TurnKey Internet, Inc. Releases Their TurnKey Desk 2.0 Cloud-Hosted Desktop

Latham, New York (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Sustainable IT solutions provider TurnKey Internet, Inc. announced today the re-release of their cloud-hosted virtual desktop, the TurnKey Desk 2.0. With all new, easy-to-use features, the TurnKey Desk is now available on any smartphone, tablet, thin client, desktop PC or Mac. The platform is made easier to access, and can be preloaded with many more applications useful for individuals and businesses. Applications such as Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite or any customizable business applications needed, can be installed to the virtual desktop.

By incorporating smartphones and tablets, the way a client can use the TurnKey Desk is almost limitless, CEO, Adam Wills said. Both start-up entrepreneurs and experienced CEOs need a way to be able to easily work from their home, office, or while they are traveling. The TurnKey Desk allows this. Our virtual desktop provides security for any sized business to be confident that their information will always be safe and accessible in our SSAE-16 Type 2 certified data center.

The TurnKey Desk can be used for companies where hundreds of employees are able to share files and documents with each other, be it down the hall, across the country or around the globe. Files can be accessed, shared and stored securely on the cloud to help make sharing documents easier and more efficient. The new platform allows for the option to have multiple images for various departments of an organization. These images contain the software applications specific for each department which can all be preset with permission levels for each user.

Hosted Virtual Desktop market share is increasing every day. One of the reasons why, is the ability to replace aging office Desktop PC networks with Virtual Desktops accessed from thin clients, Wills stated. Thin clients cost far less than PCs with less moving parts and need for maintenance. Since thin clients are only being used to access the virtual desktops, there are almost no IT related costs for your internal network once it is setup. Additionally, this improves your overall network security from our New York data center and decreases your overall costs.

About Turnkey Internet

Founded in 1999, TurnKey Internet, Inc. is a full-service green data center and leading provider of sustainable web hosting and IT solutions. From its SSAE 16 Type 2 certified facility in Latham, NYNew York’s Tech Valley RegionTurnKey offers web hosting, communication services, web-based IT systems, software as a service (SaaS), enterprise colocation services, and computing as a service to clients in more than 150 countries. For more information, please call (518) 618-0999 or visit http://www.turnkeyinternet.net/media.

Perforce and Assembla Partner to Deliver a Cloud-Hosted Solution That Accelerates Agile Development

Alameda, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2012

Perforce Software and Assembla announced today the immediate availability of an on demand version of Perforce Software Version Management that is integrated with team tools from Assembla. By combining enterprise-grade versioning with collaboration tools from Assembla, development teams can work together more effectively and accelerate Agile projects. Perforce on Demand, hosted by Assembla is free for up to 20 users on Assemblas web site.

Development teamsespecially distributed teamsneed to tie together conversations with basic team planning solutions in order to collaborate without killing development flow, stated Thomas Murphy, research director with Gartner. We expect a continued growth in solutions that are delivered via cloud infrastructure and integrated with existing development assets and repositories.

Assembla-hosted Perforce on Demand puts developers to work quickly. Users can get a new depot in seconds, with triple-redundant backup. They can immediately invite other colleagues by email. There is no need to wait for an administrator to authorize or configure repositories or users.

The offering makes cloud-based teams more productive and collaborative. An activity stream shows code commits and user activities. Code review and social coding features help distributed teams test, review and merge code into frequent releases. Activity streams, code reviews, and merge requests can help Agile teams release improvements continuously.

Assemblas track record of hosting repositories and providing task management and collaboration tools makes it a good fit to deliver Perforce version management, said Randy DeFauw, technical marketing manager for Perforce Software. With Perforce and Assembla, small teams get powerful version management tightly integrated with an Agile planning board and activity streams.

We are proud that Perforce selected Assembla as its partner to offer an on-demand version of its industry-leading version management technology, said Andy Singleton, CEO and Founder of Assembla. We are also very excited to offer new capabilities that go beyond our Subversion and Git offerings. We think our customers will be impressed with Perforces outstanding version control and merge capabilities, and with its visual streams that can automatically merge, build and test code from various contributors. And Perforce is clearly the version management system of choice for game designers and others who need to handle terabytes of image, video and other non-code files.

Availability and Pricing

Perforce on Demand, hosted by Assembla is available now from http://www.assembla.com/repositories/perforce and is free for up to 20 users.

About Assembla

Assembla provides tools and services to accelerate cloud-based Agile development. Assembla tools are currently being used by over 500,000 users in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit http://www.assembla.com.

About Perforce Software

Perforce Software enables teams to version everything. Perforce enterprise version management products help teams work in concert on important digital assets including software code, documents, multimedia, spreadsheets, images and more. They are unique in their ability to handle large and distributed collections of content, enabling higher productivity, lower costs and improved security and compliance. Perforce is now making it easy for everyone to take advantage of enterprise version management. The company is headquartered in Alameda, California, with international operations in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. For more information, visit http://www.perforce.com.

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Viewpoint Construction Software Chosen by Real Goods Solar for Cloud-Hosted ERP Solution

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iPATH Cloud Solutions Launches Cloud-Hosted Voice and Data Backup Services for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Malvern, PA (PRWEB) September 04, 2012

iPATH Cloud Solutions has introduced a portfolio of services and products that make it easier and more affordable for small businesses to communicate and grow using the latest low-cost cloud-hosted phone and data backup solutions. Through their new website at http://www.ipathcloud.com, businesses can choose to put their phone system in the cloud with an affordable, turnkey solution.

The iPATH Cloud Solutions system allows businesses to save by eliminating maintenance or repair costs and, for those who dont already have VoIP phones, it provides the option of renting phones rather than buying. The technology inspires businesses to grow organically adding communications capacity on an as needed basis without the usual costly equipment upgrades. The iPATH Cloud Solutions portfolio includes five powerful features:

Planview Launches Video Series on the Benefits of a Cloud-Hosted Model for Enterprise Software Customers

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) June 08, 2012


VDIworks Announces Open, Free Infrastructure for DaaS and Cloud-hosted VDI

(PRWEB) May 08, 2012

VDIworks, a leading provider of management and enablement software for virtualization and cloud computing, announced today that it is making available an open, free infrastructure for Desktops as a Service (DaaS), Desktop Virtualization and Cloud-hosted VDI.

DaaSStack is built on free, open components and includes VDIworks just-released, DaaSManager, to provide a complete end-to-end solution that can power the next generation of end user computing.

Were essentially announcing two very important things today, said Amir Husain, President and CEO of VDIworks. First, were committing ourselves to building a powerful, free and open infrastructure for DaaS, based on proven components. We hope this will free customers from vendor lock-in, unbelievably high costs and the challenges associated with proprietary infrastructure. Second, as part of this initiative, were launching our new DaaSManager application, and making it available to users for free.

The industry has recently started to move towards Desktops as a Service in order to address numerous shortcomings that plague todays PC infrastructure. Solutions that this new architecture promises include lowered capital costs, reduced management overhead, increased availability and security due to centralization and full support for mobility by making a users information experience accessible from any device, and any network.

While DaaS holds tremendous promise, todays solutions are proprietary and expensive, and limit customers choice in hosting providers and deployment models. Much of the management cost savings that might be realized often have to be spent on expensive licenses for DaaS enablement software. The DaaSStack initiative seeks to bring an open, free alternative to the market so that enterprises, IT departments, hardware providers, MSPs, hosting providers and others can benefit from the potential of DaaS without paying hefty monthly fees for software rental, and without being tied to only certain approved hosting companies.

DaaSStack will be based on the following components at launch:


InterAct Releases a New Version of its Cloud-hosted Records Management System

Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) May 02, 2012

InterAct, a leading provider of incident-response and management software, announced the release of InterAct Online RMS version 10.12, introducing a variety of enhancements designed to support statewide and multi-agency workflows and business practices. These enhancements provide for increased functionality and flexibility within many core modules of the application, including Incident, Arrest, Evidence and Case Management.

The latest release of InterAct Online RMS also provides broadened integration with InterAct CAD, Mobile and Jail Management, providing users with a single point of entry to generate queries spanning across the suite of products. InterAct is extremely pleased to announce our new 10.12 version, which is the largest release in the history of the Online RMS, said Mike McGarry, Senior VP/GM of InterAct Products. This new release brings many advanced features to the Online RMS product to support the requirements of the multiple statewide implementations we currently have in progress.

The new release includes many customer-driven feature requests, including enhanced searching and auditing capabilities. These new features are provided to all current customers at no additional cost, demonstrating InterActs ongoing commitment to increase the functionality and value of the Online RMS Cloud-hosted solution. These features are available immediately to all InterAct Online RMS customers from any computer or mobile data terminal with an Internet connection.

About InterAct

InterAct is a leading provider of public and private safety software solutions. Our mission is to improve the safety and well-being of people and their communities with the most innovative online technology which connect the right people with the right data at the right time.

For 37 years, InterAct has been providing state-of-the-art, integrated incident response software solutions. In 2011, we delivered a new level of innovation with the industrys first fully CJIS-compliant and cloud-based online records management system (RMS). This is the first in a series of next generation online solutions InterAct will deliver throughout 2012 as part of the Public Safety Cloud.

The Public Safety Cloud simplifies search and data exchange among public safety agencies, securely giving first responders the actionable information they need at the point of enforcement without the expense and complexity of owning the infrastructure. Data access and exchange are simple and available anytime, anywhere through any computer or smart phone connected to the Internet.

InterAct is dedicated to equipping public and private safety agencies with the modern online tools they need to achieve their mission of protecting lives and property. To learn more about our solutions, please visit us at: http://www.interact911.com

For more information please contact pr(at)interact911(dot)com