eUKhost announces exclusive discounts on its services with flat 50% off on Cloud Hosting

Leeds, UK (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

eUKhost Ltd. announced a wide range of offers on its line of hosting services for the start of the Autumn season. Starting today, new customers can take advantage of up to 50% off on the company’s range of UK hosting services, valid until the 30th of September 2013.

Shared and Reseller Hosting: Pocket a 25% discount on your first month with any new shared or reseller hosting plan using the coupon code SAVE25. With the company’s recent introduction of all new shared hosting plans, the company has extended its free domain name offer when customers choose any shared hosting plan on an annual or biennial billing period.

VPS Hosting: You can purchase any Linux or Windows virtual private server and save 50% off your first month using the coupon code TRYVPS.

Cloud Hosting: Get a 50% discount for the first three months on the company’s range of VMware and Hyper-V cloud servers using the promotional code CLOUD50OFF.

We’re pushing extremely aggressively in offering exceptional value to our customers and these are some of our best promotions of the year, Mark Ducadi, Chief Marketing Officer, eUKhost Ltd. said. He further added with [the] unprecedented deals on our fantastic range of cloud servers, this season is going to be a blast.

The company has also begun offering a limited-stock dedicated server with an Intel Dual Quad E5520, 12 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 X 300 GB SAS disks and RAID 1 for just

eUKhost Offers Premium GlobalSign SSL Certificates at Discounted Prices as a Limited Period Promotion

Leeds, West Yorkshire (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

eUKhost Ltd- eUKhost Ltd. today announced promotional discounts on its range of SSL certificates with great savings. For a limited time, new and existing customers can take advantage of promotional discounts on the company’s most popular SSL certificates including AlphaSSL, Extended SSL, AlphaSSL Wildcard and Organization SSL Wildcard.

In order to be able to safely and securely accept and send sensitive information through a website, it is extremely important that information is encrypted when it is being sent back and forth from your site visitor and your website. The reason why this is so important is because it is extremely easy for anyone to eavesdrop and steal sensitive data while the data is being transmitted back and forth.

An SSL certificate is installed on a website, and each time a visitor browses a section of your website encrypted over SSL, a public key is sent by the server to your visitors Web browser. This public key is used to encrypt data before it is sent to the website your client is browsing, and vice versa. Once an encrypted connection is established and verified, all data transmitted both ways are encrypted.

Robert King, Managing Director, eUKhost Ltd. said, SSL certificates are a very important part of business online because they provide the necessary layer of security and trust to ensure sensitive data is transmitted and received securely and safely from client to server, and vice versa. These savings will be very much welcomed and appreciated by our business customers who may be needing to either purchase a new, or renew an existing, SSL certificate with us.

SSL certificates are one means to protect users from fraudsters trying to con them into handing over valuable usernames and passwords or other identifying information. SSL certificates verify sites and provide consumers with confidence that the site they visit is the site they think it is, and not, for example, a spoof site set up for the express purpose of harvesting their credit card information.

As part of the company’s limited-time promotions, AlphaSSL certificates will be available for

eUKhost Ltd. Continues Partnership with SmarterTools

Leeds, Yorkshire (PRWEB) October 1, 2010

eUKhost Ltd., UK’s leading Web hosting provider, is pleased to announce its renewal partnership with Smartertools Inc., enabling it to continue to provide the SmarterBundle software suite to customers at no additional charge.

eUKhost Ltd. Announces the Launch of Auto Resource Scaling with VPS Hosting

Leeds, West Yorkshire (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

UK Web Hosting provider eUKhost today announced that it has updated its vLite based virtual private servers, offering Auto Scalable CPU & RAM with all plans as burstable resources. Burstable CPU/RAM is an addon feature and customers can opt for this by paying a nominal monthly fee ranging from 10.00 to 20.00 over the cost of the VPS depending upon the plan they choose.

According to the press release, the new addon feature is available with all three VPS plans with max resource scaling available up to 6 CPUs and 4 GB Memory on an individual VPS. All eUKhost vLite VPS plans use Hardware Virtualization Hypervisor of eNlight Cloud with inbuilt intelligent scaling technology which detects the increase in resource requirements on any server in real-time, and adds them immediately without any downtime, reboot or manual intervention. This intelligent technology propelled eUKhost to offer CPU and RAM auto scaling with VPS Hosting which is first of its kind in the VPS Hosting industry.

Once the Burstable CPU & RAM feature is enabled, vLite with its intelligent scaling technology fetches the required amount of resources from a large pool of free resources and allocates those to VPSs during predicted as well as unpredicted bursts or spikes, allowing the hosted website(s) or applications to achieve optimum scalability and performance. Auto resource scaling responds automatically and ensures that websites and applications continue to function smoothly, without any interruptions, no matter how erratic the resource usage patterns are.

The company states that the new Auto Resource Scaling feature would be highly beneficial for websites that experience high resource consumption only for a few minutes/hours every day or attract occasional traffic. Similarly, websites experiencing sudden spikes in resource usage or short traffic bursts intermittently or applications that experience hourly, daily, or weekly variability in usage will also benefit immensely through this feature.

For Reseller Hosting customers, there’s an added special feature too. VLite VPS Hosting allows upgrading storage space on-the-fly on any VPS. Storage space can be added on demand to any VPS without the need of server reboot or involving any downtime. Besides this, the free reseller hosting addons such as Domain Reseller Account, Free Billing Software, White Label Reselling and End User Support can also be availed with vLite VPS Hosting.

“At eUKhost, we are committed to constantly improve our product range. The additional benefits in our VPS Hosting range provide significant additional capacity for our customers to use as and when they need. This will prove to be decisive as even if our customers don’t require it at the moment, they are ready for growth in the future.” John Strong, Managing Director of eUKhost Ltd. said in a statement.

For more information about eUKhost vLite VPS hosting, please visit –

About eUKhost

Launched in 2001, eUKhost Ltd. offer a range of services including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Business Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Semi-Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates and Offsite Backup Solutions. 24/7 technical support is available and 99.95% uptime guarantee is offered as standard with their UK-based servers.

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eUKhost Announces 15% Discount on its Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

UK Web Hosting ( provider eUKhost is pleased to announce a very special discount offer on its most popular hosting products Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers. During the month of May 2012, eUKhost will offer 15% first payment discount for both new and existing clients on its Cloud Servers and the entire range of Managed Dedicated Servers.

The UK based company which specializes in various hosting platforms informed that the promotion which offers a one-time 15% discount on its Cloud Servers ( & Dedicated Servers ( has been introduced in order to make their customers experience the benefits of a superior hosting platform at more affordable upfront costs.

This one-time 15% discount offer is applicable to monthly / quarterly / semi-annual and annual payment. Customers will be given flat 15% discount for the first payment irrespective of the payment option they choose. The promo code to be used is “SPRING”.

At the same time, they are also offering