Solveforce Brings the Future of Computer Networks to Atlanta with Global MPLS Network Providers

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

Technological innovations influence many aspects of human life. Among the greatest technological innovations of today are computers. They have taken over the way people live and have been integrated into the daily activities people carry out in their everyday lives.

In computer networks, computers send data to each other over a communication medium between them. MLS has a mechanism that acts with other kinds of network protocols at the same layer. It has to map IP addresses to their corresponding labels. The transmission medium is divided into several label switched paths for the transmission.

Network communication faces different challenges and the Atlanta Global MLS network provider ( deals with most of them. The main challenges include network engineering, speeds and policies. The limitations of bandwidth may also pose serious problems to a network. The new technology is able to deal with these issues.

Most users of a network face the problem of downtime caused by failures of different components of a network. The MLS has its own mechanisms of dealing with such problems. Its self-healing properties reduce the worries of network administrators. It also reduces the error rates of transmitted information.

Most owners of businesses with computer networks are concerned about the scalability of their networks. They want a situation where they can add computers and other devices to the network without having to make significant changes. Atlanta Global MLS network provider ( is scalable, which is partly a reason for its popularity.

It works by creating virtual links between two computers sending data to each other. This increases the effective bandwidth because communication takes place on a proprietary network. This also makes the technology the ideal choice for creation of VPNs, which have become very popular on the market today.

In the standard network model, the data link layer implements several protocols that govern how computers access the shared medium. It has the option of several protocols but each network uses only one. Atlanta Global MPLS network provider ( helps engineers develop networks capable of implementing more than one protocol at this layer.

There are no restrictions imposed on the kinds of transmissions implemented at the network layers. The network engineers are now more concerned with building better networks capable of handling the needs of an organization. The business is therefore able to enjoy better performance and efficiency levels.

When disasters strike, they may paralyze the operations of business because of loss of data. To avoid this, most proprietors back up their data on remote servers. The onset of cloud computing makes the backup process faster and easier. Computers need high speed access to the cloud servers to store and access the required information.

Multiprotocol layer switching is fast replacing the traditional kind of network communication through frame relay and asynchronous transfer mode. Most business investors are investing in this technology and the others are becoming outdated. Enhancing business efficiency is the goal for most investors and MLS is the best option for achieving this goal.

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NSA Computer Exchange Corporation Unveils Data Protection Cloud Suite

Hicksville, NY (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

After nearly six months in research and due diligence, Hicksville-based NSA Computer Exchange Corp. has launched its Cloud Suite solution. Cloud Suite powered by Axcient is a disaster recovery, business continuity, and monitoring solution for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The main purpose of the Cloud Suite is to protect businesses from data loss due to man-made issues (fire, theft, accidents, etc.), natural disasters (flood, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), or server outages, and get them back on their feet in a fraction of the time of other solutions available today. NSAs focus and client commitment is providing the most user friendly, responsive, and intuitive cloud recovery system on the market. More focus was put into making sure the product could adequately protect businesses from the trials of sudden disasters.

Speaking of the new cloud computing tools, Patrick VanPutte, President of NSA Computer Exchange Corp., said that, “So many of our customers that have experienced natural disasters have suffered significant losses due to data loss. If the original hardware holding backup information is unavailable or damaged, this means weeks of waiting for data recovery. Catastrophic data loss is the demise of many companies — most never recover or reopen. I often talk to CEOs and business owners that are constantly worried about protecting their data. NSA has installed systems that help our customers sleep better at night.

NSAs Cloud Suite takes virtual images of client servers, operating systems, applications, and other vital company data, and caches it into an onsite appliance, which sends encrypted images to the cloud. Whether the main physical server is down or not, NSAs Cloud Suite solution can give a company access to its data within minutes. NSAs Cloud Suite gives businesses the tools they need to back up, monitor and access their data quickly and easily.

Providing clients with complete data protection in a simple web interface, no matter what the situation, is the main benefit of using the new NSA Computer Exchange cloud computing system. Cloud Suite mitigates risks that come with doing business in the digital age. “Even when a server is down, there will be no downtime for the business, as it is running from the cloud suite,” VanPutte said. “With just a simple click, the NSA Cloud Suite solution lets you restore lost data in minutes, not days, weeks or even months like other solutions. This clearly minimizes risks and hazard costs.”

About NSA Computer Exchange Corp.:

NSA Computer Exchange has been in the business of solving problems and providing solutions for wholesale distributors across the country since 1984. Neil Smilowitz, founder and Pat VanPutte, President and CEO continue to lead NSA today by providing innovative and personable solutions to businesses from coast to coast. Change, whether internal or external, is inevitable. With technology, the velocity of change is ever increasing. Business today does not stand still. Businesses that make proactive decisions instead of reacting to undesirable circumstances usually take the lead. Let NSA’s knowledge and expertise help you take the lead. For more information, visit

ITatOnce Offers Insight into Recent Cloud Computer Surveys

(PRWEB) August 29, 2013

According to the 2013 QuinStreet Enterprise survey, private cloud deployment may outpace public cloud use by two times within the 12 next months; while a 2013 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing research report finds that the private cloud is the preferred model.

