Halo Business Intelligence Partners with GoIWx, Inc. to Deliver the First Truly Holistic Business Analytics Platform to the Cloud-based SMB Market

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Halo Business Intelligence (Halo BI) and GoIWx today announced they have entered into a strategic software sales and support partnership to bring the power of Halos Holistic BI platform to the Cloud. GoIWx will provide a private Cloud environment dedicated to the Halo BI customers, and in turn, HaloBI will provide GoIWx customers with advanced technologies that until today, were only available in an on-premise solution.

Offering Halo BI in the Cloud and offering SaaS pricing allows us small and midsize businesses to harness the power of cutting-edge analytical and predictive solutions that until now were only available to fortune 500 companies. Our partnership with GoIWx enables us to put our technology in the hands of a large number of users at an attractive price point, says Halo BI President and CEO, Ray Major. The added value to our clients resulting from this partnership is that they can avoid the cost of expensive hardware, ancillary software licenses, and the resulting maintenance typically needed when running on-premise. Furthermore, the application is accessible anytime, anywhere, 24/7 with confidence.

Founded in 2008, Halo develops a holistic BI solution that let businesses combine all manners of business data with external big data like social media and web logs in order to collaborate and analyze it in ways that arent possible with one system alone. The Halo business analytics and intelligence platform is primarily deployed in enterprises with $ 50 million to $ 1 billion in revenue and used by a broad spectrum of personnel, from marketing and financial staffers to C-level executives.

Chief Executive Officer of GoIWx, Inc., RJ Burgess said of the partnership: The Partnership between GoIWx and HALO BI is way overdue. Companies that use ERP software need a product like HALO BI to mine the data, providing insightful information to key individuals to help them make quick decisions that drive improved efficiencies and higher profits. Delivering the HALO BI software through the GoIWx Cloud makes it possible to start mining data much quicker than traditional methods.

About GoIWx, Inc

GoIWx is an experienced provider of cloud-based ERP application hosting and management services for businesses. Founded in 1999 during the .COM era, GoIWx has been delivering business applications over the cloud before it was known as the Cloud. A Microsoft SPLA partner, we offer a range of premier IaaS and SaaS solutions for companies looking to benefit from the efficiency and flexibility of cloud management and hosting. GoIWx customers and partners have been leveraging our wide range of services for competitive advantage. These services include application hosting, support, upgrades, patches, IT infrastructure design and management. Whether your business is in need of IaaS or SaaS cloud hosting solutions, you can always count on the team at GoIWx to provide total availability, elite performance, and comprehensive security. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and maintains hosting facilities in North America. For more information, contact GoIWx, Inc. at 952-258-6300, email: info(at)goiwx(dot)com, or on the web: http://www.goiwx.com .

About Halo Business Intelligence

Halo Business Intelligence is a Microsoft Gold Certified global provider of information discovery, business intelligence and analytics systems tailored for small and mid-sized enterprises. Developed to leverage common business software systems, open technologies, and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Halo BI frees non-technical users to do their own data-mining, analysis and reporting without relying on IT staff or proprietary applications. Founded in 2008, the company has more than 300 customers in manufacturing, retail, construction, health care, hospitality and professional services worldwide. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California, and maintains corporate offices in North America, EMEA and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, contact Halo BI at tel: +1 888 300-0219, email: info(at)halobi(dot)com, or on the web: http://www.halobi.com.

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CM First Group Sponsors American and European Events to Promote Application Modernization

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

Recognized as one of the modernization specialists companies partnered with IBM, CM First was represented at the IBM Modernization Forum held May 13-14, 2014 at the IBM Client Center Paris, Bois-Colombes. Thirty sessions were offered with such speakers as Tim Rowe, Business Architect, Application Development & Systems, Armel Bineau, IBM I Product Manager and Philippe Bourgeois, IBM Consultant, speaking on ways to modernize System i. CM First plans to speak at the next conference.

On June 10-11, CM First held the CA Plex Games in Austin, TX highlighting technical debt remediation, CA Plex uplift and modernization and general modernization trends. Attendees from South America, Central America, Canada and throughout the US joined to learn from CM First and CA Technologies technical experts. Petter Graff, CEO., Sci Spike offered the keynote on Software Models, Today and Tomorrow, explaining why software models still matter. Customers particularly noted the value of sessions on mobile enablement and cloud computing. The goal for CM First was to present actionable, practical information, so customers could return to companies with valuable insights and action steps, said Mark OBrien, Business Development Manager. At the conclusion of the event, customer feedback assured the management team that the goal had been met.

