HealthLine Systems’ Celebrates 27 Years of Innovation for Healthcare Contact Centers

San Diego, California (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

2013 commemorates HealthLine Systems 27th year of bringing fresh contact center solutions to healthcare with a series of industry firsts: the first integrated physician and service referral solution, the first revenue reconciliation tool, the first automated telephonic and direct mail outbound solution, the first software to offer clinical guideline protocols from world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, the first Internet-based physician-finder and class registration application, and the first fully Web-enabled contact center solution with a Web-browser user interface.

HealthLine Systems CEO Dan Littrell commented, “We are proud of our record of innovation to help clients address pressing challenges in a complex industry. Todays EchoAccess solution enables improved access to care and provides meaningful tools to improve population health.”

EchoAccess supports population health improvement

Reduce avoidable readmissions with outbound call queuing and documentation system for discharge follow-up calls; triage to clinically appropriate care; streamline transitions of care; provide personalized navigation; eliminate roadblocks to care with shorter appointment wait times; support one-call preregistration; reduce call processing time; document kept appointments; deploy physician-to-physician consult with one-call physician access to specialists; and protect tax-exempt status by documenting non-compensated community benefit.

A quarter century of HealthLine Systems innovations for call centers


ShoreGroups CaseSentry Adds Dynamic Service Management for Data Centers

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

ShoreGroup, Inc., a premier managed services and management software development firm, has enhanced its CaseSentry platform with Dynamic Service Management (DSM) for data center applications. Enterprise and service provider support personnel now have immediate visibility to business services impacted by dependency on data center resources experiencing availability or performance issues. In addition, CaseSentrys Dynamic Automated Processes (DAPs) update service dependencies in response to ongoing changes in the data center. This synchronization continuously aligns management with changes, such as new or relocated virtual servers, and transitions from primary to redundant resources, to maintain CaseSentrys root cause and service status accuracy.

CaseSentrys Dynamic Service Management capability begins with Advanced Logic Profiles (ALPs) that perform comprehensive automated monitoring and management processes across the data center. When potential computing, virtualization, application, storage or infrastructure issues are detected, CaseSentrys patented root cause analysis is invoked to analyze the issue and identify the precise cause. Through dynamic service dependency relationships, CaseSentry systematically correlates and communicates the resulting business impact for immediate operations and management visibility. Additional CaseSentry processes perform continuous path analysis on all service dependencies. When a change is detected, dependency members are dynamically updated to reflect the in-service configuration and maintain accurate management coverage for critical services.

With CaseSentrys Dynamic Service Management, were taking our industry-leading root cause analysis and patented methodologies to the next level, said David Gauthier, ShoreGroups Vice President of Advanced Management Services. Weve advanced from identifying the precise cause of an issue, to presenting what business service the issue is actually impacting. With this information, support organizations can excel in managing complex data center applications. In addition, CaseSentrys ability to dynamically maintain the components that each service is dependent upon allows us to provide optimal management coverage in the ever-changing data center environment.

About ShoreGroup

ShoreGroup is the globally recognized managed services company helping customers achieve their strategic goals by empowering IT operations. Our service approach enables customers to leverage ShoreGroup’s expert knowledge and comprehensive patented management technology to create and ensure the optimal success of their vital unified communications, collaboration, contact center, virtualized data center and network assets.

Our customers are major enterprises, cloud and hosted solution providers, medium to large businesses and government agencies that rely on ShoreGroup’s service solutions to realize their business objectives for reduced IT operational costs, service assurance, improved availability and performance, and increased customer satisfaction. ShoreGroup’s innovative services are delivered directly or through leading channel partners who recognize that ShoreGroup has the best in class service and management technology in the industry.

Additional information about ShoreGroups products and services can be found at

September 3, 2013

For: ShoreGroup, Inc.

Contact: Glenn Yeeles

ShoreGroup, Inc.

460 West 35th Street

New York, NY 10001

212-364-6800 x7471


TELUS selects Enghouse Interactive to support Cloud Contact Centers in Canada

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

Enghouse Interactive, developer of the most comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions, is pleased to announce that TELUS has selected Enghouse Interactives Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP) Cloud solution to support contact center services in Canada.

TELUS Sourcing Solutions, (TSSI) is a leading provider of cost-effective and innovative Human Resources, Talent Management and Contact Center solutions in Canada, with demonstrated experience delivering this suite of services with a core competency in the public sector.

TSSI is owned by TELUS, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies ( TELUS provides extensive wireline, wireless and data services throughout Canada and is recognized as a leader and an innovator in the use and application of technology.

TSSIs Contact Center Solution will be based on Enghouse Interactives CCSP, an all-in-one virtual contact center suite that includes multi-channel IP ACD with Universal Queuing, self-service via Interactive Voice Response, (IVR), CTI, predictive outbound dialing, multimedia recording, administrative tools, and advanced integration capabilities. CCSP supports all customer communication channels, including telephone, email, web chat, web voice, web video, web collaboration and voicemail on a high capacity, high availability, career-grade hosting with the deployment architecture and economies of scale of a multi-tenant platform.

Chad Wormington, Strategic Director Contact Center Technologies & Services, selected Enghouse Interactive CCSP based on the TELUS commitment to learn from our customer feedback and take action to get better every day.

Our Contact Center customers are asking for Canadian hosted and managed Cloud solutions with rich features, flexible administration and robust security capabilities in a multi-tenant pay per use platform. Reducing capital investments and ongoing operational costs while leveraging technology which scales to meet their business needs are significant considerations for our customers.

We believe Enghouse Interactive provides the solutions we need to deliver on our commitment to our customers to put them first.

We are excited to partner with TELUS for their hosted contact center offerings,” said Christoph Mosing, President, Enghouse Interactive. “The multi-tenant platform model is the most efficient and effective deployment strategy and provides the flexibility that modern Cloud computing solutions require.” “Carriers know that when they work with us, they are working with a company that specializes in meeting their unique needs. Christoph explained.

To learn more about Enghouse Interactives Cloud platform offering in Canada with TELUS, call us at 1-800-788-9733 and ask for Sales to schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives.

About Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive delivers technology and expertise to maximize the value of every customer interaction. The company develops the most comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions. Core technologies include contact center, attendant console, predictive outbound dialer, knowledge management, IVR and call recording solutions that support any telephony environment, on premise or in the cloud. Enghouse Interactive has thousands of customers worldwide, supported by a global network of partners and more than 700 dedicated staff across the company’s international operations.

Enghouse Interactive is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a software and services company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “ESL.” Founded in 1984, Enghouse Systems is a consistently profitable company, which has grown both organically and through the acquisition of well-regarded specialists including Arc, CosmoCom, Datapulse, Syntellect, Telrex, Trio, and Zeacom. Learn more at

GreenBridge Computing Signs Global Agreement with Microsoft Technology Centers

Seattle (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

Today GreenBridge Computing announced that it signed a global Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) Alliance agreement with Microsoft Corporation, bringing its new cloud computing device to enterprise customers worldwide.

The HUB 400 (The HUB) is the worlds first $ 100 enterprise-class cloud computing device. It is proven to dramatically reduce hardware costs and lower energy consumption by replacing standard personal computers (PCs) with an affordable and easy to manage zero-client solution (a cell phone-sized device running without a processor or operating system). While The HUB can be used in a variety of business scenarios, it was designed with the needs of retail and other service-based organizations in mind.

The pressure to drive innovation while reducing costs is something all organizations face, said David Yunger, CEO of GreenBridge Computing. We are seeing companies replace $ 900 PCs with $ 99 devices, all while enhancing and securing legacy IT infrastructure.

As part of the global agreement, the device will be showcased in a number of MTCs worldwide from New York to Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Paris and is already available in the flagship Microsoft Retail Experience Center in Redmond, Wash. In addition, the MTCs are one of GreenBridge Computings earliest enterprise customers and plan to deploy The HUB in select locations.

The HUB comes to market at a time when organizations face Microsofts upcoming Windows XP End of Life deadline and are hungry for options that optimize costs as they make the migration. A recent total cost of ownership analysis compared The HUB to traditional PCs and demonstrated potential savings up to 80 percent. The analysis also found significant savings in power usage and associated costs. Using the HUB, customers can manage up to 20 independent workstations per PC.

The HUB 400 is a superb option for corporations looking to reduce their distributed computing costs,” said Joey Young, Worldwide MTC Alliances Director. Virtualization typically means massive infrastructure costs and expensive third party software. Microsoft and GreenBridge have re-written the game plan. There is really nothing else like it available at such a compelling price point.

The HUB offers seamless integration with Microsoft Enterprise software, helping companies leverage the power of the Microsoft cloud. Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 serves as the base operating system, delivering a Windows 8 experience to each user. Businesses can also deploy the solution as a virtual machine in a data center, managed by Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V.

GreenBridge Computing and Microsoft have successfully deployed devices in tens of thousands of terminals worldwide. While the HUB was initially designed as a cost-effective solution for education environments, recent demand from retailers and leading Fortune 500 firms accelerated its launch to the enterprise market. The device was launched to enterprise customers at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention & Expo in New York, Jan. 12-14, 2014.

Businesses can purchase The HUB at More information and a short demo are available online here.

GreenBridge Computing

GreenBridge Computing is a global leader in the desktop virtualization arena, specializing in Windows MultiPoint Server solutions. The companys devices and services deliver a rich PC experience, with all the economic benefits of the cloud, at a fraction of the cost. Visit to learn more.

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WebNet Hosting Announces Global Reseller Hosting Packages With Data Centers Based in Europe, Asia

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

A fully-managed dedicated server and cloud hosting provider, WebNet Hosting, has been offering reseller hosting across the United States since the company started in 2002. The company’s growth over the years triggered the need for server deployment in Asian and European locations, and the ultimate regional choices were based on high connectivity and world-wide availability.

PJ Taei, Director of Operations for WebNet Hosting, explained: “Demand for reseller hosting is growing, and Amsterdam and Tokyo are two global locations with great connectivity that serve the entire globe,” said PJ. “We get many requests from our resellersasking for multiple locationsand now we have a solution for them.”

With reseller hosting, individuals can use their wholesale-priced hard drive space and bandwidth to host third party websites for a profit. As PJ Taei, explained: “Offering reseller hosting not only helps WebNet Hosting get more reseller accounts, it also helps grow the resellers’ businesses by offering a worthwhile hosting solution to their clients.”

WebNet Hosting has three reseller hosting plans; the Level 1 with U.S. based locations, and the Level 2 and Level 3 plans offered in Europe and Asia. The plans boast easy set-up and management, free cPanel, WHM and WHMCS, a redundant cloud server platform, and more.

About WebNet Hosting

After over a decade in business, WebNet hosting has empowered over 10,000 customers, and their base is rapidly expanding with the onset of becoming a leading global hosting provider. In addition to global reseller hosting plans, the company provides fully-managed cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions with an emphasis comprehensive hosting, e-commerce and online media streaming.

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Annai Systems Software to Manage Genome Sequence Data for Pan Cancer Project at Six Centers Worldwide

Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

Annai Systems Inc., a provider of genomic data management solutions, today announced that it has partnered with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) and the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) to provide its Annai GNOS data management software in support of six data centers around the world that will house a large data set for the Pan Cancer Project.

The Pan Cancer Project is an international effort to enable the further improvement and standardization of data analysis methods, including somatic mutation calling pipelines. This project is part of ICGCs continued focus on generating comprehensive catalogues of genomic abnormalities in tumors from 50 different cancer types and/or subtypes.

