Canadian Web Hosting Announces Vancouver, BC Data Centre Expansion for West Coast

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) August 19, 2013

Canadian Web Hosting, a leading provider of web hosting and infrastructure services in Canada, today announced the expansion of their west coast data center presence by doubling their existing data centre capacity and increasing their data center presence in Canada to four locations across Canada. A key to this is Canadian Web Hostings new partnership with Backbone Data Vault, a company committed to innovative technologies and highly secure data centre facilities. With this new partnership, Canadian Web Hosting will be able to continue to meet a strong business demand for services including compliant environments, dedicated and complex hosting and cloud hosting with their CA Cloud infrastructure.

Canadian Web Hostings data centre expansion is in recognition that companies inside and outside of Canada are continuing to look for a competitive advantage and a partner who is focused on web hosting excellence with the ability to protect their customer data. Since the launch of CA Cloud in 2012, Canadian Web Hosting has seen a 300% increase cloud hosting and web hosting services. Business customers have found that by partnering with Canadian Web Hosting, they get the expertise to help them meet a broad range of service requirements including migration of their existing IT and legacy infrastructure, use of cloud technologies like VMware and Hyper-V, comprehensive compliance methodologies and service levels that achieve 100%. Because of this, Canadian Web Hosting clients have been able to reduce their IT spent by as much as 70%.

We chose Backbone Data Vault for our Vancouver, BC data centre expansion because they have built a reliable framework that includes robust power, cooling and physical infrastructure that delivers on our requirement for ultimate reliability for our web hosting and cloud hosting customers. said Matt McKinney, Director at Canadian Web Hosting. Backbone Data Vaults history is a company built on the web and they have the engineering expertise that has allowed them to build a top-grade facility. We wanted a data centre and a partner thats bullet-proof. The Vancouver, BC expansion follows Canadian Web Hostings recent expansion in Toronto back in March.

NuoDB to Brief BBBT on the NuoDB Webscale Distributed Data Management System

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, NuoDBs CTO, Seth Proctor, will provide a brief overview of NuoDB as a company, and then explain in detail the unique features/benefits of the NuoDB peer-to-peer architecture and distributed durable cache.

Changes wrought by the exponential growth of mobile devices, web-scale applications and cloud computing all call for new approaches in data management. I look forward to explaining how NuoDB offers a unique architecture specifically designed to tackle these challenges, said Mr. Proctor. BBBT provides a strong platform for reaching top influencers in the marketplace.

Developers of analytical environments struggle with unpredictable scalability. An ideal DBMS would scale elastically – up and down depending on changing requirements, said BBBT Founder, Claudia Imhoff. NuoDB, because of its roots in cloud computing, promises just such an environment. I look forward to hearing more on this critical issue from them at our next BBBT.

A podcast summarizing the presentation will be available at the BBBT Podcasts page, and a video of the presentation will be available at the BBBT Videos Page.

About BBBT

The Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust has served the BI industry since 2006. It is a consortium of over 150 industry analysts, experts, and practitioners from around the world. BBBT hosts BI industry vendors who provide extended, interactive briefings, streamed live as webinars exclusively to BBBT members. It’s a reciprocal arrangement the members receive the latest information on current and planned BI tools and technologies, and the vendors get valuable feedback on their offerings, marketing, and messaging.

About NuoDB

NuoDB was launched in 2010 by industry-renowned database architect Jim Starkey and accomplished software CEO Barry Morris to deliver a webscale, distributed, database management system that is specifically designed for the cloud and the modern datacenter.

Used by thousands of developers worldwide, NuoDBs customers include automotive after-market giant AutoZone, Europes second largest ISV Dassault Syst

Schneider Electric Provides Prefabricated Data Centre for Baidu to Build M1 Containerised Data Centre

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 25 July 2014

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, recently announced that it had won the bid from Baidu to build an M1 containerised (prefabricated) data centre with Schneider Electrics prefabricated data centre solutions. As Baidus first prefabricated data centre project, the eco-friendly data centre will feature fast deployment, low input, and high capability operation from standardised to modular to prefabricated data centre in the age of cloud computing and big data. This project not only meets the needs of Baidus rapidly expanding business, but also sets a trailblazing example for the future of Chinas data centre construction.

As the largest Chinese search engine and Chinese website worldwide, Baidu processes billions of search and analysis requests from network users across the world every day. It is thus necessary to have an integrated, comprehensive data centre in order to satisfy this explosive demand and to ensure rapid response and efficient operation while reducing the costs. The Baidu M1 data center will fill this much needed data management role as the main production data centre, moving towards a green Baidu. After intensive competition and rigorous testing, Schneider Electric won the bid with its advanced technology, reliable products, and sterling brand reputation.

Tailored to Baidus specifications, Schneider Electric has designed and manufactured two prefabricated modules of the M1 Data Centre, with energy saving, performance enhancing solutions such as In-Row air conditioning, and integrated DCIM software, as well as IT cabinets, UPS, cable management, and fire suppression and access security. Each unit is delivered as a complete solution, with the IT infrastructure preinstalled in the modules and ready for quick deployment. The modules are constructed with insulated wall panels that are weather proof, highly secure, and designed for any environment. Schneider Electrics prefabricated data centres are integrated with a comprehensive data management solution and it reflects the superiority of Schneider Electrics entire product portfolio. The solutions are space and energy efficient without sacrificing any functionality or performance. Furthermore, this data centre can readily adapt to changing customer requirements, by quickly and flexibly re-deploying, expanding, and shifting to new tasks.

M1 Containerised Data Centre of Baidu

The construction of this data centre is essential to transitioning to meet consumer trends, said Dr. Chenhong Huang, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric. The need for speed, cost control and performance in data management is ever growing. Schneider Electrics prefabricated data centre solution is the data centre in the future. Todays successful bid is a vote of confidence in Schneider Electrics innovative development in the field of data management. As a reliable partner, Schneider Electric closely pays attention to the demand of the market and the customer, aiming to spread the concept of prefabricated data centre solutions and popularise its conveniences such as its mobility, simple, flexible structure and fast deployment, and cost minimisation.

This contract is the latest in a growing partnership between Baidu and Schneider Electric as the company has previously provided IT cabinets and UPS for Baidus Yangquan data centre, and also been a tailored cabinet vendor for Baidus Scorpio Plan. Moving forward, both Baidu and Schneider Electric will further explore possibilities for future cooperation in data centres, and continuously innovate to reach the future of data centres in the age of cloud computing and big data.

About Schneider Electric:

As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in Utilities & Infrastructure, Industries & Machines Manufacturers, Residential & Non-residential Buildings, and Data Centres & Networks. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive, and green, the Group’s 150,000 plus employees achieved sales of 24 billion euros in 2013 through an active commitment to help individuals and organisations make the most of their energy.

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New Wikibon Big Data Research Reveals Hadoop, NoSQL Making Gains in the Enterprise

Marlborough, Mass. (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Research from Wikibon indicates that new approaches to data management, most notably Hadoop and NoSQL, are already making inroads in the enterprise. According to a survey of 303 Big Data practitioners, 36% have deployed Hadoop to support either pilot or production workloads. In addition, the majority of Hadoop practitioners have shifted at least one workload from an existing enterprise data warehouse or mainframe to Hadoop (See Figure 1).

Hadoop is not going to replace the data warehouse, at least not any time soon. But the open source Big Data framework does pose a threat to the cushy profit margins of data warehouse vendors including, but not limited to, IBM, Teradata, Microsoft and Oracle, said Wikibon Principal Research Contributor Jeff Kelly, who directed the survey and resulting analysis. Hadoop and the data warehouse are competing for specific workloads in the enterprise and, hence, the related revenue.

