterprise Web site (

The new beta version of Tilana RealCDP for Linux currently installs on Red Hat Enterprise 5.x, and requires MySQL v5.x on the server for end user authentication and scalable user owned content storage.

Interested beta testers can sign up at the company Web site (

The desktop software called Tilana Client for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000, can be fully co-branded or white labeled and includes encrypted real time CDP, folder and file synchronization across multiple computers, unlimited versioning, all through a secure and Web accessible Personal Digital Archive on the Tilana RealCDP enabled server.

The Mac OS X version of Tilana Client, currently in development, automatically syncs content from Mac to PC and back, while continuously backing up to the Tilana RealCDP enabled server in between. Unlimited version history is saved on the server where it is continuously updated with each change saved on either OS. Files stored on the server as backup copies, or as offloaded archive, remain there until manually deleted by the user.

The Tilana Client desktop software installs in about a minute and requires little if any configuration. Users can choose to enable an unlimited number of computers with the software, and then selectively protect and/or synchronize files and folders on those computers via their Personal Digital Archive on servers enabled with Tilana RealCDP.

To learn about partnership opportunities with Tilana Systems, and to apply as a partner, visit the Tilana partner Web site (

About Tilana Systems Corporation:

San Diego based Tilana Systems Corporation brings true value to cloud storage, by providing continuous data protection, permanent archival, web & mobile access, version history, and multi-computer synchronization on one balanced, quickly deployed, versatile, and extensible online CDP data protection and storage based synchronization platform.

Storage systems built on the Tilana Cloud platform provide end users the best kind of data protection, with encrypted true real time CDP (“Continuous Data Protection” from automated schedule-free immediate backup transfers), automated multi-computer content synchronization, and secure remote archive, with unlimited version history that enables instant any-point-in-time content recovery from PCs, Web browsers, and mobile devices.

Please visit for more information on Tilana RealCDP and Tilana Systems Corp.

The names Tilana, Tilana RealCDP, Tilana RealCDP Enterprise Suite, Tilana Client, Tilana WebClient, Tilana MobileClient, Tilana Cloud, Tilana Reserve, PayOnce, and Personal Digital Archive, as well as their associated pinecone logos and the name, are all trademarks of Tilana Systems Corporation. The words “Cure for the Common Backup” and “Protection, Access, Synchronization, Anytime, Anywhere, Always,” when used together and in sequence, and whether used in whole or in part, are also trademarks of Tilana Systems Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Media Contact

Derek Finley, VP Marketing

Tilana Systems Corporation

derek @ 619.807.1437


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AlignCloud Partners with Host Merchant Services to Offer Secure Credit Card Processing for Web Hosting Providers

Newark, DE (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

Credit card processor Host Merchant Services has announced a promising new partnership with cloud consulting firm AlignCloud. The product of extensive research and collaboration, this partnership represents an exciting opportunity for customers to benefit from the combined expertise of these two companies.

AlignCloud tailors services for cloud providers and end-users alike. From cloud readiness assessment planning to cloud vendor management, AlignCloud provides indispensable services for all cloud customers. For cloud hosting providers, AlignCloud can help providers train sales staff, draft sales plans and fully engage with Web marketing and SEO. With its focus on the cloud and web hosting market, AlignCloud is a natural referral partner for Host Merchant Services. HMS CEO Lou Honick has aptly summarized the buzz surrounding this collaboration. “Our expertise in e-commerce, payment cost optimization, and security meshes perfectly with AlignCloud to create compelling offerings,” Honick said of the AlignCloud partnership. AlignCloud clients can now seamlessly access secure, reliable merchant services, PCI compliance solutions, and e-commerce.

In the business world, demand for cloud services has reached an all time high. As mobile devices become more important for business, public worries about information security keep pace. For AlignCloud’s customers, HMS has designed services to insure absolute peace of mind. According to AlignCloud CEO Stacy Griggs, the program will provide clients with “lower rates and better service for credit card processing, mobile payments and merchant services.” The experts at HMS combine technical knowledge with uniquely dynamic customer service. Through expertise in data security and fraud reduction, Host Merchant Services promotes more confident commerce, both for businesses and customers alike.

For Host Merchant Services, the partnership with AlignCloud is part of their successful strategy to partner with the web hosting and cloud services industry. Companies like AlignCloud can better serve clients by integrating credit card processing into their offerings. Through Host Merchant Services, AlignCloud customers will experience hassle-free credit card processing with 24x7x365 hour technical support and responsive website. Clients of AlignCloud can also earn extra revenue by referring their customers to the program.

