GoGrid & GigaSpaces Join Forces to Create an Enterprise-grade PaaS Offering for Java and .NET

San Francisco (Vocus) October 8, 2009

GoGrid, the Cloud Infrastructure Hosting service from ServePath Dedicated Hosting, and GigaSpaces Technologies, developer of the industry-leading, cloud-enabled eXtreme Application Platform (XAP), announce a strategic technology partnership that provides the most robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for Java and .NET available. The combination of GoGrid’s secured, hardened, scalable, and customizable environment with XAP’s power, interoperability, and elasticity provides a first-of-its-kind, enterprise-grade public cloud offering customers can rely on to deliver all of their mission-critical applications.

The partners’ proven strengths create a reliable, high-speed and scalable infrastructure in the cloud for the most demanding requirements. Currently, GoGrid is leveraging its 10+ years of experience in enterprise-level data center hosting, applying its understanding of uptime, security, and service level agreements to the public cloud offering. Meanwhile, GigaSpaces ensures that its Fortune 500 production customers enjoy enterprise-grade extreme transaction processing for high-throughput, low-latency applications based on Java, .NET, C and C++. GoGrid also provides customers with the ability to create and store customer images (MyGSIs), a key differentiator for enterprise customers over other public cloud offerings as well as Hybrid Hosting solutions that privately connect cloud front-ends with dedicated back-end infrastructures.

GoGrid’s standard, fully customizable Windows and Linux cloud servers leverage GigaSpaces’ support of Windows/.Net, Java, Linux, VMWare and Xen. This provides smooth operation regardless of application language or environment by the use of XAP’s middleware services such as data grid, messaging and parallel processing (map/reduce), which are designed to enable scaling of services on-demand.

“Our partnership with GigaSpaces allows us to create a public cloud using Java and .Net-compatible high-speed application processing that works synergistically with our existing infrastructure,” says John Keagy, Founder and CEO of ServePath, the parent company of GoGrid. “GoGrid customers will now be able to seamlessly leverage the GoGrid public cloud for on-demand capacity scaling by using GigaSpaces’ SLA-based management capabilities.”

XAP’s architecture enables organizations to flexibly move between their data centers and the cloud or use both simultaneously, offering a clear migration path from a hosted or on-premise environment to the public cloud. Therefore, ServePath customers will be able to leverage the GoGrid public cloud for processing overflow, reducing over provisioning and costs. In addition, ServePath customers can keep their proprietary data on the server farm while leveraging the GoGrid public cloud to scale the web tier components of any application.

“Adding the GoGrid/ServePath infrastructure to our supported environments increases our customers’ flexibility to manage their data processing,” says Zeev Bikowsky, GigaSpaces CEO. “GoGrid’s enterprise-grade cloud capabilities provide a great opportunity for further IT efficiency and cost savings for XAP’s .Net customers, providing an exceptionally flexible run-time environment on the cloud.”

For a preview of the GoGrid-XAP offering and for more details, visit the GigaSpaces partner page on the GoGrid site and plan to attend our webinar about the joint offering on October 14, 2009 9 a.m. PT.

About GoGrid

GoGrid is a leading Cloud Infrastructure Hosting provider that delivers true “Control in the Cloud”. GoGrid enables system administrators, developers, IT professionals and SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors to create, deploy, and control load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access and administrative server control, now including personal service images (known as MyGSIs). GoGrid server instances maintain the industry standard specifications with no requirement to learn and adapt to proprietary standards. Bringing up servers and server networks takes minutes via a unique web control panel or GoGrid’s award winning API. GoGrid delivers portal controlled servers for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server, and ASP.NET. GoGrid also hosts multiple open-source server operating systems including several Linux operating systems (Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS. Free f5 hardware load balancing and other features are included to give users the control of a familiar datacenter environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud, a “cloudcenter.” GoGrid won LinuxWorld Expo’s 2008 Best of Show award. For more information, please visit http://www.GoGrid.com, our blog at http://blog.gogrid.com, or our wiki at http://wiki.gogrid.com.

About GigaSpaces

GigaSpaces Technologies is a leading provider of a new generation of application platforms for Java and .Net environments that offer an alternative to traditional application servers. Its flagship product, XAP 7.0, is an enterprise-grade application server for deploying and scaling distributed applications under any requirement.