The results of North Bridge Venture Partners third annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey further indicated that although Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is expected to grow, it will give way in five years to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This move away from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) was corroborated by the 2013 InformationWeek State of Cloud Computing Survey, which showed that SaaS dropped eight points since its 2012 State of the Cloud poll.

What do these results mean?

According to Yury Borukh, CEO of ITatOnce, the trend towards private cloud computing can be attributed primarily to the need for additional security and privacy that go beyond what public cloud platforms provided by companies such as Microsoft, and Amazon can provide.

Data and applications stored on a private cloud are unlikely to be intercepted by those outside of the organization, explained Borukh. Furthermore, when their networks are private, organizations have greater control. That means more customization and greater ease of use.

What do all the initials mean?

Yury Borukh provided a brief overview of the current three service categories for cloud based platforms:

China Computer Software Industry Report 2014-2017 Now Available at

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 23, 2014

In 2013, Chinas software industry characterized the following:

1. Software industry still maintained rapid development and some business segments stood out in terms of growth rate.

In 2013, Chinas software industry reported the revenue of RMB 3.1 trillion, jumping by 24.6% year on year, higher than global average of 5.7%. With respect to segments, software products, system integration & support services and data processing & operating services made up a large proportion of software business revenue, standing at 32.1%, 20.7% and 17.4% in 2013, respectively. In view of revenue growth rate, information technology consulting services and data processing & operating services kept growing fast in 2010-2013, with a CAGR of 39.2% and 35.3% separately. As the application of big data in all sectors accelerates, it is expected that data processing & operating services will take the lead in revenue growth.

2. Over 75% of revenue of software industry came from the Eastern region, while the revenue from the Northeastern and Western regions grew relatively fast.

Purchase a copy of this report @

In 2013, revenue of software business from the Eastern region accounted for 75.0% of the total, down 3.5 percentage points over 2009. During 2009-2013, the software industry witnessed relatively rapid growth in Northeastern and Western regions, with their CAGR reaching 43.2% and 42.6%, respectively, and revenue proportion trending up. In 2013, revenue from these two regions constituted 10.3% and 10.5% of the total, respectively.

3. Domestic and foreign companies accelerated their presence in cloud computing-related businesses.

In 2013, global giants Oracle and SAP stepped up their efforts to promote cloud computing-related businesses, while IBM, Microsoft and Amazon launched their cloud computing businesses in China. At the same time, Chinese IT giants Huawei, Lenovo and Internet giants Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Qihoo 360 all entered cloud market. Moreover, traditional software vendors also quickened their transformation to cloud service provider. For example, Yonyou positioned itself as a provider of software, cloud service and value-added services.

4. Technological innovations like SMAC will change business model of companies, thus creating new growth engines for software industry.

Complete report is available @

In 2013, Technologies like (SMAC: social, mobile, analytic and cloud) began to change all walks of life (such as traditional retailing, banking, manufacturing, logistics and services) in the way of being transboundary, integration and platform. Spurred by new technologies, enterprise information system unveils the crucial stage to reconstruct computing platform and upgrade informatization mode, creating new growth points for software industry. Software companies scaled up their efforts to develop SMAC-related products and services. Take Neusoft Group for example, cloud platform SaCa developed by the company provides a series of sub-products to meet demands of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, social network, situational awareness, big data and cloud computing in B2B2C/G2B2C mode.

China Computer Software Industry Report, 2014-2017 by ResearchInChina highlights:

Computer Design & Integration (CDI LLC) Principal Architect Awarded vExpert 2014 Title by VMware

Teterboro, NJ (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Yury Magalif, Computer Design & Integration (CDI LLC) principal architect, cloud computing, was awarded the vExpert 2014 title by VMware, the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the cloud era.

According to the VMware website, the vExpert program highlights individuals whove demonstrated a commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technologyabove and beyond their job requirement. This years title was awarded to a select group of people who demonstrate engagement with their respective communities and have developed a substantial personal platform of influence within those communities.

I am honored to be sharing this opportunity with the amazing community of virtual bloggers, volunteers and community leaders, said Magalif. To be in the company of this group of esteemed professionals whove contributed to the success and forward movement of the VMware community is a tremendous accolade.

