Meshin and Mirantis Build Cloud Infrastructure for New Evernote Calendar Application

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2012

Mirantis, a leader in engineering services for open source and OpenStack cloud infrastructure, introduced Meshin as its latest customer during the Evernote Trunk Conference today.

Meshin, a Xerox-funded incubator project at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), set out to create a daily go-to business calendar app for on-the-go professionals who use Evernote, with a vision of helping users prepare, organize, and succeed with their meetings. Today, they have information scattered across multiple, incompatible cloud services. Meshin brings it all into one app that is useful both for meeting organizers and attendees.

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The key to success for Meshin was working with Mirantis to build a cloud platform that integrates multiple cloud information sources into a seamless, extensible cloud application which would transform the business calendar from another to-do list into the active hub of a business professionals working day.

Mirantis really understands cloud top to bottom, said Kristen Galliani, COO and co-founder of Meshin. They have the experience in delivering scalable, resilient cloud architectures. They pulled together diverse data streams from heterogeneous cloud applications and then wove together data, application logic, and infrastructure to create the extensible cloud platform we needed.

The Meshin team recognized that the data people rely on doesn’t come together by itself. When people tried to organize it themselves, they frequently opened Evernote in one window, a calendar in a second, email in a third, and maybe social media in a fourth.

But in mobile, this fragmentation makes it very difficult to work. Meshins goal was to get independent cloud streams to mesh together. They turned to Mirantis to design and build a cloud integration platform infrastructure that would make one stream out of many.

People on the job organize their day with three streams of information – time, people, and content. While each of these streams is found in the cloud, each has its own data structures and runs as a distinct application in separate places, explained Chris Holmes, CEO and co-founder of Meshin. Relationships are in social networks and email, content is in Evernote, and time is in calendars. We needed to make it all more useful by putting them together.

Mirantis had the architectural experience to translate the complex set of use cases into a cloud platform. The cloud infrastructure built by Mirantis draws large volumes of data from many sources in real time, and leverages Big Data and NoSQL with the resilience of cloud-based operations. The infrastructure supports a continuous deployment approach, so the company can quickly make changes and add new capabilities.

The integrated cloud platform that we got from Mirantis is what makes the Meshin business calendar application work, added Holmes.

About Mirantis

Mirantis delivers OpenStack cloud and open source application infrastructure. With the largest pool of OpenStack engineering expertise on the market, Mirantis helps service providers, SaaS vendors and enterprises build and run robust OpenStack cloud infrastructure. The company has a unique cost-effective delivery model, founded on years of deep software engineering experience for demanding Fortune 1000 companies With the focus on vendor-independent cloud implementation free of opaque hooks or proprietary packaging, Mirantis customers benefit from the full force of open source innovation. Customers include Cisco, Dell, GE, Agilent, NASA, The Gap, Axcient, and Nexenta. Mirantis is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with engineering centers in Russia and Ukraine.

About Meshin

Meshin, a Xerox-funded project incubated inside PARC, grew out of PARCs world-renowned semantic software application research. Meshins team of seasoned business professionals, with support from PARC researchers, have now created a mobile business calendar application that supports Evernote functionality so that Evernote users will enjoy a seamless experience across communications platforms. Visit and follow us at

CoNetrix Launches New Tandem Compliance Calendar to Assist Banks and Credit Unions with Regulatory Compliance

Lubbock, TX (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

CoNetrix, the leading information security and technology solutions provider for financial institutions, announced the release of tandem Compliance Calendar on June 30, 2012. A new module in their tandem Security and Compliance software suite, the tandem Compliance Calendar is designed to help financial institutions effectively manage regulatory requirements and schedule compliance tasks such as the release of new rules and guidance, risk assessments, training, audits, exams, board related items, and other required events.

“We created this compliance management tool based on requests from our customers,” said Russ Horn, CoNetrix President. “We found there was an unfulfilled need to provide financial institutions with the ability to view, schedule, create and manage all of their required tasks from one location, so we are pleased to provide this new compliance software management tool complimentary to financial institutions as a way of giving back to the banking community,” Horn commented.

Some of the features and benefits of the complimentary tandem Compliance Calendar include: a dashboard overview displaying upcoming events, past due events, proposed events, year at a glance, and more; a calendar view for visually managing events; an event scheduler to easily view, schedule, and track repeating requirements; event categories allowing you to sort and filter events; email notifications and reminders; a list of recommended regulatory events and recurring requirements; the ability to add events and requirements; and much more.

About tandem Security and Compliance Software: tandem was the first comprehensive online Information Security Program software solution designed to help financial institutions create and maintain a complete program to comply with GLBA and the Interagency Guidelines Establishing Information Security Standards. While tandem was designed as a complete solution from the ground up, it was fashioned into modules which allow for versatility. The modules include risk assessment, policies, vendor management, business continuity plan, identity theft prevention program, internet banking security program, and now compliance calendar. Today, tandem serves more than 450 financial institutions, with over 9,500 active users in over 40 states.

About CoNetrix: CoNetrix is a full-service technology consulting, security and compliance firm with roots dating back to 1977. Founded in Lubbock, Texas, CoNetrix now serves customers across the U.S., providing a variety of technology and security solutions, including online security and compliance software, IT audits, security vulnerability testing, risk management, technology consulting, cloud hosting, and managed services. Security is designed into all of its offerings, from its software to its consulting services. CoNetrix specifically serves financial institutions such as banks, savings associations, credit unions, and trust companies as well as enterprises requiring a high level of security in their operations. CoNetrix is headquartered at 5214 68th Street, Suite 200, Lubbock, Texas 79424; telephone 806-687-8600 or (toll free) 800-356-6568; email info(at)CoNetrix(dot)com

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