Forecasting for the Little Guy Prophet Forecasting Enters Open Beta

Auckland, New Zealand (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Retailers looking for an easy way to forecast demand for their products and plan inventory requirements will benefit from Prophet Forecasting.

The web application is designed to be used by stakeholders, rather than by professional statisticians, with a clear focus on simplicity.

Users can upload product sales history and use this to predict quarterly or monthly demand for the next 12 months. Demand forecasts can be adjusted manually and then combined with information about stock-on-hand, supplier lead times and desired service levels to generate regular stock plan reports, which contain recommendations for stock that should be purchased (to avoid stock outs) or promoted (if inventory levels are running too high).

Prophet Forecasting makes industrial strength forecasting accessible to companies that dont have a dedicated forecasting team or an army of statisticians, says company Founder, James Crosswell.

Key Product Features: