WFT Cloud Education Launches an Introductory Training Program on Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies, at No Cost

Chennai, India (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

WFT Cloud Education, a leading IT training firm in India, today announced the launch of a free introductory training program on Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies. This program is targeted towards recent college graduates and IT professionals who are interested in exploring a career in the field of Cloud Computing.

This introductory program will be conducted on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June at Perungudi, Chennai and is aimed at helping candidates understand current IT trends and enhancing their career in the fields of Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies. It would also help participants understand how Cloud Computing works in current business world and expose them to the numerous job opportunities in this field.

The program provides complete coverage of the fundamental Cloud Computing topics with consideration for technology as well as business. The course content is divided into a series of modular sections which will educate the candidates on the significance and the impact that the cloud has brought about in the field of IT.

The following primary topics will cover:

Internet2 CIO to Discuss the Emerging Higher Education Community Cloud at Three Rivers Systems Annual Global Users Conference

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) June 09, 2014

Dr. Khalil Yazdi, CIO in Residence at Internet2, will be the keynote speaker on June 10 at the Three Rivers Systems CAMS Connect annual global users conference. His presentation The Emerging Higher Education Community Cloud: What It Portends for the Future of IT in Education will provide an overview of the research and education communitys Internet2 NET+ initiative that aims to leverage advanced networking and community engagement to make cloud services more relevant and accessible.

Internet2, a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nations leading higher education institutions in 1996, provides a collaborative environment for US research and education organizations to accelerate research discovery, advance national global education, and improve the delivery of public services. Internet2s membership includes U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, MIT, Stanford, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and the National Institutes of Health.

Universities and colleges are rapidly adopting cloud computing as a way to provide technology services and deliver new applications and services more cost effectively and efficiently. A community cloud is a private cloud that is shared among a group of like-minded organizations with common technology needs.

Our clients are natural fits for the community cloud model, so were excited to bring someone of Dr. Yazdis stature to speak at our Global Users Community Conference, said Amir Tajkarimi, President and Founder of Three Rivers Systems. Our company has made significant R&D investments in its CAMS Cloud offering over the past several years and we believe it is unique in its ability to deliver a true cloud-based solution that reduces the costs, complexity and risks associated with academic ERP projects.

Dr. Yazdi brings more than three decades of practical experience on strategic IT challenges facing higher education executive leaders and is well respected as a cloud computing expert. As CIO in Residence at Internet2, he is responsible for cloud services development, working with service providers and university IT leadership to identify opportunities where strategic engagement will drive value to the Internet2 community.

A record number of Three Rivers Systems customers are expected to attend this years CAMS Connect conference, held June 9-11 in St. Louis for users of its CAMS Enterprise academic enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Other planned activities include a keynote presentation from Christophe Savard, CIO at Canadian University of Dubai, numerous client presentations, topical working sessions hosted by Three Rivers Systems subject matter experts, and updates on recent and future enhancements to the CAMS Enterprise software.

About CAMS Enterprise

CAMS Enterprises disruptive technology makes it a fundamentally different academic ERP unlike all others that were designed for the past and are incapable of operating efficiently in the modern world. CAMS Enterprise is an easy-to-use and implement, totally integrated, Web-native management system with everything in one place admissions; student information; financial aid; student services; fiscal management with HR and payroll; fund-raising; alumni relations; document management, learning management, a full suite of portals, and more for managing the entire student life cycle. With an out-of-the-box configuration and self-service customization, CAMS Enterprise removes all barriers to success seen with conventional systems. CAMS affordable licensing, off-the-shelf configuration and easy implementation translate into the lowest total cost of ownership of any academic ERP while yielding the quickest and highest ROI.

About Three Rivers Systems Inc.

Three Rivers Systems Inc. is the only privately-held, independent, debt-free, one-stop company focused solely on high-quality academic ERP solutions for higher education institutions of all sizes. For more than 25 years from its St. Louis headquarters, the company has focused on innovation and service to its worldwide customers. Always innovating, the company invests significant revenues back into product R&D to improve existing products while developing new ones so users always get the exact functionality, industry experience and accurate project management they need. Its business model and products are designed to ensure institutional effectiveness, more-efficient business processes, student success and satisfaction.

# # #

Contact: Jim Clayman, Three Rivers Systems Inc., Director of Marketing & Communications, 636-386-8616 x1501, jimc(at)ThreeRiversSystems(dot)com

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Annese Notes Surge in Ensemble Video Education Sales Across New York’s Metro Region

Clifton Park, NY (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Cisco projects that 833 days worth of video will cross the Internet every second in three short years. Additionally, Internet video will make up 54% of all online traffic by 2016. This surge in digital content may explain the rapid-fire growth of Annese & Associates video content management solution, Ensemble Video, particularly across its education base in the Metro New York region.

