Bit Stew Systems Unveils MIx Core 8.0 Designed to Power Machine Intelligence for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Mountian View, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

Bit Stew Systems Inc., a world-leading provider of integrated, real-time network operations for the utility industry, unveils an application processing engine specifically designed to enable machine intelligence for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

MIx Core, the engine that powers the popular Grid Director platform, incorporates leading edge technology that delivers adaptive stream computing, complex event processing, high-speed data analytics, and sophisticated machine-to-machine learning. This application processing engine efficiently and effectively scales from embedded devices on the edge of communications networks through to cloud computing.

Kevin Collins, CEO of Bit Stew Systems says, MIx Core is the heart of the technology behind the Grid Director platform. Bit Stew has been perfecting the MIx Core technology for several years and this version will incorporate a sophisticated data streaming and data parallelization processor that brings a whole new level of intelligence for our customers.

Kevin adds, This latest innovation by our company significantly improves performance for visualization frameworks and the intelligent filtering of massive amounts of data in real-time from connected devices on the Industrial Internet.

Harnessing Ciscos IOx platform

Bit Stews MIx Core harnesses Ciscos IOx platform and successfully operates on a number of Cisco hardware devices including the Connected Grid Router (CGR). MIx Core enables Grid Director to run at the edge of the network and is a significant advantage for organizations that are dealing with complex communication networks that support substation automation, distribution automation and distributed energy resources. Cisco is promoting IOx as part of its Fog strategy for computing at the edge of the network. With Grid Director embedded inside the devices, organizations can directly enable intelligent features that drive instant value for the market.

Kip Compton, Vice President Internet of Things (IoT) Systems & Software group at Cisco, says, “I am pleased to see how Bit Stew has taken full advantage of Cisco Fog computing and the IOx solution. Bit Stews innovative Grid Director platform is connecting millions of devices on a massive scale to provide data analysis at the edge in real-time.”

Real-time capabilities from the edge to the cloud

MIx Core offers real-time capabilities at the edge while allowing the edge devices to collaborate and participate in the cloud-computing arena. As a full participant in the network, MIx Core enabled devices can quickly search, correlate and aggregate information from a wide variety of sources across the network as well as handle distribution of massive processing loads in a safe and secure environment. This provides organizations with full control over the environment while ensuring that edge devices are seamlessly managed and can receive on-demand updates to processing logic.


About Bit Stew Systems Inc. & Grid Director

Bit Stew Systems Inc. is a world-leading provider of integrated, real-time network operations solutions for the utility industry. Bit Stews flagship product, Grid Director, is revolutionizing the way the utility industry deploys, operates, secures and optimizes smart grids globally. Grid Directors game-changing approach offers customers an in-depth, interactive and real-time view of their smart grids enabling them to make more agile and informed decisions that elevate their business operations. Founded in 2005, Bit Stew Systems is a private company that is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in Mountain View, California, Toronto, Ontario, and Melbourne, Australia. Bit Stew was named to the Gartner Cool Vendors in Energy & Utilities list for 2014 and the Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year – North American Service Solutions for Utilities. Learn more Follow us on Twitter: @grid_director.


Karen Dosanjh, Director, Marketing & Communications

Bit Stew Systems

(604) 568-5999 (Ext. 312)

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Maldivica Launches the Maldivica Storage Connector, Designed to Harness the Power of Object Storage and Make it Universally Accessible

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

Cloud services firm Maldivica today announced the launch of Maldivica Storage Connector that promises to make object storage universally accessible. Built for the OpenStack Storage platform that is emerging as an industry standard for cloud infrastructure, Maldivica Storage Connector allows users to leverage the full power of object storage while overcoming several shortcomings frequently associated with transitioning from traditional Information Technology infrastructure. Maldivica Storage Connector seeks to democratize object storage and make it accessible to all.

The last decade has seen an explosion of data with businesses scrambling for more and more information to gain competitive advantage. According to IBM, Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. This data explosion and the consequent large complex data sets have been termed Big Data.

Firms have found that the best approach towards storing and processing Big Data is through object storage where data is not housed in volumes or attached to a directory as was the norm before, but stored as objects, each identifiable through its own unique ID and associated metadata (data about data). In recent years, there has been phenomenal growth in cloud computing, where services like storage are provided on-demand and per-unit basis. Cloud storage can offer multiple advantages over traditional storage in terms of cost savings, reliability, scalability and disaster recovery. Many cloud storage offerings are built on object storage technology.

However, end-users often face difficulties navigating object storage APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and migrating legacy data to an object-storage architecture. Maldivica co-founder and CEO Adam Bane mentioned that the idea for the Storage Connector was born to enable organizations to harness the power of object storage technology while eliminating or minimizing problems.Business users would rather use the data than try and deduce how to store and retrieve it. With the Storage Connector, we have eliminated the need for user-API interactions, thereby simplifying object storage significantly, he said. Additionally, the built-in metadata extractor pulls and organizes metadata content from Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), media files (images, audio, video), and a variety of other common file types to further enhance content storage and retrieval.

Bane pointed out that the Storage Connector also addresses the contentious issue of security which has discouraged some businesses from taking data offsite to the cloud. With customer-controlled keys to encrypt data during transit and at rest, Storage Connector ensures complete data security, he added. The product is vendor-independent, thereby ensuring that there is no lock-in and the customer is free to use any provider.

Maldivica believes that the Storage Connector is ideal in conjunction with object storage for the following scenarios:

New Tech Firm Shared-Sky Launches Cloud IT Service, Sky-Workplace; The Easy to Use and Affordable Service is Designed to Help SME Businesses Store, Share and Protect Their Essential Business Data

Chelmsford, Essex (PRWEB UK) 18 July 2012

Sky-Workplace comprises a suite of Internet services from Shared-Sky for small-to-medium sized businesses, enabling them too privately, easily and affordably access, share, store and replicate data. Sync is the first product in the suite to be released and will shortly be joined by Sky-Workplace Mail, making it the only truly integrated SME cloud service for managing and protecting business information in one, easy-to use Private Cloud. Sky-Workplace delivers enterprise class features to solve real-world problems for small and medium-sized businesses.

In the rapidly growing market of Cloud applications and services where the global market for Cloud services is estimated by respected IT analysts Gartner to reach $ 21bn by 2015 with over 16% year on year growth and IDC estimates that 14m people worldwide will be employed in Cloud computing by 2015. There remains a number of key issues for both SME and enterprise businesses on how employees working data is stored, managed and then used.

Key to these issues is the following:

Where is this data held?
What jurisdiction and law applies to this stored data?
Is it managed securely and privately?
Can employees still work normally and locally on their PCs.
Does the data storage and protection solution cover both employees PC data and email data.
Is data seamlessly and continuously backed up, keeping it safe and available at all times?

Sky-Workplace provides the answers to these questions for SME businesses with Sky-Workplace Sync, which syncs and backs ups employees business data from their PCs and then allows them to share their data privately and securely across their business with their colleagues

All data is held securely and privately in Shared-Skys UK Data Centers
All data is managed under UK Jurisdiction
Users of Sky-Workplace dont have to change anything about how they work. They continue