Robust Demand from SMBs to Drive Growth in Cloud Based Office Productivity Software Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

Follow us on LinkedIn Defined simply as an important variable that bridges the value of an output (product or service) with the cost of inputs, productivity is an important element in any workplace, be it in a factory environment or in an office. The level of office productivity as measured in the quality of the output, its timeliness and cost, is largely dependent on the right tools provided to empower the employee to perform better. The importance of office productivity can be put into perspective by the fact that lower productivity inputs and efficiency levels tend to hit businesses hard and risk their survival and sustainability, while employees with high productivity achievements are bound to steer the business in right direction. Companies are increasingly waking up to the importance of determining, tracking, and encouraging office productivity. This juxtaposed by the fact that measuring and improving productivity is trickier in an office than in a factory, is throwing the spotlight on a wide gamut of new generation office productivity tools. As the developed world shifts massively from manufacturing jobs to knowledge and service based lines of work, office productivity is being pushed even harder into the spotlight. A key emerging trend against this backdrop is the thoughtful integration of office productivity tools in most core business processes, which until now has been easily overlooked and dismissed. As companies step up to the challenge of doing more with less resources and run smarter, and leaner with fewer staff, the focus is on increasing business productivity, and the tools to achieve the same.

Cloud computing is expected to reshape the office productivity software market, creating new opportunities for professional productivity software developers, developing companies and vendors, and catalyzing vital changes in conventional product offerings for the consumers. Epitomizing frictionless self-service transactions, the cloud delivery models are irreversibly changing how office productivity software is developed, distributed and consumed. Right from providing remote storage for office productivity software to enabling provision of the same on demand and as a service, cloud computing will usher in a more democratic model of software availability and affordability, by providing a cost effective platform for office productivity software to reside and be accessible to enterprise users. The use of cloud computing in office productivity software delivery market is set to expand considerably in the upcoming years as small and medium sized productivity software developers/companies step up their efforts to build a cloud infrastructure for promoting and distributing their solutions.

The global cloud based productivity software market is expected to witness robust growth in the coming years, as enterprises increasingly opt for hybrid solutions and focus on supplementing in-house office productivity deployments with on-demand cloud solutions. This is primarily because of the fact that although client desktop offerings provide users a chance to gain complete control over their solutions, the strategy involves several bottlenecks encountered in the form of limited storage and computing capabilities. Also, traditional solutions are rigid and can only be used within the data center. These challenges are effectively met through cloud technology, which allow users to store and manage office productivity solutions such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentation apps, calendars, task planning applications, e-learning software and collaboration tools in a remote storage location and access the same on-demand as services without downloading and installing the software on their computer hard drives.

The need to increase collaboration among team members and increase operational flexibility in an enterprise are the primary factors driving increasing adoption of cloud based office productivity software among enterprises. Available over the cloud in a shared network, cloud based office productivity software enables users working from multiple systems to access their documents anywhere and anytime, make changes and share the same simultaneously, thereby creating a collaborative environment wherein all team members can participate in planning, designing and executing a project. Designed to support diverse workloads managed by organizations, cloud based office productivity software allows companies to cohesively generate and collect different types of information, including text, image, video and numeric data and ensure its useful sharing across the enterprise thus realizing a collaborative effort. By enabling information sharing across the enterprise, these solutions also provide tremendous flexibility for organizations to be prepared and respond to any changes in their productivity tasks.

Growing adoption of enterprise mobility strategy and rapid increase in number of mobile workers will additionally fuel demand for cloud based office productivity software market. Available over the cloud in a shared network, cloud based office productivity software enables mobile workers to easily access, make changes and save documents from a remote location from comfort of their handsets even as the same document is being used by an on-the-floor employee, thereby allowing for information sharing between corporate headquarters and mobile workers. Given the need for mobile workforce to constantly remain in touch with corporate headquarters and access business information even when away, the demand for office productivity solutions hosted on the cloud is growing at a robust pace. The SMB market will continue to be the primary revenue contributor for the cloud based office productivity software market. With SMBs generally having limited access to resources for building an internal IT team, acquiring necessary hardware and software solutions and requiring a data center that can quickly be up and running, the on-demand office productivity solutions that help address such critical business needs have therefore found instant success in this consumer cluster. Flexible pricing plans and easy implementation modules are expected to continue to drive demand for cloud based office productivity software market in the SMB segment.

As stated by the new market research report on Cloud Based Office Productivity Software, Asia-Pacific represents the most prominent regional market for cloud based office productivity software service, with annual revenue from the region waxing at a CAGR of about 32.05% over the analysis period 2009-2018. Thanks to robust economic development in emerging markets such as China and India, rapid industrialization, increasing shift of manufacturing and corporate activity from developed markets from developing countries, and subsequent boom in the enterprise segment in the region are the primary factors driving demand for cloud based office productivity software in the region. The need to match international standards in terms of productivity and efficiency and gain competitive edge are especially encouraging Asian enterprises to increasingly invest in cloud based office productivity solutions.

Major players in the global marketplace include Amazon Web Services LLC, Apple Inc., AT&T Inc., Adobe Systems Incorporated, Fujitsu Ltd., Google Inc., Hewlett Packard, Microsoft Corporation, International Business Machines, NetSuite Inc., Novell, Oracle Corporation, RedHat, Inc.,, Inc., Hancom Inc., Zoho Corporation, among others.

The research report titled Cloud Based Office Productivity Software: A Global Strategic Business Report announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of market trends, issues, drivers, company profiles, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. The report provides market estimates and projections by annual revenue (in US$ million) for major geographic markets including the US, Japan, Europe(Fran

OATI Teaming with Sensus to Advance Demand Response Solutions

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) is pleased to announce a new relationship with Sensus to provide OATI webDistribute Load Control Module to Sensus utility customers using the FlexNet advanced utility communications network.

The OATI webDistribute Load Control Module allows utilities to create, monitor, schedule, and manage DR programs and events with enrolled customers over the secure wireless FlexNet system networked with home area network and load control devices. The solution will also include OATIs companion webSmartView application, enabling the utility to easily create an online portal for their end consumers to actively participate in DR programs and manage their own DR activity. The combination of Sensus FlextNet and OATI webDistribute provides a robust and renowned offering that enables advancement of demand response management for the electric industry.

Both webDistribute and webSmartView are offered as solutions hosted in the OATI Private Cloud active/active Data Center infrastructure, removing any need for additional utility IT infrastructure. In most circumstances, demand response events are preprogrammed and automatically transmitted via the FlexNet network to ZigBee home area network devices or direct Sensus FlexNet load control modules installed at the consumers premise, including programmable thermostats and load control devices on water heaters and pool pumps.

The webDistribute load control application easily integrates with existing utility systems and operations including advanced metering, meter data management, customer information, distribution automation, outage management and geospatial systems using industry standard protocols for interoperability. Combined with the OATI Private Cloud IT infrastructure, the solution fully adheres to NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) and other cyber security standards.

Utility customers can easily expand the functionality of the infrastructure to enable comprehensive and effective load management and demand response needs via an integrated and secure set of products and solutions. This powerful combination can also be leveraged to utilize additional features and solutions focused on utility needs, comments Jerry Dempsey, OATI Senior Vice President Business Development.

For more information, contact communications(at)oati(dot)net.

Sensus is a leading provider of smart grid infrastructure technologies for electric, gas, and water utilities.

OATI provides innovative software solutions that simplify, streamline, and empower the operational tasks required in todays energy commerce and Smart Grid. With 1,200 customers across North America, OATI successfully deploys large, complicated, and diverse mission-critical applications committed to industry standards and stringent NERC CIP guidelines. OATI ( is the leading provider of Smart Grid, Energy Trading and Risk Management, Transmission Scheduling, Congestion Management, and Market Management products and services, with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and an office in Redwood City, California. For more information, please contact sales(at)oati(dot)net.

GoGrid was Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant for Web Hosting and Hosted Cloud System Infrastructure Services (On Demand) in Magic Quadrant

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) July 8, 2009

GoGrid, a leader in Cloud Computing Infrastructure Hosting and the Cloud Computing division of ServePath, LLC, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc., in the Visionaries quadrant in the “Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure Services (On Demand)” report.

Gartner evaluated each provider against five use cases, specifically: Self-managed hosting, mainstream managed hosting, highly complex managed hosting, global solutions portfolio and enterprise applications hosting in order to produce a composite rating.

“We think our positioning in the visionaries quadrant is validation of our industry-leading cloud computing technology. GoGrid pioneered cloud computing before any other leading hosting company was in the game. We continue to offer a more complete hybrid hosting solution consisting of on-demand cloud infrastructure and robust managed hosting environments,” said GoGrid CEO and Co-Founder, John Keagy. “We think this will position us well to promote our technology as a standard in the field that lends itself manageability, scalability and portability of computing environments around the globe.”

The “Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure Services (On Demand)” report is available currently on the GoGrid home page.

GoGrid is the only Cloud Infrastructure vendor that supports the automated instantiation of Windows Server 2003 and 2008, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cloud servers through a user-friendly GUI or the GoGrid API. Customers can instantly deploy servers and quickly and easily create cloudcenters (datacenters-in-the-sky) using a variety of tools and features that are included in GoGrid, including free hardware-based F5 load balancing, Cloud servers, Cloud Storage, public and private networks and Cloud Connect, which enables Cloud infrastructures to be connected to dedicated or colocated backend environments via private, dedicated megabit connections.

Cloud Connect handles database servers, transcoding and statistical analysis environments on custom, managed hardware with the power and I/O to perform well. Entire cloudcenters on GoGrid are easily controlled and managed by an industry-recognized web interface or programmatically via a REST-like API.

GoGrid offers customers including startups, small/medium businesses, government and enterprises, the ability to provision, scale and manage complex and robust server networks and infrastructures quickly and easily in the Cloud.

Parent company, ServePath, LLC was included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the April 2009 “Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing Systems and Application Infrastructure, 2009” report by Gartner, Inc. published April 6, 2009.

About the Magic Quadrant

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is copyrighted July 2009 by Gartner, Inc., and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartners analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the “Leaders” quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About the Cool Vendor Selection Process

Gartner’s listing does not constitute an exhaustive list of vendors in any given technology area, but rather is designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness of a particular purpose. Gartner defines a cool vendor as a company that offers technologies or solutions that are: Innovative, enable users to do things they couldn’t do before; Impactful, have, or will have, business impact (not just technology for the sake of technology); Intriguing, have caught Gartner’s interest or curiosity in approximately the past six months.

About GoGrid ( )

GoGrid is the leading Cloud Computing, hosted, Internet provider that delivers true “Control in the Cloud” in the form of cloudcenters. GoGrid enables system administrators, developers, IT professionals and SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors to create, deploy, and control load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access and administrative server control. GoGrid server instances maintain the industry standard specifications with no requirement to learn and adapt to propriety standards. Bringing up servers and server networks takes minutes via a unique web control panel or GoGrids award winning API. GoGrid delivers portal controlled servers for Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server, and ASP.NET. GoGrid hosts multiple open-source server operating systems including several Linux operating systems (Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS) and supports application environments like Ruby on Rails. Free f5 hardware load balancing and other features are included to give users the control of a familiar datacenter environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud, a “cloudcenter.” GoGrid won the coveted 2008 LinuxWorld Expos Best of Show award.

About ServePath ( )

ServePath, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is the leading managed and dedicated hosted server provider, delivering custom solutions and managed services to businesses that require powerful Internet hosting platforms for their production environments. Thousands of companies worldwide look to ServePath for its reliability, customization, and speed. ServePath has a Keynote-rated A+ network and guarantees uptime with a 10,000% guaranteed Service Level Agreement. The employee-owned company has been in business for nine years and operates its own San Francisco data center and is SAS70 Type II certified. ServePath uniquely delivers server infrastructures optimized for complex databases with cloud front-ends and application servers with Cloud Connect.


Market Demand for E-Sourcing; Reverse Auctions & Spend Analysis Fuels Growth for ProcurePort; ProcurePort Provides State of the Art Cloud Hosed Reverse Auction Software

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) August 28, 2013

ProcurePort, a leading provider of OnDemand e-Sourcing Software including Reverse Auction Software and services, is embracing 2013 as a banner year thanks to the growing acceptance of e-sourcing as a way to dramatically cut purchasing costs and streamline procurement. According to the Institute for Supply Management and Forrester Research, 85 percent of companies recently surveyed said they have made progress toward adopting the Internet for purchasing. Additionally, 46 percent said they use company-wide procurement tools. Utilizing e-sourcing, ProcurePort customers have saved from 8 percent to 32 percent on the goods, materials and services they purchase from global suppliers and increased process efficiency.

