Lavu Includes Delivery and Routing Extension for Restaurant iPad POS

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Lavu Inc. is pleased to announce a new delivery and routing extension for their iPad POS. This smart delivery dispatch provides the best route for each delivery and recommends the optimal sequence to maximize driver efficiency. Coupled with the Lavu Customer Database, this centralized solution will improve productivity for businesses that deliver.

The iPad terminal displays delivery orders and lets staff assign drivers to those orders. Drivers are provided with a map and directions to each delivery location via text message or printed receipt. The system approximates delivery times and selects the best path for the driver to take.

Lavu will consider the options for the sequence of deliveries and give you the best one, said Corey Fiala, Lavu CTO and co-founder. So if Lavu finds that delivering order B before order A is the most efficient route, it will recommend this in the display.

Multiple Order Routing groups two or more orders together, and Lavu maps out the most efficient route with turn by turn directions. Routes are calculated according to order times, destination, and driver availability. This maximizes efficiency while providing a timetable to ensure driver accountability.

From order to destination, Lavu is an all-in-one solution built to help delivery businesses, said Alex Gibbs, VP of Product Development. Order timetables factor in delivery preparation, route duration, and time at the door. This maximizes efficiency and driver accountability by managing orders down to the minute, which will improve the establishments customer service.

The delivery and routing extension is available for all Lavu iPad POS accounts and costs $ 30 that is added to the monthly hosting fee. Lavu offers a free trial for clients to use the extension before purchase so theyll be able to really understand how this solution would benefit their business.

About Lavu

Founded in Albuquerque, NM, and operating worldwide, Lavu Inc. began as a solution to common point of sale problems and restaurant industry issues. Lavu Inc. offers Lavu iPad POS as a full-featured point of sale software solution at a fair price. Through cloud computing, wireless mobility, and multi-touch devices, Lavu iPad POS redefines the entire approach to restaurant business management. For more information, visit

Prelert Integrates with CA Application Delivery Analysis

Framingham, MA (PRWEB) July 25, 2012


Mosso, Rackspace’s Cloud Division, Enables Cloud Files with Limelight Networks Content Delivery Service : Cloud Storage and CDN Integration Enables Unlimited Online Storage to be Distributed Across the Globe Quickly and at a Low Cost

SAN ANTONIO (PRWEB) November 19, 2008

Cloud Files, a scalable online storage service, as well as the relationship with Limelight, was announced last month at the Cloud Event as part of the new suite of Cloud Hosting offerings from Rackspace. In conjunction with Cloud Files, Limelight’s robust and proven delivery service helps enable Mosso to quickly deliver files around the globe.

“Using Cloud Files for Action Method Online means that we don’t ever have to worry about running out of space, or adding expensive hardware. We can allow our users to upload as many files as they like while managing their projects and scale seamlessly with amazing performance,” said Chris Henry, Co-CTO, Behance. “And with a CDN leader like Limelight delivering our users’ files, we believe we can count not only on reliability but also on the fastest download time out there.”

Limelight Networks operates a dedicated optical network that interconnects thousands of servers around the world. This network enables the company to deliver massive files at the speed of light directly into the access networks that consumers use every day. When an end user requests a file, Limelight’s network pulls it from the closest Mosso server, caches the content within their geographically distributed network, and serves it up at blazing speeds.

“Limelight Networks’ global delivery platform provides Mosso with world-class performance, scalability, and efficiency, which can help them ensure that any object stored in the Cloud Files service will reliably and efficiently be delivered to their end-users,” said Peter Coppola, vice president, product management, Limelight Networks, Inc.. “This combination of cost effective, unlimited online storage with Limelight’s worldwide distribution platform is truly innovative, and we are proud to work with Mosso and Rackspace to bring this exciting new service to market.”

“The Mosso/Limelight relationship brings full-fledged, robust CDN capabilities and unlimited file storage to developers and corporate IT shops alike. We expect Mosso’s new CDN capability to greatly enhance the quality of the end user experience by speeding the delivery of bandwidth-heavy rich content, including audio and video.” said Emil Sayegh, general manager of Mosso. “For literally pennies per gigabyte of bandwidth and storage and no upfront commitments, the CDN advantage is no longer only available to the giants of the internet. Together with Limelight, we have just democratized content delivery.”

