GoGrid and ServePath Unveil “Cloud Connect” for Enabling Hybrid Dedicated and Cloud Hosted Server Network Infrastructures

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) November 19, 2008

Today ServePath, the leading Silicon Valley Managed Hosting Provider, and GoGrid, the largest Windows Server 2003/2008 and Linux Cloud Computing Infrastructure provider, released “Cloud Connect” which enables high-speed, private network connectivity between ServePath high-end dedicated servers and GoGrid Windows or Linux Cloud servers. Also, known as “cross connects,” the new “Cloud Connect” service allows for customers to retain high-end and robust dedicated servers and all managed services, while receiving elasticity, ease and scalability benefits of GoGrid Cloud Web and Application servers.

Cloud Connect bridges the gap between traditional hosting and cloud hosting. It is the hybrid solution that delivers best practices and benefits of both cloud and dedicated hosted architectures from a single vendor. There is a modest security setup fee and no monthly fee charged for “Cloud Connect.” All that is required is a ServePath Managed Hosting account and a GoGrid Cloud Server account.

Cloud Connect uses secure gigabit private networks to connect elastic cloud servers with custom-built dedicated servers to create hosted server networks that scale to meet seasonal or other spikes of internet traffic while providing the high I/O and CPU performance that large, fast database servers require. The gigabit private networks, the cloud and the dedicated servers are all located in the same data center with hard-wired connections between them ensuring high performance and a complete turnkey service.

“We view Cloud Connect as a Best-of-Class solution for customers looking to capitalize on tried-and-true dedicated environments in harmony with dynamic and elastic web environments of Cloud Computing,” said John Keagy, CEO of ServePath and GoGrid. “Cloud Connect represents a fundamental change to how dedicated and cloud environments can be managed and used together seamlessly.”

Some infrastructure examples of Cloud Connect network configurations include:

New Relic Teams with GoGrid to Deliver Superior-Performing Web Apps in the Cloud, on Dedicated Servers, or in Hybrid Environments

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 12, 2010

New Relic, Inc., the leading software-as-a-service provider of application performance management solutions, and GoGrid, the Cloud Infrastructure Hosting service from ServePath Dedicated Hosting, today announced that New Relic RPM supports monitoring, troubleshooting and tuning of Java and Ruby web application deployed on GoGrids leading platform. Additionally, the companies announced that customers who select New Relic RPM to manage their GoGrid-hosted applications are eligible for preferential pricing.

With more than ten years of experience in enterprise-level data center hosting, GoGrid applies a unique understanding of uptime, security, and service level agreements to its public cloud offering. GoGrid goes beyond existing public cloud offerings by providing Hybrid hosting solutions that privately connect cloud front-ends with dedicated back-end infrastructures, as well as the ability to create and store customer images (MyGSIs). New Relic RPM is a leading on-demand application performance management that operates seamlessly in both cloud and dedicated server environments, making it uniquely suited to monitor, troubleshoot and tune web applications deployed on GoGrids cloud or hybrid infrastructures.

Organizations taking advantage of GoGrid’s multi-tier cloud-computing platform have high expectations for performance and reliability,” said John Keagy, Co-Founder and CEO of GoGrid. “Working with New Relic to add application performance management as a complement to our robust infrastructure provides our customers with the very best combined solution for deploying and managing applications that successfully meet business needs.

“As more and more companies deploy their applications with GoGrid, it’s especially important that they have a single performance management solution that they can use on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments,” said Bill Lapcevic, New Relic’s vice president of business development. “New Relic RPM is the only enterprise-class application management tool delivered as a service, and that automatically offers the same monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for web applications deployed on both virtual and dedicated servers. Its a perfect fit for GoGrids customers.”

As part of the partnership between GoGrid and New Relic, GoGrid customers are eligible for a preferred partner discount on RPM pricing and a complementary trial of RPM Gold premium service. To take advantage of preferred pricing, GoGrid customers can visit New Relics GoGrid partner page, select a subscription level, then sign up for RPM. Discounts will be applied automatically.

About GoGrid

GoGrid is a leading Cloud Infrastructure Hosting provider that delivers true “Control in the Cloud”. GoGrid enables sysadmins, developers, IT professionals and SaaS vendors to create, deploy, and control free f5 load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access and administrative server control which includes personal server images (known as MyGSIs). GoGrid server instances maintain the industry standard specifications with no requirement to learn and adapt to proprietary standards. Bringing up servers and server networks takes minutes via a unique, award winning web control panel or GoGrids API. GoGrid delivers portal controlled servers for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server, and ASP.NET, as well as multiple Linux server operating systems like RHEL and CentOS. GoGrid gives users the control of a familiar datacenter environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud, a “cloudcenter.” To learn more, visit http://www.gogrid.com.

About New Relic RPM

New Relic RPM is an on-demand performance management solution for web applications developed in Ruby, Java or JRuby. New Relic RPM is fully implemented in minutes and provides deep, 24×7 visibility and code-level diagnostics for web applications deployed on traditional, dedicated infrastructures, private and public clouds, or any combination thereof. RPMs real-time metrics enable application owners, developers and operations teams to quickly and cost effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and tune application performance. To learn more about RPM and to subscribe, visit http://www.newrelic.com/get-RPM.html.

About New Relic

GigeNET Continues on its Road to Success – now with Cloud Computing, Dedicated Servers and Co-Location

Arlington Heights, IL (Vocus) May 27, 2010

Since the 1990s, GigeNET has been a reliable host to many. Specializing in high-end hosting and co-location solutions. GigeNET has managed to create a base for many successful internet businesses. GigeNET co-location clients and dedicated server customers have come to expect performance and reliability due to our 100% network SLA and zero outages for several years.

We help SMB’s to reduce their Carbon footprint and save money. GigeNET offers a complete solution from Dedicated Servers and Co-Location to Cloud Computing.

With outstanding and knowledgeable Tech Support personnel, we set an industry standard in the expectation for how a datacenter should perform. Having been favorably reviewed for years on industry-related sites, GigeNET has become a stable and reliable partner to many in the gaming world, including MMOs and many other high demand areas.

GigeNET dedicated servers are all built with branded components and configured for highest levels of reliability. With Gigabit ports available and route optimized premium bandwidth providers on a multi homed network, GigeNET has earned a reputation for a high performance network and outstanding technical support.

GigeNET now also added Cloud Servers with connectivity cloud to dedicated or co-located environments. In the first days since it 2nd release hundreds of users have been added to the new Cloud environment and the reviews have been outstanding. With existing new features not available in most environments GigeNET Cloud is raising the level of expectations The ability to connect through private VLANs from cloud to dedicated or co-located servers gives GigeNET clients a large array of features useful to many established and growing organizations. Using cloud servers for development and to back up co-located servers or dedicated servers has shown to be an exciting new feature to all GigeNET clients.

Rapid deployment dedicated servers and instant GigeNETCloud servers give GigeNET clients the flexibility todays businesses demand.

GigeNET, GigeNETCloud and Coloquest your solutions datacenter.

For more information visit gigenetcloud.com

Gigenet GigeNETCloud and VPSHive are subsidiaries of DMP LLC.

545 E Algonquin Road, Suite D Arlington Heights, IL 60005 ph. 800-561 -2656


Independence Day Special bodHOST Introduced New Line of Managed Dedicated Servers

New Jersey (PRWEB) July 05, 2013

bodHOST, the technology leader in automated scaling cloud computing, today announced the launch of their latest range of high-end managed dedicated servers. bodHOST – a pioneer in the hosting business since 1999, and trusted partner of Dell, almost hosts 2 million domains worldwide. In 2012, bodHOST developed a new eNlight cloud hosting service to deliver a robust and reliable cloud hosting solutions with pay as you go billing functionality.

bodHOSTs new line of dedicated web hosting services is backed by its legendary customer support to ensure rapid implementation of services and a wow customer experience.