Annese, which has been reselling the online video management platform since its inception in 2007, was also an angel investor to the Syracuse University-born software which has since risen from tech start-up to industry player in the online video platform market, reporting over 200% revenue growth since 2010 and record expansion of its customer base. The company successfully deployed its software to close to 100 new organizations in 2012, with over 200 customers in higher education institutions, K-12 school districts, consortiums, and enterprise markets.

The K-12 market is especially ripe for a product like Ensemble as it enables classrooms and districts to seamlessly implement 21st century opportunities like distance learning, blended learning, flipped learning, and mobile learning. Ensemble Video has the power to transform the educational process in schools by ushering in a new model for teaching and learning that focuses on using video to engage, inform, and motivate students at their own pace through online learning, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, notes Scott Nadzan, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Ensemble.

Dutchess BOCES, Ulster BOCES, Eastern Suffolk BOCES, and Nassau BOCES are a few of Anneses most prominent Ensemble converts in the region. The Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC) was one of the companys earliest adopters of the product and has been a strong proponent in helping like-institutions understand its appeal.

Ensemble Video enables LHRICs teachers to create video projects so students can easily submit video projects for coursework and tell a story through video. Kids have always wanted to tell a story. In the past they did it with crayons and paper and now they are doing it with video because its the technology; its a 21st century skill, said Sarah Martabano, Regional and Distance Education Coordinator at the RIC. The role of the Regional Information Center is to support districts in their use and acquisition of technology. Currently, 21 districts are signed up with Ensemble Video through the RIC.

Although free YouTube-like platforms are ideal for small-scale public sharing, they fall short for larger organizations and educational institutions that require more control and security.

With Video becoming more prominent in all aspects of everyday life and the proliferation of technology in todays society, organizations are constantly being challenged to find new ways to help break down traditional communication boundaries, notes Andy Enright, Annese Account Manager.

By implementing the Ensemble Video platform, our customers have enabled their organizations with a simple and cost-effective platform to share, secure, stream and archive videos with a few clicks of a mouse. We continue to see steady product sales growth throughout the region as Annese remains committed to providing our customers with innovative and cutting-edge solutions to help them remain at the forefront of modern technology.

Ensemble Video has just launched its new 3.5 version which includes features like uploading video from mobile devices, a restricted streaming module to secure content, adaptive bitrate streaming for delivery, and a YouTube feed.

About Ensemble Video

Ensemble Video is a flexible online video platform that simplifies video management and delivers content to a variety of devices, over a myriad of networks. Ensemble Video enables hundreds of progressive organizations across the globe to accelerate learning, increase viewer engagement, improve knowledge sharing, and reduce the cost of doing business. Ensemble Video offers self-hosted, cloud-hosted, and multi-tenant deployments, and works in concert with a wide range of complementary video and web technologies to streamline video management and publishing. Learn more about our platform by visiting our website and find out how our customers use our software on our blog. For a free trial or demo, contact us and begin orchestrating your online video today!

About Annese & Associates, Inc.

Expertise. Relationships. Innovation. Throughout the past four decades, these principles have established the foundation upon which Annese & Associates has emerged as the trusted adviser to our customers, partners, and communities. With a full-circle approach to integrating communications systems, Annese wraps professional and managed services around Collaboration and Data Center Virtualization solutions. Guided by our services methodology, we design an end-to-end IT experience for our clients, implementing the tools of today and administering a plan for tomorrow. Our business is the art, science, and passion of connecting devices to networks, people to people, and ideas to action.

More Cloud Hosting Press Releases Opens Critical Awareness Registration for Cloud Hosting Security Education Series

(PRWEB UK) 30 November 2012

Responding to the market demand for easier access to integrated hosting, communication and Internet applications, has actively introduced SME clients to the potential of cloud computing to provide these solution. VMWare Zimbra Premium has become the option of choice for its scalability and intuitive user interface. Now as more clients have begun to the transition from traditional hosting and communication services, has responded to the security issue concerns with a series of whitepapers focused on the applications SMEs use daily such as electronic mail, WordPress and instant messaging.

The appeal of cloud hosting and communication services to SMEs is the on-demand facility of the services that are beyond their reach in a traditional hosting environment. However although security measures are a priority for both cloud and traditional hosting, the methods and implementations are different. MrMail has compiled the measures that SMEs need take to secure their business website applications, financial transactions and data communications online in the Cloud Hosting Security Education Series with the first set of whitepapers to be distributed in December.