On July 8th in Zurich, Switzerland, CM First will be presenting the CA Plex Developer Conference, a day of training on such subjects as: justifying uplift to CA Plex 7.1, RPG and C++ replatforming to C#/Java/Web/Mobile/API, strategies to move CA Plex applications to the Cloud and run them securely, exploiting CM WebClient to web- and mobile-enable applications and better business intelligence with Crystal Reports. Customers in Europe have demonstrated interest in achieving these goals and need the kind of practical help CM First can offer, said Christoph Heinrich, CEO. Sites have been selected relative to customer base and partner locations.

Events similar to the one in Switzerland will be held this quarter in Verona Italy, working with partner, Futura, and in Madrid, Spain, working with partner, Near Technologies. Check the web site for more information on these events. http://www.cmfirstgroup.com.

About CM First

CM First is a global software and services company with focus on application modernization, custom development of enterprise applications that support high-performing, and agile development teams in three key areas: Application Modernization for IBM Environments, Custom Application Development Architected and Agile, Tools and Technology for Future Development. Several hundred modernization reference customers include Hapimag (travel industry), United Heritage (insurance) and Hartman & Hartman (construction).

Malware Creation Breaks All Records in First Quarter of 2014, with 160,000 New Samples Every Day, According to PandaLabs Quarterly Report

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 30, 2014

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the latest findings of the PandaLabs Quarterly Report for Q1 2014. The main conclusions of the study include the fact that malware creation has broken all records during this period, with 15+ million new samples overall, and more than 160,000 new samples appearing every day. The full report can be found here.

Trojans are still the most abundant type of new malware, accounting for 71.85% of new samples created during Q1. Similarly, infections by Trojans were once again the most common type of infection over this period, representing 79.90% of all cases.

There have also been increasing attacks on Android environments. Many of these involve subscribing users to premium-rate SMS services without their knowledge, both through Google Play as well as Facebook ads, using WhatsApp as bait.

Social networks are still a favorite stalking ground for cyber-criminals. The Syrian Electronic Army group, for example, compromised accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and tried to gain control of the Facebook.com domain in an attack that was foiled by MarkMonitor.

During the first three months of the year, PandaLabs also witnessed some of the biggest data thefts since the creation of the Internet, and as expected, Cryptolocker, the malicious file-encrypting ransomware which demands a ransom to unblock files, has continued to claim victims.

“Over these months, levels of cyber-crime have continued to rise. In fact, we have witnessed some of the biggest data thefts since the creation of the Internet, with millions of users affected, stated Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs at Panda Security.

Trojans, Malware of Choice for Hackers

Thus far in 2014, Trojans continue to be the malware most commonly used by cyber-criminals to infect users. According to data from PandaLabs, four out of five infections around the world were caused by Trojans. Viruses are in second place, accounting for 6.71% of infections, followed by worms, with a ratio of 6.06%.

Trojans, the Most Frequently Created Malware

Trojans also top the ranking of newly created malware, accounting for 71.85% of the total, followed by worms, at 12.25%, and viruses at 10.45%.

Infections by Country

The global infection rate during the first three months of 2014 was 32.77%. China is once again the country with most infections, with a rate of 52.36%, followed by Turkey (43.59%) and Peru (42.14%).

European countries ranked high among the least infected countries, with the best figures coming from Sweden (21.03%), Norway (21.14%), Germany (24.18%) and Japan, which with a ratio of 24.21%, was the only non-European country in the top ten of this list.

About Panda Security

Founded in 1990, Panda Security is the worlds leading provider of cloud-based security solutions, with products available in more than 23 languages and millions of users located in 195 countries around the world. Panda Security was the first IT security company to harness the power of cloud computing with its Collective Intelligence technology. This innovative security model can automatically analyze and classify thousands of new malware samples every day, guaranteeing corporate customers and home users the most effective protection against Internet threats with minimum impact on system performance. Panda Security has 80 offices throughout the globe with US headquarters in Florida and European headquarters in Spain.

Panda Security collaborates with The Stella Project, a program aimed at promoting the incorporation into the community and workplace of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

For more information, please visit http://www.pandasecurity.com/.

RightScale First to Deliver Integrated Management for Multi-Cloud Environments

Interop New York Conference Expo (PRWEB) September 17, 2008

RightScale, Inc., the leader in cloud computing management, today announced a major new strategic product and partnership initiative as it broadens its cloud management platform to support emerging clouds from new vendors, including FlexiScale and GoGrid, while continuing its long-standing support for Amazon’s EC2. RightScale is also working with Rackspace to assure compatibility with their cloud offerings, including Mosso and CloudFS. RightScale will be the first in the industry to offer an integrated management dashboard, where applications can be deployed once and managed across these and other clouds.