Beyond enabling developers to rapidly and affordably serve content with a simple “right click”, this new CDN capability also adds an additional layer of redundancy for public content. Other Cloud Files benefits include:

Ease of Use: Files can be managed either through an online control panel or programmatically through language specific APIs (ReST, PHP, Python, Java, .NET) Flexibility: Customers can use as much or little storage as necessary, while paying only for what is used Stored files can be as small as a few bytes or as large as 5GB Metadata: Additional metadata can be added, and delivered, along with each file that is stored Pricing for Cloud Files with CDN starts at 15 cents per gigabyte of storage and 22 cents per gigabyte of bandwidth from any edge location around the globe. High volume users receive price breaks at 30 TB of storage and/or 5 TB of bandwidth. Pricing includes CDN transit services only available through Cloud Files. Mosso CDN integration is available today with no additional fees for CDN-based requests. There are no upfront fees required to get started and end users pay only for storage space and outgoing bandwidth that has been used. For more pricing information, please visit

About Mosso, Rackspace’s Cloud Hosting Division

Mosso is the home of Cloud Sites, Cloud Files and Cloud Servers, providing enterprise-grade hosting and storage services. Mosso provides an easily managed interface allowing developers, designers and IT managers to deploy reliable web applications quickly and easily as well as high performance cloud-based storage services. Founded by two Rackspace employees, Mosso is built upon a cross platform, clustered-computing architecture. For more information, visit or call 1-877-934-0409.

About Rackspace Hosting

As the world’s leader and specialist in hosting, Rackspace Hosting is changing the way businesses worldwide buy IT. Rackspace delivers computing-as-a-service, integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering, making computing more reliable and

Logicalis US: ITSM is the Mortar in Todays IT Delivery Model

(PRWEB) July 23, 2013

While automation and the cloud offer clear computing advantages to corporate America, enterprise information technology remains complex and difficult to manage. CIOs and IT managers need a single pane of glass to be able to see how every device in their IT environment is functioning. They want visibility and control throughout any cloud environments their organization is employing, and they must be able to connect agreed upon service-level agreements (SLAs) from key outsourcing partners to actual service delivery. For IT pros struggling to manage this myriad of interrelated products and services, IT Service Management (ITSM) may be the answer. According to Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (, ITSM is the mortar that holds together the individual components of the new IT delivery model. To help IT managers determine if an ITSM solution is right for them, Logicalis has created an 11-point checklist; answering yes to just two of these 11 points, the company says, tells IT pros ITSM should be in their future.

Governance of IT processes is what makes automation and cloud computing a science rather than a free-for-all, says Mike Alley, Director of IT Service Management for Logicalis US. Without the right tools at their disposal, the efficiencies gained through these technological improvements are quickly replaced by chaos, disorder and a complete loss of visibility in the data center. ITSM is the solution that maintains order and keeps the reins of control firmly entrenched in the hands of the IT department. For most enterprise IT pros, ITSM isnt an option or a luxury, its an absolute necessity.

Will ITSM Really Make a Difference?

Take Logicalis 11-Step Quiz to Find Out:


IFS Study Results: Execs Less Interested in SaaS than Other ERP Delivery Methods

Itasca, Ill. (PRWEB) April 10, 2013

According to a 2013 IFS-sponsored study, executives at middle market to large companies are less interested in implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software through subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) than on-premise implementations or exploring a private cloud delivery system.

The study, which examines attitudes and implementation plans of executives at industrial companies with more than $ 50 million in revenue, shows that levels of interest for SaaS were relatively low compared to other provisioning systems. The number of respondents saying they were very interested in SaaS was a quarter of the number saying they were very interested in on-premise.

While the majority expressed some degree of familiarity with SaaS, respondents did not indicate they planned to switch to SaaS-based ERP in any numbers. ERP has traditionally been hosted on-premise, which, according to the study, remains as the preferred option among executives.

Private cloud, a model that includes a perpetual license to the software combined with a cloud computing deployment dedicated to the single customer, also fared well in the survey. More than 64 percent of respondents expressed some degree of interest in ERP through private cloud, while only 50 percent expressed any degree of interest in SaaS ERP.