Oliver Bross, CEO of commented on the security education initiative: As Internet technology continues to advance, quite often on the benefits are revealed to potential clients. For example, financial transactions via smart phone mobile devices are currently being promoted by banking institutions using their secure channel. However small business owners are unaware that this is not a built-in feature of cloud hosting. The Cloud Hosting Security Education Series will give them the facts they need to responsibly take the additional steps required to secure the mobile channel on their website that is used for financial transactions. Without these security measures in place, these small business owners cannot meet the compliance regulations set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Protecting both their Internet assets and their customers sensitive financial data is paramount for all companies transacting business online. Because cloud hosting is structured differently than traditional hosting, it also has specific security issues that differ greatly from traditional hosting. The goal of the Cloud Hosting Security Education Series is to increase the SMEs ability to limit the vulnerability of their business website to the more sophisticated types of scripting attacks that are aimed at compromising their database and transactional business forms that customers use on their website.

The Cloud Hosting Security Education Series is focused on the four major areas where SMEs are most at risk; communications, applications, databases and hosting servers. The whitepapers include a comprehensive overview of the PCI standards and certification process for financial transactions as well as the best business practices to secure website and database application from the risk of identity theft. The goals is to provide SME with the practical information they need to access their website operations and adjust their usage of Email Clients and Content Management Systems so that they can protect their information.

There is no charge to register for the Cloud Hosting Security Education Series. The first set of whitepapers will be delivered on December 15th. More information and registration forms are available on

About MrMail

The main headquarters of Mr Mail Ltd is in the United Kingdom, This Internet services company has provided secure email hosting along with cloud based web hosting and related business solutions to businesses around the globe since 1996. For more information on MrMail Cloud Hosting services visit:

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Asahi Technologies Launches Web App for Collaboration Portal Education Modified in New York – Enabling Modified and Differentiated Learning Methodologies

New York (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

Asahi Technologies today announced the formal launch of a dynamic web app for Education Modified to share useful learning resources that are easy to access, efficient and practical to use every day. The web app is a comprehensive, easily-searchable data tool designed to help teachers modify and differentiate learning methods for students with disabilities. The simple, intuitive web app lets users skip expensive training or acquiring special skills and provides the ease to use it on a daily basis. The web app is innovatively designed using the famed Waterfall model fused with Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) methodology that clearly divides the problem into distinct phases and fits well into a contractual setting where each phase is considered a milestone.

Great web apps help to gain new ideas about strategies and techniques to use in the classroom, and can function as amazing classroom tools. Empowering teachers with brilliant features and functionalities, the web app is designed to be highly interactive for everyday usage. Our main aim is to equip the special teaching fraternity with a quality web communication framework to help them connect with all the members worldwide. The web app is uniquely designed to address the specific requirements of teachers who are extremely passionate about breaking through the barriers that limit students with disabilities. The most important highlight of the project is that it was completed way ahead of the delivery timeline, enabling teachers to modify and update resources earlier than expected, stated Mr. Vinod Subbaiah, the CEO and Founder of Asahi Technologies, soon after the official launch of the web app for Education Modified.

The NY based Software Development Firm has been involved in Waterfall model based application and product development for a long time. Their expertise and experience have helped their clients in clearly laying down their requirements and managing project execution to ensure definite end results. Every application development follows a certain methodology. At Asahi Technologies, the software development team considers the various merits and limits and then chooses an appropriate approach that will either surpass or match their client requirements. Being a linear model, the waterfall approach is very simple to implement. The amount of resources required to implement this model are minimal and documentation is done at every stage of the software development. This makes understanding the product designing procedure simpler. Moreover, after every major stage of software coding, testing is done to verify the correct running of the code. Critical Chain Project Management and Theory of Constraints (TOC) on top of Waterfall model ensure that the project is delivered on time.

About Asahi Technologies

Asahi Technologies is a New York based web design and development firm that provides software consulting and Web solutions to small and medium level businesses all across North America. Asahi Technologies specializes in responsive design, cloud computing, online marketing, mobile application development and open source technologies. Under the leadership of Mr. Vinod Subbaiah, who himself started his career as a software programmer, Asahi Technologies team comprises of experienced software professionals having extensive knowledge of technology with B2C and B2B operations. The firms headquarters is located in New York City, NY.

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AppsCare provide 5 reasons to attend the Google Apps for Education North England Summit 2013

UK – (PRWEB UK) 27 March 2013

London: Google Apps for Education provides the tools students want, bringing students, teachers and teams together to work better through collaboration. The Google Apps for Education North of England Summit takes place in the North Halifax Grammar School on Saturday April 27th and Sunday April 28th 2013.

