ioFlare, a New SSD Cloud Hosting Provider, Holding Open Beta and Giving Away 100 Cloud Servers

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

SSD powered Cloud Hosting is one of the hottest niches on the hosting market today and ioFlare who has been silently developing their business plan and infrastructure over the past 6 months is set to unveil a service offering lineup that will directly compete with the big boys in the niche.

ioFlares unwavering focus on providing a high performance service without compromise and at a price point that competes even with Digital Oceans base plan is what will quickly define them as a force to be watched. ioFlare is combining industry leading performance with a whopping 320gbps of ddos protection standard for every customer to use their service at no additional charge. This is sure to attract some attention in a world where ddos attacks run rampant and are costing businesses millions every month of the year.

ioFlare is kicking off their SSD Cloud Server Hosting business with an open beta where they will be giving away 100 of their base SSD Cloud Servers. This will server as a final test of service and infrastructure. The Open Beta is expected to begin at some point within the next 7 days and interested people are asked to keep a eye on as the servers will go fast once the doors open.

About is a new SSD Cloud Hosting provider that has been in constant development behind closed doors for the last 6 months. Ioflare is committed to no frills, no gimmicks high performance, high availability, Cloud Hosting solutions for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Nubefy, the IT Service Management Platform for the Cloud Enters Private Beta

Singapore (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

Nubefy, the provider of IT service management for the cloud, announced today the launch of its Private Beta. The first wave of invitations was recently issued to partners and selected customers with more to follow in the upcoming weeks. While enjoying the benefits of the cloud management software, beta testers will be providing valuable feedback and help Nubefy test their maturing product.

“This closed beta test is an important milestone for us as we enter the final stages of development,” said Eric Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Nubefy. “Our goal is to create the best tool to enable our users to spend less time focused on their infrastructure and more time on their business.”

In the Private Beta, participants will be able to navigate their way through configuring the cloud infrastructure. Users will not only be able to use their existing infrastructure as a service accounts to build, deploy, manage, and monitor their virtual servers through a single, unified console, but also to install applications on top of their newly created virtual machines. Open source applications will be widely available on the platform through the initial release, giving the customer a way to customize their cloud.

With the introduction of a comprehensive cloud enablement toolbox, the customers now have access to monitor their instances in real-time as well the ability to use Nubefys nScripts to manage applications and perform remote configuration tasks on the fly. With the beta, customers will have access to provisioning a suite of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others.

“This new feature will provide customers with a wealth of knowledge that previously was not available. We can now enable users to adopt and manage their cloud at a much faster rate,” says Paul Kim, Director of Product Management. “Being dynamic is key for our customers and their business and we provide a way for someone who isn’t IT savvy to go in and manage their IT life cycle with a couple clicks.”

To set up a Nubefy account and sign up for a chance to participate in the Private Beta, please visit the official Nubefy website at A limited number of individuals will be contacted for this round in order to gather as much feedback as possible regarding ways in which the software and service can be improved.

About Nubefy

NephoScale Cloud Hosting Announces Beta Availability of CloudPaaS Platform-as-a-Service Based On Cloud Foundry Version 2

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 09, 2013

NephoScale, a technology leader in public and private cloud hosting, is excited to announce the release of its CloudPaaS for developers. This new service provides automated staging and deployment of applications with a choice of developer frameworks and data services. The CloudPaaS platform gives developers the tools they need to easily move an app from their own server to the cloud with no code changes. Developers simply write their code and then with CloudPaaS they can test, deploy, and scale their applications in a production environment with no changes. There is no infrastructure to manage and no middleware code to develop or support. The result is an accelerated software delivery cycle and faster time-to-market.

With the addition of our new NephoScale CloudPaaS platform-as-a-service offering, we are able to provide customers an easy way to get started developing, testing, and deploying their apps, said Telemachus Luu, CTO of NephoScale. This new service allows us to accommodate strong customer demand for a low friction way to quickly deploy apps in the cloud, while also providing a seamless path to our NephOS IaaS cloud platform when customers need maximum visibility into the underlying infrastructure or want access to high performance on-demand bare metal servers, Luu adds.

Platform Details:

GoGrid Officially Comes Out of Beta with Performance and Feature Enhancements

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) August 19, 2009

Today GoGrid, the Cloud Computing service from ServePath, officially announced that its core cloud computing infrastructure hosting product is out of beta. GoGrid version 2.0 was released on August 6th, 2009, which included the important MyGSI feature that gives users the ability to create personal server images for rapid server cloning or parking.

With over a year and a half of innovation, development and engineering refinements, coupled with thousands of live customers running both Windows and Linux server infrastructure, GoGrid is clearly a leader within the cloud infrastructure hosting marketplace. Recently positioned in the “visionary” quadrant by a leading analyst firm, GoGrid enables IT professionals to have an alternative to costly dedicated, colocated or private datacenters by hosting that infrastructure in the GoGrid cloud.

Some notable points of GoGrid 2.0 and GoGrid in general:

New Cloud Web Hosting Platform Looking for Beta Testers

(PRWEB) August 2, 2010

Hybrid Web Cluster is a cloud web hosting platform designed to run either on real servers, cloud server instances or a combination of the two. Due to some key enabling technologies becoming available (particularly the ZFS filesystem) combined with technology advances made by the cluster development team, this new product is able to offer a number of features not previously seen in products of this type:

A user-configurable level of replication redundancy — Near-live backups can be stored on any number of nodes in the cluster and in the event of a node failure, service is automatically and instantly restored from a backup no more than 10 seconds old. In the event of an accidental deletion, files can be quickly and easily recovered by “rolling back time” – a feature provided in the web hosting control panel.
Complete fault tolerance and no single point of failure — Any node (or several nodes) can fail and the cluster will automatically repair itself. Hardware failures are no longer critical, replacements can be carried out as part of a maintenance schedule rather than as an emergency event.
A high degree of scalability — Standard LAMP web applications can run unmodified and scale from zero resource usage to requiring two dedicated servers (one for database and one for web) this scaling happens automatically and instantly to cope with variations in demand. With minor modifications to the application code, next generation multi-master database technology allows the cluster to scale even beyond the 2 server-per-site limitation and be capable of handling extremely high traffic loads.

After several years in development this new web cluster system is due to begin the first round of beta testing in September 2010 and Hybrid Logic Ltd. is seeking interested parties to try the beta version for free, initially on cloud infrastructure, but later stand-alone distributions will be available. Beta testers will be offered a discount on the full price of the system after its launch date.

# # #

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Forecasting for the Little Guy Prophet Forecasting Enters Open Beta

Auckland, New Zealand (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Retailers looking for an easy way to forecast demand for their products and plan inventory requirements will benefit from Prophet Forecasting.

The web application is designed to be used by stakeholders, rather than by professional statisticians, with a clear focus on simplicity.

Users can upload product sales history and use this to predict quarterly or monthly demand for the next 12 months. Demand forecasts can be adjusted manually and then combined with information about stock-on-hand, supplier lead times and desired service levels to generate regular stock plan reports, which contain recommendations for stock that should be purchased (to avoid stock outs) or promoted (if inventory levels are running too high).

Prophet Forecasting makes industrial strength forecasting accessible to companies that dont have a dedicated forecasting team or an army of statisticians, says company Founder, James Crosswell.

Key Product Features:

Beta Testing Begins on a New Cloud Web Hosting Platform

(PRWEB) November 17, 2010

Hybrid Logic Ltd, a United Kingdom-based company today announced the commencement of the first round of beta testing of their PaaS (platform-as-a-service) software product, Hybrid Web Cluster in partnership with CloudSigma AG of Zurich, Switzerland.

Hybrid Web Cluster is a cloud web hosting platform designed to run over any number of real physical servers, cloud server instances or a combination of the two. Due to recent advances in file system technology (ZFS) in combination with advances made by the software developers at Hybrid Logic Ltd; it is now possible to offer standard LAMP web hosting with a revolutionary level of redundancy, fault tolerance and scalability, at a price compatible with the commodity web hosting market.

ZFS is one of the key pieces of technology that enables Hybrid Web Cluster to offer near-instant data replication. This means that if any one of the nodes in your cluster goes down, some other nodes will always have a copy of every website hosted on the failed server no more than a few seconds old. The web cluster will automatically and instantly reorganise itself so that your websites never experience downtime a failed server results in a slightly slow page load for a few seconds rather than hours of downtime.

Because ZFS support is crucial to the implementation of Hybrid Web Cluster, a cloud infrastructure provider willing to support the latest version of FreeBSD was essential – ZFS support is also available in Linux and Solaris, but both options have significant drawbacks; Solaris is too far from Linux to feel comfortable for most users, and Linux’s ZFS support is currently too slow to be usable in a production environment. It was therefore essential to find a suitable cloud infrastructure provider who would support the latest version of FreeBSD The CloudSigma product with its support for FreeBSD 8.1 and ZFS provided the ideal infrastructure choice for Hybrid Web Cluster, and after talking to the friendly team at CloudSigma, a partnership agreement was reached which sees CloudSigma sponsoring the Hybrid Web Cluster beta testing programme.

Patrick Baillie CEO of CloudSigma commented Hybrid Web Cluster is an exciting product and use of our cloud. It provides the potential to generate an additional revenue stream from our existing infrastructure investment. We see this product expanding our customer base by offering a more managed approach from our core offering. The white label support and sophisticated integrated billing and accounting system gives us the flexibility we require.