The findings are just two of many from the research, entitled Big Data Analytics in the Enterprise, H1 2014. To get a sense of the ways Big Data is used in the enterprise and what, if any, barriers to success are common among early adopters, Wikibon surveyed 303 Big Data practitioners in the U.S. and Canada in May 2014. Wikibon analysts also conducted in-depth phone and in-person interviews with several Big Data practitioners.

Among the top barriers to Big Data analytics success cited by survey respondents were difficulty transforming data into suitable form for analysis, difficulty integrating multiple data sources and difficulty integrating Big Data technologies into existing infrastructure.

Through our research, Wikibon has identified a number of common barriers to successful Big Data analytics projects. Interestingly, many of the top barriers are not related to analyzing data per se, but preparing data to be analyzed, said Kelly. There are also a number of non-technology barriers cited by respondents, including challenges selling the value of Big Data analytics to reluctant end-users on the business side.

Among other insights, the survey findings reveal the important role of professional services in Big Data analytics projects, the median data size and types of data involved in Big Data analytics projects, and the impact of public cloud computing Big Data services on existing projects.

For additional information on the survey findings, please contact John Greco at john.greco(at)wikibon(dot)org or 774-463-3400.

About Wikibon: Wikibon is a research and advisory firm focused on disruptive technologies and their impact on the enterprise. Wikibons core coverage areas are Big Data, cloud computing and software-led infrastructure. Wikibon was the first research firm to size and forecast the Big Data market in 2011, and its analysis of the evolving Big Data ecosystem and technology landscape is relied on by practitioners, vendors, venture capitalists and more.

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M2M-IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics: Market Dynamics and Opportunities Report by

Albany, NewYork (PRWEB) July 18, 2014

Technology and market advances in four separate, yet related, areas are poised to cause disintermediation as well as many market opportunities for companies across a broad spectrum within telecom and digital technologies. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) has already made a big impact on wireless communications as network operators seek to leverage revenue opportunities beyond human interaction reliant services.

Read Complete Report With TOC:

The evolution of automated processes due to the Internet of Things (IoT) will accelerate this impact. The Cloud supports storage of huge amount of data gathered by M2M applications and also ensures real-time availability of data for further processing and analysis. Without the processing power and number crunching ability of Big Data and Analytics, the full potential of M2M and IoT would never be realized.

These four factors working in alignment will enable new business opportunities and provide additional benefits to enterprise, which in turn will be passed on to end-consumers. This research evaluates each of these individually as well as in conjunction with each. This report uniquely focuses on the mutual and conjoint benefits of M2M, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics.

All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you’re addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

Browse reports in ICT:

Report Benefits:

SCOTUS Patent Ruling Has Profound Implications for Big Data: Professor Daryl Lim at Chicagos John Marshall Law School

(PRWEB) July 09, 2014

An inventive idea with tangible effects deserves a patent, but an attempt to patent abstract business ideas doesnt meet those standards, the U.S. Supreme Court recently decided in Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank International (Docket #13-298).

In its ruling, the court stressed the need to preserve a patent-free zone did not want patent owners monopolizing basic tools for scientific and technological work,, according to Professor Daryl Lim of The John Marshall Law School. The case has profound implications for the financial services sectors, and those involved in the collection and analysis of Big Data, including social media services, cloud computing and wearable technology, Lim added.

Einstein couldnt patent his theory of relativity simply by saying a computer would do the calculations, Lim added. The idea must improve the way a specific type of computer function, and that connection must not have been well-understood, routine or conventional, but rather achieve a result that was not obtainable before.

Alice Corp. argued it held the rights to a computer program used to guarantee payments for financial trades settled by holding funds in escrow. Alice Corp. argued that its computer software protecting these payments was first patented in 1992. However, developer Ian Shepherd failed to produce the computer source codes or how the computer would work for these escrow payments. Despite these shortcomings, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave Alice Corp. three subsequent patents for its process.

The corporation never used the patented system in any business. Consequently, the company has been dubbed a patent troll.

When Alice Corp. learned CLS Bank was using a similar technology, it argued patent infringement. CLS Bank claimed it developed its own computer system for the trillions of dollars transferred through its banking network. In 2007, CLS Bank sued Alice Corp., charging its patents were unenforceable. Lower courts agreed with CLS Bank, but Alice Corp. countersued.

The United States Supreme Court struck down the patent claims by Alice Corp. Writing for the court, Justice Clarence Thomas said Shepherds patent filings amounted to nothing significantly more than an instruction to apply the abstract idea of intermediated settlement using some unspecified, generic computer.

The court also found ineligible Alice Corp.s other patent claims to a computer system carrying out those instructions and components for the computer codes for substantially the same reasons, Lim said.

The courts focus on a tangible effect was clearly an attempt to raise the bar on software patents which form the bulk of the litigation currently clogging up the courts, Lim said. But it also knew from the briefs filed that many software and Internet companies need these types of patents to get funding. For these companies, having those patents is an existential issue.

Schedule Viewer, LLC Announces Integration to i-Plexus Solutions for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 28, 2014

Schedule Viewer, LLC announced today that their Non-Emergency Medical Transportation software (MediRoutes) now integrates directly to the i-Plexus Solutions, allowing for internet based medical claims clearinghouse and medical billing service solutions.

Advantages of Electronic Submission:

Electronic data interchange (EDI) allows faster, more efficient, and cost-effective claim submission for providers. EDI, performed in accordance with nationally recognized standards, supports the health care industrys efforts to reduce administrative costs. The benefits of billing electronically include:

Reduction of overhead and administrative costs. EDI eliminates the need for paper claim submission. It has also been proven to reduce claim rework (adjustments).
Receipt of reports as proof of claim receipt. This makes it easier to track the status of claims.
Faster transaction time for claims submitted electronically. An EDI claim averages about 24 to 48 hours from the time it is sent to the time it is received. This enables providers to easily track their claims.
Validation of data elements on the claim form. By the time a claim is successfully received electronically, information needed for processing is present. This reduces the chance of data entry errors that may occur with the use of paper claim forms.
Quicker claim completion. Claims that do not need additional investigation are generally processed quicker. Reports have shown that a large percentage of EDI claims are processed within 10 to 15 days of their receipt.

The MediRoutes application helps Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers provide a quality experience to their clients at an affordable cost to their business. In addition to this, clients have mentioned the following:

1. Using the MediRoutes application and security overlays assists clients in being HIPPA compliant by taking a paper driven business and converting it to a paperless environment, from point of service all the way through to billing.

2. Using MediRoutes solutions can help prevent potential fraud. Providers can document the date and time of service by time & GPS location of all services at the point of care. And MediRoutes takes that documentation a step further by capturing the patients signature electronically right at the time of service. Medicare fraud and abuse is a problem everywhere and MediRoutes offers a solution to providers and payers.

3. MediRoutes reduced one customers AR aging from over 45 days to less than 21 days through creating faster and better documented billing, using the applications software. Instead of taking 30 days from the time of service using a paper system, clients are able to properly invoice the next day.

4. Using MediRoutes has helped increased employee morale for both drivers and office workers by providing a more relaxed and in control, less stressful work environment.

About Schedule Viewer, LLC

Schedule Viewer, LLC is a software company, founded in 2008 that develops cloud based software solutions for the people transportation industry. The founding members bring over 50 years combined experience in developing software for the people transportation market and have a history of producing innovative and transformative solutions. The Internet, smartphones and most recently cloud computing technologies have dramatically changed the nature of software development and deployment. As a forward looking software company, Schedule Viewer is innovating using these new platforms unencumbered by legacy systems to maintain and support. Because of that, MediRoutes and ParaRoutes are ground breaking products, built from the beginning using proven, standard tools and designed to be deployed in the cloud. They feature a full range of scheduling/dispatching solutions that are affordable and easy-to-use. If you would like to learn more about Schedule Viewer, LLC, or the MediRoutes and ParaRoutes products, please contact Myron Hammes at (480) 393-3009, toll free at (855) 393-3009 or email

Schedule Viewer has created practical solutions to an unsolvable problem to learn more please visit our web site at

About i-Plexus Solutions

i-Plexus is a modern technology enabled health care receivable management company that was formed in 2003 to fill the void that is being created by outdated clearinghouses, claim editing products and billing services. i-Plexus’ mission is to pioneer feature and service rich transaction and receivables management solutions to the healthcare industry. i-Plexus’ goal is to leverage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards and leading technology to complement practice management and hospital billing solutions and allow provider organizations to cost-effectively automate business office functions. i-Plexus is currently focusing on facilitating claim repair, minimizing payer denial and automating receivables management through the synthesis of the full HIPAA-compliant ANSI transaction set and claim level reconciliation. i-Plexus connects to over 1,500 payers throughout the United States.

Volico Proudly Announces Boca Raton Colocation Data Center Services Now Available in South Florida

Boca Raton, Fla. (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

Volico, a leading provider of colocation and managed colocation services in Boca Raton, now offers superior hosting with server monitoring and management service throughout the South Florida market. Volicos SAS 70 and SSAE 16 compliant data centers have high availability network and power infrastructure.

We tailor each colocation space for performance, reliability, and the peace of mind, stated Scott Cohen, Volicos Senior Data Center Engineer. We offer a reliable and secure home for your data, in a facility that you can trust!

This vote of confidence is backed by strictly regulated Data Center standards. Volicos colocation data centers meet the highest Tier IV Data Center Availability Standards including strong backup systems and the most technologically advanced engineering methods available. Additionally, the systems have a minimal carbon footprint, an additional boon for the environmentally conscious.

Volicos Colocation Data Center facility services Boca Raton and the surrounding cities of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The impressive, vast range of managed colocation services includes Monitoring, Security, Backups, and Remote Hands Support Services. Volico can provide software installation, configuration, hardware support, network design, managed backup services, and load balancing services. Certified technicians are available 24/7 to assist in any emergency situation.

Volicos built-to-suite colocation solutions provide businesses with

Hostway Sees Big Data Moving Into The Cloud Writes Big Press Release

New York (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

Hostway Corporation, a leading provider of cloud, managed and hybrid cloud services, today released a video featuring experts from Gartner and Microsoft offering information and advice on moving big data and mission-critical applications to the cloud. Simultaneously, Hostway announced the availability of SQL Server 2012 for the hosts Windows managed hosting plans and cloud servers. The 2012 edition adds flexible deployment options across on-premise, private and public environments.

These announcements come as Hostway prepares to discuss the trend of moving big data, mission-critical and database-intensive applications to virtual environments at the Cloud Expo in New York City. Hostway discusses these trends and its explosive cloud growth in detail in a video featuring Lydia Leong, Research VP from Gartner, Aaron Hollobaugh, VP of Marketing from Hostway, Chris Samson, Senior Hosting Technology Specialist from Microsoft and Leen Kashyap, Strategy Manager – Cloud Infrastructure from Microsoft.

The video examines the evolution of the cloud from a development and testing environment to a flexible and scalable platform for mission-critical applications and data storage. Experts from each company discuss the importance of building a strong virtual infrastructure and best practices for migrating mission-critical and database-intensive applications to virtual platforms.

SMBs, Cloud Growth, and Big Data

Over the past several years, Hostway has built cloud platforms that support over 600,000 direct customers and over 2 million partnership-based customers. The growth is directly tied to Hostways ability to provide enterprise-class technologies and services at a price point that allows SMBs to take advantage of technologies typically reserved for large organizations.

We provide services to companies of all sizes, but we particularly target our solutions to support the enterprise needs of fast-growth SMBs, noted John Martis, Hostway President. We want to stay on the pulse of innovation and our customers are how we accomplish that. We provide access to enterprise technologies to support their fast growth and in turn, we learn from them and share in their success.