The Google Education North England Summit is a high intensity two-day event that focuses on deploying, integrating and using Google Apps for Education to promote student learning and achievement in both K-12 and higher education. Events feature Google Certified Teachers and representatives from Googles Apps for Education team. The two-day summit of informative breakouts, cutting-edge demonstrations, and hands-on workshops will also include keynote presentations from Zoe Ross and Ken Shelton.

Why should I attend a Google in Education Summit?

1. Gain knowledge regarding Google Enterprise solutions

The North England Summit has seven focussed sessions (plus keynotes and other sessions) led by respected Google Education staff, Google Certified Teachers and Google Apps EDU Certified Trainers, targeted at specific levels: for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

2. Network with forward thinking educators in your area

This is an often-overlooked aspect of summits however; these events are great for networking, from sharing best practices in an informal environment to making new contacts and learning about new career opportunities. Of course the fun aspect cant be overstated and this summit has networking events both before and during the summit in the evenings.

3. Try out Chromebooks

Summits have a ‘Chromebook playground’; a dedicated classroom with experts on hand where you can drop in at any time during the summit to try out Google Chromebooks, including the management console.

4. Meet (and learn) from the real experts

Sessions are lead by Google staff, Google Certified Teachers, Google Apps EDU Certified trainers, Google Certified Deployment Specialists and other Google Apps experts. Attendees are given the opportunity to interact both in sessions and outside.

5. Use and learn about Android devices in education

A new addition to the North England Summit this year are hands on Android in Education sessions, looking at how Android tablets can assist learning in K-12 and Higher Ed.

Who should attend?

Teachers and lecturers:

Sessions on topics such as Docs and Sites: from beginner sessions for teachers starting out with Google in the classroom, to sessions for educators getting to grips with Apps Script and custom development.

School administrators:

Summits have sessions on administering Google Apps across schools, colleges, universities or districts, covering the practical issues that management has to deal with on a day to day basis.

IT managers and IT staff:

With sessions on techy topics such as planning a successful Google Apps roll out, using Apps script and best practices for training and supporting users the summit attracts many IT professionals.

Institutions looking at moving to Google Apps

Many attendees come from schools and colleges who do not currently use Google Apps, and summits are a great way to evaluate Google tools in detail and discuss all the issues around implementation and use with actual users in institutions similar to yours.

Chloe Stubbins, Head of Change Management at AppsCare will be speaking at the event about how to successfully migrate your school/university to Google Apps. Join AppsCare, Gold Sponsor of the summit and Google Enterprise Premier Partner to understand how Google Apps is transforming schools and universities across the country.

Sign up for the reduced price of

Unique Education iPad App Launches in US for Grades K-12

(PRWEB) July 07, 2011

A Paris-based startup, eduPad, has designed a unique technology that enables anyone to publish collections of interactive exercises to tactile learning apps for iPad. eduPad provides simple ways to integrate existing educational activities into popular handheld devices via web interfaces and/or file transfers. The standardized process requires no development, no upfront costs, and its attractive business models range from technology licensing to revenue sharing.

The eduPad solution is currently available for iPad. Android, iPod Touch, and iPhone versions will be released soon and will be included in the basic platform for publishers.

Each eduPad module covers one subject for one school year. eduPad apps typically gather between 1,500 and 6,000 exercises, creating by far the largest educational database in the Apple App Store. The exercises are stored on a local database on the device, resulting in an app that doesnt require an Internet connection and can be used anywhere — especially in class. This independent functionality eliminates concerns over network issues, one of teachers most frequently cited and practiced reasons not to use IT technology in the classroom. Reference content is instead stored on cloud servers and synched with the apps on mobile devices in the background whenever an Internet connection is available, thus guaranteeing that the apps content is always up to date.

The eduPad solution includes advanced game dynamics and links to social networks, making the apps attractive and engaging to children and students.

eduPad has released 6 apps for iPad under its creative iTooch brand, available now in the App Store. “We’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve received so far, especially from children, says co-founder J

Google Apps for Education Leads the Way with 16 Million People Users. How? AppsCare Investigates and Reveals.

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 6 September 2012

Over the last two years, Google Apps has become a serious contender in the enterprise space as the route of choice for mail and collaborative platforms for many organisations. As companies such as ITV, Roche and Jaguar Landrover have made the transition, and more recently one of the biggest names in banking (BBVA), Google Apps is gaining an increasing market share as a provider of email and collaborative platforms and is driving the SaaS concept forward.

And it is not difficult to see why – a simple cost model (