As the Demand for Cloud Servers Rises Among Businesses and Developers, The Managed Cloud Launches, Offering Fully Managed Cloud Servers with SSD Caching & cPanel

(PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Businesses, application developers and designers are realizing how important and convenient it is to utilize the benefits and many opportunities that the Cloud provides.

Ben Alexander, founder and CEO of The Managed Cloud, saw a rise in demand in the Cloud Server industry and wanted to offer an option for busy developers who may not have time to manage their server while also catering to the less technically proficient entrepreneur just starting out in the business world.

“We realize there are many different needs in the marketplace today. Our endeavor is to cater to each role and person searching for Cloud services, says Ben Alexander, CEO of The Managed Cloud, By offering a Fully Managed Cloud Server that includes the added benefit of cPanel and SSD caching, we are giving each person the best tools and features to succeed.

The Professional, The Enthusiast, The Integrator and The Entrepreneur are the 4 personas that The Managed Cloud targets on their site,

Their unique approach to automation and commitment to innovative technology has brought to market some of the fastest and cost effective Cloud hosting available today. The latest Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge processors, SAS Raid drives with SSD Caching, 10 Gigabit redundant networks, and availability throughout North America and Europe start at just $ 39 per month for a 2GB/RAM server with 40GB Cloud Storage, Fully Managed with cPanel included.

The Managed Cloud has found a way to highly automate and streamline its processes to provide best-in-class service at its remarkably low price.

WFT Cloud Announces VCE Vblock Based Fully Managed On-Premise Private Cloud Solution Including SAP System Migration

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT Cloud), a leading SAP Infrastructure and SAP Cloud consulting firm, has made significant gains within the cloud computing domain by focusing on cost savings and faster ROI for customers when they deploy or migrate SAP Applications to a Private Cloud.

Understanding the true cost-saving and benefits for customers moving SAP landscapes to a Private Cloud, WFT releases the Vblock based on-premise Private Cloud Solution for SAP customers to meet the rapid and evolving market demands.

Features of the Vblock-based Private Cloud on customer premises:

No CapEx: WFT provides the Vblock Cloud Infrastructure at customer premises. No upfront capital investment cost for SAP customers. WFT will design, procure and manage the Vblock Private Cloud Infrastructure for SAP applications at customer premises.

Secure and Compliant Private Cloud at Customer Premises: The Cloud Infrastructure for SAP will reside inside customers data center, satisfying customer security and compliance requirements.

Design and Build SAP Private Cloud: For SAP customers, the service includes assessment, design, and build of SAP Private Cloud Infrastructure.

Certified SAP Application Migration: For existing SAP customers, the service covers Certified Technical Migration of SAP systems to Private Cloud infrastructure as well as cross-platform (OSDB) migration and Unicode conversion.

Optimally Designed for Prod and Non-Prod Landscape on Premise: Optimally designed to accommodate customers production and non-production landscapes software logistics, training and testing needs.

Fully Cloud Enabled and Utility Billing: Intelligently designed to accommodate varying resource requirements on demand. Customers only pay for resource usage.

Highly Available: From infrastructure to application, intelligently designed and built to exceed customer SLAs.

Fully Managed: WFT provides infrastructure and Basis Operations Management Services as a part of the contract.

FAST Landscape Provisioning: Fast on-demand SAP Systems Landscape Provisioning in minutes, not weeks, using WFT’s SAP Cloud Image Factory (SCIF).

Data Protection: Innovative Data Protection Solutions tailored to customer SLAs and integrated to existing customer data protection Solutions.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (RaaS): Optional Disaster Recovery in Private Cloud or in WFT Cloud.

WFTs on-premise Vblock Based private cloud for SAP customers also include access to WFT Clouds own SAP Cloud Image Factory (SCIF). The SCIF methodology, based on various permutation & combinations of SAP installation options, rests at the core of how WFT Cloud saves its customers both time and money when provisioning their SAP landscapes on Cloud. WFT Clouds SCIF library, containing hundred plus SAP Images, combined with WFT’s Rapid Implementation and Migration approach enables faster deployment of SAP Landscapes in matter of days (not weeks). This will help customers to reduce their CapEx and OpEx on running SAP solutions and meet their SLAs. WFT’s subscription based Pay-As-You-Use model further increases customer ROI.

WFT Cloud customers realize greater cost savings through a predictable pricing structure. WFT Clouds all inclusive fixed-price model includes: design of Vblock Infrastructure, migration (existing customers) cost for hardware and software, SAP operations support, SAP data protection, as well as SAP system refresh and patching. WFT Cloud customers experience accelerated ROI and a cost-saving advantage after migrating their SAP Solutions to Cloud. The following are the average cost savings for WFT Cloud customers when migrating from legacy Infrastructure to a Vblock based Private Cloud.

WFT Owned and Managed Vblock-based Private Cloud at Customer Premises — Minimum of 40-50% savings.

VCE, who builds Vblock solutions, believes the WFT approach will accelerate SAP migrations to Vblock-based Private Cloud.

