Yokohama, Japan (PRWEB) October 26, 2011

ReZolt Corporation, a provider of end-to-end OEM solutions that enable smart devices and sensors, today introduced ReZoltNet Device and Sensor Management System that will allow OEMs to rapidly and cost-effectively develop end-to-end solutions with smart devices and sensors. Designed to interface with devices with any wireless interface, ReZoltNet can be used by the OEMs as a foundation for their application-specific device management systems.

Communicating devices and associated sensors in Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2M) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) typically lack direct user interface and are deployed in remote locations. To make them useful, an end-to-end solution must include a web-based administrative and user interface that displays device location and sensor values and allows over-the-air provisioning, configuration and firmware upgrade. Aggregation of this data can be used for data analytics that lead to improvement in operational efficiency. This data can also be used to send alerts such as emails and SMS on exceptions such as location outside or inside a geo-fence and sensor values outside preset bounds.

OEMs adding wireless networking to their deeply embedded devices need a cloud system that allows monitoring and control of the devices and sensors anytime, anywhere, using any mobile device or a PC. The devices may be using various types of communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, cellular and Bluetooth and the cloud system must be able to connect with all of them. Finally, the cloud system must be generic, scalable and customizable so that the OEM can add functionality specific to their application and devices.

ReZoltNet meets and exceeds these OEM requirements in a baseline platform that is:

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