GigaSpaces customers depending on our reliability and millisecond latency include many of the Fortune 100 companies, the world’s top investment banks, financial exchanges, telecommunications carriers, Web-commerce companies, online gaming companies, and Internet media organizations. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

For more information, please visit http://www.gigaspaces.com, our blog at http://blog.gigaspaces.com or our public relations team:

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Burstorm & Grupo Scanda Partner in Latin America to Create a New Cloud Service Channel and Services Offering

San Carlos, CA and Mexico City, MX (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

Grupo Scanda provides services for well known US multinationals and some of Mexicos largest manufacturers, banks, services providers and government entities including Banamex, MetLife, HSBC, Kraft, Bimbo and Pemex.

Utilizing Burstorm’s Big Data application will enable Grupo Scanda customers to answer key questions in their journey to the Cloud: Where are we today? How does my infrastructure compare to the market? What are my options for the future? And, once customers are migrated using Scandas state of the art capabilities, the application continues to track the outcomes and provide industry benchmarking and best-practices guidance — always looking for opportunities for improvement.

“Grupo Scanda has found in Burstorm the right partner to help its customers find the easiest way to the Cloud”, said Grupo Scanda President Jorge Varela Dorbecker. Their software, access to suppliers and experience shepherding customers through the process provides tremendous value”.

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is to know their current infrastructure state and then decide which cloud model best fits their business needs. The Burstorm Big Data application aggregates the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date product information from a wide spectrum of cloud providers to benchmark and then model and architect an optimal cloud solution. Scanda capabilities come into play to help companies to move to the cloud and then operate under the optimal governance Model, Security and Process frameworks.

Burstorm is expanding its capabilities into the Latin American market by building a premier eco-system driving new levels of collaboration and providing an integrated solution to our customers, said Brandon Abbey Burstorm CEO.” “We expect the partnership with Scanda will strengthen our cloud solutions to help achieve a superior customer cloud selection and then implementation experience. This announcement supports our vision of guiding customers through the journey into the Cloud.

On September 4th Grupo Scanda and Burstorm will host a Cloud Computing exclusive event in Mexico City with top technology executives and industry thought leaders.

About Burstorm: Burstorm develops and sells an enterprise application that is valuable for any organization focused on reducing the cost of compute, storage, data centers and networks, while also providing infrastructure that can respond to the ever increasing demands of the business.

About Grupo Scanda

For over 20 years, Grupo Scanda has been transforming technology into value to their customers. With 9 divisions and presence in 7 countries Grupo Scanda is one of the biggest IT integrators in Mexico. Focused on the enterprise sector, Grupo Scanda is a renowned Microsoft Partner as well as a top partner of companies like SAP, Symantec, Blackberry and Apple among others.

Compute Midwest Event Empowers Forward Thinking Tech Minds to Envision and Create the Future with Google Fiber

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

Compute Midwest showcases a one-day conference with a distinguished speaker lineup and the first ever hackathon on Google Fiber for a 2 day convergence of tech in Kansas City.

The conference kicks off the event on November 9th at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts, where tech leaders and startup founders will share stories on how their companies are changing the way the world works through cloud computing, mobile & other technologies.

The Compute Midwest speaker lineup includes:

Brad Abrams – Product Manager Cloud Platform team, Google

Scott Chacon – Chief Information Officer, Github

Jason Hoffman – Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Joyent

Naithan Jones – Founder, AgLocal

Zach Kaplan – CEO, Inventables

Dan Levin – Chief Operating Officer, Box

Ben Milne – CEO & Founder, Dwolla

Michelle Munson – CEO & Co-Founder, Aspera

On November 10th, 100+ developers will come together for the first ever hackathon in which competitors will leverage Google Fiber in order to build the “next-generation” of apps in 24 hours. Thousands of dollars in prizes will be awarded to innovative ideas that utilize gigabit network speeds, improve digital inclusion, leverage event partner APIs, and more.

“Compute Midwest will inspire attendees to think about what the future holds. By hearing from our lineup of innovative leaders & founders, this event will spur new thoughts and perspectives,” said Kansas City IT Professionals founder Michael Gelphman. “We’re also excited to see what apps are created at the hackathon, getting that first opportunity to build an idea on Google Fiber is one step closer to creating a better future for Kansas City.”

To learn more about Compute Midwest, visit http://www.computemidwest.com

About Kansas City IT Professionals (KCITP):

KCITP is a grassroots tech community of almost 10,000 members and are the organizers & creators of Compute Midwest. They aim to advance technology-related disciplines and inspire innovation throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Learn more about KCITP, visit http://www.kcitp.com