Mr. Probal DasGupta, CEO of bodHOST Ltd, said launch of our latest range of servers features Intel

iWeb Strengthens its Dedicated Servers Lineup with the Addition of Intel Xeon E3 and E5 Processors

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

iWeb, global provider of Internet hosting services and IT Infrastructure, announces the introduction of Intel Xeon E3 and E5 processors to its Classic servers lineup. This new lineup now uses the latest generation of Xeon processors and offers even more power and reliability than before.

Besides improved performance through new technologies, iWebs Xeon E3 and E5 offers come with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and 30 TB of traffic from only $ 149 per month.

For more information on the latest iWeb dedicated servers offers, visit the website at http://iweb.com/classic-server-hosting/overview

About iWeb.com

iWeb provides the on-demand server and cloud infrastructure that allows over 20,000 customers worldwide to deliver todays Internet-based technologies and to create tomorrows online innovations. Since 1996, Montreal-based iWeb has been rated among the worlds top web infrastructure providers based on performance and reliability and among Canadas fastest growing companies.


TurnKey Internet, Inc. Announces Super Server Sale for Dedicated Servers

Latham, NY (PRWEB) June 27, 2013

Sustainable IT solutions provider TurnKey Internet, Inc. announced today that they are releasing a massive closeout deal for two previously top-selling dedicated cloud-hosted servers. The sale includes the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 and the Dell Poweredge R200 processors. TurnKey Internets objective to release these dedicated servers is to create a middle ground for beginners and IT professionals alike.

Dedicated servers offer a wide range of advantages and a step above of what a virtual server has to offer, said CEO Adam Wills. While clients still get our experienced, around-the-clock techs at hand to help, these dedicated servers give them increased control, rapid response time, and more power and configuration options that they may require at a price comparable to a virtual server.

The Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 and the Dell Poweredge R200 served as industry leading cloud-hosted solutions and are now being featured to welcome new clients and to clients who are looking to grow their IT skills at a valuable price. Backed by their SSAE-16 and Energy Star certified green data center, TurnKey Internet will provide industry leading cPanel and Plesk control panels along with a choice of Linux or Windows Server 2012. These dedicated servers will let customers easily control their environment and help them take a step forward in the IT world.

About Turnkey Internet

Founded in 1999, TurnKey Internet, Inc. is a full-service green data center and leading provider of sustainable web hosting and IT solutions. From its SSAE 16 Type 2 certified facility in Latham, NYNew York’s Tech Valley RegionTurnKey offers web hosting, communication services, web-based IT systems, software as a service (SaaS), enterprise colocation services, and computing as a service to clients in more than 150 countries. For more information, please call (518) 618-0999 or visit http://www.turnkeyinternet.net/media.

WebNet Hosting Introduces IPMI Remote Reboot for Fully Managed Dedicated Server Product

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) April 17, 2013

IPMI technology with fully managed servers allows for better server monitoring; it is placed directly on the motherboard and the client portal. IPMI hardware integration streamlines the intelligent hosting process, allowing users to remotely reboot servers, machines or KVM on-demand in the client portal, from anywhere across the worldwithout having to contact a hosting provider.

System admins welcome the IPMI adaption for fully managed dedicated servers; as it means they can now remotely monitor the system health, as well as control rebooting the server, gauge temperature, adjust fan speed, voltage, CPU speed and screen messages. IPMI hardware is built into the core for easy access, helping to avoid expensive downtime. Remote recovery capabilities also combat server issues, and hardware health observation supports predictive failure analysis.

IPMI with fully managed dedicated servers works with any operating system, and helps decrease MTTR (mean time to repair), as it permits DBD (diagnose before dispatch). The highlights of IPMI hardware from a hosting provider include 24/7 on demand dedicated KVM over IP as well as lowered managing costs. WebNet Hosting offers IPMI hardware with all their servers free of charge.

WebNet Hosting is a leading global provider of a variety of hosting services. In the last decade, WebNet has successfully empowered over 10,000 customers, helping them grow their business. WebNet is on the forefront of offering services that are valuable to their clients. Tools like IPMI for fully managed dedicated servers improve the efficiency and reliability of a server, providing better server management; hence WebNet Hostings decision is to include this service with their servers.