E-Sourcing is quickly gaining momentum among mid-market organizations as firms like ProcurePort target them with easy-to-use, on-demand sourcing services that provide substantial cost savings with minimal investment. According to Purchasing magazines recent Benchmark Survey on E-sourcing Strategy, the use of these services rose by 24 percent in the past year. In comparison, the use of non-hosted solutions that require integration into a companys IT infrastructure rose by a mere two percent. The survey also indicated that this market is poised for continued growth as respondents stated that they plan to use e-sourcing for various spend categories.

An article in Industry Week further supports these trends. It notes that cloud hosted e-sourcing models that offer usage-based pricing are gaining popularity because they deliver deep functionality without expensive or time-consuming integration / implementation cycles. ProcurePorts mid-market clients that benefit from this online procurement model operate in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, energy, government, construction, agriculture, education, electronics, telecom, healthcare, retail and technology. ProcurePorts unique combination of affordable, Web-based SAAS solutions for reverse auctions, spend analysis and e-RFI combined with expert customer support has positioned the company to emerge as a leader in helping organizations enhance their strategic sourcing initiatives.

In todays competitive marketplace, every companys survival depends on tightly managing resources and operating efficiently. ProcurePort provides a viable answer to this challenge, explains Jack Smith, ProcurePort Director. Our procurement specialists can provide reverse auction services and spend analysis services facilitating online negotiations and analyzing resultsor customers can choose to manage the entire process themselves through our self-service SAAS solution that provides reverse auction software and spend analysis software. Regardless of which service model customers choose, ProcurePort specialists can provide expert training to ensure that each implementation is a success.

E-sourcing Trends

Because ProcurePorts Web-based E-Sourcing solutions do not require expensive and time-consuming setup or integration, many of ProcurePorts customers realize a return on their investment immediately after their first sourcing event. This on-demand model is much more affordable than other alternatives and allows mid-sized businesses to benefit from the same online procurement technology that was previously only available to large corporations, explains Smith. The rapid return on investment delivered through e-sourcing technology is one of the major reasons ProcurePort predicts that the strategic sourcing market will grow significantly over the next decade.

Founded in 2001, the company has expanded its service set from discrete online auction tools to complete on-demand sourcing solutions including providing sourcing and spend analysis services. In 2008, ProcurePort added a new facet to its service line by introducing its online marketplace solution that can be customized to launch e-marketplaces in vertical specific B to B and B to C markets. Since the companys formation, its operations have expanded from a single staff member to 84 technology and procurement professionals.

As ProcurePort plans for 2014, conservative projections position the company to triple its 2013 revenue and customer base. The companys primary focus in the next 24 months will be to continue providing the middle market with the most affordable, comprehensive and easy-to-use e-sourcing solutions available. Along with its global sourcing initiatives, the company will also focus on developing custom procurement applications to meet specific industry requirements. Early in 2014, ProcurePort will unveil a new version of its e-Sourcing suite that will include an upgraded user interface along with Contract Management and Source to Pay modules.

About ProcurePort

ProcurePort is a leader in providing on-demand e-sourcing solutions (Reverse auction software / Spend analysis software) and services (Reverse auction services / Spend analysis services) for the middle market as well as global 1000 organizations. Operating in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to government, ProcurePorts clients benefit from both the technology and purchasing expertise that can help them significantly reduce costs and increase procurement efficiency. ProcurePorts comprehensive software solutions use a hosted, Web-based interface to facilitate online negotiations without time-consuming or expensive technology integration. The companys clients enjoy full access to sourcing, collaboration and analytical tools from any computer with an Internet connection. ProcurePorts affordability enables mid-market companies to compete with larger organizations and reach new levels of success in spend management. For more information, visit or call 1.866.643.8153 (toll-free in North America).