The Pan Cancer data set consists of 2,000 whole genome tumor-normal pairs, on many of which transcriptome, DNA methylation and other analysis has been performed. The intention of the project is to define and organize a core analysis package that will be run for each cancer-normal whole genome pair. The sequence and associated data will be uploaded to one of six cloud computing facilities, where alignment to the reference human genome will be performed and basic variant calling algorithms run. These analyses will generate VCF format files containing all somatic mutations identified from the major classes of variants (substitutions, small indels, genomic rearrangements, copy number, retrotranspositions). Many multi-national bioinformatics teams will perform downstream analysis on these somatic mutations with the objective of arriving at one standard analytic pipeline.

Annai Systems software will be used initially by the cloud computing facilities to upload, store, provide access to and manage approximately one petabyte of data that will be replicated at six prominent data centers around the world.

We selected Annai Systems as our data management partner based on their previous work with the Cancer Genome Hub (CGHub), which currently houses the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) data, commented Dr. Lincoln Stein, Director of OICRs Informatics and Bio-Computing Program and Director of the ICGCs Data Coordination Centre housed in Toronto, Canada. It was important to be able to rapidly establish these data centers and ensure that the data could be securely uploaded and stored, and easily queried and accessed by a number of researchers. Annais GNOS platform was the ideal solution for this project, added Stein.

Our partnership with OICR and ICGC represents the next step in the evolution of Annai Systems as the premiere provider of genomic data management software solutions, said Michael Penley, Annais Chief Executive Officer. We are proud to have been chosen to provide the infrastructure and support for this important project and to work with these leading organizations in advancing cancer research and genomic-based medicine.

About Annai Systems

Annai Systems Inc., with offices in Silicon Valley and Carlsbad, California, is a technology company with core competency in big data management solutions. Annai Systems offers products and services to producers and consumers of genomic data that enable them to generate high quality results faster and at lower cost by efficiently overcoming key data-related bottlenecks and roadblocks that impede progress in research and medicine.

Source: Annai Systems Inc.

Annai Systems Inc. Investors or Media: Jay Kaufman 650 400-5812, jayk(at)annaisystems(dot)com

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LeadMaster ‘Smart Queues’ bring Intelligence to Call Centers & Inside Sales

Roswell, GA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

LeadMaster, a leader in Sales and Marketing Automation solutions announces ‘Smart Queues’, the latest enhancement to their Cloud-Based CRM solution. Smart Queues provide the ability to organize prospects and customer call records from different sources and automatically serve them up to the sales team in prioritized order. Once a caller enters a pre-defined Smart Queue the system intelligently determines which call records will have the highest priority (score) and begins to deliver them to the agent.

For most business, raw prospects and customer inquiries can come from a variety of sources. The challenge is to ensure higher priority inquiries are worked first. Smart Queues allow management to pre-define how leads are scored, keeping the guesswork out of the hands of the call team.

For example, suppose leads are coming from three sources: the companys website, Google advertising and pre-qualified purchased leads. A Smart Queue can be setup so that pre-qualified leads will always be delivered first and then a blend of website and advertising leads are delivered when there are no pre-qualified leads available.

For outbound calling teams The Smart Queue will be especially effective for improving productivity.

Cirrus Tech Selects Data Centers Canada to Power their Shared and Private Cloud Infrastructure

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

Cirrus Tech Ltd., a web hosting service provider specializing in VPS hosting, dedicated private cloud servers and cloud hosting Canada wide, announces their selection of Data Centers Canada for their new private cloud infrastructure. With the Data Centers Canada colocation services, Cirrus cloud hosting customers will benefit from improved scalability and a fully resilient environment in which to house their private cloud servers environment. This new colocation initiative adds to Cirrus existing, robust, geo-redundant Canadian colocation set-up that all Cirrus users currently leverage.

When it comes to choosing a data center and colocation facility, Canadian web hosts have many options at their disposal, says Tony Di Benedetto, Managing Partner, Data Centers Canada. Were thrilled that Cirrus has chosen our world-class infrastructure to further power up their private cloud offering. Its a testament to our commitment to quality and security that a hosting provider like Cirrus has decided to put their full trust in us. Such a decision is never made lightly.

