PSSC Labs CloudOOP 12000 Certified Compatible with Cloudera Enterprise 5

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

PSSC Labs is pleased to announce their purpose-built CloudOOP 12000 Big Data server is certified compatible to run Cloudera Enterprise 5. This announcement comes just days after PSSC Labs deployed a 3+ PByte Cluster designated to run Cloudera Enterprise 5 to a prominent New York based Ad Tech company.

The CloudOOP 12000 product line includes the worlds most energy efficient, highest density enterprise storage server platforms. In just 1U of rack space, the CloudOOP 12000 can accommodate up to twelve large form factor hard drives. This revolutionary design doubles storage density. Today the CloudOOP 12000 supports up to 48TBs; the soon to be released 6TB hard drives will increase the servers storage capacity to 72TBs. Even more impressive is the CloudOOP 12000s energy efficiency. A typical configuration will consume under 200 Watts at idle and under 300 Watts when running Hadoop. This represents a 40%+ energy efficiency improvement over comparable configurations from competing manufacturers.

Cloudera is great partner. Cloudera certifying our CloudOOP 12000 solidifies its place in the market, begins Alex Lesser (PSSC Labs, VP Sales & Marketing). The benefits of this revolutionary server are already very obvious: double the density and half the power. Receiving this certification from Cloudera

MaximumASP, Recertified as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) March 12, 2010

Microsoft Gold Certified partnership distinguishes MaximumASP as one of the leading providers of cloud computing and managed hosting.

MaximumASP, a leading provider of cloud computing and managed hosting, today announced that it has been recertified as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. MaximumASP has been providing high quality managed hosting using Microsofts technologies since 2000 and is proud to continue its relationship with Microsoft as a Gold Partner. With industry leading, cloud sites, cloud servers and managed hosting offerings, MaximumASP has positioned itself as one of the leading providers of hosted Microsoft technologies in the world.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, Only those companies, which demonstrate exceptional performance levels when delivering solutions that integrate with Microsoft technologies, and have a proven ability to meet customers needs are granted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status. By continuing in this Gold Certified Partner, MaximumASP will have access to specialized training, resources and pricing from Microsoft. As part of the recertification process Microsoft recognized MaximumASP for achieving excellence in the following competencies: Hosting Solutions; Server Platform and Networking Infrastructure. After being named worldwide Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year in 2009, we are excited to continue and build on our unique and mutually beneficial partnership with Microsoft said Silas Boyle, Managing Partner at MaximumASP.

About MaximumASP:

MaximumASP, based in Louisville, Kentucky, was founded in 2000 as an outsourcing firm for Windows-based hosting services. MaximumASP was named by Microsoft as its 2009 Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year. The company currently hosts more than 55,000 domains for customers in over 120 countries. With a strong focus on cloud computing and managed hosting plans that combine advanced monitoring and management tools, MaximumASP has become a top choice for companies looking to host PCI or HIPAA compliant applications and enterprises that require high availability hosting solutions. For more information visit


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CoSentry is now Energy Star Certified

Omaha, NE (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

CoSentry (, the regions leading provider in cloud computing and data center services, was recently awarded Energy Star certification for their National Data Center in Papillion, NE. The data center was constructed in 2009 and was built for maximum energy efficiency, uptime, and resiliency- it is on track to be LEED certified in the coming year. It is the first data center in the Midwestern region to be given Energy Star certification.

Energy Star is a joint project of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S Department of energy, with the purpose of saving money and protecting the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Over the past decade, ENERGY STAR has been a driving force behind the more widespread use of such technological innovations as efficient fluorescent lighting, power management systems for office equipment, and low standby energy use.

The national data center achieved Energy Star Certification through design specifications that included 99.9999 percent uptime and efficiency ratings 50 percent greater than traditional data centers. It achieves this level of efficiency through design and best practices- the facility leverages the temperate climate of the Midwest, which provides three-season free cooling. Advanced monitoring of all power and cooling equipment gives operators a real-time look into the data center efficiencies, and trends are examined on a daily basis to verify that all equipment is performing as efficiently as possible.

Achieving Energy Star certification is incredibly exciting for us said Scott Capps, the facilities manager for the National Data Center. Not only is it an award that that demonstrates our commitment to low cost, low impact energy usage, but it also puts us in an excellent position to continue our LEED certification process.

Energy Star Certification, in addition to demonstrating CoSentrys commitment to data center efficiency best practices, puts the National Data Center on track to become LEED certified by 2013. All of CoSentrys data centers have invested in energy saving practices, and energy reduction is supported and encouraged by executive management.

About CoSentry:

CoSentry serves as a one-source provider of data center, cloud computing, and managed technical services. For over 10 years CoSentry has been helping clients create and protect compliant technology platforms to compete in todays always on business environment, whether it is HIPAA, NIST, or PCI certification. Business leaders depend on CoSentrys world-class capabilities including collocation, virtual server and storage platforms, high-capacity internet and technical help desk services to keep their businesses running no matter what. CoSentry has facilities in Kansas City, MO, Lenexa, KS, Sioux Falls, SD, Papillion, NE and Omaha, NE. For more information about CoSentry, please visit their main Data Center | Colocation web site, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information on Energy Star, visit

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Server Intellect Announces Renewed Gold Certified Partner Status in the Microsoft Partner Program

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 02, 2011

Client Intellect, Inc. – D.B.A. Server Intellect, a world renowned Information Technology leader, today announced it has renewed its Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program.