BidAbode, a fast-growth online real estate auction website, chose Hostways hybrid cloud solution to support its growth. BidAbodes reliance on a virtual environment to support its mission-critical and database-intensive applications is an example of an innovative SMB trusting a redundant, instantly scalable public cloud to support its often unpredictable infrastructure needs.

As a startup, we hoped to grow quickly, and we are excited to be experiencing that growth, said BidAbode CTO Jared Gallardo. Hostways hybrid cloud hosting has provided the scalable infrastructure we need to support our real-time, resource-intensive auctions.

Hostway traditional managed hosting customers are migrating to cloud hosting due to the cost savings and business benefits, namely flexibility and scalability, over purchasing and maintaining stand-alone dedicated servers. Microsoft has responded to this growing trend by creating features of SQL Server 2012 that directly enhance the ability to deploy databases in the cloud.

Microsoft SQL 2012 Optimized for Cloud

There are substantial upgrades added to Microsoft SQL Server 2012, most notably that its now cloud-ready, states Mike Robski, Vice President of Research & Development for Hostway. Data can be synchronized between databases via the cloud, and multiple user experiences can be powered across multiple devices.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is available in four main editions and includes enhancements to business intelligence, availability, disaster recovery, speed, security and role management:

NSA Computer Exchange Corporation Unveils Data Protection Cloud Suite

Hicksville, NY (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

After nearly six months in research and due diligence, Hicksville-based NSA Computer Exchange Corp. has launched its Cloud Suite solution. Cloud Suite powered by Axcient is a disaster recovery, business continuity, and monitoring solution for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The main purpose of the Cloud Suite is to protect businesses from data loss due to man-made issues (fire, theft, accidents, etc.), natural disasters (flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), or server outages, and get them back on their feet in a fraction of the time of other solutions available today. NSAs focus and client commitment is providing the most user friendly, responsive, and intuitive cloud recovery system on the market. More focus was put into making sure the product could adequately protect businesses from the trials of sudden disasters.

Speaking of the new cloud computing tools, Patrick VanPutte, President of NSA Computer Exchange Corp., said that, “So many of our customers that have experienced natural disasters have suffered significant losses due to data loss. If the original hardware holding backup information is unavailable or damaged, this means weeks of waiting for data recovery. Catastrophic data loss is the demise of many companies — most never recover or reopen. I often talk to CEOs and business owners that are constantly worried about protecting their data. NSA has installed systems that help our customers sleep better at night.

NSAs Cloud Suite takes virtual images of client servers, operating systems, applications, and other vital company data, and caches it into an onsite appliance, which sends encrypted images to the cloud. Whether the main physical server is down or not, NSAs Cloud Suite solution can give a company access to its data within minutes. NSAs Cloud Suite gives businesses the tools they need to back up, monitor and access their data quickly and easily.

Providing clients with complete data protection in a simple web interface, no matter what the situation, is the main benefit of using the new NSA Computer Exchange cloud computing system. Cloud Suite mitigates risks that come with doing business in the digital age. “Even when a server is down, there will be no downtime for the business, as it is running from the cloud suite,” VanPutte said. “With just a simple click, the NSA Cloud Suite solution lets you restore lost data in minutes, not days, weeks or even months like other solutions. This clearly minimizes risks and hazard costs.”

About NSA Computer Exchange Corp.:

NSA Computer Exchange has been in the business of solving problems and providing solutions for wholesale distributors across the country since 1984. Neil Smilowitz, founder and Pat VanPutte, President and CEO continue to lead NSA today by providing innovative and personable solutions to businesses from coast to coast. Change, whether internal or external, is inevitable. With technology, the velocity of change is ever increasing. Business today does not stand still. Businesses that make proactive decisions instead of reacting to undesirable circumstances usually take the lead. Let NSA’s knowledge and expertise help you take the lead. For more information, visit