It is clear that despite the general interest for SaaS solutions, most companies still prefer more traditional delivery methods for ERP, IFS North America Chief Technology Officer Rick Veague said. SaaS, private cloud and on-premise implementations each offer their distinct advantages, with SaaS holding more appeal for best of breed solutions than for ERP. This is very much in line with our philosophy and the choices IFS offers between various cloud delivery systems.

The study, Cloud Hosting Preferences for ERP Software, is based on a survey of 200 North American industrial executives conducted by Advantage Business Media. It is available for free download at:

About IFS

IFS is a public company (XSTO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications, a component-based extended ERP suite. IFS focuses on industries where management of any of the following four core processes is strategic: service & asset, manufacturing, supply chain, and projects. The company has 2,100 customers and is present in approximately 60 countries with 2,800 employees in total. More information on IFS is available at

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Ninefold Appoints New Service Delivery Head

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) September 04, 2012

Ninefold, Australias cloud, has welcomed Jeff Black to the newly created role of Service Delivery Manager to oversee technical and customer service delivery and performance.

Mr Black holds responsibility for delivering Ninefolds high quality self-managed cloud infrastructure services to customers, day-to-day management of its local support team across all channels (including telephone, email, Twitter, LiveChat) and communications with a range of stakeholders, including customers, third party service providers, carriers and vendor partners. He brings considerable project management and process control experience to Ninefold.

He joins Ninefold from Harvey Norman IT where, as Service Improvement Manager, he was an integral part of the senior leadership team and managed a team of 20 customer service staff and engineers. He has 14 years experience in service delivery, vendor management, risk management and problem resolution gained at EDS Australia, IBM Global Services Australia, Fujitsu Australia and Computeraid (UK).

Currently undertaking a MBA (Executive) postgraduate degree, Mr Black holds a Bachelor of Information Systems (Computing) from the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

We operate a nimble organisation and appoint strategically as required, said Peter James, Chairman and Co-Founder of Ninefold. Team fit, business expertise and technical competence are critical to maintaining our strong brand so were delighted to welcome Jeff to the team.

About Ninefold

signagelive Teams with Rackspace To Power Digital Media Delivery Products

London and San Antonio (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

signagelive, a global leader in cloud-powered digital signage solutions, today announced it has moved its media-delivery infrastructure to the Rackspace Cloud.

From advertising promotions used at Londons Harrods and on the Glasgow Metro system, to ads and digital menu boards in the takeaway food areas of the St Louis Rams American football stadium; signagelive is leading the way in terms of digital media innovation, said Taylor Rhodes, Managing Director Rackspace International. We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative company who trusts us to run their mission critical IT.

After a six-month global vetting process, we are thrilled with our move to a hosted managed solution provided by Rackspace, said signagelive CEO, Jason Cremins. Digital signage has long been held back by high IT infrastructure costs and closed, proprietary systems. Moving to a truly cloud-powered system is a first for our industry and this has the potential to truly unlock volume markets and new value chains for us. You cannot scale with software installed on a desktop computer in your closet, but you can with a system that boasts over 70,000 servers across eight data centers.

signagelive sees Rackspace as more than just a place to park their data or outsource computing power to, added Rhodes. The company has embraced the OpenStack tools we provide, created their own applications and optimized on top of our infrastructure. This kind of innovative approach is something we aim to nurture in partnership with our customers, added Rhodes.

Speed Through Services

By utilizing Rackspace’s integration of its CloudFiles product with Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), signagelive is able to deliver static files much faster and more efficiently to its users and media endpoints. The CDN caches content in a global multi-tier system to ensure that static files are delivered from the closest node to the end user or media endpoint, thus ensuring an improvement in the speed of media delivery and user interface experience.

Scalability, Resilience and Failure Recovery

In line with its move to Rackspace, signagelive created a custom performance monitoring application utilizing Cloud Servers and Cloud Load Balancer APIs, enabling it to scale up or down on demand when required. In times of peak (or unexpected) load, signagelive automatically increases the number of servers available to network customers, ensuring that the user experience remains a constant and is not degraded by any large spikes in traffic.


We learned through this process how critical it is to select the right partner to grow your business with. Its clear that signagelive isnt just a customer, were a part of the Rackspace family, said signagelives Cremins.


About signagelive

Based in London, signagelive is a private company and a world leader in cloud-powered media delivery solutions, providing a platform that runs even the largest retail networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively.