Internet2 CIO to Discuss the Emerging Higher Education Community Cloud at Three Rivers Systems Annual Global Users Conference

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) June 09, 2014

Dr. Khalil Yazdi, CIO in Residence at Internet2, will be the keynote speaker on June 10 at the Three Rivers Systems CAMS Connect annual global users conference. His presentation The Emerging Higher Education Community Cloud: What It Portends for the Future of IT in Education will provide an overview of the research and education communitys Internet2 NET+ initiative that aims to leverage advanced networking and community engagement to make cloud services more relevant and accessible.

Internet2, a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nations leading higher education institutions in 1996, provides a collaborative environment for US research and education organizations to accelerate research discovery, advance national global education, and improve the delivery of public services. Internet2s membership includes U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, MIT, Stanford, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and the National Institutes of Health.

Universities and colleges are rapidly adopting cloud computing as a way to provide technology services and deliver new applications and services more cost effectively and efficiently. A community cloud is a private cloud that is shared among a group of like-minded organizations with common technology needs.

Our clients are natural fits for the community cloud model, so were excited to bring someone of Dr. Yazdis stature to speak at our Global Users Community Conference, said Amir Tajkarimi, President and Founder of Three Rivers Systems. Our company has made significant R&D investments in its CAMS Cloud offering over the past several years and we believe it is unique in its ability to deliver a true cloud-based solution that reduces the costs, complexity and risks associated with academic ERP projects.

Dr. Yazdi brings more than three decades of practical experience on strategic IT challenges facing higher education executive leaders and is well respected as a cloud computing expert. As CIO in Residence at Internet2, he is responsible for cloud services development, working with service providers and university IT leadership to identify opportunities where strategic engagement will drive value to the Internet2 community.

A record number of Three Rivers Systems customers are expected to attend this years CAMS Connect conference, held June 9-11 in St. Louis for users of its CAMS Enterprise academic enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Other planned activities include a keynote presentation from Christophe Savard, CIO at Canadian University of Dubai, numerous client presentations, topical working sessions hosted by Three Rivers Systems subject matter experts, and updates on recent and future enhancements to the CAMS Enterprise software.

About CAMS Enterprise

CAMS Enterprises disruptive technology makes it a fundamentally different academic ERP unlike all others that were designed for the past and are incapable of operating efficiently in the modern world. CAMS Enterprise is an easy-to-use and implement, totally integrated, Web-native management system with everything in one place admissions; student information; financial aid; student services; fiscal management with HR and payroll; fund-raising; alumni relations; document management, learning management, a full suite of portals, and more for managing the entire student life cycle. With an out-of-the-box configuration and self-service customization, CAMS Enterprise removes all barriers to success seen with conventional systems. CAMS affordable licensing, off-the-shelf configuration and easy implementation translate into the lowest total cost of ownership of any academic ERP while yielding the quickest and highest ROI.

About Three Rivers Systems Inc.

Three Rivers Systems Inc. is the only privately-held, independent, debt-free, one-stop company focused solely on high-quality academic ERP solutions for higher education institutions of all sizes. For more than 25 years from its St. Louis headquarters, the company has focused on innovation and service to its worldwide customers. Always innovating, the company invests significant revenues back into product R&D to improve existing products while developing new ones so users always get the exact functionality, industry experience and accurate project management they need. Its business model and products are designed to ensure institutional effectiveness, more-efficient business processes, student success and satisfaction.

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Contact: Jim Clayman, Three Rivers Systems Inc., Director of Marketing & Communications, 636-386-8616 x1501, jimc(at)ThreeRiversSystems(dot)com

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Open Source Community Embraces the GoGrid Cloud

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) August 4, 2010

GoGrid, a leading Cloud Infrastructure and Hybrid Hosting Provider, today announced the launch of its Open Source Software (OSS) Partner Program. In recent months, adoption of GoGrid as a core and fundamental technology platform for enabling leading open source solutions to the cloud has accelerated. By packaging on-demand versions of software and leveraging the GoGrid Exchange, a unique cloud solutions marketplace, open source partners and businesses alike are realizing increased deployments and usage of popular open source software offerings.

“GoGrid’s ease of use, robust feature set, and excellent customer service make it an ideal cloud platform for deploying web applications – open source or otherwise,” said Erica Brescia, CEO of BitNami. “We are proud to offer ready-to-deploy GoGrid Server Images of BitNami-packaged open source applications, such as Alfresco, Drupal, WordPress, and more, through the GoGrid Exchange. GoGrid’s seamless provisioning tools make it even easier for BitNami users to get open source applications up and running in the cloud.”

GoGrid is the industry leader in partnering with open source companies to enable their software in the cloud. By leveraging the GoGrid Exchange program, partners are able to share or sell a customized server image. Each image is available to the GoGrid community as a Partner GoGrid Server Image (PGSI), which includes the partner’s branding and technical information. GoGrid users can search by solution type (e.g. internet security, backup, monitoring, web apps, compliance, and application scaling,) and instantly provisionwith the click of a mouseeliminating a lengthy installation process.

Through the GoGrid platform, open source companies can deliver their offerings as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and realize unparalleled benefits, including:

Detailed user data
High visibility by a leading cloud provider
Co-Marketing support
Access to GoGrid’s large and growing customer base
Low risk no sign-up fees or long-term commitment
Access to customer information and usage metrics by platform even for open source distributions

GoGrid is also working closely with Olliance Group, the leading open source business consulting firm, to work with partners to develop and refine their approaches for delivering open source solutions to the cloud.

“All too frequently, SMBs and enterprises deploy expensive commercial software, not realizing that significant cost savings and flexibility can be realized through the use of industry-hardened open source solutions.” said Greg Olson, Senior Partner at the Olliance Group. “Packaged open source solutions coupled with near-instant deployment from the GoGrid Exchange will allow many more companies to realize the benefits of open source software.”

Notable open source GoGrid Partners include:

BitNami provider of multiple popular open source application stacks
SourceFire/Snort open source intrusion detection
OpenVPN offering open source security software technologies

“Many of our customers want to embrace open source technology,” said GoGrid CEO and Co-Founder, John Keagy. GoGrid provides both the open source software community and our customers with a fully integrated one-stop shop to build a complete cloud. GoGrid customers can provision complex IT infrastructure, scale their infrastructure with custom cloud server images (MyGSI), F5 load balancing, cloud storage, and launch open source software solutions all in one location and with the click of a mouse.”

For more information about the GoGrid Open Source Software Partner Program visit,

To learn more about the GoGrid Exchange and uncover the power of cloud enabled solutions, visit

About GoGrid

GoGrid is a Global Leader in Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure hosting. GoGrid enables sysadmins, developers, and IT professionals to create, deploy, and control free f5 load balanced cloud infrastructures and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access/administrative server control. GoGrid physical and virtual server instances maintain industry standard specifications with no requirement to learn proprietary standards. Deploying GoGrid infrastructure takes minutes via a web control panel or GoGrid’s API. GoGrid gives users the control of a familiar data center environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud. For more information, please visit: GoGrid Cloud Infrastructure.


InterAct Helps Perry County Sheriffs Office Transform Community into a SafeTown

Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

With SafeTown Household Profiles, residents can complete a survey of their residence that could help guide first responders in the event of an emergency. The secure profile will let public safety crews know basic information, such as the number of people living in the home, presence of pets, people with special needs, and other critical information that will help crews respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

SafeTown Community Alerts allows authorities to publish alerts such as traffic incidents, HAZMAT warnings or public be on the lookout (BOLO) notices where citizens can view information in real time on the SafeTown map. Additionally, SafeTowns applications are fully integrated with InterActs suite of public safety applications, so information is always accurate and up to date for first responders in the field.

The Perry County Sheriffs Office is always looking for new ways to serve our citizens, said Sheriff Smith. By launching SafeTown, were opening up new ways to communicate with our citizens that allows them to be proactively involved in their safety.

InterAct is delighted to support Perry County Sheriffs mission by implementing new technologies to improve the quality of emergency services they provide their community, said Jim Wilson, GM/VP of Citizens now have access to a simple and powerful set of cloud applications which are as easy for the public to utilize as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

About SafeTown

SafeTown delivers services to the community via a community web portal and a family

of smart phone apps. With SafeTown, citizens can create household profiles for first

responders to use. Agencies can post alerts to all SafeTown subscribers in the community and citizens can report non-emergency problems or suspicious activity.

Additionally, real time events and crime history can be viewed on a map, and authorities can publish information to the community about inmates in local correctional facilities. To learn more about SafeTown, please visit

About InterAct

InterAct creates public safety software products that support dispatchers, incident responders (law, fire, EMS) and correctional officers worldwide. We bring the benefits of cloud computing to public safety. Our cloud applications connect public safety practitioners to each other and the information they need anywhere, anytime. Our cloud options are more reliable, less costly, easier to use, and more secure. We believe the benefits of cloud computing are so great that its adoption has become a key success factor in achieving the mission that we share with our customers: the safety and well-being of citizens and their communities. To learn more about InterActs solutions, please visit us at:

RightScale Launches Community Publishing on its Cloud Management Platform

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) October 14, 2010


InterAct Helps New Carrollton Police Department Transform Community into a SafeTown

Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

The City of New Carrollton Police Department is always looking for new ways to serve our citizens, said Chief David G. Rice. Adopting SafeTown Crime Maps is the latest example of our commitment to serving and protecting our citizens. We look forward to working with InterAct to evaluate additional SafeTown applications throughout 2013.