NOTE TO MEDIA: To schedule an interview with a ProcurePort representative to discuss trends in e-sourcing, online procurement, e-marketplaces, reverse auctions or forward auctions, contact Jack Smith: jack(dot)smith(at)procureport(dot)com.

As the Demand for Cloud Servers Rises Among Businesses and Developers, The Managed Cloud Launches, Offering Fully Managed Cloud Servers with SSD Caching & cPanel

(PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Businesses, application developers and designers are realizing how important and convenient it is to utilize the benefits and many opportunities that the Cloud provides.

Ben Alexander, founder and CEO of The Managed Cloud, saw a rise in demand in the Cloud Server industry and wanted to offer an option for busy developers who may not have time to manage their server while also catering to the less technically proficient entrepreneur just starting out in the business world.

“We realize there are many different needs in the marketplace today. Our endeavor is to cater to each role and person searching for Cloud services, says Ben Alexander, CEO of The Managed Cloud, By offering a Fully Managed Cloud Server that includes the added benefit of cPanel and SSD caching, we are giving each person the best tools and features to succeed.

The Professional, The Enthusiast, The Integrator and The Entrepreneur are the 4 personas that The Managed Cloud targets on their site,

Their unique approach to automation and commitment to innovative technology has brought to market some of the fastest and cost effective Cloud hosting available today. The latest Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge processors, SAS Raid drives with SSD Caching, 10 Gigabit redundant networks, and availability throughout North America and Europe start at just $ 39 per month for a 2GB/RAM server with 40GB Cloud Storage, Fully Managed with cPanel included.

The Managed Cloud has found a way to highly automate and streamline its processes to provide best-in-class service at its remarkably low price.

Cost Benefits of a Virtualized IT Environment Drives Demand for 4G Cloud Services, According to a New Trend Report Published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 07, 2014

Follow us on LinkedIn 4G technology is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunication. As the successor of 3G technology, the platform is architectured to offer higher speed, better spectral efficiency and enhanced data transfer rates. 4G Cloud Services are delivered over a network as-a-service, on an on-demand model that allows users to pay as per usage. Key benefits of 4G cloud services expected to fuel its adoption include consistent high speed broadband access, low latency connections, ubiquitous cloud connectivity, anytime & anywhere access to cloud applications to support workforce mobility by ensuring desktop-style productivity. Steady migration to 4G networks and growing demand for network as-a-service solutions are also expected to drive growth in the 4G Cloud Services market.

The trend report titled 4G Cloud Services announced by Global Industry Analysts Inc. is a focused research paper which provides cursory insights into the technology, its evolution, applications, and future prospects. The report also offers coverage on companies such as Amazon Web Services Inc., Amdocs Ltd., Astute Solutions Inc., Belgacom SA, Google Inc., IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp., Microsoft Corp., NetZero Inc., NICE Systems Ltd., Oracle Corp., Pegasystems Inc., Inc., SAP AG, Sprint Nextel Corp., Sword Ciboodle Ltd., Vodafone Group PLC, Xchanging PLC, and ZTE Corp, among others.

For more details about this trend report, please visit

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company currently employs over 800 people worldwide. Annually, GIA publishes more than 1300 full-scale research reports and analyzes 40,000+ market and technology trends while monitoring more than 126,000 Companies worldwide. Serving over 9500 clients in 27 countries, GIA is recognized today, as one of the world’s largest and reputed market research firms.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Telephone: 408-528-9966

Fax: 408-528-9977

Email: press(at)StrategyR(dot)com

Web Site:


Filosync Corporation Responds to Customer Demand, Launches Enterprise File Sync and Share Product Combining Cloud Computing With End-User Control

Wakefield, MA (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Filosync Corporation today launched Filosync, a secure enterprise file sync and share solution. Filosync enables users to collaborate on files in real-time, and enables IT to control and protect those files. Filosync client apps are available for Mac and iOS. Filosync Server software is available for both Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud deployment and on-premises deployment on a variety of operating systems.

Filosync employs a “trust no one” approach to security. All files are encrypted on the client device before being transmitted to the server. Encryption keys are never stored on the server. All data are protected in-transit and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. Filosync Corporation has no access to the customer’s servers, clients or data.

