SingHost News: Kimberly Koh Joins the Titans of Web Hosting

Singapore, Singapore (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

As of yesterday, SingHost has officially integrated Kimberly Koh into their team to head their cloud server hosting division. After graduating from the Singapore Institute of Management, Kimberly worked for a number of start-up companies mainly focused on providing Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing solutions to clients.

Here is what James Lee, Head of Marketing at SingHost, had to say about their newest employee. “Kimberly will bring with her a decade of experience gained while working with start-up companies. A web hosting business is not just about having the technical know-how regarding different types of hosting, but also requires significant knowledge regarding advanced marketing techniques. With a combination of marketing and technical experience, Kimberly is in a great position to advance the objectives of our cloud server hosting division.”

SingHost offers a number of different web hosting packages designed specifically for the purpose of catering to the requirements of all types of clients. These packages fall in the categories of cloud hosting and cloud server hosting. Clients also have the option of purchasing a domain name as well as a SSL certificate for their website with SingHost.

Since competition is stiff within the web hosting industry, SingHost has primarily differentiated itself by focusing upon delivering quality services combined with efficient customer service to their clients. Due to the advanced cloud hosting technology that they have researched and implemented, SingHost is able to guarantee a 100% server up-time. SingHost understands the damage that can be caused if a website goes offline for even a couple of seconds, and therefore has been concentrating on being able to not just promise, but actually delivering a 100% hardware up-time.

Kim will be responsible for leading this cloud server hosting division, and ensuring the up-time guarantees are kept to, and that the web hosting infrastructure at SingHost is continually improved to answer customers’ needs.

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