InterAct is delighted to support New Carrollton Police Departments mission by implementing new technologies to improve the quality of emergency services they provide their community, said Jim Wilson GM/VP of

The New Carrollton Police Department has initially implemented one module of the SafeTown Suite, Crime Maps, which is powered by RAIDS Online from BAIR Analytics. The SafeTown Crime Maps module allows visibility to historical crime data that can help citizens partner with law enforcement and community watch organizations to create a safer community. They are the fifth emergency service agency in the nation to deploy this technology along with Anderson County, SC, Magnolia Police Dept, TX, Erie County, PA, and Crawford County, PA.

SafeTown Crime Maps App provides the following key features:

Panda Cloud Antivirus Version 2.2 Launches with Greater Protection Capabilities and a User Community Area

ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the release of version 2.2 of Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first cloud-based antivirus, which now offers new features to deliver the most advanced data protection. Existing users of Panda Cloud Antivirus will enjoy all the new functions of the software through automatic updates for those with version 2.1.1 and earlier editions.

Version 2.2 draws on the experience of the community of Internet users from previous versions of the solution, and includes new features designed to protect personal data. Similarly, Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2 includes “Community Labs,” a new area specifically established for more advanced users to access new features of the program for free during the pilot phase.

New Features in Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2

New features included in the Community Labs area are strongly-focused on the security of users’ personal data, as well as safer browsing for children and disinfection capabilities of computers with Panda Cloud Cleaner technology.

NephoScale Joins OpenStack Community in Support of Open and Interoperable Cloud Services

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 16, 2011

Cloud services provider NephoScale is fostering innovation and interoperability in the global cloud community by formally joining OpenStack, an open source cloud project with more than 50 participating organizations working to drive industry standards. Having recently launched in January, NephoScales object-based Cloud Storage service is the first generally available offering, outside of Rackspace, to be built using the OpenStack storage system.

When we initially sat down in mid-2010 to research cloud storage systems for our IaaS platform, we evaluated several options and technology paths, and OpenStack was the logical choice for us for several reasons, said Telemachus Luu, CTO of NephoScale. It met our requirements for object-based storage, scalability and redundancy, and was hands-down the fastest way for us to develop a core infrastructure that we could build upon.

NephoScales infrastructure services, which include cloud servers and on-demand dedicated servers, in addition to cloud storage, were designed for true global scalability and fault tolerance. The company used OpenStack Object Storage as the framework for its Cloud Storage service and added value by layering on management functions that were built in-house, including custom authentication, auto-scaling, and storage inventory control. By using clusters of commodity servers, its Cloud Storage can store large amounts of data and replicate objects several times.

With progressive companies like NephoScale choosing OpenStack Object Storage as the foundation for their cloud storage infrastructures, were moving toward the eradication of IaaS vendor lock-in, which we believe will spur market growth and move us toward our goal of an open and standard cloud, said Jonathan Bryce, chairman of the OpenStack Project Oversight Committee, and founder of the Rackspace Cloud.

In addition to building upon OpenStack, NephoScale has already contributed source code to OpenStack Object Storage. As NephoScales development team adds features to the underlying storage engine, it is committed to making further contributions to help advance the OpenStack Object Storage project.

About NephoScale Cloud Storage

NephoScale object-based Cloud Storage solution replicates objects three times, translating to uptimes in excess of 99.999%, and has an ability to scale to hundreds of petabytes. It is currently available through the NephoScale website on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no long-term commitment, which enables companies to reap the benefits of increased scale, improved service levels, and more reliability with little or no capital expenditure. To set up a new NephoScale account with access to all of the companys IaaS services, please visit

About NephoScale

NephoScale is a cloud services provider focused on building cloud-enablement software. NephoScale develops on-demand software and systems designed with the mission of building an infinitely scalable unified resource pool in the cloud, which is geographically diverse, highly reliable, and offers unique advanced programmatic capabilities. Learn more about NephoScale online at

About OpenStack

OpenStack is a large-scale open source cloud project and community established to drive industry standards, end cloud lock-in and speed the adoption of cloud technologies by service providers and enterprises. The project currently includes OpenStack Object Storage, a fully distributed object store, and OpenStack Compute, a scalable compute provisioning engine. OpenStack was founded by Rackspace

Bunkspeed Continues to Build on Cloud Initiative with Newly Added 3D Content Now Available to Bunkspeed Users and 3D Computer Graphics Rendering Community

Carsblad, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2011

Bunkspeed has added 10 new materials, 5 high dynamic images and backplates, and a fully prepared 3D project of a 1969 Camaro, which Autoweek fans just voted as the Best Chevrolet Ever, free for download and unrestricted use. With the release of the Bunkspeed 2012 software product line, users simply register and log in to gain access to the online material and asset library. Today we have added to that library accessible to both the trial and purchased 2012 versions of all Bunkspeed 3D rendering and animation software, as part of regular updates.

This is just the first phase of our cloud based asset library, says Philip Lunn, Bunkspeed CEO. Weve reduced the size of the install download by putting the asset library on the cloud and now were growing the asset library for our customers. Materials, HDR images and even projects can be dragged and dropped directly from the cloud server into the current project. This copies the asset to the users local library. The online library is expected to grow rapidly and provide a constant source of new materials and assets both for our user community, and the rapidly growing 3D community as a whole. The images and 3D model assets can be used in other 3D software.

The cloud based asset library is part of our overall cloud initiative which began last January at the 2011 SolidWorks World Conference. In addition, we have remote cloud based rendering services available, and in the future, cloud based application usage.

Pricing and Availability

Bunkspeed PRO Suite 2012 is available immediately from the Bunkspeed Online Store and priced USD $ 3,495. Free upgrades are available for Bunkspeed SHOT PRO and Bunkspeed MOVE PRO customers on maintenance contract and Windows 7, 64 Bit.

Stand alone versions for Bunkspeed SHOT 2012 and Bunkspeed MOVE 2012 are also available immediately from the Bunkspeed Online Store at promotional pricing of $ 495 and $ 995 respectively and are available for 64 bit Windows 7.

For more information on Bunkspeed and its products, visit or contact sales(at)bunkspeed(dot)com.

About Bunkspeed

Bunkspeed is a leading global Provider of 3D rendering and animation software for the design and creative industry. Bunkspeed is a private company founded in November of 2002 with the philosophy that 3D rendering software should be easy to learn, simple to use and produce stunning photographic results. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Bunkspeed’s products include Bunkspeed SHOT, a “virtual digital camera” with iray

The OW2 Open Source Community Announces High-Profile Participation at this Year’s FISL

Porto Alegre, Brazil (PRWEB) July 23, 2012

OW2, the global open source community dedicated to open source infrastructure software and generic applications, announces its participation as a Silver Sponsor in the 13th edition of the International Free Software Forum (FISL) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, July 24-28.

For its second participation in FISL, the OW2 community is making a significant contribution to the event in both the exhibition hall and the conference program. OW2 is ramping up its efforts to reach out to all those IT professionals in Latin America looking to benefit from its open source software solutions.

On the exhibition floor, the OW2 Village will be one of the largest booths. Members and projects 4Linux, Mandriva, MAPS, CompatibleOne and SpagoBI will showcase OW2’s state-of-the-art open source technologies in middleware, enterprise applications and platforms, and cloud computing.

As for the conferences, the OW2 community will be hosting eight sessions that will reveal the strengths of open source innovation at OW2. From breakthrough collaborative projects to enterprise-ready application platforms, the community’s contribution to the FISL conference program includes the following talks:

Cedric Thomas, OW2, will give two talks, one presenting the CompatibleOne open source cloud broker and the other discussing his analysis of the changing nature of open source.
Nelson Lago, University of Sao Paulo, will provide an update on the CHOReOS project,
Sergio Rafael Lemke, Mandriva, will present Mandriva and its Pulse 2 solutions for managing IT infrastructure,
Andrea Gioia, Engineering, will discuss extensive information management in SpagoBI,
Leandro Marcio Hernandez Benitez, 4Linux, will present BonitaSoft,
Miguel Koren O’Brien, Konsultex Informatica, will give a presentation of a SpagoBI use case,
Julien Renaut, MAPS SA, will present the Jmine platform.

We are proud of our high-level participation in FISL this year. It demonstrates the strong momentum of our members in Brazil and our strategic commitment to Latin America. said Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO. This is a great opportunity for the OW2 community. he adds.

About OW2

Founded in January 2007, OW2 is a global independent industry community dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure (middleware and generic applications) and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. The OW2 Consortium hosts some 100 technology projects, including ASM, Bonita, eXo Platform, JOnAS, Orbeon Forms, PetALS ESB, SpagoBI and XWiki. Visit the OW2 website:

About FISL

FISL, the F