About AlignCloud:

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, AlignCloud is a recognized force in cloud consulting and training. With experience in all types of cloud projects, the experts at AlignCloud embody the cutting edge of IT consulting. As a provider of services for both cloud users and cloud providers, AlignCloud’s unusually broad experience allows for truly innovative problem-solving.

About Host Merchant Services:

A different type of financial service provider, HMS is changing its industry with a uniquely customer-oriented approach. The firm’s products include credit card processing, gift and loyalty cards, e-commerce, PCI compliance, mobile payments and other merchant services. Based in Newark, Delaware, this company provides truly outstanding pricing and support for discerning merchants.

ReliaCloud Partners with Commission Junction to Offer Cloud Servers to Affiliate Network

Eden Prairie, MN (PRWEB) April 14, 2010

ReliaCloud, a national cloud computing infrastructure company, announces the launch of its ReliaCloud Affiliate Program. Under the terms of the new program, affiliates earn $ 25 for each referred customer.

ReliaCloud is the first cloud hosting company to offer cloud services with Commission Junction. With 75% of companies stating that cloud computing is a priority for their companies in 2010, the demand for cloud solutions is unprecedented.

We designed this new program to give affiliates an easy way to offer cloud services, said Al Afflitto, Channel Manager at ReliaCloud. With our program, affiliates can realize instant revenue by helping their clients utilize cloud services.

With a variety of banner and text ads to choose from, affiliates can choose which look and feel best fits the ambiance of their own website.

You can get started as a ReliaCloud affiliate partner by completing the form online at It only takes a few minutes and you can be earning money by referring clients to ReliaCloud.

About ReliaCloud:

ReliaCloud encompasses a set of highly reliable, secure cloud computing services, the first two of which are Cloud Servers and (coming soon) Cloud Storage. ReliaCloud Servers are complete computing environments that you can provision 24 hours-a-day, with full administrator access. Once registered for an account, you can begin building new cloud servers immediately. To learn more about ReliaCloud, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or visit

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Web HSP to Offer Lowest Known VPS Shared Hosting Rates & Offers Price Match Guarantee

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 29, 2013

Web HSP, a leading North American web hosting provider, has announced an enhancement to its popular Windows based VPS Hosting services in the form of doubled resources at no additional cost. According to sources inside the company, it is said that due to an increasing demand for their Windows VPSs. The company CEO Adam Gallant decided to further extend the benefits for customers by offering a huge 20% discount on the initial purchase of the package. This has been well received by the consumers.

The crucial highlight of this announcement is the highly affordable price with a highly dependable and industry acclaimed hardware used by Web HSP. The Windows VPS start-up is available with the configuration: 2 CPU Cores, 1.5 GB RAM, 35 GB HDD Space and 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth, while the highest upgrade comes with 3 CPU Cores, 3 GB RAM, 75 GB HDD Space and 3 TB Monthly Bandwidth, priced at $ 49.95 and $ 69.95 respectively before the discount.

A virtual private server or ‘VPS’ is the second most preferred hosting solution across the globe for its ability to offer administrator level access to the server, offering full control over the virtual server. It allows users to experience an environment similar to that of a dedicated server. With limited restrictions, users are able to install third-party software(s), run emails and application(s) over the VPS server.

For more information, visit

About VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is considered to be a perfect alternative to dedicated servers. Its an ideal choice for websites with intensive web traffic, such as online eCommerce stores, blogs, forums, social bookmarking websites, photo galleries etc. Such sites do not always require to be hosted on a dedicated server; instead a virtual server can fill in easily. Complete root access with dedicated resources helps users leverage the performance of a dedicated server but at a much affordable price.

About Web HSP:

Established in the year 1998 by a group of extremely talented software developers and engineers, Web HSP offers a wide array of value for money web hosting services including Domain Registration, Linux/Windows Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, SSL, WordPress Hosting, eCommerce Hosting and Offsite Backup Solutions. 24x7x365 Free technical support and 99.95% uptime guarantee is offered as standard with their Virginia based servers.

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ElasticHosts Launches ElasticStack Cloud Platform to Help Service Providers Swiftly Offer Own-Brand Cloud Services

London, UK (PRWEB) June 30, 2010

ElasticHosts, the international cloud provider, today announced the launch of the ElasticStack cloud platform (, a powerful platform that enables hosting providers and data centres to offer own-brand cloud servers to their customers swiftly.