“Many users of Arq, our popular Mac backup solution, have been asking for a file sync and share product that gives them control of the server side,” said Stefan Reitshamer, founder of Filosync Corporation. “They’re not allowed to put corporate files in Dropbox or other SaaS offerings for regulatory reasons because they can’t control what those SaaS offerings do with the files. We built Filosync to bring file sync and mobile access features to customers who need to keep their data under their control. We believe that getting the benefits of cloud computing and mobile access shouldn’t require handing your confidential files over to a third party.”

The server side of Filosync can run on-premises on the customer’s hardware, or in the customer’s AWS account. “Flosync’s AWS approach is the best of both worlds,” Reitshamer said. “You get the benefits of cloud computing in that don’t have to buy or maintain any hardware, but you still have control because it’s your AWS account, not the software provider’s account. And your files are protected because everything’s encrypted before it’s even sent to AWS.”

Filosync’s licensing and operating approach also removes risk for the customer. Instead of a SaaS or subscription approach, Filosync software is purchased as a traditional software license, with 1 year of support and upgrades included; ongoing support and upgrades are available for an additional fee. “Business customers wanted this license instead of a subscription approach because it reduces risk for them,” Reitshamer said. “They want to pay for ongoing support because support keeps being awesome, not because the software stops working if they don’t pay.”

Filosync’s approach of giving customers full control extends to pricing and setup as well. Pricing is straightforward and listed on the company’s web site. Product setup is simple and takes 5 minutes or less.

Filosync is available now. Visit to learn more.

RSAWEB Acquires New Data Centre to Accommodate Increased Demand for Cloud

(PRWEB) November 3, 2010

Internet service provider RSAWEB today announced the acquisition of their second Data Centre facility, located in Cape Town, South Africa. The new facility was purchased from a leading financial services provider.

We are exceedingly proud to announce the acquisition of our new Data Centre, commented RSAWEB Managing Director Rob Gilmour. The acquisition was strategically made in light of increased demand for Cloud services. South African businesses are starting to take note of the advantages of Cloud hosting as opposed to traditional hosting models like in-sourced Data Centres and dedicated servers.” Gilmour also cites the noted increase in innovative technology companies and community-driven digital bodies such as Silicon Cape as factors driving the growth of Cloud in the mother city.

Earlier this year RSAWEB introduced South Africa’s first true Cloud Server product, offering consumers needing to host locally a Cloud hosting experience only available through overseas Cloud giants such as Rackspace and Amazon. To date, over two thousand Cloud servers have been provisioned on the RSAWEB Cloud, all featuring ‘servers in seconds’ deployment, giving immediate availability to resources.

Gilmour adds that one of the most significant aspects of the newly acquired Data Centre is the ability to enable dual Data Centre redundancy: “The geographic location of the new facility in relation to our flagship Data Centre in Cape Town is a huge competitive advantage. Both Data Centres are directly connected by fibre links – enabling us to replicate data and provide unparalleled redundancy for mission-critical hosting solutions. Further redundancy is added as both Data Centres operate on separate Eskom power grids, and are connected via separate Telkom exchanges.” The new facility also boasts high-speed fibre links to Telkom, Neotel and RSAWEB’s own fibre network.

Looking to the future, RSAWEB has Johannesburg in their sights for future acquisitions: “As has been the case historically, our strategy going forward is to build and own our own Data Centres. We are currently looking for suitable acquisitions in Johannesburg…” concludes Gilmour.

The new Cape Town Data Centre is set to come online in late December 2010.

# # #

Gravitas Private Cloud Delivers Flexible Computing Resources on Demand to Alternative Asset Managers

New York, New York (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

Gravitas, a co-sourcing platform providing technology, risk and research services to the financial services industry, today announced the launch of Gravitas Private Cloud, an expandable, secure cloud solution based on leading converged infrastructure systems from VCE. The Gravitas Private Cloud is an industry vertical cloud, designed for the unique computing and hosting needs of alternative asset managers, from startup to established funds.

Gravitas PrivateCloud combines the advantages of cloud computing flexibility, scalability and lowered upfront costs with the turnkey infrastructure and security that regulated financial firms requiresupported by the managed services required to run this effectively. The Gravitas Private Cloud enables deployment of a fully-functional IT system in days, as compared to weeks for traditional cloud solutions. It significantly expands Gravitas cloud services, which were launched in 2009.