About WebNet Hosting

Celebrating over a decade in the managed hosting business, WebNet Hosting currently operates out of three data centers within the USA, with immediate plans to expand their international hosting services. In addition to fully managed dedicated servers, WebNet offers VPS and cloud solutions, open-source hosting, shared hosting, infrastructure hosting, and more.

FortaTrusts Limited Time Promotion Provides up to 70% off Selected Dedicated Servers & Cloud Solutions

Doral, FL (PRWEB) May 25, 2012

FortaTrust, a leading provider of dedicated and cloud computing services is pleased to announce the launch of its Limited Time Promotion (LTP) program, with up to 70% off of the first month of selected Dedicated Servers. “The Limited Time Promotion Program is designed to provide our customers the time they need to configure and load test their solutions before moving them to a production environment. Customers are delivered an enterprise class platform with the time they need to implement and develop the solutions it will deliver, said Chris Rivera, Director of Business Development.

The current Limited Time Promotion includes the following:

Dedicated Server or Cloud Hosting Solution? Veber Talks About Making the Best Business Choice

Watford, UK (PRWEB UK) 11 October 2012

The growing and on-going debate surrounding the advent of the IT Cloud means that a business’ decision between choosing a Dedicated Server or a Cloud hosting solution continues to be a hot topic. UK ISP Veber has ten years experience in the hosting industry and is responding to the debate by ensuring that their customers are well versed in the advantages and disadvantages of the various options available to them. Tim Poultney, Vebers CEO, tells us that the question of what kind of hosting solution would be best for a customer is one which we find ourselves addressing more and more, not least due to the high level of coverage which this debate receives. Computer Weekly’s September article, Top Ten Cloud Computing Confidence Killers, is a perfect example of the concerns we are hearing. We are aware of the need to spread the answers to such issues so that the term cloud can leave its sometimes negative connotations behind.That’s our aim with the Veber Knowledge Base: providing the information the customer needs.

GigeNET Cloud and Dedicated Servers. We are Growing Again! Expanding to the West Coast

Arlington Hts, IL (Vocus/PRWEB) April 07, 2011

GigeNET http://www.gigenet.com since the 1990s has been a reliable host to many will by next week have an additional location on the West Coast. Specializing in high end hosting, Co-Location solutions GigeNET has managed to create a base for many successful Internet Businesses using Cloud servers as well as Dedicated servers with the ability to link and use both. With a 100% Network SLA and zero outages for several years GigeNET CoLocation Clients and Dedicated Server Customers have come to expect performance and reliability.

With outstanding, approachable and reachable Tech Support personnel we set an industry standard in the expectation for what a Datacenter is supposed to be. Having been favorably reviewed for years on sites related to the Industry GigeNET has become a stable reliable partner to many in the gaming industry, MMOs and many other high demand areas.

GigeNET Dedicated Servers http://www.gigenet.com are all built with branded components and configured for highest levels of reliability. With Gigabit ports available and route optimized premium Bandwidth providers on a multi homed network, GigeNET has earned a reputation for a high performance network and outstanding technical support.

GigeNET now also added Cloud Servers http://www.gigenetcloud.com and the ability to connect Cloud to Dedicated or Co-located environments. The ability to connect through private VLANs from Cloud to Dedicated or Co-Located Servers give GigeNET clients a large array of features useful to many established and growing organizations. The ability to use Cloud Servers for development and to back up Co-Located Servers or Dedicated Servers has shown to be an exciting new feature to all GigeNET clients.

Rapid deployment Dedicated Servers and instant GigeNETCloud Servers give GigeNET clients the flexibility todays businesses demand.

GigeNET, GigeNETCloud and Coloquest http://www.coloquest.com your solutions Datacenter.

For more information visit http://www.gigenetcloud.com.

Gigenet GigeNETCloud and VPSHive are subsidiaries of DMP LLC.

545 E Algonquin Road, Suite D Arlington Heights, IL 60005 ph. 800-561 -2656

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