ClearDATA Chief Privacy Officer a Featured Speaker on HIPAA Compliance for Radiologists at RBMA Conference

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

ClearDATA Networks, Inc., the leading healthcare cloud computing platform and information security service provider, today announced that its Chief Privacy Officer and SVP of Professional Services, Chris Bowen, MBA, CIPP/US, CIPP/IT, will be a featured speaker for the Radiology Business Management Association (RBM) Fall Educational Conference held September 8-11, 2013 at the Seaport Boston Hotel and World Trade Center in Boston, MA. Mr. Bowen is also a ClearDATA Founder.

Mr. Bowens session titled, HIPAA Compliance for Radiologists in a HITECH World, will address HIPAA changes required by the HITECH Final Rule with specific focus on appropriate policies and best practices for mobile devices, security considerations for encryption, and Security Risk Assessments.

Increased regulatory requirements from the Omnibus Rule bring significant security and compliance challenges to hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes, says Mr. Bowen. Additionally, the proliferation of mobile devices within healthcare introduces significant security risks for ePHI and added management complexities. Organizations must implement precise technologies, architecture, and infrastructure coupled with cohesive policies and procedures to securely account for mobile devices, different systems, and applications that can interface with patient information.

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Server Intellect Releases Full Featured Clouds

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 20, 2010

Server Intellect announced today the June release of a Full Featured Cloud Offering. Per Eric Pratt, CEO, In formulating our cloud offering, Server Intellect began by breaking down what true hosting on the cloud really means. For public cloud hosting, any valid offering should provide full scalability, full redundancy and full technical service. Mr. Pratt added, Server Intellect is proud to announce that our public cloud hosting will provide all three of these features which make up a true cloud offering at a price that is comparable to old-fashioned shared web hosting.

Additional advantages include state of the art network security and the ability to scale within 15 seconds along with instant load balancing and clustered redundancy. 24/7/365 technical service will also be included as it is with all of Server Intellects services.

About Server Intellect

Server Intellect assists companies of all sizes with their hosting needs by offering fully configured server solutions coupled with proactive server management and cloud services. We specialize in providing complete internet-ready web hosting and other server solutions backed by our U.S. based call center which is expertly staffed 24/7/365.

Server Intellect, located in downtown Orlando, Florida was born in 2003 from Client Intellect, Inc. to assist businesses and individuals worldwide to achieve their internet technology goals. By offering cloud server hosting, dedicated servers, private cloud servers and complete cloud services coupled with world class customer service, Server Intellect has become a world recognized leader in the global web hosting market.

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Fusion PPT CEOs to be Featured Guest Speaker on Hybrid Clouds On The Enterprise Cloud Site Radio Broadcast

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) March 19, 2014

Fusion PPT, a recognized strategy and technology consulting firm, announced today that CEO Michael Biddick will be a featured guest speaker on The Enterprise Cloud Site monthly Radio Show to share his advice about Strategies for Success With Your Hybrid Cloud. Biddick will join The Enterprise Cloud Site community as a guest on the show on at 1PM ET on Thursday, March 27th, 2014. Biddick, an expert in the field of cloud computing who has authored a book on Federal Cloud Computing and written over 50 articles on cloud-related topics, will provide his insight on how to make a hybrid cloud work for your organization and what organizations are really doing with hybrid clouds.

The cloud-enabled enterprise is continuously and rapidly evolving, challenging established IT providers, and transforming IT as we now know it. Rather than asking whether it is a good idea to move to the cloud, for many organizations it is now a matter of when to move, and how to utilize the cloud’s abundant resources to increase productivity and outpace competition.

In InformationWeeks recent State of Cloud Computing Survey, 40% of respondents said that they already use cloud services. Out of that number, nearly 80% said that they use multiple cloud providers, sometimes six or more at once. This is up 7 points from 2011. Clearly, the future lies in federated cloud infrastructures these hybrid architectures simplify disaster recovery and continuity-of-operations (COOP) efforts, and promote the high availability and mobility of applications. However, applications and data that are spread across multiple clouds are fragmented, and trying to centrally control everything can cause severe management and orchestration headaches.

The Enterprise Cloud Site, run by UBM Tech, hosts a monthly radio show on its website to interview leading cloud computing experts about pressing issues and evolving cloud technologies. During his session on March 27th Biddick will discuss hybrid cloud technologies, specifically:

Fusion PPTs Article on Application Consolidation Featured on the Cover of InformationWeek

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Fusion PPT, a recognized strategy and technology consulting firm, announced today that its article on Application Consolidation, written by CEO Michael Biddick, has been featured on the cover of the December issue of InformationWeek Magazine. Biddick, an expert in the field of cloud computing who has authored a book on Federal Cloud Computing and written over 50 articles on cloud-related topics, examines the issues surrounding application consolidation, and provides suggestions for tackling consolidation efforts within your organization.

For years, CIOs have attempted to streamline their organizations application portfolios to ease application management and increase efficiency. Trying to manage multiple systems for services such as email, human resources, and business analytics, can over-complicate normal business operations, and cause IT governance headaches. Application consolidation has some serious benefits too it promotes interoperability and information sharing, and cuts down on IT costs. It also can free up IT to focus on those business applications that are critical to driving revenue. However, despite this, application consolidation has become increasingly difficult, as many employees are either insistent upon keeping the functionality of their current software, or are simply resistant to change. Add cloud computing to the mix, and things get even more complicated.

In InformationWeeks recent Application Consolidation Survey, 45% of respondents said that they currently manage multiple applications that provide duplicate functionality. Furthermore, only 13% of companies who are currently in the consolidation process believe that their top barrier application consolidation is that each application offers unique functionality. So whats stopping them from consolidating? Cutting applications stirs strong emotions, writes Biddick. Just 12 percent of the IT pros in our survey say employees at their companies accept [application] consolidation readily, while 57 percent say theyre uneasy, and 31 percent say theyre resistant or openly hostile.

Despite these obstacles, 56% of respondents report that they have implemented some application consolidation within the last 12 months. The problem, continues Biddick, is that IT organizations must build credibility as they cut [applications], because [application] sprawl is often due to unmet needs. ITs task is to remove duplicate software while demonstrating to users that the company is trying to address their needs.

In his article, Biddick explores the current state of application consolidation and gives some best practices for successful consolidation efforts. Arbitrary and opaque wont win employee hearts and minds, remarks Biddick. Instead start by validating your organizations application requirements [and] seek feedback from a wide range of application users as you consider which system[s] to consolidate on.

Biddick continues, Its important for IT organizations to understand why their application huggers want to hang onto an [application] and to consider legitimate functional needs versus simple resistance to change.

To read the entire article, please click here.

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COMODO Internet Security Named Best Free AV Security in Face-Off in CNET Poll Featured on

Jersey City, NJ (Vocus/PRWEB) March 13, 2011

Comodo is pleased to announce that results are in on the recent CNET poll on and Comodo Internet Security 5 has been named the company of choice for AntiVirus at 42 percent popularity rate for free Antivirus software.

“Not only are we good,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect, “But we’re the best at protecting the computer from viruses and malware and it’s free, according to this latest customer vote.”

Comodo Internet Security 2011 is the free, multi-layered, security application that offers complete protection from viruses, Trojans, worms, buffer overflows, zero-day attacks, spyware and hackers. Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, Comodo Internet Security combines powerful Antivirus protection, an enterprise class packet filtering firewall, advanced host intrusion prevention, application control and anti-spyware in one supremely powerful application.

The latest version sees a major leap forward in security and usability with the addition of cloud based virus-scanning and behavior analysis of unrecognized files – making CIS 2011 unbeatable at detecting zero-day attacks. Under default settings, unknown and untrusted files are automatically scanned by our cloud-based virus scanners then, while the file undergoes behavior analysis on our cloud server, it is run in a sandbox on your local machine so that it cannot modify or affect data on your ‘real’ system.

What’s new in this version: Version 5.3 features: full IPv6 Support in firewall, Rootkit Scanner – Hidden registry keys, files and folders are detected, 5 skins from COMODO, including a native windows skin.

About Comodo


CloudPassage Featured at Cloud Fair Annual Conference

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2012

CloudPassage, the leading cloud server security provider, announces that Vice President of Product Management Rand Wacker will be a featured presenter during the Cloud Fair Conference, which takes place April 17-19 in Seattle. Wackers session will zero in on the security and compliance challenges of cloud computing and how they can be overcome.

What: How Cloud Computing Complicates Security and Compliance

When: Wed., April 18, 2012 at 3 pm PDT

Where: Sheraton Seattle

Security and compliance remain major challenges to adoption of public cloud infrastructure hosting. Technical differences in public cloud environments render many established security models and controls inoperable. In his session, Wacker will discuss how cloud security and compliance is different from traditional approaches, outline a model for securing cloud-based hosting environments and explain best practices for implementing this model.

As the only conference focused on reducing the complexity of cloud computing, Cloud Fair provides business decision-makers with the information they need to solve business problems using secure and scalable cloud computing. Engineers and application developers will learn how to create entirely new, easy-touse cloud-based solutions.

About CloudPassage

CloudPassage is the leading cloud server security provider and creator of Halo, the industry’s first security and compliance platform purpose-built for elastic cloud environments. Halo operates across public, private and hybrid clouds. Industry-leading companies like Foursquare, Avatar New York and Exois trust Halo to seamlessly manage their server security configuration, host-based firewalls, intrusion detection and server account auditing from one system. A feature-rich version of Halo is available for free at Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., CloudPassage is backed by Benchmark Capital, Tenaya Capital and other leading investors. For more information, please visit


CloudPassage, CloudPassage Halo SVM Server Vulnerability Management and CloudPassage Halo Firewall are registered trademarks of CloudPassage. All other trademarks are registered to their respective companies.

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Fusion PPT CEO to be Featured Speaker for the InformationWeek Government Webcast: Getting Started With Big Data

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Fusion PPT, a recognized cloud computing strategy and technology firm, announced today that its CEO, Michael Biddick will be a featured speaker for the InformationWeek Government Webcast: Getting Started With Big Data.

With the vast amount of information that is being generated, collected, and managed by government agencies it only makes sense that they are on the leading edge of Big Data. However, agencies must not only store that information but act on it. In order to advance an agencies mission and get the real advantages, Big Data must be analyzed and applied in new ways.

Big Data can only reach its full potential with a developed strategy putting the appropriate systems and processes into place. In this webcast, InformationWeek Government will help government IT professionals understand the steps required to support data volumes that are a thousand times bigger than yesterdays databases, and to apply that data to improve government operations and offer new public services.

Michael Biddick alongside other industry leaders will discuss the tools and techniques for managing petabyte-size databases and gleaning discoveries from them as well as identifying opportunities for using big data to accomplish agency objectives. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn about best practices in Big Data management from hands-on experts. The discussion will include an update on the White Houses Big Data Initiative and explore the critical components of a successful Big Data strategy and discuss how to get started.

To register for this event, please click here: to Lead Featured Presentation at the Business Fundamentals Bootcamp at Worcester Polytechnic Institute: “Using the Cloud for Disaster Recovery”

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 29, 2012, an innovative provider of reliable and cost-effective IT solutions, announces its upcoming presentation at the Business Fundamentals Bootcamp Series, to be held on June 22, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The event, cosponsored by Supporting Strategies and Acceleration Partners, will feature a breakout session by Kirill Bensonoff, co-founder of The topic of the discussion, “Using the Cloud for Disaster Recovery,” will highlight Mr. Bensonoffs expertise about this material and its significance to a broad range of companies and organizations. Attendees can learn more about the event at

This discussion also coincides with the debut of the Disaster Recovery Service from This new service features complete on-site and offsite protection for business critical data and services. Companies can learn more about this offering, and view an informative video about this hybrid service, at

This scheduled Bootcamp showcases an all-star cast of participants from the Greater Boston area, a community of distinguished business executives from mature and growing companies in a variety of industries. I welcome the opportunity to be one of the 20 speakers at this conference, where we will address issues involving technology, finance, law and human resources. Specifically, my session about disaster recovery will reference the many ways cloud-based services can protect against this threat. This discussion will be part of a broader conversation among my fellow speakers including representatives from VE Advisors, Inc. Fletcher Tilton, PC, and TriNet HR Corporation which impact everything from data security to day-to-day business operations. I look forward to meeting my fellow panelists, all of whom share a passion for creativity and professional growth, says Mr. Bensonoff.


A recognized leader in its space, provides 24/7 IT support, cloud hosting and staff augmentation services to small and medium businesses across USA. Our clients range from 10 to 250 employees, spanning across various industries such as professional and business services, healthcare, non-profit, manufacturing, finance and others. Although each client may conduct business differently, their requirements are the same; technology must be cost-effective, reliable and be able to support their business long-term. has been the recipient of Boston Business Journal and other awards. For more information, please visit