Middle Eastern Enterprises Tend to Use More ICT Services, According to Discounted Kable Report Published at MarketPublishers.com

London, UK (PRWEB) July 15, 2014

Most of the 121 Middle Eastern enterprises surveyed are expected to significantly increase their ICT budgets in 2014. The companies in the region are planning to invest a greater portion of their external ICT budgets in software, hardware, and IT services in 2014 more than the combined allocation seen in 2013. Middle Eastern enterprises were allocating the greatest half of their software budgets to application lifecycle management (ALM) as of 2013, with information management and enterprise applications following after.

The intensifying global competition and government incentives are stimulating the usage of ICT amongst enterprises in the Middle East region. Considering business and IT objectives impact on IT investment strategy, finding more purchasing channels, selecting the better ICT providers are among the key ICT procurement trends in the region.

Discounted research report ICT investment trends in the Middle East – Enterprise ICT spending patterns through to the end of 2015 prepared by Kable is now available at MarketPublishers.com.

Report Details:

Title: ICT investment trends in the Middle East – Enterprise ICT spending patterns through to the end of 2015

Published: June, 2014

Pages: 59

Price: US$ 2,695.00


The report offers an up-close look at ICT spending patterns in the Middle East by providing important findings from an all-round survey of the 121 enterprises operating in the region. The study investigates the core technologies which companies are pouring funds in, such as cloud computing solutions, content management, business intelligence, communications and collaboration, amid others. The study examines how the regions enterprises allocate their ICT budgets across the major areas of enterprise ICT expenditure (third-party IT services, hardware, software, consulting, and telecommunications); limelights the key approaches taken by the Middle Eastern enterprises when purchasing various technologies. The research report examines the ICT vendors and providers of services, reviews the main drivers impacting the enterprises’ investments in each category of technology, and also canvasses the preferred buying approaches. Furthermore, an insightful discussion of how the Middle Eastern enterprises ICT budget allocations and priorities are expected to change in the offing is provided in the report.

Reasons to Buy:

Enrich your knowledge by understanding the Middle Eastern enterprises ICT landscape as of now along with projecting the possible changes in it throughout 2014.
Get a clear picture of how ICT money is allocated in your target audience.
Benefit from a granular breakdown of the brightest opportunities across each of the key areas of ICT spend and the way of exploiting them to the full.
Gat a clear idea of the urgent ICT strategic objectives of the Middle Eastern companies.
Avail of a detailed breakdown of the promising opportunities within selected categories of technology.
Learn about the prevalent factors that are having a bearing on the enterprises decision to choose a particular ICT provider.

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