ITX Design Introduces ‘Serendipity’ Hosting Packages in North America for As Little as $4.95 Per Month

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 17, 2013

Continuing with their trend of expansion in 2013, world renowned hosting and dedicated server provider ITX Design announced on Saturday afternoon, the official launch of Serendipity Hosting packages for all of their clients in North America. Serendipity is a PHP-powered web app that gives the end user a simple way to maintain a blog or even an attractive homepage. While the default package is designed specifically for the casual blogger, Serendipity with ITX Design offers a versatile, expandable and user friendly framework with the power for a multitude of professional applications.

The Serendipity blog platform is one-stop solution for web developers and amateur computer enthusiasts alike. With packages offered from ITX Design, the customer enjoys a simple solution to install one of the industry leaders in blog / CMS providers software on their website. ITX Design also delivers customers an easy to manage site with many unique templates to choose from. Serendipity hosting is available on any ITX Design cloud hosting packages, beginning as low as $ 4.95 a month.

Some of the features of a Serendipity Hosting solution with ITX Design include:

Skinable: Serendipity templates with ITX Design can easily be uploaded via CSS. Dozens of templates are included by default. Even visitors to a company blog have the ability to modify the layout with a few easy clicks. For the advanced user, the versatility of the platform allows the end user to change the overall aesthetics of Serendipity.

Multiple Users: Multiple users can edit and administrate, as well as issue free permissions to other users.

Plugins: A vast plugin library allows ITX clients to modify Serendipity without try to decipher complicated source code. Sidebar plugins allow easy customization of your blog with dozens of features. These cutting edge plugins exist for maintaining and fine-tuning content, displaying galleries, customized template views, multilingual content and much more.

Anti-Spam / Comment moderation: Through use of a custom plugin with ITX Design, the customer can enable a variety of CAPTCHAs, and automate comment moderation based on the content of a comment. These plugins are extremely configurable.

Simple. Designed for users of all technical levels.

Serendipity has been critically acclaimed for its simplicity, meaning that it’s the ideal solution for new website owners and small business owners. It has been recommended by experienced website owners because of its speed, flexibility, clean PHP code, stability and extensibility. Another great reason to use Serendipity with ITX Design is because of the wide range of dozens of plugins and countless templates that can be installed with a click of the mouse.

ITX Design is an established web hosting and domain registration provider based out of Fredericksburg, Virginia providing dedicated servers, shared web hosting, and domain registration for small businesses including server hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting and much more.

For more information or to speak with a qualified customer support representative, simply call 1-866-577-1442, or visit ITX Design today.

FortaTrusts Latest Offering Enables Private Cloud Computing for as little as US$59 per month.

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) June 20, 2012

FortaTrust, a leading provider of dedicated and cloud computing services is pleased to announce its latest Dedicated Server offering based on SGI Rackable Servers. This offering is designed to allow our customers to build private cloud services at costs that emphasizes the maximum possible profit in relation to end-user services, said Chris Rivera, FortaTrusts Director of Product Development.

The latest dedicated server offering is highlighted by several new packages:

120 Million Additional Cell Phones To Be Offered By Locateplus.Com, Provider Of Unlimited Investigative Databases For Only $75 Per Month

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

LocatePLUS, a leading investigative database for investigators, legal, process servers, bail bondsmen, recovery, collections, finance, security, government and law enforcement that is re-writing the book on investigative databases and their pricing announced it has acquired a database of 120 million cellphone numbers.


We are working hard to integrate this data into our current data sets and platform stated Ronald Lifton, Chief Executive Officer. The LocatePLUS product continues to redefine itself with a host of new features, data, and user interface enhancements that are under development and to be released shortly, added Lifton.


Landline and cellular phone searches, as well as reverse phone search lookups are an important component to any investigation. LocatePLUS multiple phone data sets bring the added value needed to complete the investigation. is revolutionizing the investigative databases industry by offering flat rate, all you can use pricing model. They are offering $ 75.00 per month for searches including person search, address search, phone search, email search, criminal records search, civil records search, business search, professional license search as well as comprehensive reports to name a few.


LocatePLUS proprietary online databases allow their users to access billions of public and non-public records and information from any internet browser. Their web-based investigative search tools match and link data based on the specified search parameters inputted by the investigator. They provide an abundance of available, cross-referenced records found in the hundreds of databases they query.


To get more information please go to or, or contact LocatePLUS at 888-746-3463.

About a division of USA Protect LLC; proprietary investigative database cross-references billions of records to deliver search results in near-real-time. is a SaaS-based investigative solution that uses cloud computing and proprietary search algorithms to deliver the most complete searches and comprehensive investigative reports in the industry. Our online investigative solution can be used wherever there is an Internet connection, whether in an office or on a mobile smartphone or tablet device.


Law enforcement and government investigators have instant access to billions of online public records to conduct person, phone, address, email, social security, civil records, criminal background, and motor vehicle searches. This information can be used to locate individuals, assets and witnesses; verify identities; and check court records. provides public and non-public information to those entities who qualify to receive this information under governing laws and acts, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, IRSG Principals and the Driver Privacy Protection Act.