Built on the proven platform that underpins ElasticHosts’ own cloud services in the UK and US, ElasticStack is a complete turn-key solution for organisations looking to maximise revenues from cloud hosting services quickly. ElasticStack helps service providers offer their customers ultra-flexible and easy-to-use cloud server capacity, without any upfront investment or development work, and runs entirely on low-cost commodity server hardware.

Commenting on the launch of ElasticStack, Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts, said, “As the use of cloud-based services continues to gain momentum, growing numbers of hosting providers are looking to offer own-brand cloud servers to their customers. Hosting providers and data centre businesses that sense customer demand for cloud can now simply license and deploy our proven technology. This dramatically improves the speed with which they can offer cutting-edge cloud server products to their customers, which is crucial in this fast-expanding market where time to launch is pivotal to success.”

Davies continues, “As we offer a complete turn-key solution, hosting providers and data centre businesses can focus on selling cloud servers to their customers under their own brands; we license our complete software solution and optionally also provide fully managed technical operations. We can run on pre-existing commodity server hardware or provide complete hardware and software solutions with our cloud-in-a-box hardware partners VeryPC.”

A number of service providers have already licensed ElasticStack with further discussions ongoing in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Existing licensees include Dave Cummings at OpenHosting who commented, “Building our cloud services on an existing platform helps us bring cutting-edge products to market swiftly, giving us a significant competitive advantage in our markets.”

Davies concludes, “The introduction of the ElasticStack cloud platform is a significant step in the development of ElasticHosts. We are proud to have recently expanded our own hosting business into the US, but we also understand that there are many service providers across the world that already receive enquiries about cloud every day and would be delighted to have cutting-edge products to offer their loyal customers. By helping these partners to launch own-brand cloud services swiftly, we instantly give them cutting-edge products to sell and leave them free to focus on what they do best and drive their revenues.”


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ComputeNext and Partner Up to Offer Easy Access to Cloud Computing in Belgium, France, and U.S.A.

London, U.K. (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

ComputeNext, most recently recognized as an UPSTART Best Cloud Solution Award winner of 2013 for its Cloud Broker Platform, is officially announcing a partnership with Gandi, a leading cloud hosting provider and domain name registrar based in Paris, France. This partnership with Gandi will offer a new set of cost-effective cloud services through the ComputeNext cloud brokerage platform. Gandi have been offering cloud hosting for 5 years, and have an extensive track record as a domain name registrar and hosting company.

Gandi offerings are backed by their support, which has been acknowledged as a Top Pick Web Host award in France by the Web Hosting Search Team. This award embodies the passion Gandi has for providing the best possible hosting services support. Customer who choose Gandi will avail of their No Bullsh!t promise, which promises that they will not exaggerate and always be completely honest with their customers.

The additional locations available from a single pane of glass, or API, continue to increase the value of the ComputeNext marketplace, and its position as the best cloud brokerage platform for software developers who need to geo-locate servers to optimize performance for web and mobile. Cloud consumers can now spin up software, storage, and servers in Luxembourg, Belgium and Paris, France in Europe with additional locations in Baltimore, Maryland on the east coast United States.

About ComputeNext

ComputeNext recognize as a Gartner Cool Vendor (2013) in Cloud Service Brokerage is a Bellevue, WA based cloud-technology company which is pioneering the way organizations search, discover, procure and provision cloud services. As a leader in building federated cloud ecosystems they enable end-to-end transactions across platform agnostic infrastructure. With the belief that a handful of IaaS providers cannot satisfy the worlds computing demands, ComputeNext has built their marketplace to deliver a transparent and transactional user experience for the search, discovery, and provisioning of cloud services.

For more information please visit

About Gandi

Founded in 1999, Gandi is a major international domain name registrar and cloud hosting provider. Gandi manages more than 1.4 million domain names and over 250 extensions. Offering a world-class alternative to purely commercial registrars, and a low-cost, innovative, cloud hosting platform, Gandi provides hosting for a community of people working on technology that enables the Internet for business, while also advocating for the free and unrestricted sharing of information and the promotion of the respect of individual rights. Organizations that supports include Creative Commons, EFF, and Students for Free Culture, among others.

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Enterhost Extends SmarterTools Bundle Offer to Upcoming Cloud Server Product

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) October 1, 2010

Enterhost, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading provider of Windows-only web hosting, announced today the SmarterBundle from SmarterTools will be available on its upcoming cloud server product offering.