Gravitas Private Cloud offers a secure turnkey solution for startup funds, and for established funds a secure multi-tenant cloud environment for hosting, development or disaster recovery. State-of-the-art VCEVblock Systems enable secure isolation of client datawhile providing a flexible and powerful pool of integrated networking, computing, storage,virtualization and management technologies from industry leaders Cisco, EMC and VMware.

The Gravitas Private Cloud is situated in the Equinix NY4 data center in New Jersey, located just outside the New York metropolitan area.The company will soon roll out a similar service at the firms Chicago Equinix CH4 datacenter.

For our clients, the cloud enables freedom, said Gravitas CEO Jayesh Punater. With the Gravitas Private Cloud, alternative asset managers have the opportunity to utilize infrastructure-as-a-service and have more flexibility to scale up or down as needed without security concerns. They can be assured that their technology will be as nimble and reliable as their investment decisions.

A number of existing clients have migrated onto the new Gravitas Private Cloud which is now available to new firms. “Vblock systems enable Gravitas to provide an optimized IT infrastructure that ensures secure and scalable performance, which are key requirements for their clients, said VCE President Frank Hauck. “Fully virtualized Vblock systemsare anidealfoundation for asset managers to build cloud infrastructures that support mission critical applications securely and confidently, while providing the agility, efficiency and performance so important for today’s enterprise IT operations.”

About Gravitas

Gravitas is a leading provider of co-sourcing solutionsfor technology, investment operations, risk and research support to the alternative investment and financial services industry. Founded in 1996, the company provides hedge funds, private equity funds and other alternative asset managers with unique and flexible co-sourced offerings for systems integration, technical support, software development, investment operations, risk analytics, investment research support and more. From co-sourcing and advisory through implementation, Gravitas designs creative solutions that give clients the operational freedom to invest, innovate, and scale. The company is based in New York with offices in Chicago, Greenwich, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, India.

VCE and Vblock are registered trademarks or trademarks of VCE Company LLC or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

Cervalis Adds Work Area Recovery Seats in Passaic County, New Jersey to Fulfill Expanding Demand

Shelton, CT (PRWEB) June 20, 2013

Due to ongoing high demand and to address customer requests, Cervalis is adding additional office space for Business Continuity Workspace Recovery. Cervalis will make available over 600 work recovery seats in a new building in Passaic County, New Jersey, in close proximity to their current facility in the area.

Data Center work recovery seats or work area recovery site is a location where an organization can easily relocate following a disaster, such as fire, flood, terrorist threat or other disruptive event. More and more data center customers are looking to create an alternate working environment in case their primary offices are unavailable during emergency situations. This is especially true following recent emergency events such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene. When a disaster occurs, customers can move their staff to the alternate office location and resume business operations, an integral part of the disaster recovery plan and wider business continuity planning of an organization.

Demand has been strong and has dramatically increased since Sandy, said Zack Margolis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Cervalis, one of the East Coasts premier data center and business continuity services providers. During Sandy, many clients took advantage of their alternate workspace environments in the Cervalis facilities, which enabled them to continue normal business operations even under the harshest weather conditions.

Having an alternate facility to enable your workforce to regain access to information and maintain productivity in the event of an unplanned interruption is important to companies that cannot afford to stop service or support to their clients and business associates. Having an alternate workspace environment customized to meet the specific needs of the customer is the choice of all companies that require ongoing and continued business operations.

About Cervalis

Cervalis is a premier provider of IT infrastructure solutions including business continuity/rapid recovery, managed hosting, enterprise cloud computing, managed security, managed storage and colocation. The companys skilled professionals, world-class facilities and outstanding customer support provide our clients with a secure IT environment that ensures a higher level of business resilience. Cervalis state-of-the-art operations centers total more than 500,000 square feet of space. The company has completed annual SSAE 16 audits and achieved PCI DSS and Safe Harbor Certifications. For more information about Cervalis and its data centers, please visit

For more information please contact:

Michelle Ziperstein

Marketing Communications

Cervalis, LLC


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