Today the first round of beta testing began; 15 clusters have been provisioned and the first beta testers have each received login credentials for their very own test web cluster. Beta testers have full administrative control over their own cluster running on CloudSigma’s infrastructure – it is possible to set up real websites (including WordPress blogs), watch a live graphical visualisation of the load balancing and replication algorithms at work, pull the plug on a server and watch how the sites that are hosted on it stay live, it is also possible to generate load on individual websites and watch how the cluster’s load balancing algorithms respond. Beta testers can also explore our next-generation web hosting control panel which includes advanced ticketing and billing systems, automated domain registration, white label support and full internationalization.

If you would like to learn more about Hybrid Web Cluster, watch video demonstrations, or sign up for the next round of beta testing to try out your own web cluster, please visit

About Hybrid Web Cluster

Hybrid Web Cluster is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software product developed by Hybrid Logic Ltd, a company based in London, United Kingdom. The software provides commodity LAMP web hosting in a distributed and fault-tolerant manner across a cluster of servers. You can run a web cluster across multiple physical locations, using a mix of virtualised cloud infrastructure and physical hardware to build a true Hybrid Cloud.

About CloudSigma AG

CloudSigma AG, based in Z

GigeNET Cloud and Dedicated Servers. Expanding to the West Coast! GigeNET California Cloud Beta to be Released this Week!

Arlington Heights, IL (PRWEB) April 21, 2011

With outstanding and knowledgeable Tech Support personnel we set an industry standard in the expectation for what a Datacenter is supposed to be and many clients feel we have the best support in the industry. “Also, I want to thank your support team for some excellent help. By far the most knowledgeable team out there. Big thumbs up! I’m surprised more people aren’t using your service.”

Having been favorably reviewed for years on sites related to the Industry GigeNET has become a stable reliable partner to many customers in all areas of Business.

GigeNET Cloud computing is now going into the Third Generation of its product with many interim releases over the last several years. “We are working on making the platform as reliable and stable as it possibly can be, our goal is 100% at all times and with multiple locations customers can be in several locations and protect themselves from risk” GigeNET has earned a reputation for a high performance network and outstanding technical support and being on the cutting edge in the Cloud Computing arena.

GigeNET added Cloud Servers and the ability to connect Cloud to Dedicated or Co-located environments and now multiple locations giving GigeNET Customers an even wider range of possibilities.

The ability to connect through private VLANs from Cloud to Dedicated or Co-Located Servers gives GigeNET clients a large array of features useful to many established and growing organizations. The ability to use Cloud Servers for development and to back up Co-Located Servers or Dedicated Servers has shown to be an exciting new feature to all GigeNET clients.

Rapid deployment Dedicated Servers and instant GigeNETCloud Servers give GigeNET clients the flexibility todays businesses demand.

GigeNET, GigeNETCloud and Coloquest your solutions Datacenter.

For more information visit

Gigenet GigeNETCloud and VPSHive are subsidiaries of DMP LLC.

545 E Algonquin Road, Suite D Arlington Heights, IL 60005 ph. 800-561 -2656


Applied Innovations Announces Launch of Hosted Windows Server 2012 Beta Evaluation Offer

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

Applied Innovations, a cloud service provider, is pleased to announce that Windows Server 2012 Beta cloud servers running on top of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V are available, effective immediately.

In 2009, Applied Innovations was among the first hosting service providers globally to launch a cloud server offering on top of Windows Server Hyper-V, and today we continue that tradition with the release of the Windows Server 2012 Beta Cloud Servers targeted at developers and IT professionals interested in evaluating the new capabilities of Windows Server 2012.

Applied Innovations new cloud servers will include the ability to run Microsofts pre-release software Windows Server 2012 Beta allowing customers to become familiar with the performance and operation of Windows Server 2012 in real world roles like serving web workloads, database workloads and even disaster recovery.

For the past three years weve worked closely with Microsoft and have relayed the needs of our customer and cloud hosting providers like ourselves, stated Jess Coburn, founder and CEO of Applied Innovations. Were pleased to give our clients the opportunity to evaluate Microsofts new server platform and see first hand the improvements made around performance, security, scalability and manageability. I believe Windows Server 2012 will be the definitive cloud optimized operating system!

This new offer continues a long tradition of collaboration and synergy between Microsoft and Applied Innovations, an exclusive Windows platform web hoster. In 2007, Applied Innovations was among the first three web hosting providers worldwide to release Windows Server 2008 hosting.

About Applied Innovations Corp.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Appliedi has specialized in cloud hosting on the Windows Server platform since 1999, including Shared hosting, cloud servers and managed dedicated hosting. Promising superior performance at 100% uptime innovative world-class hosting services and Total Customer Satisfaction at highly competitive rates, Applied Innovations hosts over 35,000 domains for more than 10,000 small to medium sized businesses on top of 2500 server instances. Applied Innovations has developed a reputation for implementing the latest hosting technologies as soon as they become available, offering customers a cutting-edge Windows Server hosting experience for PHP, .NET, Ecommerce and CMS applications; business, personal, professional and novice customers alike.


Cara Pluff

Applied Innovations Corp

(866) 706-8691