Businesses can take advantage of the nearly infinite scalability of cloud computing by using RightScale to deploy their applications on a supported cloud provider. They gain the capabilities of built-in redundancy, fault tolerance, and geographical distribution of resources – key enterprise demands for cloud providers. With RightScale, customers can leverage the leading cloud management platform to automatically deploy and manage their web applications – scaling up when traffic demands, and scaling back as appropriate – allowing them to focus on their core business objectives. RightScale’s automated system management, pre-packaged and re-usable components, leading service expertise and best practices have been proven as best-of-breed, with customers deploying hundreds of thousands of instances on Amazon’s EC2.

“Cloud computing is a disruptive force in the business world because it provides pay-as-you-go, on-demand, virtually infinite compute and storage resources that can expand or contract as needed,” said Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale, Inc. “A number of public providers are already adopting cloud architectures – and we also see private enterprise clouds coming on the horizon. Today’s announcement of RightScale’s partnerships with FlexiScale and GoGrid is an exciting indication of how mid-market and enterprise organizations can really take advantage of multi-cloud architectures. There will be huge opportunities for application design and deployment — we are at the beginning of a tidal shift in IT infrastructure.”

FlexiScale is the only UK-based cloud computing provider and offers a unique infrastructure on demand with 99.99% SLA and many special features. For example, each customer gets their own virtual disk so that data is segregated and they can do their own low level encryption, while virtual network traffic is also segregated to deliver added security. FlexiScale uniquely offers permanent on demand storage and was the first cloud provider to support Windows. With a strong reputation for customer service, it also enables the creation of custom packages such as golden images.

Tony Lucas, CEO of XCalibre and creator of FlexiScale commented: “Without this new ability to move swiftly and easily between platforms, customers could feel locked in and much more hesitant to try and use cloud computing. RightScale’s partnership initiative is a great example of how having near interoperability between systems will enable customers to be less hesitant of moving to a new technology, which is great for everyone. It means the industry can and will grow quicker than if it was only a handful of individual companies providing distinct services that weren’t compatible with each other.”

GoGrid offers hosted cloud computing infrastructure that enables system administrators, developers and IT professionals to create, deploy, and control load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks. GoGrid also delivers portal controlled servers for Windows 2003 and 2008, multiple Linux operating systems and supports application environments like Ruby on Rails. GoGrid is unique in cloud computing with the availability of 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Server 2008; and was named winner of LinuxWorld 2008 “Best of Show” in August. Together, GoGrid and RightScale will provide joint cloud solutions that are elegant and bring power, control and scalability to business customers.

“Cloud computing for the enterprise has arrived with the GoGrid and RightScale partnership,” said GoGrid CEO, John Keagy. “Corporations now have few excuses not to, and multiple reasons to deploy and manage complex and redundant cloud infrastructures in real-time using the GoGrid, RightScale, and FlexiScale technologies.”

Rackspace Hosting provides IT systems and computing-as-a-service to more than 33,000 customers worldwide. Combining RightScale’s technologies with Rackspace’s focus on Fanatical Supportwill allow companies to focus on their business and not a disproportionate amount of resources on IT demands.

Deploying scalable, reliable applications from scratch in a multi-cloud world is a time consuming and expensive task. As a result, most organizations do not have the expertise or resources to deploy and manage cloud computing applications cost effectively and according to best practices. With RightScale’s platform, any organization can easily tap the enormous power of cloud computing for a virtually infinite, affordable, “pay-as-you-go” IT infrastructure. RightScale’s offerings provide rapid deployment, a dynamically scalable infrastructure to meet varying traffic and loads, and require minimal resources using automated tools and a centralized web dashboard for easy management backed by best practices and professional services.

For details on pricing and different product options, contact RightScale, Inc. at 1-866-720-0208 or sales@rightscale.com.

About Interop:


CentriLogic Launches First Canadian-Based Distributed Cloud Computing Service

Mississauga, Ontario (PRWEB) April 7, 2010

CentriLogic, a leading provider of hosting and managed services, today announced that it has launched the first international, multi-infrastructure cloud computing service based in Canada. The new enterprise-class cloud provides a secure and scalable on-demand computing infrastructure enabling organizations to efficiently deliver content and information services over the Web. The new cloud service enhances CentriLogics suite of hosting and managed services including, Co-location, Private and Managed Hosting, Data Management, Security, Network and Professional Services.

Utilizing resources housed initially in CentriLogics Mississauga, Ontario Data Center, the new multi-infrastructure cloud supports organizations that need to collect and process data while addressing cross-border regulatory concerns.

Todays enterprise customers require the power, flexibility and availability of an on-demand cloud computing infrastructure, said Robert Offley, CEO of CentriLogic. With the adoption of cloud computing and SaaS (software as a service), organizations are becoming concerned about regulatory compliance issues based on the geographical location of their data and applications. CentriLogic has responded by providing the first distributed cloud computing service based in Canada, so that customers have the choice of location while benefitting from a scalable and secure computing infrastructure. By deploying the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform, we are able to construct and manage multiple, geography-specific clouds across our Data Center facilities and networks in Canada and the U.S.

CentriLogics new cloud service allows customers to access and manage any number of virtual servers running Microsoft Windows or Linux through a web-based dashboard, as well as automatically scale up and down their use of cloud servers through a robust web-based API. Utilizing the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform, the new cloud can be used to host Web Sites, power internal business applications, provide burst capacity to meet peak loads for existing systems, and provide a highly flexible, virtual element to an existing physical infrastructure.

CentriLogic cloud service customer Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada needed the power and flexibility to manage large fluctuations in web traffic that were placing unpredictable demands on their hosting resources. Due to the nature of the websites and applications we have running, we utilize a number of different server and operating system configurations, says Karl Sutton, IT Specialist, Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada, For example, our Mortgage Sweepstakes and E-learning applications like MAC TV, can see large fluctuations in traffic that place unpredictable demands on our hosting resources. CentriLogic’s cloud gives us the ability to scale up dramatically in a short period of time, allowing us to address periods of increased usage without provisioning for these peaks while keeping our data close to home”

CentriLogics Canadian cloud service is now available to customers. The companys U.S.-based cloud, currently offered to select customers, will be publicly launched this summer. For more information on services and pricing call 1-866-366-3678 or visit http://www.centrilogic.com/cloud.

About Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada

Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada Inc (MAC) was incorporated in August 1998 as a sister company to Multi-Pr

City Network Launches First Cloud Computing Service Based in Scandinavia Aimed for European Market

Karlskrona, Sweden (PRWEB) April 14, 2010

City Network, a leading Scandinavian provider of hosting services, announced today the launch of an innovative Cloud Computing service. The new service, called City Cloud, enables customers to create virtual servers and scale them up and down as needed with a single click. The service is available immediately to customers, and is the first Cloud Computing service based in Scandinavia.

City Cloud enables customers to pay by the hour rather than investing in their own servers and data centers. The service has a price point starting at about half of competing products, such as Amazon EC2.

City Network partnered with Enomaly to create City Cloud, and the service is based on Enomalys Elastic Computing Platform, Service Provider Edition. City Cloud also leverages City Networks established and robust infrastructure, with multiple power and network providers, dual cooling sources, and 100 percent guaranteed uptime SLA.

Our present and future customers can benefit tremendously from the power and flexibility of Cloud Computing, said Johan Christenson, Chairman of City Network. We are delighted to offer this innovative and powerful Cloud Computing service, based on Enomalys platform, as part of our ongoing commitment to innovate and deliver quality services that exceed our customers highest expectations.

City Network will host the Enomaly ECP cloud computing platform within its Swedish data center, enabling City Networks customers to access and manage any number of virtual servers, running Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, or any other operating system with the software applications of their choice. Customers can access and manage their virtual servers through a web-based dashboard, and can also automatically scale up and down their use of cloud servers through a robust API.

We are delighted to have City Network join the growing number of Service Providers offering cloud computing services based on the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform, stated Dr. Richard Reiner, CEO of Enomaly. We believe customers in Sweden will benefit tremendously from having a powerful Cloud Computing service available locally, without trans-border regulatory concerns and the delays of long-distance Internet access.

About City Network:

With more than 10 000 customers in Scandinavia City Network is one of the leading hosting providers in northern Europe. City Network is the only Scandinavian hosting provider to offer a full service menu of hosting related services such as shared hosting to dedicated servers to cloud computing. In addition City Network is a registrar of many top level domains and offer a full suite of domain services. Box Hosting is a brand of City Network. Visit us at http://www.citycloud.eu for more information on City Cloud and http://www.citynetwork.eu (or http://www.citynetwork.se for Swedish version) for corporate information or http://www.citycloud.se for Scandinavian version of City Cloud.

About Enomaly, Inc.:

Enomaly is a global leader in the fast-growing Cloud Computing space. Enomalys Elastic Computing Platform empowers service providers to deliver revenue-generating infrastructure on demand (Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS) services to their customers. Enomaly’s Elastic Computing Platform, first released in 2004, was the world’s first IaaS platform, and is used today by over 15000 organizations around the world. Enomaly is based in Toronto, Canada, and has operations in Vancouver, Canada, South Korea, and Ukraine. http://www.enomaly.com

For more information please contact:

City Network Johan Christenson at johan(at)citynetwork.se

Enomaly Richard Reiner at richard(at)enomaly.com


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Skyfire Launches the First Flash Video Enabled Mobile Browser for Android

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2010

Skyfire, maker of the award-winning web-browser for mobile devices, today launches Skyfire 2.0 for Android, making the mobile internet experience faster, Flash-enabled and fun, with media recommendations and social features. Skyfire is one of the fastest growing mobile browsers in the world, ranking in the top 10 all-time apps in the Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Marketplace.

Skyfire 2.0 for Android is built upon many of the popular features of Skyfire’s 1.0 browser, and uses cloud computing to give a “booster engine” to mobile phones so they can handle rich media like video. And now, Skyfire 2.0 for Android takes mobile browsing to a new level with the addition of the SkyBarTM, a new toolbar that lets users enjoy millions of videos previously unviewable on mobile, and also discover the latest buzz on any topic they browse.

What is the SkyBar?

The SkyBar brings the best of the internet to a mobile user’s fingertips, without any additional searching. By activating the SkyBar with a single touch, users are given access to Flash videos on a web page that otherwise would not play, related content recommendations, and easier sharing with their social networks.

RIT launches nations first minor in free and open source software and free culture

Rochester, N.Y. (PRWEB) March 07, 2014

Responding to student interest and a growing industry demand for workers with such skills, Rochester Institute of Technology is launching the nations first interdisciplinary minor in free and open source software and free culture.

Starting in Fall 2014, RITs School of Interactive Games and Media will offer the minor in free and open source software (FOSS) and free culture for students who want to develop a deep understanding of the processes, practices, technologies, and financial, legal and societal impacts of the FOSS and free culture movements.

As students progress through the minor, they acquire domain knowledge, hands-on experience and community interaction skills, said Stephen Jacobs, professor of interactive games and media and associate director of RITs Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC). Students can use their new skills to become leaders, as well as contributors.

While propriety softwaresuch as Microsoft Officeis developed, controlled and restricted by organizations, free open source softwaresuch as Libre Officegives users the right and ability to freely use, modify and share the software itself. The free culture movement, exemplified by Creative Commons, allows for the same type of flexible use rights for creative works, such as music or graphics. When companies want to take advantage of the opportunities to modify and/or redistribute FOSS software, which is often more reliable, secure and less expensive, they turn to experts in FOSS culture, process and licenses.

Jacobs designed RITs first FOSS course around student-created games for the One Laptop per Child program in 2008. As their software ran on the laptops, Red Hat Inc., a leading provider of open source software solutions, donated 25 XO laptops for student use in the class. Red Hat has continued to collaborate with FOSS programs at RIT, including sponsoring the humanitarian program in Jacobs FOSSBox Lab.

RIT has long been a strong proponent of open source, not just in technology but also in the free sharing of ideas and knowledge, both of which are key factors in Red Hats involvement with RIT, said Tom Callaway, in charge of University Outreach at Red Hat.

RITs FOSS minor, driven by Professor Jacobs, helps address the role that free and open source software plays in todays world. Nearly every form of technology innovation, from gaming consoles to cloud computing, relies on open source code as a fundamental building block. Open source is helping define the way forward for digital society at large, Callaway said.

RITs 15-credit-hour minor, open to undergraduates across the university, includes three core courses from the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts. Students also select two elective courses that can be chosen from a list of computing and liberal arts courses. Electives from additional disciplines will likely be added over time.

Someone who doesnt know how to code can go all the way through this minor, said Jacobs. In required technical classes, students with different skills will work in teams to build a common project.

All students will take a course in which they develop and contribute to an existing humanitarian FOSS project. They will also take a course on theories of free and open source culture and another on the business and legal aspects of open source. Other electives can be selected based on the expertise of the student.

People are using free culture and its social structure to solve a host of problems, said Amit Ray, a professor in the Department of English. It is important for programmers, business people, scientists and even scholars to understand and be a part of free and open source culture.

Red Hat has supported Jacobs FOSS@MAGIC initiative, which promotes the practice of free and open source software development by connecting students to humanitarian projects, independent studies, co-op opportunities, conference registrations and travel, summer undergraduate research fellowships, faculty and staff professional development opportunities and hackathons.

For more information about the FOSS minor, go to magic.rit.edu/foss/minor.html.

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Advania Becomes First Enterprise Reseller for GreenQloud Public Cloud Services in the Nordics

Reykjavik, Iceland (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

Advania and GreenQloud today jointly announced the first enterprise reseller program for GreenQlouds public cloud services in the Nordics with Advania. GreenQloud is the worlds first Truly Green cloud solutions company, powered by renewable energy, offering world class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and data storage. Advania, one of the largest IT companies operating within the Nordic Region, offers software, hardware, hosting, and operational services. Advania will offer GreenQlouds public compute cloud solutions as Advania Cloud powered by GreenQloud.

With this new cloud services program, companies have access to computer systems through subscription. This implies easy and effective access for companies to any kind of computer service without having to invest in equipment. GreenQlouds computer system (software) is largely hosted in Advanias data center. Advania customers will now enjoy the benefits of the public cloud with the brand trust associated with Advania while also taking advantage of the ease of use and 24/7 customer support services that GreenQloud has become known for globally.

Advania Cloud powered by GreenQloud strengthens our reach in the enterprise market in Iceland, Scandanavia and globally, while enabling Advania to meet a growing demand for cloud services, said Bala Kamallakharan, CEO of GreenQloud.

It is a great pleasure to be working with a growing company like GreenQloud, a company that has received deserved attention for their clever and environmental-friendly solutions. These services will facilitate for customers even easier usage of our powerful computer systems on their own terms whenever they need, whenever it suits them, anywhere in the world. We foresee that this solution will especially suit fast growing companies in Scandinavia which will receive the full benefits of the cloud while having easy access to a full range of our professional services and consultancy, comments Eyj

OW2 Unveils the Program of its First Open Cloud Forum, February 26-27 at Cloud Expo Europe in London

Paris, France (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

OW2, the global community for open source infrastructure software, announces the program of the first of its Open Cloud Forum Series, organised at Cloud Expo Europe in London on February 26-27. The Open Cloud Forum at Cloud Expo Europe 2014 is the first event in Europe exclusively dedicated to explore the trends shaping the future of open cloud computing.

The Open Cloud Forum Series are events dedicated to promoting open source cloud projects and market offerings as well as awareness for interoperability in the cloud. The Open Cloud Forum Series leverage OW2’s open source expertise and its support for many open cloud projects. The next two events in 2014 will be organised in Paris and in Brussels.

The Open Cloud Forum at Cloud Expo Europe 2014 is designed for technical attendees and project managers. They will acquire technical knowledge on the main open IaaS platforms and discover and learn about major open cloud technologies, including European Commission-supported collaborative projects and cloud initiatives from the OW2 community.

Open Cloud Forum Hands-on Tutorials:

Three tutorials of three hours each will be proposed to participants, enabling them to improve their basic technical knowledge and skills on how to build and use a cloud with the OpenStack, CloudStack and OpenNebula IaaS platforms.

European Commission-supported cloud projects and initiatives from the OW2 Community

The Open Cloud European Who’s Who R&D Projects session proposed by the OCEAN project will showcase state-of-the-heart open cloud technologies:

HARNESS: Hardware- and Network-Enhanced Software Systems for Cloud Computing
ClouT: Cloud of Things for Empowering Citizen Clouds in Smart Cities
Improving the agility of Cloud Ecosystems with MODAClouds
OPTIMIS: Cloud but Better
ARTIST: a General Approach to Cloudify Applications

OW2 community flagship open cloud projects and initiatives

Learn about OW2 community’s flagship open cloud projects and initiatives:

Uforge, Application Automation and Marketplace Platform: Cooperation with the OW2 community, by UShareSoft
Emerginov, A Telco Web PaaS for African Cloud, by Orange
Why an Open Cloud Broker? by CompatibleOne
Use-IT Cloud Market Place, by Prologue

Open Source and Cloud Service Providers round table

Panelists representing hosting service providers with Rackspace and Cloudwatt and the cloud federation community with the Oxford eResearch Centre, will discuss the role of open source software in the cloud computing market and its challenges for the future. The panel will be moderated by OW2 CEO C