Private cloud servers and cloud hosting services from Cirrus now have Data Centers Canada as their infrastructure backbone. This offers users full redundancy with their cloud hosting plans to meet any business data security needs. By bringing on this new data center location, Cirrus private cloud users can also benefit from having multiple locations for data housing to help them with their disaster recovery planning and setup. Best in class technology powers Data Centers Canadas connectivity, power, climate control, and security infrastructure. They fully develop, operate and manage their Canadian datacentre framework and house government, Fortune 1000 and technology service providers. Their facilities offer a variety of turn-key solutions including shared and private racks, private cages and suites, an array of disaster recovery solutions and remote hands support.

Were a big fan of what Data Centers Canada is doing, shares Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. They already power some of our major managed clients in Toronto, and it just made good sense to bring them on board for our private cloud servers infrastructure. Their facilities are second to none. With them as our backbone, we can offer our private cloud customers guarantees in security and redundancy with utmost confidence. We simply wouldnt have it any other way.

To find out more about Cirrus Tech and its dedicated private cloud services visit or call 1.877.624.7787. For cloud hosting Canada, please go to To learn more about Data Centers Canada, please visit

About Cirrus Hosting

Cirrus Tech Ltd. is a leader in providing affordable, dependable VPS, dedicated servers and cloud hosting Canada wide. They have been offering Canadian web hosting services since 1999. They have hosted and supported hundreds of thousands of websites and applications for Canadian businesses and clients around the world. As a BBB member with an A+ rating, Cirrus Tech is a top-notch Toronto web hosting company with professional support, rigorous reliability and easily upgradable solutions that grow right alongside your business.

All company names and products mentioned in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Adhost Internet Completes SSAE 16 Type II Audit of Seattle Data Centers

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) September 08, 2011

Adhost Internet, a colocation and Web services provider located in downtown Seattle, announced today that it has completed a Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No.16 (SSAE 16) Type II audit. SSAE 16, developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is the most widely recognized authoritative guidance that provides service organizations a uniform method for disclosing independently assessed information about the design and operation of internal controls related to their services.

The audit was performed by Accell TAC, P.A., a full-service audit and consulting firm that specializes in conducting SSAE 16 audits. Earlier this year the SSAE 16 replaced SAS 70 (Statements on Auditing Standards No. 70), which Adhost completed in previous years. Compared to SAS 70, SSAE 16 brings US companies up to date with the new international service organization reporting standards, the ISAE 3402. SSAE 16 audits require a written assertion from management regarding the data center controls and the service auditors opinion letter.

Companies who complete an annual SSAE 16 audit of their data center operations are able to demonstrate a substantially higher level of assurance and operationally visibility than those companies who do not. The completion of the SSAE 16 Type II audit typifies Adhosts continued commitment to create and maintain the most stringent controls needed to ensure the highest quality and security of services provided to their customers. The Service Auditors Report issued by Accell TAC, P.A., with an unqualified opinion, demonstrates that Adhosts control activities were effectively designed and in operation throughout the reporting period.

“By successfully passing a SSAE 16 Type II audit, as well as SAS 70 Type II audits in previous years, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to proper controls and security in our data centers. All of our data center clients, including publicly traded companies and those in the financial and healthcare industries, benefit from our processes and procedures and are able to use our audit report for their required audits, states Will Riffle, Adhost President and CEO.

The Service Auditors Report includes a detailed description of Adhosts controls and an independent assessment of whether the controls are placed in operation, suitably designed, and operating effectively. To receive a copy of the Service Auditors Report, or for any further questions, please contact Adhost Sales at sales(at)adhost(dot)com.


Adhost Internet is a West Coast data center provider delivering complete server colocation, virtual cloud servers, and managed server solutions since 1995. Servers are located in three secure, carrier neutral Seattle data centers with in-house 24×7 technical support and 24×7 client access. Whether its a small or medium-sized business or a big name like Microsoft, Zumiez, WatchGuard or the Seattle Space Needle, Adhost delivers Web solutions that work. Find out more at