As a Gold Certified Partner, Server Intellect demonstrates expertise with Microsoft technologies and a proven ability to consistently meet their customers’ needs. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receive a rich set of benefits including access, training, and support continuing to provide them with a competitive advantage in the hosting industry.

In the past year, Microsoft has raised the bar with regards to strengthening the requirements to obtaining a Gold Certified Partnership. Server Intellect has met this challenge by ensuring that multiple technicians worked to obtain certifications in many different competencies.

“It has been extremely rewarding to see our technicians really stepping up and doing their part to maintain our Gold Partnership,” said Brock Hensley, Chief Technical Officer of Server Intellect. “The benefits of this partnership not only help our company continue to grow, but also ensure our technicians keep providing our customers the superior service they deserve.

This comes in addition to previous competencies obtained, including Networking Infrastructure Solutions , Advanced Networking Infrastructure Solutions with a Hosting Solutions specialization, Information Worker Solutions, Hosting Solutions, Security Solutions, Virtualizations, and Small Business Solutions.

Microsoft competencies are designed to help differentiate a partner’s capabilities with specific Microsoft technologies to customers looking for a particular type of solution. Each competency has a unique set of requirements and benefits, formulated to accurately represent the specific skills and services that partners bring to the technology industry.

About Server Intellect

A subsidiary of Client Intellect, Inc., Server Intellect, a cloud hosting provider, provides advanced Microsoft Windows Public Cloud, Private Cloud Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers Web Hosting services. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Orlando, Florida.


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Certified Hosting Announces Free CloudFlare Hosting Features

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 04, 2012

Certified Hosting, a leading web hosting provider offering shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting plans, announced today the introduction of CloudFlare functionality through all shared hosting and reseller hosting services. The service, which is fully integrated with Certified Hostings existing cPanel web hosting setup, improves website performance and security for a better, safer, and more dependable end-user experience.

We have been in discussions with CloudFlare for a while now, and we have worked hard to bring this incredible new technology to our customers, says Kacy Carlsen, co-founder and CEO of Certified Hosting. With the click of a button on their existing cPanel installation, our shared hosting and reseller hosting customers can now provide a faster, more responsive service to their end-users, without worrying about downtime or threats to their security.

Launched just over a year ago, CloudFlare was initially developed with a focus on securing websites and protecting them against a range of potentially crippling online attacks. Developers Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn began creating a firewall in the cloud where visitor traffic passes through one of 13 data centers before it reaches your website. Here, traffic can be monitored, and in the event of a traffic spike, CloudFlare automatically checks for signs of spamming, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and bot crawling. Most distinctively, since the CloudFlare servers act as proxies to numerous websites, the CloudFlare security system actively learns from attacks and grows progressively more intelligent over time. As a result, Certified Hosting users who opt for CloudFlare functionality can be confident that their website is robustly defended at all times.

CloudFlare takes security off of the list of things our users have to manage for themselves, explains Carlsen. After selecting a security level for their website, our shared web hosting users can let CloudFlare manage their security with no further input required. Even better, in the event that a web hosting server does become overloaded with disruptive traffic, the CloudFlare system automatically calls upon a cached version of the website from one of the distributed cloud servers. Our customers can be completely assured that their website is available to end-users consistently, and is always performing at its best.

The cloud-based distributed nature of CloudFlare does not only impact website security Certified Hosting customers will also notice significant improvements to the speed and performance of their website. Usually, when an end-user logs on to a page, the content must be transmitted from one static server to their home computer. Potentially, this requires traffic to be routed around the entire world. When using CloudFlare, a mirrored version of the website can be accessed on the CloudFlare server that is geographically nearest to the user. As a result, page loading times decrease dramatically and customers are able to view website content or place orders quicker than ever before.

We are pleased to add Certified Hosting as a partner, says Matthew Prince, CEO and co-founder of CloudFlare. Certified Hosting has integrated CloudFlare into their control panel, making it simple to offer improved website performance and security to all of their customers.

CloudFlare makes accessing websites lightning-fast, while also making sites more secure, says Carlsen. But I guess the thing I like most about CloudFlare is that it works perfectly, without requiring our customers to learn a completely new system. At Certified Hosting, we are always looking for new ways to give our customers better service on their unlimited web hosting plans, without introducing complexity.

As Certified Hosting has grown, the companys commitment to improving its flagship unlimited hosting services has always remained at the forefront. Now, with the addition of easy-to-deploy CloudFlare functionality, every customer can enjoy new and improved features at no extra cost.

For more information on Certified Hosting and CloudFlare hosting services, visit

About Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting was established in 1999 as a Southern California-based unlimited web hosting company to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated servers to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals throughout the world. Recognizing that each client has unique goals, Certified Hosting tailors hosting services to meet the individualized service needs of clients in many specific industries. Some, but not all, Certified Hosting services include unlimited FFmpeg hosting, Flash hosting, WordPress hosting, Dolphin hosting, Elgg hosting, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and PHPmotion hosting, among many other technologies used by webmasters and business owners.

For more information about Certified Hosting, visit