“Our dedicated server clients have been benefiting from our partnership with SmarterTools now for six years,” said Enterhost President Kevin R. Valadez. “As we prepare for the future release of our cloud server product, we wanted to ensure our relationship with SmarterTools was extended for the launch of our new dynamic hosting platform.”

The software bundle includes SmarterMail 7.x, an award-winning, Exchange-level mail server; SmarterStats 5.x, a comprehensive Web log analytics and SEO application; and SmarterTrack 5.x, a powerful help desk application built for customer service departments.

As a result of the renewed partnership, every client that purchases a dedicated or cloud server from Enterhost will automatically receive all three applications at no additional charge. The software package has an $ 800 value.

SmarterMail 7.x features a redesigned webmail interface and improved search functionality. Additional new features include free-busy scheduler and availability checking, CalDAV and CardDAV support, linked tasks and auto-saved email addresses.

SmarterStats 5.x gives users comprehensive Web log analytics with search engine optimization (SEO) reports and campaigns, keyword and competitor suggestion tool, server activity reports, improved mobile phone detection and reporting, and more.

SmarterTrack 5.x now features a mobile interface to provide managers with helpdesk activity via mobile phones. Additional enhancements include call logging, task management, follow-up tracking and improved functionality with live chats.

For more information about Enterhost, please visit

For more information about SmarterTools, please visit

About Enterhost

Enterhost, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, owns and operates a world-class data center with a fully redundant Cisco powered network. Premium shared hosting services start at $ 9.95 and dedicated servers featuring Dell PowerEdge hardware as low as $ 129. More information about Enterhost can be found at

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FORETHOUGHT.Net Partners with Zayo Group to Offer Customers Fiber Connectivity Directly to Their Office And Network Capabilities

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 30, 2013, a provider of internet access, business phone systems and carrier-neutral data center services, announced today a partnership with Zayo Group to deliver lit fiber connectivity to its customers across the Denver Metro and the Front Range locations. The agreement provides customers fiber internet access by accessing Zayos dark fiber backbone to light services with up to 1000M (1G) speeds. data centers are now connected to Zayos dark fiber, providing its clients a carrier-neutral secure and scalable colocation and cloud hosting solution. In recent months, made several landmark announcements of growth, including further expansion of its metro MPLS network in its new corporate headquarters in Denver, Colo.

This partnership combines Zayos deep nationwide dark fiber network with experience in providing services to small to mid-sized markets. customers will benefit from higher internet speeds at an overall lower cost per month, enabling business to leverage cloud services, quality VoIP and other mission-critical applications.

Jawaid Bazyar, President of, said of the announcement: The partnership with Zayo will allow us to support our new data center, our fiber broadband strategies and most importantly to fully control and scale bandwidth to provide our customers what they need today and tomorrow.

“We are partnering with to bring fiber connectivity to businesses across the Front Range. said John Real, VP of Sales at Zayo. Zayo offers the security, bandwidth and cost efficiencies associated with fiber as well as customizable solutions to help organizations like meet its customer needs.


About Zayo Group

Based in Boulder, Colo., privately owned Zayo Group ( is an international provider of fiber-based Bandwidth Infrastructure and network-neutral colocation and interconnection services. Zayo Group serves wireline and wireless carriers, data centers, Internet content and services companies, high bandwidth enterprises as well as federal, state and local government agencies. Zayo Group provides these services over regional, metro, national, international and fiber-to-the-tower networks. With its recent acquisitions of AboveNet and FiberGate, Zayo Groups network assets include approximately 67,000 route miles, covering 45 states plus Washington, D.C. Additionally, Zayo Group has over 141,000 billable square feet of colocation space and approximately 10,258 on-net buildings, including 507 data centers, 513 Points-of-Presence (POPs), and 2,664 cell towers.


Established in 1995, is a leading locally owned and operated IT and communications service provider, offering a portfolio of enterprise-level voice, data and cloud hosting solutions for small and mid-size businesses at a fraction of the expense of traditional models. The companys commitment to the highest level of technical expertise, security, reliability and responsiveness results in high client loyalty and satisfaction. The Denver Business Journal ranked as a Top 15 Telecommunications Company and a Top 15 Internet Service Provider. ColoradoBIZ Magazine listed it as one of Colorado’s Top 250 Private Companies. accredited A+ member. Based in Denver, Colorado, serves the Denver Metro area and across the Front Range.

Media inquiries

Patricia Kelly

2347 Curtis St

Denver, CO 80205

If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Jawaid Bazyar, please call Patricia Kelly at 303-815-1823 or email patricia.kelly (@) forethought (dot) net

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