With access to a wide range of benefits, including private betas, free licenses, early access briefings, exclusive events, free online access to VMworld conference materials, and regular interactions with VMware product teams, vExperts are afforded the opportunity to significantly broaden their knowledge about VMware and pass their expertise on to the customer.

About Computer Design & Integration

Computer Design & Integration LLC (CDI LLC) provides data center infrastructure design, integration and support for businesses evolving needs while simplifying complex information technologies. The company offers advanced technology strategies with a particular focus on highly available data center solutions. Many of these are highlighted through the firms extensive YouTube video channel. CDI Managed Services (CDI MS), a division of CDI LLC, provides round-the-clock managed IT services and support for the entire IT lifecycle of customers’ networksfrom design to implementation. Founded in 1995, with locations in NJ, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte and Atlanta, CDI LLC has been recognized as one of the nations top 500 IT solution providers. For more information, visit or Twitter @cdillc.

More Cloud Computing Press Releases

Stanford Cloud Workshop at the Computer History Museum Reveals Hardware and Software Innovations to Power the Future of Cloud Computing

Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

The Industry-Academia Partnership (IAP) conducted the 2013 Stanford Cloud Workshop at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California on December 6 with the theme “Meeting the Future Needs of the Data Center and Cloud”. The IAP is a new association formed to address the revolutionary changes required for the underlying hardware and software as multi-core compute, storage and networking converge for the future data center and cloud.

Workshop Organizers included Professor Christos Kozyrakis of Stanford University, Paul Rad of Rackspace, and Dr. Jim Ballingall, IAP Executive Director.

Speakers from industry and academia described their research and development efforts underway to meet the future needs of the data center and cloud.

In addition to Stanford University, the Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Engineering departments from Carnegie Mellon University, San Jose State University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Toronto were represented.

The Storage Solutions session covered future approaches to server memory solutions and the data center memory hierarchy.

ComZetta Computer in the Cloud

(PRWEB) December 21, 2013

The idea of the ComZetta service is to create a remote computer using cloud technology which stores an operating system, applications, documents, photos and protects the user from data loss due to hardware failure or theft. Access to a cloud computer is possible with any device in any location and the performance does not depend on technical possibilities of the equipment.

The data that are stored on a virtual disc can be read on a notebook, tablet or smartphone. There is only one condition: access to the Internet. Such a solution allows for remote and flexible work with no limits. For example, you can start your project at home on your desktop computer and carry on while traveling using your tablet.

Lately, remote work is has become even more common. We are no longer glued to our desks. Now, we can simply take the computer with us anywhere we go. ComZetta provides you with a set of tools that make your remote work not only fully comfortable but safe, says Joanna Flis-Zwoiska, ComZetta CEO.

The creators of the service emphasize that ComZetta is failure-free. The safety of the data is not dependent on the performance of your equipment. Failure or theft does not result in your data loss. The user may simply use a different device and keep on working, says Ms Flis-Zwoiska.

The parameters of the remote computer ComZetta adjust to the user’s needs. Thanks to ComZetta adding memory, disc space or improving processor performance, which up to now have required additional hardware or even equipment replacement, can be performed using only appropriate configuration options. As a result you may conduct advanced operations which require increased computing power even on old equipment or devices that are not intended for such operations e.g. tablets.

ComZetta may be a perfect solution for companies which wish to improve the safety of their data at low costs (one month license for a cloud computer may turn out to be cheaper than the maintenance or equipment replacement) and for frequent travelers who must be flexible at work (salesmen, freelancers, etc.).

ComZetta is available via this website Software packages include, among many, Linux and Windows operating systems and a set of free office applications. Free tests of the service are possible before purchase.

24 Computer Disaster Recovery Tips Article from eMazzanti

Hoboken, NJ and New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

Natural or man-made disasters often destroy business from both a physical and data point-of-view. A new article from eMazzanti Technologies, a Hoboken, NJ and NYC area IT support expert, spells out a number of ways a business can avoid being irretrievably harmed by a surprise event such as a hurricane or tornado. The article is entitled: 24 Disaster Recovery Tips for Computer Networks.

According to researchers in Colorado State University, the chance of the US being hit by a major storm are about 70% greater than last year, said Jennifer Mazzanti, president, eMazzanti Technologies. That means businesses need to get prepared to make sure their data and networks survive. [Source: New York Daily News, April 11, 2013]

For the complete article click here.

Disasters Waiting to Happen

Businesses disasters are usually classified in three categories: natural, such as hurricanes and earthquakes; technological failures; and human, either on purpose or by accident. But no matter what causes a disaster, the need to recovery and get a business back up and running is paramount.

As recent events such as Hurricane Sandy have shown, not only can catastrophic events devastate a natural environment, but they can leave a companys IT infrastructure in ruins as well. That is why it is extremely critical for a business to initiate or enhance on a comprehensive disaster recovery plan (DRP) to protect its business and the livelihoods of employees in the event of a disaster.