Tim Page, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at VCE: We created the Vblock converged infrastructure to offer the flexibility, resiliency and high performing infrastructure necessary to keep up with the demands of critical applications. By leveraging the Vblocks unique properties, WFTs new Private Cloud Solution for SAP application environments will enable customers to accelerate their adoption of powerful cloud-based solutions more easily and cost effectively.

About Wharfedale Technologies Inc.

Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT Cloud) is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in SAP infrastructure integrations and services, as well as private/public hybrid Cloud solutions. As an SAP certified provider of cloud services and a VCE Integration Partner, Wharfedale also offers SAP solutions around – High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Advanced Sizing for Virtual and Cloud SAP environments, Data Protection Solutions, SAP Systems Refresh Automation and Landscape Optimization.

For more information on Wharfedale and WFT Cloud services, please visit or call us at (888) 533-3113.

SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

WebNet Hosting Introduces IPMI Remote Reboot for Fully Managed Dedicated Server Product

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

IPMI technology with fully managed servers allows for better server monitoring; it is placed directly on the motherboard and the client portal. IPMI hardware integration streamlines the intelligent hosting process, allowing users to remotely reboot servers, machines or KVM on-demand in the client portal, from anywhere across the worldwithout having to contact a hosting provider.

System admins welcome the IPMI adaption for fully managed dedicated servers; as it means they can now remotely monitor the system health, as well as control rebooting the server, gauge temperature, adjust fan speed, voltage, CPU speed and screen messages. IPMI hardware is built into the core for easy access, helping to avoid expensive downtime. Remote recovery capabilities also combat server issues, and hardware health observation supports predictive failure analysis.

IPMI with fully managed dedicated servers works with any operating system, and helps decrease MTTR (mean time to repair), as it permits DBD (diagnose before dispatch). The highlights of IPMI hardware from a hosting provider include 24/7 on demand dedicated KVM over IP as well as lowered managing costs. WebNet Hosting offers IPMI hardware with all their servers free of charge.

WebNet Hosting is a leading global provider of a variety of hosting services. In the last decade, WebNet has successfully empowered over 10,000 customers, helping them grow their business. WebNet is on the forefront of offering services that are valuable to their clients. Tools like IPMI for fully managed dedicated servers improve the efficiency and reliability of a server, providing better server management; hence WebNet Hostings decision is to include this service with their servers.

About WebNet Hosting

Celebrating over a decade in the managed hosting business, WebNet Hosting currently operates out of three data centers within the USA, with immediate plans to expand their international hosting services. In addition to fully managed dedicated servers, WebNet offers VPS and cloud solutions, open-source hosting, shared hosting, infrastructure hosting, and more.

New Generation of Kognitio Fully Harnesses Power of External Big Data Sources for Faster Time to Insight

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Kognitio, driving the convergence of Big Data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing, today announced the release of version 8.0p with extended connectivity capabilities. The company said the new version of its flagship software makes it possible for companies to gain unbridled access to data from multiple sources at a scale and speed previously impossible. This enables them to harness the explosive growth of data from day-to-day business operations, augmented by increasingly available and affordable third-party data sets.

Kognitio made the announcement today at Big Data World Europe, where it is a gold sponsor.

The Kognitio Analytical Platform provides in-memory analytical capabilities that accelerate business intelligence tools by up to 1,000 times, while providing access to data at granular level. With version 8.0p, Kognitio sets the standard for access to data wherever it resides through the use of connectors, external tables and scripts.

Features of the latest version include:

ServerIntellect Announces MySQL is Fully Supported Database Engine

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

Server Intellect, a Microsoft Gold Certified provider of advanced Windows-based Cloud and Managed Dedicated Server hosting solutions, officially announced today that MySQL is now a fully supported database engine within Server Intellects Dedicated Server, Public Cloud and Private Cloud hosting services.

Completely free of charge to obtain, MySQL is used by database administrators around the world and can be utilized on nearly any platform. Server Intellect customers are now able to host well-known web applications which are driven by MySQL databases, such as phpBB, WordPress, and Drupal.

Server Intellect Chief Technology Officer Brock Hensley commented on the addition of MySQL to the Server Intellect support umbrella, Bridging the gap between Linux and Windows Hosting with MySQL and PHP is something weve had a high demand for at Server Intellect. We are proud to have answered our customers demands with this new offering hosted in our Public Cloud, backed by our 24/7 U.S. based ServiceFirstSupport team, further establishing ourselves as an industry leader in Cloud Hosting Solutions.

With its origins dating back to 1998, MySQL is an open-source database engine, wildly popular amongst web developers who work with the PHP, Perl, and Python scripting languages. MySQL is also used to power some of the most popular sites on the Internet, such as Google, Facebook and Wikipedia.

Server Intellect believes that offering full support for the MySQL platform will greatly enhance its hosting capabilities both for existing and future clients.

For more information about Server Intellect, please visit

About Server Intellect

Server Intellect, located in downtown Orlando, Florida, assists businesses and individuals worldwide in achieving their internet technology goals. By offering cloud server hosting, dedicated servers, private cloud servers and complete cloud services coupled with world-class customer service, Server Intellect has become a world-recognized leader in the global web hosting market.