Bytes Computer and Network Solutions Adds Resident Shield and Expanded Scan Schedule to PC Complete Care Computer Cleanup and Protection Product

Scottsbluff, NE (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

We wanted to better protect our customers from virus and malware threats on the Internet, says Landon Clark, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions Network Specialist. Its important for us to stay on-top of protection because we are taking on the job of managing that for our customers. The company recently added Resident Shield to their PC Complete Care computer cleanup and protection package along with daily, rather than weekly, system scans.

It would appear they have good reason to do so. According to the most recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses in software, applications and web browsers that enable an attacker to compromise the systems running them, have increased 11.3 percent since the second half of 2011. Exploits, or the malicious codes that target these vulnerabilities, have also increasedparticularly those delivered through HTML and JavaScript on infected web pages.

While the PC Complete Care product has resulted in a tremendous reduction in the number of customers infected, we still had few who were accidentally getting malware on their machines, says Clark. Initially, we only scanned once a week to keep customers computer speed as high as possible. However, we discovered the scan doesnt utilize many resourcesit doesnt make the computer slowso we moved to daily scans. Its all about balancing performance and maintenance.

Resident Shield is another upgrade to the PC Complete Care protection package. Its a lightweight scanner that monitors activity and downloads on the computer for potential threats, Clark says. It uses heuristics technology, meaning it assesses files for the common behaviors and attributes associated with malware instead of relying on malware definitions alone.

Once again, this puts Bytes Computer and Network Solutions at the head of the class. Resident Shield will keep us a step ahead in detecting those zero-day viruses that may not have a definition yet, says Clark. PC Complete Care offers all the maintenance, protection, monitoring, and computer help support a home computer user needs. Its the ultimate fix and prevention toolwe just have to make people aware of it.

About Bytes Computer and Network Solutions

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions is the premier source for cutting edge service, on-site and remote computer help support, technology, custom applications, web design and cloud hosting for businesses and individuals in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and nationwide. Established in 2001, the company, led by a group of youthful software enthusiasts, now grosses over $ 1 million annually. Their newest comprehensive computer reliability service, PC Complete Care, increases computer speed and is earning rave reviews from business and individual clients.

For additional information, contact Todd Lewis, Vice President, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, 308.635.2983 or TLewis(at)


Bytes Computer and Network Solutions PC Complete Care Protected Thousands of Home Computer Users from Dangerous Java and Internet Explorer Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Scottsbluff, NE (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

According to Landon Clark, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions Network Specialist, hacker exploitation of vulnerabilities discovered in common software programs are exceedingly common. This is the reason every software company updates and patches their programs regularly, says Clark. Its especially common with software that everyone uses, like Java and Internet Explorer. Vulnerabilities within the programs make it easy for hackers to get access to a large number of people.

The security firm FireEye was first to report the Java program zero day vulnerability on August 26. Eric Romang of discovered the Internet Explorer vulnerability on September 16. Installed on millions of computers around the world, hackers used vulnerabilities within both programs to infect host computers with viruses, run malicious programs and steal personal information.

We recently received information similar to the Java issue concerning an exploit in Microsoft Internet Explorer, says Clark. The exploit affects an unpatched vulnerability in IE 6, 7, 8 and 9. To get a little technical, this vulnerability downloads a malware payload named Poison Ivy. Once the Poison Ivy software is downloaded to a users machine, the attacker will have all the control they need to steal private information, open more holes and flood the computer with viruses.

To protect more than one thousand PC Complete Care customers from the Java and Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, the computer help support team at Bytes Computer and Network Solutions ran scripts through customers computer software. We were able to apply the fix on the backend without disrupting the customers computer use or requiring their time. PC Complete Care customers can sit back and feel safe knowing that we are on top of it, Clark says.

The company will handle future software vulnerabilities the same way, through special fix scripts applied during PC Complete Cares normal schedule of software updates. We run software updates every evening to keep our customers computers current, says Clark. If I had to put a percentage on the number fixed so far, I would say 85 percent have gone through successfully. We will complete the other 15 percent when those customers turn their computers on again.

About Bytes Computer and Network Solutions

Bytes Computer and Network Solutions is the premier source for cutting edge service, on-site and remote computer help support, technology, custom applications, web design and cloud hosting for businesses and individuals in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and nationwide. Established in 2001, the company, led by a group of youthful software enthusiasts, now grosses over $ 1 million annually. Their newest comprehensive computer reliability service, PC Complete Care, increases computer speed and is earning rave reviews from business and individual clients.

For additional information, contact Todd Lewis, Vice President, Bytes Computer and Network Solutions, 308.635.2983 or TLewis(at)bytescomputer(dot)com.